Messages of the Eternal Father


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Behold the Father and the Son, the Sovereign and Eternal God, who comes with His Most Beloved Son, Christ the Redeemer, to partake with His Creatures, in perfect and perpetual communion, elevating souls to the Kingdom of the Heavens for a moment.

Behold, companions, the One Who gave you life and gave life to His First-Born, through the Most Pure Womb of Mary, the Womb that gestates today, in Her bosom, the New Humanity, the Creative Womb that offers itself to transform all things.

Now, behold the Mother of the Holy Spirit, the Sacred Triune Consciousness who, from the Heavens, contemplates the world, which is wounded by hatred and revenge.

Behold the Eternal Heart of the Father, the Sacred Heart of the Son and the Immaculate Heart of the Mother. Sacred geometry is formed here, inner matrices are expressed so that all the chosen may receive them within themselves and prepare their inner worlds for the hour of the emergence of the New Humanity.

For this reason, Archangel Uriel and Archangel Gabriel are present here before the Adored Father, the Venerable Son and the Most Holy Mother. The holy archangels justify this moment before Creation, so that once more, the Ark of the Holy Covenant may be renewed by the experiences of redemption and forgiveness of the souls who live in Christ every day.

For this reason, these holy angels, present here, erase from the Books of Divine Justice, the errors that have been committed out of ignorance, dissatisfaction and also guilt. Thus, once again, your souls will be purified before the greatness of God, Who comes to deliver His Blessings and Graces through the Heart of His Son and the Heart of the Most Holy Mother, so that the innocent may be rescued and all those who today suffer impunity may have the Grace of salvation and, above all, the consolation of the Heavens.

Today the Eternal Father, before the Presence of His Son and the Most Holy Mother, Archangel Uriel and Gabriel, comes to gather in His Arms those who are fallen, those who have become trapped in suffering without being able to see the Light, without being able to find Love.

God grants this moment for those who listen to His Call, for those who say ‘yes’ to inner emptiness.

Let us listen to God:

"Children of the Earth and of the universe, elevate your spirits towards Me. I Am the Father, Who blesses and fills you, Who nourishes you with the life of the spirit and of the entire Source of Creation.

Come to Me, My little ones. May the children of the past return to Me, so that innocence may be repaired in the world and Love may take away, from the claws of the enemy, all those who are prisoners and in captivity.

Behold the God of Israel, the God of the patriarchs and prophets, the God of the holy women and missionaries of Christ.

I come here to grant you My Law again, which has been violated and outraged by humanity.

Behold, in My Heart, the cradle of the New Humanity, of which all those with determination can partake, by believing in the promise of the Kingdom of the Heavens, of the triumph of My Will in each Creature of the Earth.  

Praise God, just as nature praises Him, so that spiritual sensitivity may return to the human heart and many more in this world may abandon indifference and may open up to charity. This will establish the forgiveness that the world needs, in the face of the injustice of so much war and unimaginable human suffering.

I Am the Law of Living Love, and through My Love, all has been created for My Children, from the origin of the Earth up to the present and beyond the present.

I Am Adonai, the Resplendent and Living God, the Immaculate Mirror of Creation. I Am the cause of your joy, your beatitude, your justice.

Elevate your hearts to Me, O sacred people of Israel, in the same way as Christ, My Son, was elevated on the Cross and His Heart was pierced by the sins of the world, and His eminent sacrifice made Mercy, rather than Justice, spring forth, through Blood and Water!  

Behold, in My Heart, the perfect relic of Love, which elevates the spirit and liberates the consciousness, which places its feet upon the correct path so that, just like the people of the desert under the guidance of Moses, you also may find the Promised Land, which is within each one of My children. The Sacred Land sown by My Principles and Attributes, by the new patterns of behavior that will elevate humanity again.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

God’s Heart is wide open.

Who will enter the unknown Universe of God?

Who will be One with the Father, just as the Son is One with the Father and just as the Holy Spirit is One with the Son?

My Sacred Aspects can also be in all, in those who recognize and adore the Living God, present today in a Luminous and Eternal manner, under the support of the archangelic consciousness.

Children, may the world seek peace and the end of war, within and outside of you, so that the Promised Land may be a reality, and no longer just a promise.

Listen to the Voice of the Father, Who loves you, the Voice of the Father, Who created you in His Image and Likeness so that you might be happy in Me, because this is what I wish the most."

