Prayer Against World Impunity

may my voice never again
raise against my brother.

may nation no longer
oppose nation.

may weapons no longer be raised
and may no other consciousness lose its life.

O Celestial Lord!
have pity on our injustices and errors.

O Lord of Mercy!
make Your Light descend
upon this dreadful darkness.

may conflicts no longer be generated.

may the most vulnerable families
no longer be displaced.

may bombs no longer detonate.

may no one ever again be capable
of killing their fellow being.

O Lord of Life!
make us worthy of Your Kingdom.

O Lord of Peace!
may Your Sacred Celestial Universe
become alive and present in this world.

may the tears and blood of the innocent
no longer run.

may hate, revenge and impunity
 no longer exist.

heal us from indifference.

heal us from omission and prejudice.

heal us from all evil.

May our hearts be pure.

May our works be charitable and good.

May Your Presence within us
close the doors to evil.

make us partakers of the Return of Your Son
for whom, with hope and faith, we wait.

By all the redemptive merits of Your Most Beloved Son
and by the perpetual prayer of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
may we see the emergence of a humanity of peace,
respect, tolerance and fraternity.




I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Vigil in prayer so that your heart is willing to embrace the mysteries of the Celestial Kingdom as never before experienced by humanity.

Vigil in prayer so that your consciousness may know how to recognize the visible signs of the Presence of God, and It may transform you inside and out.

Vigil in prayer so that, with an empty heart, you may be able to receive all the divine gifts that, as a last impulse, are being delivered to humanity. Let these gifts become life, becoming fruit within you, that which will take you to participate in a new Earth, a new time.

Vigil in prayer so that the many traps of the enemy do not confuse you and do not make you perish before you reach within yourself the renewal of the Love of God.

Just pray, child, and vigil in prayer, because the time has come for the  definition of each being, and every instant must be a moment for you to confirm your vows with God.

Vigil in prayer and do not allow it to be you who becomes taken off of the path.

Vigil in prayer to know how to ask for help in the right moment, to know how to cry out to God for His Grace. 

Vigil in prayer to see when the other needs you, even in silence.

Vigil in prayer, to understand that your life, as small as it may seem, can transform other lives, when you know how to be an instrument of God.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Thirty-first Poem

Humble Servant of God,
Immaculate Mother of suffering’s relief,
place us in Your arms, at this moment,
so that we may feel
lovingly protected by You.

Relieve our hearts of any desolation.

You are the powerful Mother
who sustains us and loves us eternally.

In the Sacrament of Reconciliation,
may we find the path of return to God's Heart.

Most Holy Mother,
guide us with the Light of Your Crown.

With Your feet, step
upon all that causes pain and despair;
relieve suffering.

May our faith be renewed at each moment.

May our souls be on the path
towards the Celestial Kingdom so that,
while we serve our fellow beings
here on Earth,
we may learn to love
the Will of God as You do.

Free us from the chains and illusions
that imprison us.

Make us aware of our service
of love and selflessness for humanity.

Correct our paths so that
we may only be on the sacred path of Your Son
where we will live the Spiritual Communion with Him
as a part of His Celestial Kingdom.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



When we were praying to receive Saint Joseph, a little before His arrival, He began to show us very poor places on the planet and people in very precarious situations, of great poverty, of much suffering, of great pain.

When He reached us, He continued to show us those places and, at the same time that He was with us in the room of prayer, He was with each one of those people, who were of all kinds: women, children, men, the elderly. He was speaking with each one of them, He was traveling through those places; they could not hear Him, but He continued to speak inwardly with them, and He gave this message for those souls that suffer the most.

To the souls that suffer

Calm your heart, little soul, in the depths of the Heart of God.

In your Savior, seek encouragement and hope, Grace and peace.

Calm your heart in the fortitude that is forged through your deepest sorrows. Find relief and peace in the Cross of your Lord. Let your suffering balance many evils in this world.

Seek your assurance in the Heart of God. Seek your peace in His Presence.

Forgive the deepest roots of human evil, which generate the pain and the imbalance in this world.

Make of your suffering a blessing, because you are learning to find true recompense in God, rather than in the world.

Feel that the Heart of the Lord feels anguish with yours; you are not alone in your pain.

May the Love of the Creator calm your despair, your sadness and your lack of hope. Know that you have a perfect place in the Heart of the Father and that your suffering opens the doors of Heaven for those who would not deserve to enter.

The time will soon come in which peace will reign in the world and there will be no distance or difference between this world and the Heart of God, His Celestial Kingdom.

