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In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In these recent times, I have waited for this moment, to place My Divine Consciousness upon this sacred enclosure of the Hierarchy and of Creation, so that the true spiritual treasures of the United States might emerge on this day, before the inner eyes that are open to perceive them, before the hearts that is open to feel them.

I come to let the world know about these treasures kept in the Grand Canyon of Colorado so that the soul of this nation may remember the Purpose of its formation and existence, so that all those who live here may know that the Spiritual Purpose of the United States is still to be fulfilled, despite the ties of this country with war and conflict, in which it has been dwelling for decades.

I come to place, before humanity and especially before the entire Northern Hemisphere, these Sacred Relics of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Grand Canyon of Colorado, so that as many consciousnesses and souls as possible may drink from this fountain that dwells here, in the deepest and most reverent silence before Creation, through contemplation and inner prayer, capable of entering the spiritual soul of this place, as well as other places in the United States where the Hierarchy silently expresses itself, such as Mount Shasta.

This is why in these definitive times, when the soul of nations compromises with non-evolutionary events, I come tell those open in heart, those who incessantly seek the path of transcendence and ascension, to feel, in the depths of the heart, these sacred energies of the Grand Canyon of Colorado, which expresses an incalculable and infinite history of the love and experience that the original peoples achieved with this universe and this planet.

In this way, I would like you to perceive that this life does not end in that which is material, that true life lies in that which is spiritual and that, from the beginning of this Human Project on Earth, God thought of every detail, so that the human civilization, through its true communion with the Kingdoms of Nature, could connect with the Primordial Source. This is the true service of the Lower Kingdoms, which are so outraged and mistreated by humanity of the surface.

But how great is the love of the Kingdoms of Nature, of the most beautiful landscapes of this world, which, despite all the impacts they receive, continue to give of themselves and surrender for you with an essential goal: that the human being of these times may learn to evolve and awaken.

As I told you, Sacred Relics dwell here, the pure in heart can attune with them and, in this way, find their true origin and the true reason for being incarnated here, in this world, to learn to live the school of love and redemption.

In synthesis, My companions: on this planet, thought of and created by the Creator with the sublime assistance of the Archangels, the Sacred Creator Fathers, the best conditions were created for souls incarnating here to go through their deep spiritual experience and, through this sacred experience, find their purpose and reason for being here in these times and this cycle, to be a part of the expression of the Divine Will of God.

For this reason, In joy and bliss before the Grand Canyon of Colorado, a Sacred Enclosure of love and brotherhood, open your consciousnesses, expand your hearts, so that your spirits may have the opportunity, given to you by your own selves, to live under the Breath of the Spirit, receiving the impulses and cosmic currents that dwell here, and thus you may begin to recover the values that humanity has lost in these times.

This is the main reason for Sacred Enclosures: for souls to remember that they are a star, for inner worlds to know they are inner suns that can shine in this space and time, living their commitment, their lineage and task, to rebuild the conscious and unconscious of this humanity.

And thus, as it happened to the sacred people of Israel, may humanity recover its Original Project, and live the Principles and the Law of Creation so as to begin now to gestate the emergence of the New Earth.

In simple, yet profound words, how many brothers and sisters of the past have come to this planet from the universe, since the origin of the Earth, to accompany the steps of this incarnated human civilization! And despite the times, the traumas and events on the surface of the Earth, they are here to continue to accompany you. They gave their ‘yes’ in sacrifice, surrendering that which is most valuable of their spirits and higher consciousnesses so that this Project on the surface would not become lost.

Will humanity have the courage and bravery to accept this reality?

Will the human being of the Surface, in these times, have the courage to contemplate Creation in another way, and understand that this life is not only material?

I bring you the Grace, and also the opportunity, for your consciousness to expand, open and awaken to an encounter with that which is real, through the example of this sacred place of the Grand Canyon of Colorado.

I leave these impulses to you upon this journey. And your Master and Lord, together with the entire Divinity, now prepares His Steps to help Brazil, because, for the Hierarchy, everything is important, and I hope you will learn to contemplate Our sacrifice with one intention, the true intention of gratitude.

In this way, you will be able to continue to accompany the Hierarchy in this long trajectory of the planet so that the law of suffering may end, consciousnesses may be freed from their spiritual captivity and receive the sacred impulses of the Enclosures that this planet holds, for the purpose of evolution of the human race.

May your stars shine together with Us, may your suns be a part of Our Sun of Love and Mercy, so that this human race may be more fraternal and just, and may someday be worthy of the Third Order of the Brotherhood.

I pray for this every day, and I invite you to pray with Me so that this burning Aspiration of God may be fulfilled, beyond the 144,000.

I thank the brothers and sisters present in the United States for accompanying this task, for giving it the value it has in the importance of this planetary moment.

May my Graces and above all My Consoling Love are poured out upon them all, so that they may have the inner strength to continue establishing the foundations of group and community life in the United States, a deep aspiration of the Masters of the East.

From the Sacred Valley of the Grand Canyon of Colorado, where the Light and Love of the Hierarchy shine and are perpetuated, may all be blessed and receive My Peace.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May this world be redeemed. Amen.

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God is relieved and rejoices when He sees His children singing.
My Heart also glows with joy when this song is born of the heart, as well as from prayer.

Christ Jesus, 9th of August of 2013

The Master reveals that when we unite with Him through song, we allow His infinite Mercy to be radiated to our consciousnesses.

Therefore, let us sing with surrender so that the Redeeming Love of the Son of God can transform our lives.

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