Sunday, July 30 of 2017

Daily messages

A youth of peace... 

A youth of peace is that spirit who brings, from the Universe, the principle of reconciliation, and it is who, through their renewal, transforms things, living within themselves the first rule among all rules: love.

A youth of peace is the one who unifies forms and the one who rearranges ideas, bringing, through their inner impulses, the possibility, from cycle to cycle, for everything to be renewed.

A youth of peace represents a new cell of light for these times, based on states of fraternity, on the principle of loving one's neighbor and on the opening to the inner steps that service can provide for them.

A youth of peace is the one who opens, unconditionally, to discover, within themselves, their own origin and their own mission.

They do not fear to know who they were and what the Universe expects them to be.

A youth of peace aspires to be able to recognize within themselves the goodness, the love, the service that they can express for the planet, for the Kingdoms of Nature and for its humanity.

A youth of peace recognizes on their path the Great and Only inner Master.

Above all their material and concrete life, the youth of peace know they will need light in order to take their steps.

A youth of peace has nothing to gain and nothing to lose.

The youth of peace represents, in these times, the expression of a new consciousness that will be corrected through good acts and good actions of all of the youth of humanity.

A youth of peace needs to feel full in their actions and free in their decisions, but they know that they will always need divine discernment and sacred wisdom to make the right decisions.

A youth of peace is like a guardian of the Kingdoms of Nature. They can feel within themselves the expression of each kingdom and, making it part of themselves, a youth of peace can feel the suffering of the planet, of Mother Earth, and does the impossible in order to relieve it.

A youth of peace builds the new bridges and elevates the consciousnesses through their acts of love, mercy and charity.

A youth of peace works, in these times, to learn to build and to take care of the divine Work of the Universe; and as much as they do not know it, because of its greatness and depth, the youth of peace never loses the hope of knowing that they will help to pave the way for the advent of Love-Wisdom.

A youth of peace is that soul and that being that gathers, under the spirit of Unity, their fellow beings, other young people, and tries, above all things, for everyone to feel that, in these times, it is important to respond to the divine call which emerges from within each inner world.

The youth of peace is that pure and simple heart who will unite East and West, who will make the syntheses of the expressed spiritual knowledge and will be who expands, inside of themselves, the borders of the human consciousness so that finally the new, the renewed and the irrefutable may be expressed.

A youth of peace knows that, through their love for the Kingdoms of Nature and their healthy actions, they will be able to follow the path of redemption, leaving behind all that could harm their inner world, and seeking, through universal prayer, the only path for the elevation of their consciousness.

A youth of peace is who, through art, music, service and prayer, will be able to attract to the world the states of regeneration and of healing that humanity needs in order to reach reconciliation.

A youth of peace believes, within themselves, that there is something infinite and greater than what this planet is.

They seek to awaken to what is invisible and to all that comes from the Only Source because in this way they will feel part of something greater.

A youth of peace is who works without borders and who loves, unconditionally, all their brothers and sisters.

A youth of peace knows that they are the ploughman or ploughwoman who, in these times, prepares the Earth and all of its consciousness to meet again, one day, the Master of Wisdom and of Love, Who will give them the keys so that the young apostle may open the doors to forgiveness, to healing and to reconciliation.

A youth of peace is who never gets tired of being infinite light in the world.

This third Youth Festival for Peace represents the closure of a cycle of preparation and of strengthening of inner bases, which has made it possible, in this time, that the Festival itself might acquire a new consciousness, and that this new consciousness might generate the condition to embrace other regions of the planet and to include more youths.

I thank you for responding to the call of attracting peace to humanity and to the Kingdoms of Nature.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother Earth



Thursday, July 27 of 2017

Daily messages

Today I would like, dear children, to emit My deepest maternal thanks to all your souls that made possible the special and important Pilgrimage for Peace in Europe.

With the most sincere vows of My Immaculate Heart, in this month of August, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of My Apparitions, I wish, maternally, that you offer to the Creator a special novena of gratitude, bliss and renewal for My presence very close to your lives, for such long time.

I expect that all consecrated of the Grace Mercy Order dedicate this novena praying the Mystery of the Holy Rosary, from the 31st of July until the 8th of August of 2017, the date on which My Apparitions are commemorated and celebrated.