While that time does not come, understand that the pain in the Earth will emerge, causing this world to shudder; but this is the harbinger of a higher reality that is coming to the Earth.

I know that your pain is deep and your suffering is real, just like the suffering and the enduring of your Lord on the Cross. Offer your whole life to God, open your arms on the cross that is upon you and allow a new love to emerge from all this experience that you are today going through.

Forgive the imbalances, forgive those who have everything and are lost in their egoism, those who do not know how to look to their neighbor and they feed the deep roots of the indifference that penetrates the Earth.

Let your forgiveness be the doorway to Mercy; that your life be a source of love and, in this way, your suffering will be changed into the Grace that will transform the Earth.

I know that My words seem very far from the reality of your heart, but hear them with love, in the same way that Your Lord heard His Father in each new step taken toward Calvary and, from the first Wound up to the Cross, from His wounds poured Love.

From your inner and human wounds may the faith and the love blossom which will renew the Creation of God.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today, I come to give you My time because you need it, because you need to find the truth, which goes beyond forms and appearances.

You and many other human beings belonged to the ancient people of Israel, who with Moses traveled the path of freedom from spiritual and material slavery.

But the task was not finished. You, just like your brothers and sisters of the path, returned to the Earth to finish what was missing, and each one of you, and each one of the groups, were assigned a spiritual and material task, which, in the face of the Lords of Law, you were to fulfill, as dictated within the Heart of My Father.

Today I come to bring you the clarity of My Words, because the Hierarchy no longer has time, and that meaning is not symbolic.

The Plan of God was given out among beings and all creatures that, over the course of time, and even after the Ascension of your Master and Lord, were to accomplish this Project, thought of by the Father.

You who are here are to accomplish a part of this Plan, beyond your human, mental or spiritual condition; and God's appeal is that this should be concretized, that each of you should make your effort, with your surrender and your dedication, knowing that this whole Plan does not end only in what is material, but also in the concretization of that which comes from what is spiritual, and gives you the impulse to experience great changes.

I know that sometimes, or in many cases, you do not understand why brothers and sisters of the path have suddenly left.

The Will of God is happiness for all beings; it is not a condemnation or a punishment. God accepts the offerings of those who inwardly and silently surrender to God through the giving of self and through truth, and of these offerings, He makes miracles. And if it were necessary to take them with Him, to His Kingdom, is that something sad?

The joy of your hearts must be in the triumph of your brothers and sisters, and the victory of Love over evil. But you must appease your hearts, placate your spirits and, in this moment, receive the Love of God, Who wishes to lift you up to a Greater Life, toward an understanding of His Purpose and toward everything that the Father still must fulfill through you and your brothers and sisters, as long as you follow His Law and His Commandments.

You know that humanity is perverted and the planet suffers more each day through the Kingdoms of Nature.

Who will carry this heavy wood of the Cross on their backs that I today want to share with My companions?

Who will risk overcoming themselves in order to live a cosmic life and be able to embody the Gifts of God, which must urgently descend to Earth and to the human consciousness so that, as it was, much more than two thousand years ago, the people of Israel, who once walked in the desert, may finish what they came to fulfill at this time?

God will not ask the impossible of you. God will ask each one of you what you can truly give Him, this offering of your hearts and lives for a Greater Life, which cannot disappear from the consciousness of the men and women of the Earth; for if in this time spiritual life were to become disconnected from the human being, everything would be lost.

But even though many situations occur in the world, which are completely unknown to you, we still have time to build that which the Hierarchy needs and elevate to the Heavens the aspirations of each human heart, which, with compassion and fraternity, trustingly surrenders into the Hands of God.

Today, I come to bring you this message of the Father, because I made a commitment to Him, to tell you the truth and so that I can forge a spiritual and physical maturity within you that is necessary in these times, and which will help you to move forward with the Plan, without setbacks or delays; because what each one can give in this moment will help another brother or sisters in the world who is in darkness and who must achieve the Light of the Kingdom of the Heavens in order to live redemption and find peace, the peace that I bring you today, which is unchangeable.

Think of the possibility of this Grace. Meditate upon the opportunity that God gives you. Your paths can be full of many blessings and Graces, but you must be maturely responsive.

This is the time of planetary emergency. This is the time to fill everything with Love.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


When the Doors of Heaven open for your Celestial Mother to come here, the Time of God unites with the time of the world and a superior reality becomes visible, transforming with its presence the layers of illusion of life on the Earth.