Words of Christ:

Companions, this is our Father-Mother Creator, adored by the angels, revered by all beings of goodwill, exalted by the blessed ones. Because in truth I tell you that no one goes to the Father but through Me; because I Am the direct Door to Him, just as I hope your hearts will open the door so that I may enter.

Today, the Ark of the Holy Covenant is magnetized by those who renew their consecration to the Divine Purpose.

Behold the eternal and inexhaustible Flame of God’s Abundance, a Flame that nothing can extinguish, because it is the Immaterial Flame of God that illuminates the path of the pilgrims, of those who remove their own sandals to walk barefoot to God.

Behold the sacrificed Consciousness of God, under the image of the Divine Purpose, which aspires to straighten humanity so that it may return to the path of the Law and Love, before it is too late.

My Heart is nourished by this imperious and powerful Flame. Likewise, from this Flame of Divine Purpose your hearts must also take spiritual nourishment, just as the holy angels do and live it in the eternal present.

This is the Sacred Flame, which impels the transformation of life and consciousness, transforming what is corrupt into what is incorrupt.

What is the reason for your existence? What is the motive for your being on Earth?

I come to make it known through the Living, Omnipresent and Eternal God, Who has visited you today in the innermost depths of the spirit, to help the whole world. Revere this unknown yet infinite Grace, which comes to grant reconciliation to all those who seek it.

As I have promised, and under this Impulse of God, I come to give an opportunity to all those who aspire to consecrate their souls to eternal life, to untiring service for the Plans of God.

Let us prepare ourselves for this moment, which I will guide and witness, just as it must be for each soul who seeks the consecration of their life and consciousness. And this is possible through the power of My Blood and the merits that it granted to those who adore My Blood in the Most Blessed Sacrament of Communion.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We will prepare ourselves in Christ and for Christ, through a song, so that, at this moment of consecration with the Lord, the spiritual power of His Blood may encompass and radiate to as many souls on Earth as possible, especially to the souls that need His Mercy the most.

Rita from Portugal, the Lord is calling you, come here. He will ask you a secret question.

All has been said. The time has been consummated, just as Christ, your Master and Lord, lived His hour in the Last Supper.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

At the request of Christ, we will sing “The power of the Blood,” and all of us, together, will accompany this consecration of new helpers.

You may draw near, sisters.

Here, sisters, in this basket are the names of consecration of each one of you, they are Biblical names. Each one now will choose a name and I will read it so that all may hear what their name for this new task.

Sara de Adonai, welcome!



Jokmah de María.

Belén de María.

Altar de Dios.

Inmaculada de María.


Déborah de Israel.

Claudia de Jesús, welcome, Claudia!


Ruah de María.

Lea de Israel.

El Bethel.

Leonor de Dios.

María de Magdala.

Martha de Jesús.

María de Sión.




María Ruth.

María Cleofás.

Anna de Dios.

Aruna de Dios.

Isabel del Bautista.

Emilia de San José.

Magdalena de Jesús.

Phoebe de Jesús.

Amparo de Dios.

Now, we will say a Hail Mary, the Lord’s Prayer and a Glory Be.

We will stand up to accompany the sisters in this offering before the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Thank You, Lord, for all that You give us.

In this meeting, we honor You, Lord


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

My Presence replicates Itself within those who love Me.

My Voice echoes in those who heed My Call.

I Am present in the desert, as well as in Paradise. I Am present in the falls as well as in the triumphs, but My Silence is that which makes Me invisible to the eyes of those who claim to be powerful.

My Love is like a spear that pierces the human heart, transverberates and illuminates it, making it all for Me. This is why I Am here.

I Am the One Who thought of you, but also the One Who created you.

My Word reverberates in those who live My Message, and even though they may be imperfect, I sustain them through My Life. For My joy lies in those who seek Me, in all those who trust in Me.

To each one I give that which they must learn, that which they must endure and sustain, but I will never give you something you cannot cope with.

Learn to walk through what is best from that which you have attained.

Do not see the universe as empty, but rather full of experiences of love and forgiveness.

I Am the breeze that blows in the morning.

I Am the Sun that rises through those who live in My Faith.

I Am the triumph of Love in those who transform themselves.

In that which is small, I Am Big. In that which is Big, I Am Invisible. This is the keynote of My Humility.

My Signs indicate that I Am always here, and the Rays of My Consciousness embrace those who invoke Me. For in what seems to be a loss lies the triumph, in resignation lies loyalty, in obedience lies fidelity, in service lies the opportunity to love and the opportunity for Me to govern your lives forever, regardless of the battles and the uncertainties.