In order for this novena to have fruits of love, mercy and conversion, you will pray the Holy Rosary, meditating each day on the mysteries and miracles that God has provided to you through My Immaculate Heart and through the Divine Heart of My Son; and in this way your hearts will also be able to express gratitude to the Celestial Father.

It is in this way, My dear children, that you will pray the Mystery of the Holy Rosary, meditating and thanking God for:

First day, 31st of July: “For the opportunity of loving more one another, as souls at the service of God”.

Second day, 1st of August: “For having known the value of the Holy Communion and of the other Sacraments”.

Third day, 2nd of August: “For the charity and the altruistic service lived by God, through His creatures, to the mineral, plant, animal and human Kingdoms”.

Fourth day, 3rd of August: “For the unconditional surrender of the consecrated to the Divine Plan of the Father”.

Fifth day, 4th of August: “For the Presence of Christ in our inner world and for being part of His Work of Mercy”.

Sixth day, 5th of August: “For receiving from the Source all the Knowledge of the Universe, manifested through the Instruction and through the formation of the servers of God”.

Seventh day, 6th of August: “For the existence of the Holy Spirit, which has guided and inspired all the groups of service, prayer, instruction and healing, demonstrating the spiritual talent of each one”.

Eighth day, 7th of August: “For the manifestation, on the surface, of the Points of Light, such as the Communities-of-Light and the Monasteries, which represent the presence of the Spiritual Hierarchy”.

Ninth day, 8th of August: “For the infinite Grace, for the incalculable Providence and for the incommensurable Love of God in our lives”.

In this way you will pray the Rosary during the nine days preparing My arrival, this time in the Marian Center of Figueira.

May this celebration be joyous and may all My children, without exception, be called to participate.

I transmit to you the prayer of gratitude that must be prayed at the beginning and at the end of the Rosary, during the nine days.

Prayer of the Most Holy Virgin in thanksgiving to God
for Her ten years of Apparitions in South America

Eternal and Divine Father,
       Who conceives the divine life in all Your creatures,
       Who expresses and manifests in the humble hearts,
       Who is alive and resplendent in the Sacred Body of Christ.

Today Your Servant and Slave
       gives thanks to You for the infinite Graces
       that You have poured out through the Immaculate Heart.

Give strength, bravery and courage
 to all those who follow Your call.

Give momentum and motivation
to those who concretize
Your Work of Mercy
so that Your Humble Mother and Lady of Light
may become known in the world,
through this miraculous Work
that You, Beloved Lord,
have expressed on the surface.

So be it,
until Jesus Christ returns in Glory.


I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Tuesday, July 25 of 2017

Daily messages

The Four keys

First key: neutrality.

May your spirit, mind, and heart be pacified because the coming times will be incredible but challenging.

Cultivate in yourself the key of neutrality because you will need it very much so that the clashes, tests and challenges do not overcome you, but with a brave spirit, you can transcend, in silence and in prayer, everything that you will live.

The key of neutrality will make your mind an unbreakable fortress and will build in your heart an unmovable castle, because nothing similar to you can agitate or disturb you.

Neutrality will be the master key among all keys because it will make available the courage and inner strength to help yourself and others.

May neutrality enter into the essence of your being and neutralize all forms in order for the pacifying and unalterable spirit to always reign before everything that you will see of yourself and of the world.

May this key lead you to the goal and, at the same time, set you aside from any indifference; because neutrality is not indifference nor omission, but acceptance of changes, maturity of spirit and inner growth of consciousness.

May the key of neutrality align all of your being and may this alignment be reflected in feeling, thinking and acting; because in this way you will build a state of permanent elevation, capable of benefitting your brothers and sisters and, above all, the planet.

Second key: silence.

Love, above all things, the key of silence and this sacred key of silence will awaken in you; because silence itself will transform you, and there will be no mutism at all nor will it make you different from the others.

Silence will spontaneously connect you with the High and then your thought will rise.

The key of silence will internally end human noise and will contribute with the expansion of the inner senses, just as the capacity to perceive beyond appearances, the capacity to prevent events, the capacity to anticipate concrete results and, above all, it will awaken premeditation.

If silence works in humanity, it will be able to awaken silent spirits that, invisibly, will learn to balance the disorder on this planet caused by noise of this humanity.

