Messages of the Eternal Father


Take refuge in Me. 

I am a part of your breath and of all your senses, and, even more, of all your inner senses.

Do not fear, dare to cross the oceans of My Consciousness.

You have emerged from a space that is blessed and sacred to Me, which you must aspire to remember.

Do you know this? 

Have faith, because I will always sustain you. 

You are like a little harmless bird upon My Hands. 

I caress you and comfort you with the Light of My Eternal Heart.

Awaken, child! It is time for you to open yourself internally to come to know My deepest mysteries. Do not doubt what I say, be brave and you will manage to do so.

All that I have given you was for you to make Me happy. Each part of My Creation was perfectly thought of to please you and make you feel very close to Me.

In the silence, there I am. In each Lower Kingdom of Nature, there I am. And in the elements, there I am. I ask you: seek Me and you will find Me.

I am beyond what is concrete. I am very close to you, closer than you can imagine.

Draw near to My Creation. All that you see, on this planet and throughout the whole universe, has open arms to receive you.

Be strong, but also be patient. 

Like no other, your Celestial Father knows about the moment that you and His other children are going through.

But where My Love is, there lies My Creation. 

Open your mind and imagine Me. I am something more than what has been written about Me.

My Science is Wisdom and I give this Wisdom to My creatures so that they can imagine Me.

My Love is Compassion. I give My Mercy to My creatures so that they can forgive themselves and others.

You must know that I am not far from all that this humanity and this planet live. 

I also suffer the sorrow of My creatures, but many of My children have moved away from My Love, and, as they moved away from My Love, they moved away from My Truth.

I still have my arms open, and, in silence, I wait for each one of My children so that they may be by My side, together with a Father who has always loved them, with a Love that does not change, with a Love that leads them towards the Truth. 

Today, I am emitting this Message to the inner universe of all My children, because all are My children, without distinction.

This is the time to prepare the arrival of My Beloved Successor, the Christ. 

In Him, I gave you Life. I taught you the Path and I gave you the supreme Truth of the Heart.

Children, do not let yourselves be confused by the world, look within yourselves. 

I am there because that is where My Church is. 

I am in this sacred space to hear you, I am there to attend to you, I can see you, I can feel you, I know about each one of your thoughts.

Do not be afraid, empty yourselves a little more so that My Love and My Light can govern you.

Blessed are those who suffer injustice because they will be comforted.

Blessed are those who are enslaved, exploited and exiled, because, on the final day, they will be recognized and called “blessed saints of the Father."

Those who receive My Mercy, let them rejoice, because the chains and the prisons will break, and the Light of Emmanuel will win.

May your hands always be in prayer with Me so that, beyond everything, we may be in communication, in spirit.

Come to Me, those who feel hopeless, come to Me, the oppressed and those who are tired; because I will console you and bless you with My Spirit, just as My blessed Son Jesus was blessed in the River Jordan.

May your life aspire to be a new sacrament. I offer My reconciliation to you so that you may know that I am Peace.

Walk, with your feet, aware that you follow the path of return to the House of your Father, who art in Heaven, and, within you.

Quench your thirst in My Divine Fount. 

Here is My Name, praised and exalted, so as to raise from the ruins the consciousnesses of My children.

Stay in Me, because I listen to your words.

Your Celestial Father, 


Special Messages


I have no limits for being close to you nor do I find impediments to find you. I am capable of being close and in any place. Nothing separates Me from you and you never separate from Me. It is only when you distance yourself from My Love that you feel a great emptiness or a constant loneliness.

I come from the Nonmaterial Source to communicate with you and with each inner being that believes in Me and trusts in Me.

I am always at your side. I know your mysteries. I see your realities, which to most are unknown, but in My Eyes, you are the same and like your brothers and sisters. Yes, all human beings, My children, are brothers and sisters. All are part of the same Father and the same Mother. I have never thought of creating you different from one another. All are the same within, and this will not change.

I created the Universe and everything that exists in it so that My children would make Me happy and would be happy with Me because I love you, I love you so much, more than everything that exists.

There is no greater love than that which My children can give Me. Therefore, each time you recognize Me as your Celestial Father, My love for you grows more and more. It has no end nor any dimension. It is with this same Love and for this same Love that I created you in the image and likeness of My Spirit so that My Spirit could be in each one of you and you could be in Me.

But throughout the times, My children, you distanced yourselves from My Love, from the true Love that gives you life, from the Love that nourishes you and gives you the spiritual, mental and physical reason for being here, on this beloved and suffering planet that I gave to you so that you would learn to grow and to be the consciousness of this planet. I gave you absolutely everything that I have, everything that I Am and everything that I was. I have never said "no" to you. I have always given you a "yes" so that you could grow in love and in wisdom.

But from the beginning you disobeyed Me, and throughout the times you lost the way to Me  until you distanced yourselves, and you distanced so much from Me that you could no longer hear Me nor feel Me within. But I always have forgiven you and I sent you My loving help because I knew that you were not aware of what you were doing.

Therefore, as a good Father, who never abandons His children, I decided to give you more help. I then sent My Messengers to Earth so that you would hear, feel and recognize Me again within you. There was not even a second in which I would cease to think about you, children, because if you are a part of Me, it is as if a part of Me died through a lack of the light of the sun.

For this reason, I decided to incarnate in this world as the poorest Child among the poor, in the most acute time of the planet and in the humblest place of all, so that you, My children, could find My Light again and each one, throughout the times, would again be My Light in the world.

In spite of the duality that will have to be defeated and the evil that will have to be expelled and dissolved by the strength of Love, I also gave you the best and the humblest Mother among all mothers so that, through Her, you would remember your filiation with Me.

Today the world does not hear God because the attention of humankind upon modernities and communications has become their god. Souls no longer speak with Me. They do not seek Me. I have so many children, but only a minority remember Me. I call upon a sleeping humanity because today is the time of awakening.

I Am the One that loves you. I Am the One that has no religion and that is named by more than seventy-two sacred names.

No longer suffer. No longer punish the planet. No longer extinguish, My children, the lower Kingdoms that I have given to you with so much love. Reconcile with one another. Live love, and peace will be achieved. No longer have hatred. No longer sow evil. Be a single family. Be the New Jerusalem. Abandon vices. Listen to the voice of your hearts. Listen to the call of your souls. Have faith.

 Everything you experience, you created and generated, My children. But I have so much Love to give you, so much joy to bring to you, that My Heart is full and is as vast as the oceans.

Learn to serve. Learn to respect and recognize one another. Live the values and the attributes that I have taught you and you will feel universal peace. Return to Me, beloved children; reconsider, undertake your dreams based on My infinite Presence in your lives. Be generous, compassionate; be more love, more kindness and more service, and the world will no longer suffer. Listen to My Words. Be the example of life that I so hope for.

I will not abandon you and no one will take away the union that you may have with Me. I ask you to forgive one another, to no longer live in selfishness. Help humanity to awaken through your transformation and through the sanctity of your lives.

Pray, and you will receive all that you need. I Am That I Am.

I thank you for letting Me be a part of you forever.

Do not fear the end of times, because this is the final time of all the deviation of the world. My beloved Son will return, and break the bread, His Divine Body, before you. And you, My children, will be able to commune of Me, and I, as your Father, will feel happy as a Father who expects his children to grow in love and in generosity.

I always listen to you, and I have you all in My Heart.

I Am your only Truth and Reason. I Am your Divine Creator.

Your Supreme Father, Adonai.


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