I bring with Me the sublime reality of Paradise so that you can feel the Grace of being in God. Each time I approach the planet, the presence of this Celestial Kingdom transforms life upon the Earth a little more and helps humanity find the Truth of higher life and live it.

I come in this time to concretize the spiritual Mission that God granted Me and to manifest the prophecies that were announced throughout human evolution, which must be lived today.

I am awakening the hearts of those who must prepare the Return of Christ to this world through prayer and the unconditional surrender of your lives, because you have come to this planet for this. Your souls, My children, have been preparing for this moment since the beginning of their creation. The time has come to manifest and live the Purpose of God for your lives, and this happens when you definitively awaken and understand the time that you are living as humanity.

I come to concede these same unfathomable Graces for the consciousnesses of nations and for the essence of the planet so that, by the intercession of a few, many may have the opportunity of returning to God.

You already know that each time I come to a nation, it is to extract, with My Holy Hands, the roots of evil, of suffering and of illusion, which for centuries have been entering the consciousnesses of humanity to stimulate them towards evil, to indifference and to the lack of love.

We are in the time of a great spiritual battle, My children, which different from the conflicts of this world, is won through love, through unity, with the heart and with persistence in the fidelity to God and to His Purpose.

This battle is deeper than what was described in the Apocalypse of John and broader than the dimensions of life on Earth. It begins in the depths of the hearts of humanity where the consciousness must struggle with itself to remain in Love and in the Divine Purpose and then, beyond the dimensions of material life, this battle acquires greater and deeper proportions, and to win it, the hearts must attain greater degrees of love, consciousness and awakening.

For this reason, I am here. I am your Celestial Mother, the One who sustained the Redeemer up to the foot of the Cross and Who, washed by His Blood, made the commitment to sustain the cross of each one of His companions until the end of the end of times. I am here, guiding your steps and sustaining your hearts and consciousnesses through My permanence in the world.

Trust in My presence, My children, because what I come to do in your lives is to manifest the Will of God and help you so that you may help this world and beyond; so that you may be predecessors of a new Love, for all Creation.

Today I would like to lead you to a deep awakening so that you may feel the Truth and the Kingdom of God. Therefore, pray with the heart, so that the Kingdom of your Father may descend here and may let you know, not only His Peace but above all His Grace, His Truth, His Wisdom and His awakening.

I bless you and thank you for responding to My call with love!

I wait for you in prayer.


Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message received in the city of Medjugorje, Bosnia & Herzegovina, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

I do not wish you to someday feel frustration, discomfort or despair because of being tired, for I reached the cross being more exhausted and destroyed than all of you; that is why, on this day, you have the opportunity of suffering for Me.

I know that for your inner nuclei, it is sometimes too demanding, but it is time for you to see that you lack nothing, absolutely nothing, and that My Father Himself, through your Heavenly Mother, takes care of even those details.

Remember all those brothers and sisters of yours who have nothing, who receive nothing and who are in worse conditions of spiritual and material life.

I have called each one of you so that you give Me something from within you, and many have not yet given it to Me.

I do not seek your material or intellectual development. What I always seek is that your hearts, fully offered for humanity, also be with Me at this time in which perhaps your cells want or aspire to do other things.

I promised you My Kingdom through sacrifices bearable to you. Now is the time to offer yourselves completely into the Hands of your Redeemer so that miracles and greater interventions may take place.

I promised to tell you the truth; I recognize the other efforts, but today I need you to individually place yourselves before Me and ask Me: "Lord, what more should I do?".

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,


Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


For the Kingdom of God to reach Earth, it will first have to live inside of beings. Open the path toward this Kingdom through your prayers, moments in which the purity of your hearts emerges and makes you know the real feelings and thoughts that a human being came to express in the world.

Pray, children, attracting peace inside of you and toward your consciousness, and afterwards let this peace expand throughout this world.

As creatures similar to God, human beings keep within themselves the potential to radiate for all of life that which is within them. The universe of their bodies, the micro-cosmos that is kept in the composition of their beings, from the consciousness to the smallest atoms, are a mirror of the infinite Cosmos.

You, children, are mirrors of the Heart of God. That which inhabits within you radiates to the world, even if you are not conscious of it.

To have a world of peace, you need to let peace install itself in your consciousnesses and establish itself in all of your cells. Pacify yourselves consciously and this way you will bring peace into life.

All that you cry out for, you can attract to the world through the transformation of your own consciousness. In prayer, you can find in yourselves the door to the Kingdom of God, and when you are able to let Him express Himself within your interior, then, children, this Kingdom will begin to expand throughout the world.

Do you understand the science of human existence?