Silence, as a key, nurtures the spirit with high vibrations that come from the Universe and allows consciousness, in any place and under any circumstance, to be in touch with its inner world.

The key of silence is capable of penetrating spaces of the inner consciousness which the human being regularly does not know due to being immersed in everything that is superficial.

Silence is considered a powerful prayer that acquires a very broad potency of action.

The key of silence heals, is regenerative and conceives in the consciousness a state of profound receptivity.

Silence is capable of neutralizing wars, dissolving conflicts and strengthening the essence that must fulfill its inner and spiritual purpose.

Silence awakens the spirit of the guardian and promotes the correct use of words; it builds inner unity and dissolves the tendency for competition and everything that is mean.

Silence, as a key, allows the soul to capture within the impulses of its superior universe.

Third key: compassionate love.

If there is not love in everything, there will never be compassion. Love and compassion, as positive energies, walk together.

Therefore, love in this time is everything and will always make the difference to be able to solve the impossible and liberate what is within darkness inside of the consciousness.

We are born to express love; therefore, when love is absent from a human being, they live hatred, indifference and bitterness.

Love, as a key, conceives in essence all things and is able to solve what would seem unreachable.

Love brings comprehension, understanding and, above all, awakens wisdom.

Love stimulates the need for service and compels the consciousness to seek Instruction.

Love, as a key, reconstructs life and generates, within the whole spirit, order and silence.

Love can clear any sorrow or human incomprehension, from the moment that the consciousness feels loved.

Love creates evolutionary bonds among souls and awakens consciousness to the path of forgiveness and of reconciliation.

Love heals the wounds of the unconscious and brings degrees of hope and motivation; it unites what the humanity of the surface separates with hatred, resentment and fear.

Love, as a key, will always bring the spirit of renovation and it will deliver healthy joy for serving the Creator.

Fourth key: humility.

A principle that will protect the emergence of a new humanity.

Humility will allow the manifestation of the promised New Earth and will remove from the way the obstacles that, until now, have set humanity aside from this source of humility.

Humility, as a key, awakens resignation and isolates the consciousness from all obstacles that the capital energies impose.

Humility creates a fortress for the souls that wish to liberate themselves from their frequent errors.

Humility can make this world a more positive state of consciousness.

Humility guides the consciousness on the path of instruction so it awakens to universal commands.

Humility builds the new humanity formed by situations and experiences that radiate love, consideration and respect.

Love, as a key, not only opens the heart to transcend forms, but also, together with humility, souls see themselves filled with new principles.

Humility is the portal that will lead you to know God inside of each human heart.

The four keys try to correct the attitude of the human being and of humanity.

The keys provide souls with the simple art of self-knowledge and of redemption, to awaken the new consciousness in the world.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace




Monday, July 24 of 2017

Daily messages

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I still spiritually govern this world in order for the one thousand years of peace and of healing to be established, after the intense purification of the Earth.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I obey, in supreme humility, the designs of My beloved Son, and thus comply with the Sacred Promises made before our Eternal Creator.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I impel a change in human consciousness, so that this race may take part in a new cycle and in a new state of greater consideration for the planet, for its Minor Kingdoms and for all that exists on it.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I attract to the world the Principle of Renewal, in order for the New Christs to awaken and, finally, abandon the resistance of old. Thus, everything can be transformed.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I decree the Designs of the Divinity and, in this way, My Consciousness acts between the greater and smaller Universes, so that everything remains in sacred harmony.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I keep My children from the capital forces of perdition, ignorance and indifference, allowing the Kingdom of Love and of Truth to reign.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I gather the 144.000 and call them by their names, at the request of My Son, in order for them to prepare their inner dwellings for the great moment of the Return of the Lord.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I summon, in this hour, all the angels, devas and elementals of the planet so that they may unite as a single positive and spiritual force and thus help the whole world in its agony and purify humanity soon.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, your Heavenly Mother mobilizes the Light of the Mirrors of the Universes, in order for them to capture the sublime codes, and radiate to the great oceans of the planet the positive currents of purification and of peace, so that the world´s conversion may be established.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I make the Light of God descend and thus dissolve, little by little, the dark spaces of the planet where millions of souls are lost and submerge in illusion.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I remove from the hells of the Earth the fallen souls that have received the sacred atonement of being forgiven and raised to the Heavens.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I attract the power of the twelve Rays and I unite these cosmic impulses with the spirits. Thus, I establish the Gifts, missions and tasks in the souls that awaken to the infinite power of Universal Life.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I open the doors of the Heavens for the solar angels to descend and to internally announce to humanity that a change in consciousness is urgent, necessary and immediate.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I elevate the prayerful ones towards divine states of peace so that they may help Me concretize the co-redeeming Work alongside My beloved Son, the Christ.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I help consciousnesses liberate themselves from the eternal chain of their cosmic errors so that the Principle of Redemption may be born in these spirits.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I unite the consciousness of all nations and prepare the continents and races to receive the arrival of the great Solar Son.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I sanctify the imperfect, consecrate the unredeemed and vivify the spirit that was dead.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I bring My children closer to the celestial Truth.

