Friday, August 26 of 2016

Weekly Messages

To transform the human condition, it is necessary to know it profoundly.

Since its creation, children, since you arrived on Earth with veils covering your eyes, your consciousnesses, humanity got used to live one illusion after the other, and not only ignored its past and future, but also believed to be something it was not.

Because of the present planetary situation of chaos and perdition, not finding a meaning for their own lives, many search for the truth, and the unbridled thirst makes them drink of the water from any fountain that may show up as if it were the purest and most crystalline of all.

You must take care, children, of the water you drink, of the knowledge you search for, because all waters can satiate the thirst of who was dry in spirit, but if you continue drinking of water contaminated by the power and human vanity, you might end up dying in spirit, diagnosed by ignorance, when you believed having found the truth.

Drink of the water that God sends you through His Messengers and trust that it has all you need. The once who drinks of two fountains – sinning by the desire for power and possession of new knowledge – might drown in their anxiety.

Drink of the water that washes, transforms and purifies you and not of the water that makes you greater and brings vanity to your souls, confusing them.

True knowledge nourishes the consciousness and matures the spirit and not the personality. I also tell you that often an instruction will come from God that you will understand with the soul, not with the mind. Even so, even if it is incomprehensible to you at this moment, it will transform you and lead you to new steps, in which one day you will be able to understand what has gotten you there.

Drink from the fountain of love, of sacrifice, of service, of prayer. In it you will find all sciences.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, August 20 of 2016

Daily Messages


All is fulfilled when the heart is humble before God and the neighbor.

All is fulfilled when the consciousness comprehends the importance of each Kingdom of Nature and of each living essence in the manifestation of the Plan of God.

All is fulfilled when faith transcends appearances. All is fulfilled when love overcomes individuality and selfishness, and beings understand and live the principle of unity.

All is fulfilled when the mind becomes silent and gives space to the voice of the heart.

All is fulfilled when ignorance yields its place to the truth, and doubts are dispelled in face of the expression of the light.

All is fulfilled when the search for happiness gives space to the encounter with the true joy of fulfilling the Divine Will.

All is fulfilled when matter surrenders and, giving up its apparent limitations, discovers Infinity within itself.

All is fulfilled when transformation reaches the consciousness, and the spirit finds itself ready to remember its origin.

All is fulfilled when beings learn to forgive, and this forgiveness opens the doors to planetary redemption.

All is fulfilled when peace triumphs within beings and the peacemakers establish it on the sacred land of the Earth.

All is fulfilled when prayer becomes the only language, the only form of expression of the human word, eradicating from their mouths and consciousnesses every criticism, every judgment, and every separateness. 

All is fulfilled when human beings listen to the Voice of God and respond to His Call.

All is fulfilled when hearts recognize they are gardeners of the new life in this world and, with virtues and divine Laws, they prepare the fertile soil of the Earth.

Children, all will be fulfilled when you read My words and experience them. You will one day be able to look at yourselves and understand that the living book which, at the request of God, I wrote in the human consciousness is to be found there.

Your father and companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, August 19 of 2016


Come to My altar.

Feel the simplicity of the Sacred Family in this place, just like in past times.

Nothing that you experience today is new for your consciousnesses. Many of you were gathered together around the Sacred Hearts, in a simple life, although full of great mysteries. You used to know us in Nazareth and walked with us on pilgrimage to Jerusalem to praise God and offer Him your own life and all of eternity. You did not know that eternity would not be Paradise, but that you would return so many times to the world to fulfill the promise you made to the Creator, until today when we were able to meet again to finalize this mission that began so long ago.

Humanity gradually transformed over the years, the centuries. A part of it drew closer to the Truth; another completely embraced the illusions of this world.

You embraced illusion many times, but in the depths of your consciousnesses, you knew that the Truth awaited you, because a commitment to God is not undone even with the worst experience on Earth. Those who one day offered their life to the Creator will always have their lives in the Hands of God. That connection with the Father, in spite of being forgotten so many times, is never undone. You needed to experience the things of the world to know the things of Heaven, that is why it was part of the human experience.

Now, children, the moment has come, as it did in Jerusalem, for renewing your commitments to the Father, of knowing universal Laws, of remembering the origin, of again seeing Divine Will rather than your own as the priority.

