25 Jun

July: the Divine Messengers will prepare souls to receive Their last heavenly impulses

In July, we will have one of the last opportunities to receive the sacred instructions of the Divine Messengers . With gratitude and reverence, we will accompany the prayer meetings where They will be present, feeling Their words of mercy and wisdom, illuminating our inner worlds and pouring out Graces upon the planet.

As the Virgin Mary announced in Her Apparition of June 13, 2020 (see video below), the Sacred Hearts will conclude their public...

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18 Jun

Music for Healing and Elevation of Humanity - Second Concert for Peace and Hope promises to unite hearts with a special repertoire

On June 23, at 8 p.m. Music for Healing and Elevation of Humanity will continue to dissolve distances and unite hearts through the power of music. In the second edition of the Concert for Peace and Hope, singers and instrumentalists will present a repertoire of popular songs that ignites love and faith in people of all generations, cultures and nationalities.

The program will be broadcasted live on the internet ,...

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14 Jun

New series of videos with questions and answers about the Work of the Sacred Hearts

In order to explain to all who are interested, concerning the spiritual task undertaken by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Most Chaste Saint Joseph through this Work and what it consists of, the visionary monks of the Grace Mercy Order and the Council of Regency and Permanent Guidance of the Work of the Divine Messengers are recording, at the request of Our Lady, a series of videos, to respond to the main questions that often get sent to our official websites and other...

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29 May

New celestial impulse for souls: Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Throughout this Marian month, Our Lady has been filling our lives with merciful opportunities through our devotion to Her Immaculate Heart. In Her message of May 1, 2020 , the Most Holy Virgin announced a new spiritual practice to uplift our souls, which She called Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary .

With this sacred impulse, the Divine Mother yearns to keep us under Her Protective Mantle and fill our consciousnesses with Her Universal Light...

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25 May

June: the Presence of the Divine Messengers will radiate new Graces upon the planet

In June, Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary and the Most Chaste Saint Joseph will continue to descend from Heaven to meet us, with the purpose of giving us everything we need to raise our consciousnesses to Their Kingdom of Love and Peace.

After a month marked by revelations, new spiritual exercises and special messages that have filled our hearts with sublime gifts, throughout this next cycle, the Divine Messengers will deepen our preparation to go...

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21 May

Dialogues of a Soul with God: Saint Joseph reveals responses from God concerning spiritual themes within a new series of messages

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, in His sacred mission to instruct humanity in these times, contemplated us with a new Grace. His Chaste Heart remembered the most frequent dilemmas and doubts manifested by our souls in moments of prayer, reflection and challenges. Now He is revealing the responses of God to these universal themes within the series of messages with the title << Dialogues of a Soul with God >> .

Those messages have been...

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08 May

Music for Healing and Elevation of Humanity will be all new for May

In Her Infinite Maternal Love, the Divine Mother always desires to attend to Her children. For this reason, She requested that the Music Gathering for Healing and Elevation of Humanity be renewed to adapt to the world circumstances. In this way, souls will be able to continue receiving the celestial codes they need at this time.

Special Concert

The Music for Healing and Elevation of Humanity of May 23 will host, at 8....

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30 Apr

In May, the month of the Holy Rosary: Request of the Virgin Mary to the Rosary of Light groups

“During the month of May, as Mother, I want to bring everybody into My Heart so that you may feel loved and understood, alleviated and sheltered by the Divine Mother.” Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace - 04.30.2020

Our Lady transmitted, in Her message of April 30, 2020, a special request to the Rosary of Light groups* , with the purpose of deepening into the consecration of families to Her Immaculate Heart. Thus, the devotion and faith of Her children will create a bridge between Heaven and Earth, through which She will be able to intercede for all homes of the world.

The aspiration of the Virgin Mary is that in May, the month of the Holy Rosary, each...

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30 Apr

Special request from Our Lady: send a photo next to the face of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

“My wish as a Mother is that, during the month of May, My children may feel themselves within My maternal Heart so that I can give each one what they need in these definitive times.” Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace - 04.29.2020

The Virgin Mary said that in May, the month of the Holy Rosary , She will once again offer Her Maternal and Immaculate Heart to bring relief to those who suffer most due to the world situation. Thus, she announced a special request for this time: that Her children continue to pray the Holy Rosary daily within their homes, and include in this spiritual exercise the contemplation of the face of Her Immaculate Heart .

(Photo on the left, available...

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30 Apr

In May, the Divine Messengers will continue to guide souls with new Instructions

“Give thanks to the Universe that sent you so that, within this humanity, you may have the Grace of being aware and of not hiding from Truth.”
The Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace - 03.15.2020

In this time of challenges, the Divine Messengers continue to work tirelessly to bring souls together with Their love to balance the situation of the planet. Therefore, in May, we will have the Grace to continue receiving Their Instructions, which fill us with Peace and offer spiritual keys to manifest the Plan of God in our lives.

The Virgin Mary announced that the events of May will go forward with the planetary task carried out in the last...

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