With the Scepter of God in My Hand, I gather the Archangels to reevaluate the Plan of the Creator and do whatever it takes for His Divine Plan of Love to be fulfilled, for as long as there are two or more souls who respond to this Plan, the Plan will continue, no matter what.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you and encourages you, always, in Divine Faith,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Tuesday, July 11 of 2017

Daily messages

So that there is always protection in certain spaces of the consciousness, and that this protection be maintained, not only in it but also around it, prayer and peace are needed.

When this protection is altered by situations of the external life, or for lack of a true life of prayer, situations begin to emerge that were not foreseen by the consciousness itself or by its surroundings.

It is essential, in these times, to assume an ardent life of prayer, so that, thus, protection can exist in everything.

In present times, to not truly assume the life of prayer, means to leave behind the possibility of receiving certain Gifts, that will help to neutralize or to keep in balance all the currents that are contrary to what is evolutionary and elevated.

By remaining on the path of prayer, realities and experiences will be others.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Monday, July 10 of 2017

Daily messages

While the sacred beauty of Creation expresses itself with love, abundance and devotion, all those who contemplate it are internally helped by the immaterial Laws that act in these sacred spaces of the planet.

Thus, the human consciousness, in silence and in prayer, is worked and the deeper levels of the being are carried, with reverence and love, to the summits or to the inner places where the essence of regeneration and of healing are silently expressed for humanity.

In this way, corrupted states of the human consciousness, which lead to precariousness of the material and spiritual life, are deactivated.

That is why, the sacred places, as are the mountains, allow to enter widely, deep levels of the consciousness where redemption, healing, and forgiveness are necessary.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Tuesday, July 4 of 2017

Daily messages

The Work of God manifests on Earth through instruments awakened by the Will of God.

Each instrument that works for the Divine Will receives the learning it needs to persue, so that finally, it may learn something in the school it was supposed to live.

In this sense, to work for the Plan of God requires an absolute giving of self, an absolute surrender of the life, and an absolute sacrifice for others.

When the instrument of God is protected under certain spiritual and monastic conditions, it is very evident that the results of Divine Will for this consciousness will be something different.

When the instrument of God is involved in more unstable conditions, and does not have the necessary spiritual protection around it, the repercussions of Divine Will in this consciousness will be few.

With this I want to tell you, dear children, that all souls hold the potential for consecration.

For this reason, throughout time and in My various Apparitions, the majority of the visionaries had to choose which path of learning they would tread: that of consecration, or that of the world. Neither is better than the other, it is just that the souls of Earth are responsable for taking certain steps, so that the Divinity may maintain Its Work on the surface.

When at a place where the Most Holy Mary has appeared for many years this vision is not kept clear, it is necessary to protect the Work from humanity itself, for the hands of humankind, because of temptation, manipulate and take advantage of the divine events that the Celestial Universe carries forward in some place on the planet.

This profit that many extract from the essence and the energy of spirituality, for example, from the Marian Centers in the world, sooner or later becomes an unpayable debt, because the human being is using an Energy and a divine Principle for their mental and spiritual benefit. This is what your Heavenly Mother struggles with, because in the end, those who took advantage of this spiritual Energy will come to an unhappy ending.

Let us pray then for all the hearts that dirty themselves every day with those manipulations, and that make the Marian Centers of the world comercial places of money and business, for Justice will consciously fall upon them.

As Mother, I pray to the Father to have the greatest Pity and I invite you to do the same with Me.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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