The peoples of Jerusalem had many defects and many difficulties; however, they had a unique virtue, which was faith, absolute faith; the certainty that one day, this so imperfect planet would be the sacred soil of a land consecrated to the divine Plans. Even today, many wait for this aspiration to be concretized, that this long awaited new Jerusalem will emerge.

In truth I tell you that the divine principles have for a long time already been residing on Earth, within it, at its higher levels. In the same way, these divine principles already live in you, within you, at your higher levels. Something exists, between the depths of each being and higher life, that must serve as a bridge to unite the dimensions, unite the levels of consciousness into a single consciousness. It is this part of your beings and this part of life on Earth that must learn to live in unity. Little by little, you gradually recognize the principle of unity in your lives. Little by little, it manifests, expresses, and unites you again, in essence, with the Creator of all things.

As I have already said, you must build this union with divine Life in the little details, because it will not be magic that will cause you to discover your likeness with God, that with a breath will dissolve your defects and your imperfections and will make you in likeness to the Father. You came to this world so that, through permanent striving, you would be able to return to the origin. The great school of Earth is in this mystery that, through the small things, you are able to discover the great ones.

Many of you, children, are already discovering that truth and know you can have great works recognized by everyone, but be imperfect in your human consciousnesses. You know that if you do not heal those small details in yourselves, you can pretend (appear) to be many things, but will not reach the divine goal. For this reason, many are striving to transcend what they appear to be and become it for real.

These are the results of My words within you. This year has gone by fast and many feel they did not take any steps, but the fact of recognizing your imperfections already means, children, that a little humility is alive in you. The fact of recognizing the need that My Chaste Heart should continue to accompany you is already a real signal to the Father that you are a little closer to unveiling His Mysteries.

Today, I make you transparent before God and before yourselves. Let that inner synthesis take place, so that you may feel all that you still must transform, but that you may also feel all the potential that exists for you to continue forward. Let Me show your heart the real state of the human consciousness and also the real goal for humanity.

In this way, little by little, you will know the truth in all its aspects. To know the truth is not to contemplate your own miseries nor to ignore them because you know they are part of a higher being. To recognize the truth is to observe everything, from the most unconscious to the higher, and in this way, be able to take more concrete, more mature steps.

My words are different from those of Mary and  Jesus, because My Heart was as human as yours. My great mission was to transcend this humanity and discover the likeness with God. Christ was the Son of the Living God, Who walked among humankind. Mary was the most pure womb of Creation, that gestates all the essences and came to the Earth so that, through Her Purity, the Son of God could reach the world. And My Chaste Heart, in spite of having been prepared by the Creator, had to defeat its humanity in the smallest details. That is why I come today to teach you to do it.

I speak about humility and about simplicity so much because this was My school for reaching God, a school that you must attend to be able to take your own steps.

Today I confess to you that, before the Father, I asked permission to remain among humankind, because during this year, in which I came to the world for the first time every day, I recognized humanity once again; I remembered all that I saw as a man on Earth and how I needed the Presence of God to be able to reach Him. I know that these times are much more difficult than the time in which I lived. This is the reason, children, why I made this request to God.

I will ask that, with My words, you write a new book, which will be the story of the life of Saint Joseph. I will tell this story every day in the coming year, but you will only know it when I have finished it. It is in this way that, publicly, you will know My messages every Friday and, every day, I will tell a story that you must wait for, but that will be gradually built within each one of you, in the silence of your hearts. When that story has been written, it will be the story of the human heart that was written again, so that you could experience this synthesis in  the end of times and that in a simple way, you achieve that absolute transformation.

With the Most Holy Mary, I learned to intercede for the world, observing Her permanent prayers, Her Rosary that never ceased to move through Her fingers. I learned to love the human heart and to ardently aspire to one day achieve the likeness with God.

Just like Me, children, also learn with your Most Holy Mother; learn from this love, this unconditionality, this permanent service to the human heart, to the planet and all the Kingdoms of Nature.

I hope that in the coming cycle, during the following year, which will be the last awakening of humanity, you are all able to carry out your mission.

May the silence of Mary and Her divine humility also teach you many things.

Bring now the bread and the wine so that I may consecrate them through the priestly authority granted Me by the Lord.  That, together with Mary, we may be able to make of this bread the Living Body of Christ and, of this wine, His Precious Blood that, running through your veins, may change the human condition and draw you closer to the Heart of Christ.