I need you transformed, just as My Son is. He drank from the Chalice without fear of failure. He surrendered so that all might be rescued, up to today.

His Reign is in the Crown of Thorns. His Will is in My Divine Scepter. His Infinite Love is in all whom He untiringly loves.

What about you, My Children, will you do the same?

Each one has a share with Me in this universe, which I have created with protection so that you may recognize My Love and the happiness I have in being with My Children. This is the reason for My Creation. This is the purpose with which I work and manifest, concretize and accomplish throughout the times.

You were called to live these times. This is why you are here and nowhere else. The Creator Universe guides those who obey.

There is still a wonderful Work to be carried out, even in these critical times, when impunity and indifference try to replace love and unity. However, I will not allow this.

My Name is written in all dimensions.

My Love is present in all beings, even in those who are far from Me. For the Love of My Son will make the cross of these times triumph. And those who cling to the Victorious Light of Christ shall not perish.

Today, I gather you again just as more than 2,000 years ago, when the people of Israel would listen to the prophets and follow the Scriptures.

But now your souls are the new Book for My Son in which He expects to write the new triumph of His Love, beyond all dimensions and consciousnesses, beyond all evil.

And He knows your true names. Before His Eyes, nothing is hidden.

Follow Him where He calls you to go, because this is the time of His Return.

After He returns, His Celestial Father will return. It will be more than the burning bush before Moses, more than the waters that split so that His sacred people may be liberated from captivity, more than the very transubstantiation of the Body and Blood of Christ.

I will come with the Power and Love of the Heavens, more than all praises and songs of the angels, more than the very Presence of the Brotherhood.

My Love, at that hour, will multiply more than the bread and the fish, more than the healing experienced by the paralytic and the blind, more than the very resurrection itself of Lazarus and the dead.

My Love will re-establish the Laws on Earth. More than all elements, I will gather all the Kingdoms. More than at the very Cenacle of the Pentecost, the languages will become one, understanding will bring wisdom and Divine Justice will re-build the Earth, from North to South, and from East to West.

And at that moment, the Cross of the New Humanity will be made manifest. The synthesis will spiritually be completed, and the last veils will fall from your eyes so that you may see Who I Am.

My Love continues to be unknown, but after the Return of My Son, all will be consummated, as it was on the Cross. And the law of suffering will no longer exist, souls will no longer know their pains and guilt, but they will rather be allowed to know the happiness of the Kingdom of the Heavens, which the angels will show them.

At that hour, the new human being, the new consciousness will re-emerge, because they will no longer be united to the spiritual debt, but rather to the gift of the Heavens.

Build this event with hope. Do not seek it, wait for it, for it will come.

Once again, the hour of My Son draws near. Therefore, it is time to pray with mercy and piety.

Let war and division no longer exist between beings.

Let no one evermore foster the culture of discarding and indifference, not even with the very brother by their side.

Be worthy of the gifts from Heaven, for Heaven and Earth shall pass, but My Message will remain alive in those who trust in Me.

My Heart is full of Graces for all. My Arms are open for those who want to feel My consolation.

In silence, I hear your confession.

Let there not be fear, but rather faith.

Let there not be grief, but rather hope.

Let there not be suffering, but rather liberation.

Let there not be evil, but rather love.

This is My Message for those who will experience the next meetings with My Son, as a unique opportunity to be before the Portal of My Mercy, which shows like the Water and the Blood of Christ.

The One Who rejoices and blesses you and the world for this meeting,


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the face of tiredness, I will strengthen you.

In the face of despair, I will support you.

In the face of darkness, I will always be the Light.

Before sincere surrender, I will rejoice.

In silence, I will make Myself felt.

In love, you will see Me made manifest.

Beneath those pure in heart will be the sacred soil of My Kingdom.

Upon the merciful will be the dome of My Celestial Church.

From the persevering, I will make infinite impulses spring.

From those who never become tired, My Fire of overcoming and transcendence will emerge.

My Hand will always be upon the just.

My Breath of the Spirit will guide the boat of your souls, and I will always show you the way out in the face of what seems to be a stormy sea.

From those who are surrendered, I will make the Inexhaustible Source of My Love emerge.

My Peace will embrace the simple.

Like the stars, Light will guide the path of the consecrated.

My Priesthood will be protecting those who sincerely said ‘yes’ to My Son, despite the battles.

I will never stop, regardless of what may happen in My Creation, because My Love is inexhaustible, My Mercy wishes to be the door to the redemption of all My Children.