The Creator manifested human beings to transform all of His Creation through them. The love that can be born within you, when it encompasses its genetics and expresses itself in all its atoms, can transform galaxies and universes. In the same way, when you do not live in peace, the darkness that inhabits within the beings also resonates in all of life.

So recognize the potential of your hearts, of your bodies, of your lives, and become instruments of peace and Mercy for this world.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Weekly Message received in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, transmitted by Mary, Rose of Peace, to the visionary Friar Elias del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

My children, I love you very much and only want good for everyone.

My children, I have you in My arms, I put you upon My chest for you to feel the beating of the Heart of your Heavenly Mother.

My beloved children, do not fear, do not become disturbed, do not be afraid. My Heart will triumph, and it will triumph within you, bringing you peace and the strength that you need so much.

My children, these are difficult times in which real and few soldiers of Christ give their life for their fellow being, for humanity and for the planet.

Dear children. God contemplates all you offer to Him. He gives you His Treasures and places them inside of the Heavenly Kingdom of His protection.

My children, these moments are very hard, but they are times to take great strides towards My Son, His Heart, His Truth.

Sustain yourselves in Me. I repair and take care of you from the fierce wolves of these times.

Continue praying with Me. Follow My steps of service and humility.

In the end, My Son will return. And He will return among you.

I thank you for your effort!

I bless you in the powerful Light of God.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Happy are those who, aspiring to deeply know the Universe and the Creation of God, do not fear to know themselves and enter the depths of their human condition to transform it.

Happy are those who recognize the grandeur of Creation, and thirsting for its mysteries, know that, in order to enter the infinite Cosmos, they must first enter into themselves in order to transform it.

Happy are those who show themselves to be firm before the world, fearless and faithful before God, but who, above all, use this virtue to transform themselves, so as to not fall into their own traps, to not succumb to the errors they already know they must overcome.

Happy are those who aspire to the new human being and to the new time and do not look for it in their fellow being, but rather within themselves.

Happy are those who know that the renewal of love begins within themselves and love this mystery enough to surrender to God everything that, in themselves, does not know love and refuses to love.

Happy are those who are willing to be instruments of God, rather than of themselves; those who want to build the Celestial Kingdom on Earth, rather than the human kingdom, and know that the first who must learn to be servants of God are themselves.

Happy are those who find their joy in service, in sacrifice, and in self-transformation, for these will be worthy, until the end, of being called companions of Christ. In their surrender, the Love of God will be renewed; in their void, the New Church of Christ will rise; in their nothingness, the grandeur of the Creator will be revealed to the world.

Choose to be happy before God and full of His Spirit. Thus, you will know peace, even in times of transition.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


What was revealed to the world through parables and prophecies is revealed today through cosmic knowledge and the wisdom that God manifests in the voice of His Messengers.

In order for His Son to establish a new cycle and announce the coming of the Celestial Kingdom and the new and eternal Covenant with the Creator Father, the Lord echoed His teachings in the Voice of Jesus through parables and prophecies, because this was the way in which humanity could hear Him, at that time.

Today, children, God prepares you for the establishment of a new cycle, a new time; He prepares the consolidation of the Covenant with Him. This is the cycle of definition, and only the ones that have crossed the door of Redemption will remain on Earth and in the worlds chosen by God. When everything has been defined, His Covenant will no longer be for a few, it will be for all.  

Those who cannot take the necessary steps in this cycle will cross the thresholds to a new life that corresponds to their choices and they will learn, once and again, about sacrifice and renunciation, until they open themselves to learn with love.

These new schools will not be a punishment from God to make His children suffer; they will be the fruit of the Grace of the Father, for the merits generated by those who say “yes” so that others may have an opportunity of starting over. There will not be an eternal punishment, but rather eternal possibilities of starting over, until all creatures, wherever they may be, live Redemption and take their steps on the evolutionary path.

I know that this is all very mysterious to you and that you can little understand something you do not know, and do not live.

What I tell you today is not for understanding, but rather to be held in the heart and placed in the consciousness, because the time will come when the paths will divide before your eyes and two doors will be offered to you for crossing: the narrow door of love and surrender, and the broad door of the restart of the evolution of beings.

In order to know how to choose, you must come to know the decisions you make. This is why I prepare your beings, because none of these paths will be easy and simple, but only one of them will bring your hearts to fullness and restore the Divine Consciousness, leading God Himself to the renewal of Love.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph  


Keep the Will of God in your heart and vivify It. 

Keep in your heart all His plans, principles and ideas that come from the Divine.

