23 Nov

NEW REQUEST OF OUR LADY: Mystery of the Rosary for Peace in South America

"It would be a joy for your Heavenly Mother to hear, in each of the mysteries, My children of the different nations; and that they may represent, in each mystery, their nation, their culture and their people." Mary, Rose of Peace, November 3, 2019

The Virgin Mary always emphasizes the importance of praying for the nations and the continents, most especially those that need it the most. Now, with the worsening of the social crises, She has announced a new request: the weekly prayer of a Mystery of the Rosary for Peace in South America .

Our Lady has affirmed that the uniting of those who pray of the Southern Cone, including the Children of Mary and members of the Light-Network , a...

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19 Nov

Music for Healing highlights songs and rhythms of regions of Africa

Singing in different languages, African choir members of various nationalities will present a repertoire of traditional music and praises.

In November, the meeting of Music for the Healing and Elevation of Humanity will celebrate the music and devotion of Africa, which had much influence in the formation of the cultural identity of Brazil and of the Americas. In this edition, African artists will come onto the stage, representing just a fraction of the rich mosaic of...

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26 Oct

The Divine Messengers in Colombia

“The Divine Hierarchy appeals to all beings of goodwill, those who believe in the Celestial Father and in the concretization of the Divine Plan so that they may join efforts, in all of South America and beyond it, to materialize the next Pilgrimage for Peace in Colombia, as the Work as a whole, after the last August 8, has assumed the attention to and aiding of the planetary situations rather than regional or local ones.”  Christ Jesus, October 11, 2019

In the month of November, the Pilgrimage for Peace returns to Colombia, again carrying the blessings of the Divine Messengers to the beautiful Andean country that, in the midst of its rich biodiversity, among the mountains, forests and coastal landscapes, also holds unsuspected treasures and sacred spiritual relics. Christ Jesus said in one of His recent messages :

“To know the treasures held within Andean Colombia, just as the Colombia of the...

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19 Oct

Words of Christ on the task carried out in the Amazon

On October 7, Our Lord transmitted an important message to explain to us what the last mission of peace and of mercy in the Amazon may achieve. Besides that, He inspired us to take care of and protect some representatives of the Kingdom of Nature, be it a mineral, a plant or an animal.

Following are the Words of Christ:


Monday, October 7, 2019

The Meeting of Mercy being...

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10 Oct

The Pilgrimage for Peace returns to the Marian Centers in the month of October

After completing the 75th Marathon of Divine Mercy in Manaus, in which we believe that, through our prayers and our hearts, the Divine Hierarchy and its angels were able to build a pillar of love and of mercy to permeate the Amazon Forest, the Pilgrimage for Peace returns to the Marian Center of Figueira .

The light of the Divine Messengers will be radiated toward Brazil and toward the world from one of the principal centers of prayer founded by...

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07 Oct

Medallion of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph

Gratitude, humility, simplicity, meekness, silence, reverence and hope are some of the many indispensable keys to open the doors for us toward an awakening; keys that our beloved Mediator and Intercessor Saint Joseph transmitted in His sacred messages to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús since August of 2015.

Once having entered this path of awakening, the Most Chaste Saint Joseph teaches us about the Christic life, treading the paths of faith...

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01 Oct

Prayers will cover the Amazon with light during the 75th Marathon of Divine Mercy

"It will be through the powerful pillar of the divine and unfathomable Mercy that your Redeemer, together with all of the Heavenly Brotherhood, will work from spiritual planes to prevent the continuous projects of devastation as well as the ideals that are mentally against the evolution of the lower Kingdoms and of human beings.." Christ Jesus, September  28, 2019

On this Pilgrimage for Peace in Brazil, the Divine Messengers will be deepening the spiritual assistance directed toward the Amazon during the last months.

On carrying out the 75th Marathon of Divine Mercy in Manaus, Amazonia, on October 5 & 6 , Christ Jesus will open His spring of love and of healing upon this space of the planet, bringing relief to and healing the Kingdoms of Nature and humanity.

We will...

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16 Sep

Participation through music and a tribute to the Amazon characterize the next edition of Music for Healing

The program Music for Healing and Elevation of Humanity , for the month of September, will include the presence of artists that are part of a story of solidarity and rescue through classical music. There will also be a section dedicated to the Kingdoms of Nature, especially to the sacred Forest of the Amazon.

The instrumentalists invited in this edition are part of the School of Music of the Porto-Alegrense of Education in Art (IPDAE) , a non-...

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06 Sep

Brazil: new destination of the Pilgrimage for Peace with the Sacred Hearts

"Each Pilgrimage is a great planetary rescue operation that not only encompasses the planet as a whole,  but also its humanity and the Kingdoms of Nature."
Mary, Rose of Peace, April 12, 2018

In the month of September , the meetings of prayer of the Pilgrimage for Peace will take place in the Marian Center of Figueira , Minas Gerais, and the Marian Center of the Child King , Rio de Janeiro. These epicenters of peace, founded by the Virgin Mary, will be illuminated with the arrival of all the pilgrims to celebrate meetings with the Divine Messengers.

In October , the Pilgrimage will begin with the 75th Marathon of Divine Mercy in...

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28 Aug

Second stage of the Pilgrimage for Peace in Argentina – arriving within the mountain ranges of Cordoba

In these times of definition and redemption, but also of wonders and revelations, the events announced by the Divine Messengers for the Pilgrimage for Peace in Argentina enter into its second and last stage, to take place in the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit, in Cordoba.

The powerful energy emanated by the call of Christ Jesus, permeated by the hope and Mercy, present in each message transmitted, has mobilized His disciples and followers from...

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