Time and again, I renew Myself in those who are adoring Me through My Son at the altar, for in this way I will show My Victory in those who walk by My side.

Child, you can rest peacefully today, because if you seek Me, you will find Me, because if you call Me, I will always be there. Because if you trust in Me, you must fear nothing.

I made you free so that you might grow in Me. I made you pure so that you might be a testimony of My Presence.

Rest in My Arms.

Keep taking steps in mature love.

My Son is your only school.

Your Celestial Mother will embrace you with Her Mantle.

You receive a sacrament whenever you listen to Me.

You are healed whenever you are in communion with Me.

In this way, you are strengthened to learn how to be humble.

Move forward, I Am here with you.

I Am that I Am.

I Am Adonai.



When your heart is afflicted by all that you see and all that you live, it is a sign that you are losing your trust in Me.

But listen: I would never condemn you for your errors or for your faults, I would only show you, as many times as necessary, that you are losing sight of Me, and that, for different reasons, you are distancing yourself from My Hand.

Tell the world that I Am Merciful and that I do not measure Justice with a ruler.

Tell everyone that I have the Heart of a Father who feels and lives with sorrow all that His Children of the Earth choose and do.

Eternally, I have My Arms extended to the world and today, few, very very few, can perceive that.

My Love continues on as a mystery because souls choose other loves. But, in truth, I say to all that I Am simple, that My Love is deep, because without Love, I could not Be your Creator, That One who contemplates life from the Infinite.

For this reason, tell everyone that I wait for them, that I understand them, that I know how difficult the spiritual battle of these times is. But also tell My Children that I have hundreds of angelic armies for each one of you.

I have so much to give you, that you would never be able to measure or understand it. My Love and My Providence are not a standard, they are not a condition. My Love for you is an immeasurable self-giving.

Tell all that I feel them closely, and, even more, I feel all when they lose My Gaze, the Gaze of a Father who knows you from within, a Gaze that does not judge nor punish.

The punishment that the planet is living is generated by yourselves, My Children of all of humanity.

In My Kingdom lie the treasures and the happiness that I promised to you from the beginning, but souls, many times, do not recognize Me through all the signs that I give them.

Today, you are before a civilization that is spiritually and physically sick, a slave to vices, the pleasures and the ambition of wanting to possess and extract the resources of Creation.

I did not give you the planet for you to contaminate it, and to be indifferent while you contaminate and hurt the very Kingdoms that are at the service of spiritual balance. Not even the water itself that you drink from the entrails of the Earth is pure.

I know that the mind of the majority of My Children is focusing on survival. But I assure you that the solution exists, the resources from Heaven and from the universe exist for you to regenerate, both inside and out.

What are you waiting for?

Do you think it will come from Heaven?

No, it will not come, My Children. The solution is within yourselves. You have all the tools and means to do so.

You have learned to conquer, you have learned to destroy one another, you have learned, through the harassment of My son, the angry angel, to take your own life.

Throughout the times, many have wondered if the inconvenience or the inflection of Creation took place in the rebellion of the fallen angel, and I say to you: “Yes, it did,” because it was at that moment when what is known as the learning of all Creation truly began.

That was the great moment, and it continues to be so, up to today, when compassion and infinite patience were tested, beyond all errors committed, from that moment up to today.

“However,” you might ask Me, “Father, was there an error in Your Divine Project?”

No, there was not. What did occur was a feared disobedience to the Higher Laws, and this has been so since those times.

When your life is disoriented, even in what seems to be the path of spirituality, you must stop, confess that you cannot go on any further by yourself. From this sincere act, all may be reversed, the Light may be found in the depths of the abyss.

Now, when a consciousness makes a mistake, or stumbles on the same error, it is not healthy to live in guilt, because no results will be achieved. To feel guilt is to fail to recognize oneself as a Son or Daughter of God.

The healing of this situation lies in trust and in faith, which are impulses that transform all and redeem all.

The world is now in this guilt and in this self-punishment

For this reason, I ask you to make the correct effort so that many more may abandon this vicious circle of guilt and of feeling like a victim.

Be intelligent and embrace the cross with gratitude. Because, when there is no gratitude, the personal cross becomes very heavy, when there is complaint, there is no spiritual liberation.

Come out of this state and you will help the ingrained world indifference no longer be the cause of so many evils and uncertain situations.

This is the so awaited end of times. There is no other time in which you can live. Accept it.

My Son, the Redeemer of the world, promised you the Great Consoling Spirit. Here it is, I Am that I Am.