Keep in your heart all His Messages and the signs that He sends you in order to guide you.

Keep in your heart all His Knowledge, the known and the unknown, so that the latter may be revealed.

Keep in your heart all His Might so that one day you may understand the power of His Mercy.

Keep in your heart how Great He is and how small He made Himself through the consecrated Bread and Wine.

Keep in your heart all that He did, infinite and similar to Him, for His children.

Keep in your heart the joy and jubilance of belonging to His eternal Kingdom.

Keep in your heart the humility and the beauty that He expressed in everything He did.

Keep in your heart the wonderfulness and the beauty that His Sacred Spirit emanates from all that is manifested by Heaven.

Keep in your heart the yearning to meet Him one day, before the doors of His Heavenly Kingdom, to render Him all your experiences and learnings lived throughout the times.

Keep in your heart the unconditional Love of the Heavenly Father.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Contemplate the Consciousness of God as a great Kingdom of infinite proportions and beauty, and each of His Aspects as a gateway to a state of consciousness of that Celestial Kingdom.

Contemplate the Aspects of God as a great path of ascension built by the Father Himself so that His children may reach Him.

Each Aspect of God is a bridge of upliftment to a higher dimension, and the gradual contact with Them causes you to return to the Source of Unity, where everything becomes One again.

Each Aspect of God, besides being a bridge, is also a Kingdom that is revealed when the heart opens to discover it.

Within the human heart lies a unique key, which opens the doors to each one of the dimensions of the Kingdom of God as this heart lives greater and higher degrees of Love.

The Kingdom of God on Earth, still unknown to humankind, is the manifestation of an Aspect of the Father that can only be revealed to hearts that love. To experience the Revelation of Life on this world and come to know what is hidden both within the Earth and in the invisible of the surface that you can see with your physical eyes, you must first learn to love that which is accessible, palpable, and visible to you.

To access a higher state and experience a Divine Revelation, you must first learn to manifest Love at the level you are on.

Manifest a Love for life, for your brothers and sisters, for the Kingdoms of Nature, for the consciousness itself of the planet, and you will see how your hearts and your consciousnesses will access the dimensions of life that have always been here, but which you could never see.

You will thus find the true expression of God on Earth, a Revelation of His Kingdom and of the Sacred that Adonai manifested in material life as part of Himself, as a dimension of what He is and was given to humankind so that, in communion with the God that manifests in matter, they would be able to renew Divine Consciousness though Love.

While the world shakes, God calls upon you to wake up your consciousnesses to the true meaning of life, and through the Love that is born from your hearts, to access what is Real and transcends all knowledge, including all human wisdom.

You will be able to move beyond the times that will come only with the heart and consciousness immersed in the Truth and in the Revelation of the Kingdom of God, which lives together with life on Earth, in dimensions that hearts that do not open to Love cannot see.

All lies will come to light. Everything that seemed perfect and, however, belonged to illusion, will fall to earth and return to dust.

For the hearts that do not know how to love and that do not experience the Revelation of the Kingdom of God, there will be no life, for the foundations of their lives will crumble and they will see nothing but dust before their eyes and confusion in their inner world.

On the other hand, the hearts that awaken to Love and to the Truth and allow God to reveal His Kingdom to them and the higher life that lives in Him, will look at the dust, and behind the dust, they will see the Truth manifested.

That is why today I tell you, children, that to live, you must love, because you will only find Life when Love reveals to you that which without it, cannot be seen.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Enter My Heart of Peace

Enter into My Heart of Peace to reveal to you at this time the Grace of My Presence and through the testimonies of your lives, speak to the world.

Take the Rosary in your hands to cry out for peace and you will see the peace established in the interior of your hearts and in all of those who approach you. This will be the living sign of those who respond to My Call.

Know how to love and understand despite human judgments, and thus peace of your hearts will speak louder than all the criticisms emitted by the world.

Live in My Heavenly Church and in My Heart of Peace; enter into My Kingdom and there learn from the divine mysteries that Creator reveals to pure hearts.

In this way, the wisdom of your spirits, acquired in the Celestial Kingdom, will be permeated by a Truth that does not come from this world, and neither the wisest of the wise nor the most learned of the doctors of Science and philosophies, of this world will know how to explain the Divine Science that dwells in the heart of My Children.

Answer my call without fear and let yourself be guided.

Do not be afraid to break within yourself the prejudices and resistances, because I am not leading you to the old. I come to renew your lives and human consciousness.

I come to teach you to be reborn in spirit and to deepen in the Presence of God that, since the beginning of your creation, tries to lead you to the Truth.

