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In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Concentrate your heart on My Chaste Heart, unite your mind to My Mind, your consciousness to My Consciousness, so that I may show you that which you still cannot see.

Concentrate your heart on the Reliquary of My Heart, there where a history is kept that is not only Mine, but also of all of humanity.

Concentrate your heart on My Chaste Heart so that the divine mysteries that also dwell within you may be revealed.

When I ask you, child, to contemplate the Reliquary of My Heart, I am not asking for adoration. I am just asking for you to enter into quietude and that, as you contemplate My Consciousness, I may place you before a mirror so that you may understand what the human consciousness is, what its purpose is and where you must walk.

When I ask you to contemplate the Reliquary of My Heart, it is for you to give yourselves a time of silence, to put aside the distractions of the world and observe yourselves, feel your own inner world, rather than constantly escaping that which you must transform.

When I ask you to contemplate the Reliquary of My Heart, it is so that you may understand the beauty of transformation of the human consciousness, so that you may not fear this transformation, you may not put it aside, thinking that the transcendence of the human condition is something unattainable.

You still are in a time of duality, you still are in a time when you will live experiences of union with God and, at the same time, you will experience your deepest miseries. You are still in a time when you will experience a deep love for your neighbors, and at the same time, a profound rejection of their miseries. You are in a time when you will aspire to live in unity with your entire heart and, even so, many times you will perceive that you are disuniting.

This is so, children, not so that you may remain in duality, but rather so that, by experiencing unity with the Divine and also the human condition, you may always be before the choice you must make of the path you will follow.

In this time of definitions, everything will be available, and will be available with great intensity. The superficialities will overflow from the world and will scream out before the consciousnesses so that they may stay there, bound to appearance, ignorance, bound to pride and vanity, bound to matter, believing that life begins and ends in what you can touch, feel and see.

At the same time, children, an unknown mystery will also be available, such as the intensity of the Presence of the Sacred Hearts, such as the Spiritual and Cosmic Hierarchies, which come to meet you to expand the human consciousness and thus teach you the path of return to the Heart of God.

But you must not only return. You must return with something within you: the gifts and talents that the Creator gave you for them to be multiplied in your experience of the different dimensions of life.

When God sent you to life, He deposited within you, latent within your essences, a potential to love, to serve, to transcend the laws of suffering and sacrifice, and to transcend yourselves to renew and multiply this Love. These are the talents that dwell within you, talents that are expressed through the Lineages, but above all through life itself.

You may have all the knowledge of the universe, but if this knowledge is not alive within you, it will be of no use.

You may be knowledgeable of all mysteries, but if these mysteries are enclosed in your human mind and do not expand your consciousnesses, they will be useless, because you will not use them as a tool to broaden your consciousness and return to God; you will use them, children, as something that makes you even smaller, that binds you even more to the human condition.

Knowledge without expansion becomes a limited prison. Therefore, you must use the correct tools in the correct way. All that comes out of your mouths, all that enters your consciousnesses, must first of all transform your beings, so that it may reach your neighbor, not only as words, but also as examples.

I have said this to you many times, and I tell you this again today, so that you may not forget that in this time everything is available, both miseries and the virtues, both superficialities and the celestial and universal mysteries, and everything must be used to transform your consciousness.

May the miseries help you to always remain in the gift of humility.

May the superficiality help you to understand where you must not be, what does not belong to you and what must be transcended within you so that it may be transcended in the human consciousness.

The superficiality of humanity does not exist, children, for you to see it and point your fingers at it, for you to judge it and unknowingly remain within the very same superficiality. All that which your eyes see that does not correspond to your path must be transformed within you as a service to the human consciousness.

Humanity stays at the same point, despite all that is given to it. How many secrets have been unveiled? How much knowledge has been transmitted to you? How many Rays have descended from the universe upon the human consciousness? How many instructors have passed the Earth?

The very Son of God touched this sacred planet with His Feet to demonstrate to all of Creation that it is sacred. Then why does humanity still remain at the same point? Have you ever wondered, children?

Have you asked yourselves where the knowledge you have received is held? Have you wondered what happens to your consciousnesses when you receive a new mystery, a new revelation? What is your aspiration regarding knowledge?

Ask yourselves, children, where you want to go. And I am not speaking to you about physical or material transformations, I am not speaking to you about changing places. I am speaking to you about changing the point where you are within yourselves, in a space of your beings that the Creator alone knows, there where no one sees. And when no one sees it, what is your purpose?

Life is not and has never been only one, but this incarnation of yours, this experience, in this time upon the Earth, is definitive. Therefore, you must walk upon it and through it, as if it were the last, the last opportunity to multiply the talents and offer them to your Lord.

Enough with repetitions, enough with falling into the same miseries and justifying yourselves, with seeking the miseries of others as a way to feel better. Enough with pointing to the defects of the world as a way for you to feel more spiritual.

It is time, children, for the expansion of consciousness, the expansion of your beings, for setting an example with your own life and no longer with words, for setting an example through silence, the steady decision to be that which you already know so that, in this constant aspiration, you may dive into ever broader mysteries, you may reach ever deeper dimensions, so that also God may expand ever more within yourselves.