I Am this Infinite and Immeasurable Spirit that loves you and illuminates you in the current planetary dark night.

Do not allow yourselves to be pushed around by whatever you live that is uncertain. Nothing will prevail over My Love, because My Love comes to heal you, it comes to make you return to the House of your Eternal Father.

May you today feel your heavy chains of sin dissolve so that original sin may be liberated from humanity.

May you today feel your heavy ties dissolve so that the world may finally be liberated from duality.

Because My Beloved Son promised you His Return, and this so awaited Return is close. Believe in this.

Keep vigil and pray so that you can recognize Him.

May the Eternal Light of the Source bless you, protect you and support you.

May spiritual healing be a reality, the path to the definitive reconciliation for all of humanity with the Kingdom of the Heavens.

Today, I make a will of My Words.

I love you infinitely, more than you can conceive.

Your Eternal Father,




I Am here, not only where you can see Me and contemplate Me through Nature, all that I Have created so that you might be happy through My spiritual wealth; but I Am also within you, strongly calling you towards the innermost depths of your being so that you may listen to Me and follow Me.

I Am not a God of Justice, I Am a God of Mercy.

I Am a Father who, with a sorrowful Heart, contemplates how His Children behave, how His Creatures not only act against My Creation, but also how My Children do not respect one another and would rather wound one another by causing wars, destroying families, displacing millions of the innocent, separating parents from children, so that they may go to war.

O, what intimate and unknown pain this whole situation generates for Me, a situation that distresses My Eternal Fatherly Heart, of a Father who is no longer heard today, even while I send My favorite Messengers from Heaven and from the Stars.

Look at what My Creation has been converted into, to the point of wanting to conquer space, only to demonstrate who can do more.

My Creatures, I assure you that you will never find Me amidst wealth, you will never find Me in what is comfortable or pleasant for all. My Essence is perpetuated in silence and in Love.

I created you for you to bear fruits in Love, in service and in fraternity. Without these three essential principals, My Children will not be able to be happy because I created you to love Me, I made you grow in order to serve Me, I united you as brothers and sisters for you to live in fraternity.

And in a planet of inequalities and ambitions, My Children were led astray in darkness and vices, forgetting Me and believing, due to the deception of My adversary, that I abandoned you.

How do you believe that an Eternal Father could be capable of abandoning His Children or of punishing them?

I know that, throughout the times, many of My Children, even those who claim to be spiritualized, have lost the ability to hear Me and recognize Me. I always try to send you signs of My Presence so that you may know that I Am here, not only in the beauty that I Have created for you, but also within you, which is many times censured by your points of view or your ideas.

Thus, those who I once chose with My own Hand have distanced themselves from Me, they have believed in themselves and ceased to believe in My Consoling Love.

How do you believe the Celestial Father may feel when brothers and sisters treat one another inadequately, fiercely wounding one another, destroying the house that I gave you with so much love and care?

How do you believe that the Heart of your Eternal Father might feel when bombs are launched, lives are annihilated, Children are discarded, families are separated and hatred and impunity are sown?

How much more will My beloved Children make My silent Heart suffer?

Children, this is not the world or the humanity that I wish for you, you have lost the way to the Promised Land, for this reason, I Have, up to these days,  sent you My Resurrected Son and the Mother of all, a Mother who only asks Me to allow Her do more and more for Her little and ignorant creatures.

I ask you to tell the whole world to turn towards Me, because My Heart needs to be repaired, but My Arms are constantly open to receive you, to listen to you, to call you to the path of return to the House of your Loving Father.

If souls do not turn to Me, hearts will keep suffering, families will be the social fracture of the times, wars will keep being in the news and a source of commotion to all.

I did not create you for you to be converted into instruments of evil, I made you emerge so that you could be witnesses of My Love.

In My eternal silence, I pray for you, together with My adoring angels.

And for those who offer themselves to Me, as postulants to be victims of My Love, let them keep aspiring, every day, so that the lives of the New Christs, anonymous and selfless, may keep being the cause and reason to placate all errors of the world.

That, by the merits achieved in the countless sufferings of My Son, more consciousnesses may someday realize, by themselves, that they have forgotten the Love that created them.

Who always blesses you eternally,

Your Celestial Father,



I will come, together with My Son, through the sunset. Through My Son, I will bring the New Cycle and the emergence of the New Race.

You are a part of My Universal Matrix, you originated through My Project, through the Project of My Will.

