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Series - Manifestation of Aurora - Part X

If all the previous stages are fulfilled, Aurora will be in a condition to express its task on the surface and, especially, its work with the principles of healing will be possible.

Each stage that is carried forward, within this project of the finalizing and manifestation of Aurora, will not only demonstrate to the Universe that the servers and the followers of the Work understand what the Hierarchy is talking about and requesting, but that there will also be different opportunities for Uruguay as a country, and for the region.

In this sense, it will be important that all collaborate in each one of the phases of the new manifestation of Aurora, regardless of whether they are part of a sustaining group or not. In this way, consciousnesses will be able to verify that when there is unity of purpose, it is possible to follow through with any request of the Hierarchy.

If that immediate and precise response exists, without leaving anything behind, the greater will be the awareness of the group purpose that will be built for the New Aurora.

I hope that each worker of the Plan knows the importance of building Aurora, day by day, until the purpose is accomplished, and of not ceasing to collaborate in all senses until everyone can see the Aurora Center manifested in its maximum splendor. 

For this, the organization of the group through a monthly schedule that presents details, stage by stage, will help the whole Work become aware of the possible delays, as well as the different goals.

In this monthly chart, which will be attended to by an architect and by a builder, all of the Work will be up to date on what is lacking for finalizing each stage.

It is important that each server of the Work knows that, as the different phases of the manifestation of Aurora are completed, the treasures of the Hierarchy will also be established so that they may be active, helping humanity.

Each step in the manifestation of Aurora, the accompaniment and the sincere effort of the group toward the Hierarchy will grant that awaited opportunity for Uruguay and South America, something spiritual that Aurora has to offer to souls.

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The Sacred Call

Singing with Christ Jesus


God is relieved and rejoices when He sees His children singing.
My Heart also glows with joy when this song is born of the heart, as well as from prayer.

Christ Jesus, 9th of August of 2013

Cantando con Cristo Jesús


The Master reveals that when we unite with Him through song, we allow His infinite Mercy to be radiated to our consciousnesses.

Therefore, let us sing with surrender so that the Redeeming Love of the Son of God can transform our lives.

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