I come to help you, finding the way to the cure of original sin, so that you convert not only in your spirits but in your deepest human condition which prevents you from reaching God.

My children, leave aside for an instant, all the concepts of your mind and feel the Presence of God in My words.

Humanity is in its last time of awakening and repentance.

Now is the moment to surrender at the Feet of God and cry out for forgiveness, because His Comforting Spirit is still upon the world, attentive to the supplications of humanity, to cleanse you from every stain, and prepare you for a new time.

Because soon there will come a day when the heavens will be opened with all its power for a second time, so that the Son of Man returns to Earth and by looking into the eyes of His companions, He brings Justice to some and Grace to others who, being consequent with His Gospel and faithful to His promises, waited with love for His arrival.

The prophecies will be fulfilled, as they have been fulfilled throughout the history of humanity, and I am here brighter than the sun and as alive as your hearts, to teach you to elevate not only your  supplications but also your souls through a true prayer that transforms and leads you to the Kingdom of God, even if you are alive.

Every mystery that I reveal, every Divine Space that I made known to you, is for you to aspire for something beyond this world, it is for your souls to renew the hope of reaching God, it is for your hearts in eternal aspiration to know Heaven, and to reach it and attract it to Earth.

In your prayers, My children, contemplate with love what I show you and let your Divine Mother awaken within you the purity that makes you worthy of being in God, and participating in His Truth.

With these words I bless you and deeply thank you for responding to My Call.

Pray for peace and raise your hearts to God, because the world needs it.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


As in scrolls of light, God's Designs descend to the world and are delivered to the hands of men, through His Messengers.

The Creator Father told them: "Go and fulfill My Plan, without understanding, without analyzing, without resisting, go and fulfill My Plan with love, with courage, with the gratitude that is born of the spirit and manifests itself in human works and actions.”

The Creator, children, invites you, at this time, to manifest a truly fraternal Work renewed by His Spirit, where the sacred can dwell and all souls find their space, their place, unique and irreplaceable.

Contemplate the Will of God for this world, as well as for each being and you will understand that I come in this time to teach you to love and to transform this world of chaos and war.

Beloved children, with the portals open to Heaven, I come to invite you to allow this Celestial Kingdom, still hidden to the human heart today, to manifest itself on Earth.

I come to call you not only to prayer and to the awakening of a superior life that for many is still invisible; I come so that you to may learn to manifest on Earth what you seek in the highest of Heavens, and so that you thus no longer spend your lives seeking something that you will never reach, but so that you may be builders of what humanity is seeking to find, and so that you, children, may be the hands that are extended before the souls so that they may see and feel that what they have so much been looking for is palpable for them.

I come to invite you to be the ones who concretize My Plans, manifesting the superior life, and so that it may not only be spiritual but also palpable and be part of your humanity, and compose the spirit of what man manifests in matter.

In a world of wars, in a world of abysses inside and outside of beings, I come to call you to be the new, and to always be willing to be others, accompanying the flow of transformation of the Universe so that in all stages of the planet souls may find in you what they need.

I ask you, My children, to observe the celestial Designs, to understand how the Will of God moves because I won’t always be here to dictate the way to you, and for that moment your hearts should be one with the Divine Will and Wisdom, because you love it, respect and revere it, because you live and know it and experience it every day.

The time has come for the islands of salvation to fulfill their role. The world is agonizing and the life of the spirit must no longer be selective, everyone must be able to find their place and the door open to discover their way of serving God.

This cycle is a cycle of last opportunities for many spirits. Understand that your evolution and that of many of your brothers and sisters are defined at this time, in this cycle of the planet. That's why, everything that you can do for others to find God is little.

My children are lost in this world and I come to find them. For that, I must make of those, who already hear Me, My Feet that walk in the world, My Arms that guard the souls, My Hands that extend to help, My Eyes that find the lost, My Heart that welcomes those who feel abandoned and forgotten by God, and by the world.

Therefore, children, today accept ,more than the life of prayer, the life that leads you to be instruments of God in the world, and be part of My Heart and an extension of My Presence.

May this Work be the embassy of My Peace on Earth, and all of you proclaimers of My Presence.

I love and thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Feel in your heart the certainty of being in communion with God so that His Heavenly Kingdom may be expressed on Earth.

Feel in your heart His unfathomable Mercy, capable of repairing the most serious faults committed by humanity.

Feel in your heart the joy of serving Gods Plan and of being part of this magnificent, but unknown, Work of Love.

Feel in your heart the trust in the Infinity and in this eternal and divine Presence, which is the Celestial Father.