All that I have created is for you, not for you to transgress it, not for you to conquer it, and not for you to impose upon it, but rather for you to revere it, for you to make it sacred, for you to make it blessed.

But this part of Creation, to which you belong, is what experiences the greatest transition of these times. My children, who are My creatures, have become blind, and they can no longer see Me nor perceive Me.

Therefore, I send the Messengers to all who are at My eternal service, at the service of the Father’s Plan, at the service of Creation. I have sent to Earth many angels and great Hierarchies so that throughout the times humanity would hear the Word of God and fulfill it.

But what has happened at the end of these times, for humanity to be submerged in chaos?

Since the surrender of My Son in the Garden of Gethsemane, He already knew that this time would come for all of you, for this human generation. This is why, when I speak to you about coming through the sunset, it is because this time is approaching and it is very near.

But first, you have to be in eternal communion with Me, by means of the Legacy of the Sacraments that My Son taught you with so much Love. But many of the Sacraments have suffered sacrileges, have suffered great offenses and irreverence.

It is through the good and sound apostles that My Son carries forward His Plan, so as to comply with the Plan of the Father.

It is not in great things that you will find Me, but rather in what is most small and most simple, and you, My creatures, already know that.

For this reason, I had decided, a long time ago, to be born in a small manger so that the world could understand that God does not believe He is powerful, but rather that God is humble and small, to the point of having been born in a humble place, in a humble grotto, so that the men and women of the Earth could recognize the Living God within themselves and again raise this wounded and hurt humanity.

But today, I come with the Most Holy Trinity, with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I come in this Trine Unity to tell the world that it still has some time to change and mend its errors, to repent and make penance, to become free from itself forever, to be able to find, in the near future, the arrival of My Son, the Return of the Redeemer.

From the top of this mountain, I emit this Message to the whole world, so that you may know that I am close to all, and that, in the silence of My Presence and of My Heart, I meditate upon you, I meditate upon the coming times.

Humanity has exchanged Me for the god of technologies, for the god of modernities, for the god of discarding, of indifference, of the lack of love and brotherhood.

However, I still keep My Proposal and My Purpose firm through all the Sacred Hierarchies that have evolved throughout this universe and in others, and that bring to the world an inner impulse of renewal so that, on the surface of the Earth there may exist at least a small group of consciousnesses that represents the New Brotherhood, the Brotherhood that must emerge on this material plane, so that the three planes can count on available, noble and whole servers, to carry forward the re-creation of this Creation. And this will take place through the surrender of hearts, through the service of souls, through the willingness of the spirits of this entire universe.

In this way, you will connect with Me, through a great network of inner, deep and non-transferable light. A network that unites consciousnesses, souls and also hearts which, although they may not be totally awakened, are a part of these profound nuclei of My Divine Life.

I bring you, through this Message, an opportunity of awareness, but I also bring you the Grace of Peace, because I know that you need it, because I know that many of My children are far from Me and do not want to hear Me, and they do not even want to feel Me or know Me.

I ask you not to stay with the image of the God of Justice, but rather with the Father of Mercy. A Father that has known you since the origins, since the Source, from what is most profound and eternal of Creation, from where you came so as to be able to serve Me in this world, on this planet that I offered to you, with much Love.

Now, you can see, with your own eyes, what you have converted this sacred home into, this blessed Creation, this special planet among so many planets of the universe.

Do not miss the opportunity of concretizing the Project of God and of making the necessary efforts for this to be fulfilled.

But there is only one premise for this to take place: it depends on each one of you for this to be carried forward. A few consciousnesses will not be enough to carry forward the next humanity.

I ardently wish, from the depths of My Spirit and My Heart, that many more souls, many more consciousnesses of this world may be a part of the New Race.

Although the moment you are going through is the hardest of all, it is the most obscure and even the darkest, I invite you to place your gaze, like these mountains of Mount Subasio do, upon the top of the horizon where the Light of the Sacred Sun of the Eternal Father comes, to be able to illuminate your paths, to be able to bring wisdom for your consciousnesses, to be able to lead you towards My Peace.

What I created at the beginning, since the origin of the first civilizations, was a rich and fruitful Earth, an abundant Earth, with fruits and with nature, with Lower Kingdoms and with much life, much life and much light. But, My children, the creatures of this planet have destroyed it and keep destroying it.

Thus, the consciousness of this planet, the soul of the Earth, is giving birth, but is it also screaming. And this Earth, this planet, trembles and shows its fury for all that its children have done to it on the surface. It is time to repair this situation, not only with good actions, but also with awareness, with determination.

