Impulses of the Divine Messengers

"The one who deepens before the presence of the Divine Messengers and tirelessly seeks to comprehend, feel and live Our words, will not recognize themselves in a short time and they might not find themselves as they are today, because they will stop living and being a illusion, to express what they are, in essence and truth." Virgin Mary

Impulses of the Divine Messengers

By dedicating some minutes of our mornings to the reading of the daily impulses of the Divine Messengers, we allow the spiritual light that these teachings hold to permeate our daily actions. May this be one of the keys for the transformation of our lives. And from the experience of these teachings, may we bring peace and fraternity to our fellow beings.

"It is necessary that My readers of the daily message tightly embrace
My Words as a path of guidance and salvation for their souls. It is time to consciously
prepare for what will come; it is time to find refuge in My Sacred Heart."

Christ Jesus, November 24, 2013


"In the simplicity of My words you will find the key
to achieving a transformation of life and spirit."

Virgen Mary, April 5, 2013


"May My words reach hearts and essences, and as simple as they might be,
may they bring clarity and an awakening into their lives." 

Saint Joseph,  June 13, 2014

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