25 Jan

February: commitment to elevating the consciousness to God could have great repercussions, say the Divine Messengers

“Abandon yourselves in the Lord, because in Him lies the way out, the overcoming of any situation and the answer in the face of any test.”
The Virgin Mary, January 13, 2022

The Divine Messengers emphasized in Their most recent Messages, the importance of souls in these times who are willing to help Them transmute the planetary situation through prayer, the practice of good, and the silent surrender to the Will of God.

That offer is accepted attentively by the Heavens because it opens the darkest spaces for the angels of God so that Eternal Light can enter and so that this same Light can transmute and transform the...

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20 Jan

Revelations of the Divine Messengers about the Kingdoms of Nature - Part 2: Plant Kingdom

The Plant Kingdom is almost everywhere and transforms in life everything that it touches. Since time immemorial, long before the appearance of humans on Earth, plants were already here. They are, in their enormous beauty and diversity, silent witnesses and living records of our journey upon the planet.

At the material plane, the Plant Kingdom is responsible, amongst other things, for creating the atmosphere that makes the world habitable, through...

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15 Jan

For Love of the Kingdoms: learn more about agroforestry, a sustainable way to cultivate food

On January 19, at 11 am , For Love of the Kingdoms will show the routine of a group who practices a sustainable way of cultivating food. Inspired by the interactions that occur within nature, agroforestry is a type of cultivation carried out for thousands of years, which has been gaining more and more followers in the world due to its ecological and productive benefits.

Agroforestry systems bring together agricultural crops in a consortium with...

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12 Jan

January: Youth Festival for Peace Online brings the theme 'Sowing Peace'

The 17th Youth Festival for Peace Online will take place on January 29 (Saturday) , inspired by the theme “Sowing Peace” . The event starts the year with a novelty: it will be broadcast at a new and unique time, 7 p.m ..

In this virtual meeting, young people from all over the world will strengthen their commitment and motivation to become, through simple attitudes and actions, promoters of peace and fraternity within their communities .


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03 Jan

The Eternal Father and Christ Jesus speak to humanity at the first event of 2022

The Work of the Divine Messengers opens this year's program by giving us new and exceptional impulses of encouragement, awareness and peace.

The 99th Marathon of Divine Mercy, on January 5th and 6th , will feature two new Messages : one from the Eternal Father and the other from Christ Jesus . Both will be broadcast over the two days, through the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús :

January 5 (Wednesday): at 4 p.m. (Brasilia...
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31 Dec

Digital Release: Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

What would you say if you could express all your love and devotion to the Mother of God? We often lack words to translate such beautiful and transcendent feelings.

Knowing that, the Virgin Mary gave us yet another jewel of spiritual literature: the Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary . With simple words, the verses unite us deeply to Her Heart, and strengthen our trust in Her protection and guidance.

The digital book...

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24 Dec

January, the beginning of a new cycle with Christ

For years They have been teaching us to develop the power of Love as the primordial energy of the Universe, and raising our awareness of the true situation of humanity and the planet.

Now the Divine Messengers expect us to use these learnings to help Them, more and more, to balance what is happening in the world.

Victims of the Love of Christ

Christ Jesus and the Virgin Mary stressed...

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20 Dec

Christmas and New Year with the Virgin Mary: a special intercession for every soul

“... for this Christmas the Lord is offering you the most precious tool that will protect your essences and will reign in your hearts. This Christic Love that is being offered is the greatest sword, the most resistant shield, it is the greatest food and the most pure water that will keep standing those who say yes to It.” 
The Virgin Mary, December 22, 2012


In this special period of the year, God will send impulses of peace and renewal to humanity through prayer and music meetings dedicated to our beloved Virgin Mary, the Mother of the World.

We are invited to participate in these blessed events and to disseminate them, as an act of love and fraternity, so that as many people as possible may hear the Words of Our Lady and receive the Graces that She will pour out upon the planet.


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18 Dec

Request of the Virgin Mary for an urgent cause: Prayer for Peace in Eastern Europe and Russia

The Divine Mother always has Her Eyes set upon the Earth, using every sincere prayer of Her children to reach where there is the greatest need. She has affirmed that, thanks to our prayers, many ideas contrary to the Will of God have been able to be neutralized before they precipitate in the form of more conflict and suffering on the planet.

Now the Virgin Mary is counting on our support once again to avoid a serious event in Eastern Europe....

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15 Dec

Day 19: learn more about guardian trees in the program For Love of the Kingdoms

Have you ever heard of guardian trees? They are trees that, due to the spiritual strength acquired with maturity, in addition to the qualities of their species, play the role of protectors, both physically and spiritually, of the place where they live. On December 19, (Sunday), at 11 a.m. (Brasilia time zone) , we will learn more about them in the end-of-year special of the program For Love of the Kingdoms .

The program will also present some of...

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