I bring you, beloved children, the Love of the Father, the Love of the Son and the Love of the Holy Spirit.

I bring you the opportunity of following a path of obedience, humility and peace so that you can find, on this path that I am offering to you, a path of redemption and love, a path of renewal and peace, because souls follow a path of distraction, a path that leads them other ways that are not My ways, that are not the Paths of My Will.

While this keeps happening, many more souls, really many more souls, will miss the opportunity to serve Me, to know Me and even to love Me. For this reason, the sacrifice of a few represents the great effort for those who do not do so, for those who are ignorant, who are unconscious, who are distracted and who have lost the path towards My Heart.

With this Message, I bring to you, My creatures, not only a call for awareness, but also the awakening. I do not speak of something religious nor spiritual, I speak of what is most simple, even of what is most concrete, which is where the change of all humanity must take place so that the soul of the Earth, the soul of nature, does not rebel against you.

Be peace-bringers of the planet, be servants of My Word, follow the steps that I indicate for you towards My Heart, and all will be renewed and healed.

I am your Eternal Father, Adonai, Emmanuel and Abba.

Pray with Me.


Prayer: “Our Father (twice).


And, although the boat seems to sink, although the storm may be stronger than your inner strength, and although the attacks of contrary streams may want to make you succumb, do not give up, because I will give you the Gift of Strength and of Science for you to know how to act.

My Protection is upon you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Take refuge in Me. 

I am a part of your breath and of all your senses, and, even more, of all your inner senses.

Do not fear, dare to cross the oceans of My Consciousness.

You have emerged from a space that is blessed and sacred to Me, which you must aspire to remember.

Do you know this? 

Have faith, because I will always sustain you. 

You are like a little harmless bird upon My Hands. 

I caress you and comfort you with the Light of My Eternal Heart.

Awaken, child! It is time for you to open yourself internally to come to know My deepest mysteries. Do not doubt what I say, be brave and you will manage to do so.

All that I have given you was for you to make Me happy. Each part of My Creation was perfectly thought of to please you and make you feel very close to Me.

In the silence, there I am. In each Lower Kingdom of Nature, there I am. And in the elements, there I am. I ask you: seek Me and you will find Me.

I am beyond what is concrete. I am very close to you, closer than you can imagine.

Draw near to My Creation. All that you see, on this planet and throughout the whole universe, has open arms to receive you.

Be strong, but also be patient. 

Like no other, your Celestial Father knows about the moment that you and His other children are going through.

But where My Love is, there lies My Creation. 

Open your mind and imagine Me. I am something more than what has been written about Me.

My Science is Wisdom and I give this Wisdom to My creatures so that they can imagine Me.

My Love is Compassion. I give My Mercy to My creatures so that they can forgive themselves and others.

You must know that I am not far from all that this humanity and this planet live. 

I also suffer the sorrow of My creatures, but many of My children have moved away from My Love, and, as they moved away from My Love, they moved away from My Truth.

I still have my arms open, and, in silence, I wait for each one of My children so that they may be by My side, together with a Father who has always loved them, with a Love that does not change, with a Love that leads them towards the Truth. 

Today, I am emitting this Message to the inner universe of all My children, because all are My children, without distinction.

This is the time to prepare the arrival of My Beloved Successor, the Christ. 

In Him, I gave you Life. I taught you the Path and I gave you the supreme Truth of the Heart.

Children, do not let yourselves be confused by the world, look within yourselves. 

I am there because that is where My Church is. 

I am in this sacred space to hear you, I am there to attend to you, I can see you, I can feel you, I know about each one of your thoughts.

Do not be afraid, empty yourselves a little more so that My Love and My Light can govern you.

Blessed are those who suffer injustice because they will be comforted.

Blessed are those who are enslaved, exploited and exiled, because, on the final day, they will be recognized and called “blessed saints of the Father."

Those who receive My Mercy, let them rejoice, because the chains and the prisons will break, and the Light of Emmanuel will win.

May your hands always be in prayer with Me so that, beyond everything, we may be in communication, in spirit.

Come to Me, those who feel hopeless, come to Me, the oppressed and those who are tired; because I will console you and bless you with My Spirit, just as My blessed Son Jesus was blessed in the River Jordan.

May your life aspire to be a new sacrament. I offer My reconciliation to you so that you may know that I am Peace.

Walk, with your feet, aware that you follow the path of return to the House of your Father, who art in Heaven, and, within you.