This is why I ask you to contemplate the Reliquary of My Heart, so that you may sit in silence and observe yourselves, so that you may ask yourselves:

Where do I want to go?

What is the purpose of my life?

What kind of human being do I want to be?

What kind of life do I want to experience?

What do I want for my neighbor?

What do I want to be for God?

What do I want to be for Christ?

Write down these questions and answer them for yourselves, making a profound analysis of your own consciousness, because your definition does not depend on anyone, but rather only on yourselves. It does not depend on the planet, it does not depend on the planetary transition, it does not depend on the agitation of nature and neither does it depend on the Return of Christ.

Will you wait for the Lord to return and only then think of giving Him what He deserves?

Will you be just one more amidst the human multitude, seeking Redemption and Mercy, or will you be companions of Christ, willing to walk with Him upon this world and transform and rebuild the Earth, side by side with His Sacred Heart?

You must meditate on these things, you must reflect upon the knowledge that has been given to you, you must seek in each sentence what you can now live and what can cease to live, because it no longer corresponds to you.

When you receive some knowledge or the revelation of some mystery, do not allow it to pass, but seek expansion, that which you can begin to live and experience after what has been revealed to you.

When this Light-Community was founded, there was a consciousness here that would not allow, not even one word of knowledge to pass without him seeking what he should experience from all of it. This is why he was able to found and maintain, with his own example, all the life that was carried out here. And now, children, when the Lord asks you to resume the principles and bases of this Light-Community, do not just seek material transformations, do not seek to clean the house the way you used to clean in the past.

Seek within you that which you are lacking so that knowledge may be alive, what you are lacking so as to live expansion. Seek examples of that which you must live so that it may not be empty, because a clean house, a harmonious nature and consciousnesses living together, you may find anywhere on this planet. But human beings who seek their purpose and strive every day to live it, is something, children, that still does not exist in humanity the way it should exist.

It is time to sit before the mirror of your own heart and define yourselves, each one of you before God and before the perfect Thought that He has for your lives.

It is time to sit before the mirror of your own heart, contemplate the Divine Thought and choose if you will live this Thought or if you will stay in human superficiality. And do not deceive yourselves, because it is something that must be done not only once, but rather every day. At each instant of life you will be placed before the possibility of choosing and you must choose in the correct way, the correct word, the correct action, correct thought, correct intention, correct gaze, correct emanation.

Are you willing to live this? Then walk toward this purpose, children, because all has been said to you.

See the agony of the world, the agony of souls, the human madness, and do not remain there. Be, each one of you, what you expect to find in humanity, what you demand from your fellow beings and what you wait for to happen in them, without asking what is happening within yourselves.

The way to serve a planet that agonizes is to live an ever deeper union with God and His Laws.

The way to serve a humanity that agonizes is to expand your own consciousness and be that which you already know, so that more and more you may remove your feet from the world and that which happens in it, so that you may help humanity in its self-elevation, in the transcendence of the human condition.

You have My blessing for this.

Let those who aspire to be consecrated as Children and Friends of Saint Joseph come to this altar .

Remain concentrated on My Heart.

Bring incense and water to bless.

God never asks you for something, children, that you cannot fulfill or live. For this reason, so that you may live all that which I told you, I bring you the blessing from the Heavens, the Breath of the Spirit of God, so that you may renew your consecration, your vows of transformation and the strength of your souls, for you to transcend the human limitations and, just as you can, each one at their own time, each one at their own pace, you may live the Divine Purpose, the Thought that God has for each one of you.

Do not seek what God has for others. Seek what God has for you, which is unique, perfect and which, as a piece of a universal puzzle, the Creator needs from your consciousnesses so that His Plan may be complete.

Therefore, on this day of Pentecost, when the Spirit of God accompanies the thought of humanity to renew His Presence in the hearts that open up and say ‘yes’ to Him, with this Holy Presence, with this Divine Breath, I bless you and consecrate you, I place you in My arms, close to My Heart, so as to always intercede for your souls.

When you ask Me for help, I will be your father and friend, the one you can count on, who will always be attentive to your supplications and who, together with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, will lead you by the hand to an encounter with Christ.

May this water cleanse you and purify you.

May this incense liberate you and transform you.

May Divine Grace permeate you and perpetuate in your souls the commitment to the Purpose of God.

Sister Lucía de Jesús:

Let us sing “Father of Souls,” receiving this blessing from Saint Joseph, renewing our consecration.

I bless you and consecrate you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you for being here and for saying ‘yes’ to the Divine Call and to the cry of your souls.

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In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Feel the caress of the elements of God’s Nature. How at this moment, through My Divine Presence and My Maternal Love, the whole Earth is filled with the Love and Tenderness of God. Feel, in this place, how this happens, how the elements of nature respond to the Mother of the World.

Do you know that you are a part of this, that God’s nature is in you, My children, just as the Father is manifested in all that was created? It is the power and strength of the elements of nature, in its harmony, beauty and simplicity, that transmutes the darkest situations of the planet.


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