30 Jun

Divine Messengers in Africa: the time has come!

A long-beating aspiration in the Heart of the Divine Hierarchy, the mission on the African continent will begin in July.

The Divine Messengers have announced that they will go to Africa in July of this year, with Angola as their first destination . This expected trip, which had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, is a key step in the realization of the Peace Plan of the Sacred Hearts on Earth.

The beloved...

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06 Jun

New website of Misericordia María TV: sleeker and easier to navigate

“This project, which is not a terrestrial project but a spiritual project, will try to reach the heart of the homes in a fraternal, ordered, and pacific way because the purpose of Misericordia María will be to open the doors to all souls, so that they may listen to My Message and the Message of My Son Jesus." The Virgin Mary, August 13, 2013

Misericordia María TV will launch its new website next Tuesday June 7. The platform has been completely renewed to offer its users a sleeker and more modern design, as well as intuitive and dynamic navigation.

Now, devotees and pilgrims from various countries will be able to follow the live broadcasts with enhanced audiovisual quality, learn about the events through the updated calendar and share the videos on social networks.


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01 Jun

Special edition of the Divine Mercy Marathon will have three New Messages from Christ

The 103rd Marathon of Divine Mercy, which will occur on June 5th and 6th , will be the stage for an extraordinary spiritual work .

The meeting will be broadcast on the internet only, with translation into English. See the schedule at the end of this page.

A unique spiritual juncture

Christ Jesus announced that He will transmit three new Messages for the event directly from Poland , the region which is the...

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25 May

In June, the Divine Messengers will perform special task to expand the Divine Mercy in the world

“I come to bring a vaster and more mature Message so that your hearts can grow in definition and in love, in the seriousness and responsibility that at this moment each one of you must live so as to carry forward the Plan of the Return of My Son.” The Virgin Mary, May 13, 2022

In June, the Divine Messengers will continue to send us a profusion of Celestial aids, for they need Their followers firmly attuned to the High to sustain themselves and the planet in this time of crisis.

The highlight of the month will be the spiritual work that Christ Jesus will do in Krakow, Poland, cradle of devotion to the Divine Mercy.

Spiritual treasures

The month before, Christ Jesus and the Virgin Mary...

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21 May

New message from the Eternal Father: “My Arms are constantly open to receive you”

The Eternal Father, Adonai, has transmitted a new Message to humanity. His Sacred Words, filled with love, but also of appeal to our consciences, were delivered to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús on May 18, 2022, in Gavarnie, in the Pyrenees, France.

The pain for the Earth

In this statement, the Celestial Father addresses a strong call to each one of us, asking us to listen to Him and to follow Him. He laments the...

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20 May

Album “Sacred Names of God”: 8 songs to bring us closer to the Celestial Universe

“Invoke the Sacred Names of God, and the Creator Father will show Himself to your little heart .”
The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, August 6, 2019

The Work of the Divine Messengers offers the world another spiritual aid for the present day: the album “Sacred Names of God - Volume 1” . Written by the Choir of the Light-Communities, this collection features eight songs that intone different Names by which the Eternal Father is known.

Now, all people will be able to listen to these beautiful and transcendent songs, opening an infallible door of contact with the Kingdom of Heaven, wherever they are.

Available to listen and...

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16 May

For Love of the Kingdoms: watch the testimony of those who experience the benefits of agroforestry day by day

On May 19, at 11 am , the program For Love of the Kingdoms will present the third chapter of the “Agroforestry” series. We will witness the testimony of three people who work with agroforestry and who have come to understand, through this practice, the profound intelligence of nature.

And thus, listening to those who have a lot of experience in the subject, we close this cycle of studies on agroforestry and syntropic agriculture, which started in...

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12 May

Sacred Week 2022: find out what happened in the great encounter with Christ Jesus

On each Sacred Week, Christ Jesus makes revelations that expand our consciousnesses, offers Graces that promote deep spiritual healing and guides us to the reunion with God during eight memorable days.

In Sacred Week 2022 , which took place from the 10th to the 17th of April, Our Lord invited His followers to enter a new stage of adherence to His Redemptive Plan. He drew seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit to the planet, expanded our knowledge about...

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02 May

Reopening of the Marian Centers: Our Lady will once again welcome Her beloved pilgrims

Visits will resume on the weekends, gradually.

Closed to the public since the beginning of the pandemic, the Marian Centers will once again welcome devotees and pilgrims at the request of the Virgin Mary. For now, activities will resume on weekends, starting on May 7 and 8 (Saturday and Sunday).

Thus, Our Lady will be able to welcome again Her beloved children in these sacred places of prayer, peace and healing,...

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27 Apr

In May, the month of the Virgin Mary, we will have new opportunities to receive Her heavenly help

In the Sacred Week 2022, Christ Jesus initiated us into a new stage of spiritual commitment in this school of love, forgiveness and redemption lived on Earth. And now, Our Lord leaves us under the care of His Most Holy Mother - so that, as Guardian of our souls and hearts, She helps us to embody each divine code received.

This month, the Work of the Divine Messengers will have a special program dedicated to the Virgin Mary. In this way, protected...

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