Feel in your heart the shelter of the Father through His word and the manifestation of the Love of His Kingdom.

Feel in your heart that path that the Universe itself has built in you, participating in each moment of your life, as well as in each step given by your consciousness.

Feel in your heart that you will never be alone, as His Divine Company will always please the humility of the heart.

Feel in your heart that you are part of Nothingness, where the All is the origin of the Source and the Infinity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Never let your heart be closed by the indifference or the wrong actions of your peers.

Work intensely in you the transcendence of human indifference and of conscious omission. Thus, you will attain a state of mature love that will lead you to understand everything and accept everything, however difficult it may seem.

Never let your little human heart close, by absolutely nothing, because thus you will avoid delaying your steps towards My Son, in the direction towards His Divine Kingdom.

You know that within the human life there are many imperfections and many defects, some of them with great and hard resistances.

Begin working in yourself all that which still does not want to transform or mold. It will not be by facing yourself in battle with your own inner enemy but by loving it with the Christic Love so that, little by little, the remnants of these resistances that lead to error may dissolve.

You will not be a saint in three days, the transcendence of the human condition is until the last days of life. But have the certainty that everything can change without the need to live suffering nor agony.

Reach perfection in a positive sense and thus you will advance on the path to someday entirely embrace the consecration of the spirit and of all consciousness to God, the Creator.

Trust that every day you will be able to begin from zero.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Be brave in the face of the tests and every day you will learn to surpass yourself.

May this valor give the impulse to your heart so that you may project greater steps on your path, those which you never imagined you could give.

Embrace the proposal of valor as the means for being able to transcend possible obstacles and make of each experience a victory for the Celestial Kingdom.

May your permanent transformation show the world the constancy of wanting to be close to the Lord, to live His Joy and to be in His Divine Presence.

Therefore, take up the path of valor so that you may learn to move forward without retracting even one step.

Let this valor, child, support the coming of the Sacred Spirit of God so that more souls may be transformed by the Fire of God.

In valor may you find the impulse to make great leaps, determined to transcend the barriers of the planetary inertia.

Dare to say "yes" to each new challenge and do not feel defeated.

My Son still awaits the apostles of transformation, who through good examples will testify to His Holy Word.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The descent of the Celestial Kingdom

My beloveds,

Today I fulfill the promise that I made to your hearts, and I again descend to this world with all My Celestial and Universal Consciousness, entering into one of My Homes on Earth, to bring the Celestial Kingdom.

This Kingdom belongs to all My faithful children, who gather at the Feet of the Eternal Father and at the Feet of My Son the Redeemer, who from the heart are able to live in fidelity to the Love of God, the transparency of that love, the inner freedom of having chosen with the heart to follow the path of the good, of fraternity and of the Mercy that Christ brought to this humanity.

This Celestial Church, which is formed by all the sincere hearts in their love for God, makes no distinction of race, people, religion nor dogmas. It is formed by all who seek the good, light, love and a fraternal life for themselves, for their brothers and sisters of the whole world; who seek respect, consideration and the recognition of all the Kingdoms of Nature, as a precious and fundamental part of life on this planet, the fruits of the Divine Creation of the Father.

This Celestial Church that My Son has assembled as an offering to the Eternal Father today descends and unites with Me, with My Immaculate Heart, so that in this way, I am able to care for, protect, guide and lead it until My Son returns to the world, the only King, the Savior.

As from this new cycle on, My children, everything will be exposed in order to be purified. Nothing will remain hidden from the eyes of humankind, nothing will be held back any longer.

Those who define themselves for the good will have to struggle, every day, to allow their lives to move onto the path that will lead them toward the Love of God, and they will do this with joy, knowing that the thousand years of peace are arriving; they will strive and prepare the Return of Christ with small and large actions. All will see them and know who they are.

Those who deceive themselves and choose to support the false powers of this world will no longer be hidden and they will be seen by all throughout the whole world. They will mock the sincere hearts that seek the good, and their infidelity will be seen and heard by all. They will persecute the good hearts and want to destroy the Celestial Church due to not being able to take it over. But you should fear nothing, because I will be with you and in you, and nothing will be able to make you suffer.

I will keep the true Church of My Son until He returns, placing under My Mantle of protection those who are pure and simple of heart, the faithful and the truthful, the just and obedient to the Laws of Heaven, the charitable and the generous with their peers and with the Kingdoms, the brave who seek love above the pettiness of this world, those who suffer because of the malice of the cruel and the sinners, and the innocent, those who nobody can protect.