Quench your thirst in My Divine Fount. 

Here is My Name, praised and exalted, so as to raise from the ruins the consciousnesses of My children.

Stay in Me, because I listen to your words.

Your Celestial Father, 




I have no limits for being close to you nor do I find impediments to find you. I am capable of being close and in any place. Nothing separates Me from you and you never separate from Me. It is only when you distance yourself from My Love that you feel a great emptiness or a constant loneliness.

I come from the Nonmaterial Source to communicate with you and with each inner being that believes in Me and trusts in Me.

I am always at your side. I know your mysteries. I see your realities, which to most are unknown, but in My Eyes, you are the same and like your brothers and sisters. Yes, all human beings, My children, are brothers and sisters. All are part of the same Father and the same Mother. I have never thought of creating you different from one another. All are the same within, and this will not change.

I created the Universe and everything that exists in it so that My children would make Me happy and would be happy with Me because I love you, I love you so much, more than everything that exists.

There is no greater love than that which My children can give Me. Therefore, each time you recognize Me as your Celestial Father, My love for you grows more and more. It has no end nor any dimension. It is with this same Love and for this same Love that I created you in the image and likeness of My Spirit so that My Spirit could be in each one of you and you could be in Me.

But throughout the times, My children, you distanced yourselves from My Love, from the true Love that gives you life, from the Love that nourishes you and gives you the spiritual, mental and physical reason for being here, on this beloved and suffering planet that I gave to you so that you would learn to grow and to be the consciousness of this planet. I gave you absolutely everything that I have, everything that I Am and everything that I was. I have never said "no" to you. I have always given you a "yes" so that you could grow in love and in wisdom.

But from the beginning you disobeyed Me, and throughout the times you lost the way to Me  until you distanced yourselves, and you distanced so much from Me that you could no longer hear Me nor feel Me within. But I always have forgiven you and I sent you My loving help because I knew that you were not aware of what you were doing.

Therefore, as a good Father, who never abandons His children, I decided to give you more help. I then sent My Messengers to Earth so that you would hear, feel and recognize Me again within you. There was not even a second in which I would cease to think about you, children, because if you are a part of Me, it is as if a part of Me died through a lack of the light of the sun.

For this reason, I decided to incarnate in this world as the poorest Child among the poor, in the most acute time of the planet and in the humblest place of all, so that you, My children, could find My Light again and each one, throughout the times, would again be My Light in the world.

In spite of the duality that will have to be defeated and the evil that will have to be expelled and dissolved by the strength of Love, I also gave you the best and the humblest Mother among all mothers so that, through Her, you would remember your filiation with Me.

Today the world does not hear God because the attention of humankind upon modernities and communications has become their god. Souls no longer speak with Me. They do not seek Me. I have so many children, but only a minority remember Me. I call upon a sleeping humanity because today is the time of awakening.

I Am the One that loves you. I Am the One that has no religion and that is named by more than seventy-two sacred names.

No longer suffer. No longer punish the planet. No longer extinguish, My children, the lower Kingdoms that I have given to you with so much love. Reconcile with one another. Live love, and peace will be achieved. No longer have hatred. No longer sow evil. Be a single family. Be the New Jerusalem. Abandon vices. Listen to the voice of your hearts. Listen to the call of your souls. Have faith.

 Everything you experience, you created and generated, My children. But I have so much Love to give you, so much joy to bring to you, that My Heart is full and is as vast as the oceans.

Learn to serve. Learn to respect and recognize one another. Live the values and the attributes that I have taught you and you will feel universal peace. Return to Me, beloved children; reconsider, undertake your dreams based on My infinite Presence in your lives. Be generous, compassionate; be more love, more kindness and more service, and the world will no longer suffer. Listen to My Words. Be the example of life that I so hope for.

I will not abandon you and no one will take away the union that you may have with Me. I ask you to forgive one another, to no longer live in selfishness. Help humanity to awaken through your transformation and through the sanctity of your lives.

Pray, and you will receive all that you need. I Am That I Am.

I thank you for letting Me be a part of you forever.

Do not fear the end of times, because this is the final time of all the deviation of the world. My beloved Son will return, and break the bread, His Divine Body, before you. And you, My children, will be able to commune of Me, and I, as your Father, will feel happy as a Father who expects his children to grow in love and in generosity.

I always listen to you, and I have you all in My Heart.

I Am your only Truth and Reason. I Am your Divine Creator.

Your Supreme Father, Adonai.


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Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more