And in this way, the Celestial Church of My Son will grow, nation by nation, region by region, continent after continent in this world, and nothing will stop it, because the real love, the real light and the real peace will come to each thirsty soul of this Earth.

Remember that it is My Son Who calls souls within the inner worlds, and it is also My maternal Love that gathers you together to take you to Christ, beyond any action on the surface of the Earth.

Thus, things will happen that you will not be able to understand when the children of the Celestial Church begin to assemble, and from the furthest places of the world, they cry out for the Love of their Heavenly Mother and for their Lord, and when they begin to come to the spaces where the Divine Messengers will descend to bring peace.

The great miracles of light, healing and conversion will begin to manifest throughout the world, because souls will ignite, wherever they may be, responding to the call of their Shepherd.

Evil will want to confuse you, but the redeeming Love of Christ is powerful and unmistakable, and nothing will stop It.

Get ready, beloved children, to travel with Me to those lost places of the world in search of your brothers and sisters, so that they may definitely be a part of this, our Celestial Church.

And so, in this cycle beginning today, the 144,000 will awaken and nothing will stop this. That task that they will accomplish, of preparing the Return of Christ, belongs to each soul committed to the advent of a New Humanity, to each one of those who hear My words with their ears or in their inner worlds.

And it will no longer be only 144,000; there will be many more who, with an ardent love ignited for My Son in their hearts, will walk at His side to live, together with Him, the love and the fraternity that this race was always destined to live.

My beloveds, today My Heart is rejoicing and I come to you as the bride that comes to the altar, to begin the most important stage of her life, a stage in which she will definitely form the great family, the Universal Family, who will fervently wait for the arrival of Her King, the Glorified Christ Jesus.

Today, I descend here, and also upon the surface of the desert of Peru, where within the inner worlds of the planet, the Masters and Ancients of other times and of forever who take care of this world. This is where the White Brotherhood has faithfully followed the Plan of God for this world.

They have unconditionally been united with the Eternal Father and with all His Designs, being the bridge between the Cosmic Universe and the Earth since before Adam and Eve, a task that God gave them and, in spite of all errors, My children of the surface, He allowed us today to still have this blessed planet for taking forward the divine Project.

For this reason, I have also descended into the desert of Chilca, in the same way that My Son descended some years ago, to also bring the Celestial Church to that location, because all of them, as silent lovers of My Son, belong to this gathering of consciousnesses that, from the inner planes, help us to sustain and preserve this beloved planet.

My beloveds, today I lovingly invite you, as Mother, to take a step with your spirits and souls, to enter together with Me into the school of the real knowledge about this civilization, which is you and this planet, a knowledge that belongs to you and that has been hidden from everybody’s consciousnesses.

Now that you are maturing, now that you are reaching spiritual maturity, it is your responsibility to experience the great truths with openness while also holding the hand of your Heavenly Mother, Who will lead you along these new paths with love, taking care of each one of your souls.

This new cycle will be full of revelations that will make you strong and allow you to understand many things that formerly were called “mysteries,” because the time to know about them had still not yet come for all.

My beloveds, today My Heart is rejoicing and I come to you as the bride that comes to the altar, to begin the most important stage of her life, a stage in which she will definitely form the great family, the Universal Family, who will fervently wait for the arrival of Her King, the Glorified Christ Jesus.

I love you, and I bless you on this unforgettable day of rejoicing.

Thank you for accompanying Me today, for being a part of this celestial victory.

Your Mother Mary, the Universal Mother

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Fatima, Santarém, Portugal, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Today I am the Lady of the Light and with this Light, which comes from God, I illuminate the paths of My children.

I am the Lady of the Light and with this Light I guide the paths of the servers of Christ.

I am the Lady of the Light and with this Light I deposit and pour out the Gifts of God upon the most needy souls in the world.

I am the Lady of the Light and with this Light I establish the Kingdom of the Heavens, first in the inner world of each being and afterwards in the consciousness of the world.

I am the Lady of the Light and with this Light I indicate to My children the path of ascension and redemption, because in this way the consciousnesses will be liberated from the past.

I am the Lady of the Light and with this Light I fulfill the promise of the emergence of the New Humanity.

I am the Lady of the Light and with this Light I bring from the Celestial Universe what humanity needs most, so that new patterns arise that will cause the consciousness of the world to change.

I am the Lady of the Light and I raise My children towards the Source of Love. This Source can be closer to the world when the hearts surrender to Me.

I am the Lady of the Light and with this Light I decree the beginning of a new cycle.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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