Now sing and give thanks to God for having granted His servant this new opportunity to accompany humankind.

I unite My heart with the Heart of Christ, Who will always be My Master and King, as He is for all of you. In this perfect and absolute union, may it be Him, like in past times, Who consecrates these elements and changes them into His Body and His Blood.

I want you to understand that the more Graces you receive from the Heavens, the greater is your responsibility for the Plans of God. Thus, do not only smile at Me when I tell you that I will remain in the world, and that once a week, you will be able to listen to My Words, because this means, children, that I will tell you other things you must experience.

With the Most Holy Mary, I bless you. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Continue in peace and in profound joy. I thank you.

Thursday, August 18 of 2016

Daily Messages

The path to the New Humanity should not be long, in spite of being very laborious for the current human consciousness.

Looking at human beings of today, many ask themselves: “Where will the New Human Race emerge from? Where is the new world? Will it emerge from one moment to the next, unexpectedly? 


The New Humanity is called “new” because we speak to a human consciousness that is completely unaware of the truth about itself.

From the moment in which humanity was created by God, and this divine and archangelic Project became active, everything was already fulfilled, and perfection was already manifested in matter.

Perfection is hidden, covered by layers and layers of deep illusion, which cause the consciousness to suffer for not being able to find itself in essence, in truth. 

The most illusory suffering of all is that which you experience when you are lost of yourselves because this is now the time for grace, the grace to discover the truth.

Why do you suffer because of your imperfections instead of looking for the essence, the truth?

Why do you fear losing something that has never been yours, in order to finally know that which you are, as children of God?

Many ask themselves how they will experience, in this world and in their so common and human lives, the principles of a Plan that, in reality, is cosmic and universal. Children, those principles are internal. Their expression and manifestation are that which transforms life on Earth.

Do not wait for the planet to change so that you may then find favorable conditions for your own transformation, because it is you that must change the world. And I do not speak to you of an ideologic, political or social project; I speak of small things; I speak of acts of fraternity and true love; I speak of a sincere gaze and gesture towards those who are forgotten; I speak of an act of peace for those who are affected by the chaos of the world; I speak of actions that cut the growing chain of evil on the planet because social projects are as human as everything you have built as humanity up to now.

In order to reach something truly great, spiritually great, transform the small, the simple, the profound. And it is there, with your own example, that you will move the structures of the unbelievers and you will make them reflect, those who are searching for the truth and do not find it.

It is with the example that you will mark the path; it is with love that you will ignite a torch in this world of darkness so that those who walk blindly can find a way out.

I could tell you much more than I have already told you, and renew you through My words, but when the father withdraws, the youth grows and faces life and its difficulties in a more mature way. There is no other way to survive but by practicing that which one has learned.

The fact that the Divine Messengers withdraw from your lives is not to abandon you, but to make you grow, because it is already time, children. And not only society but the whole universe will demand this growth from you so that you can endure what is to come and be a true triumph of God.

In this reparation of fraternity, unity, and love, may you cease one day to repair your own consciousnesses in order to reach the human consciousness, the Kingdoms of Nature and the planet, for there is much to be repaired beyond yourselves.

As a good carpenter and servant of the Lord, I will always accompany you.

Your father and friend, companion of all eras,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Wednesday, August 17 of 2016

Daily Messages

When Saint Joseph began to approach to transmit His Message, He began to show us some images of the life of Jesus before He complied with His mission publicly. He showed Jesus working in a woodshop, talking to people, walking alone... And, while He was showing these images, Saint Joseph said: "Children, Jesus lived 3 years publicly, but 30 anonymously. He lived 3 years proclaiming Himself as the living Son of God, but 30 in humility, as a simple carpenter, born in a poor family. With this learn that there is no one who better lives a public task than the one who has learned to live anonymously."

And then He asked me to take note of the message of today:

There is no braver warrior than the one who overcomes themself.

There is no preacher more prepared for their mission than the one who prepares themself in silence.

There is not heart more willing to receive Christ than the one who abandoned themself through the essence of humility.

Child, there is no soul more consecrated to God than the one who recognizes that their consecration begins in spirit and that their absolute rendition is what matters the most because - if there is no rendition- there is no consecration.

Live - with the joy that you may feel - the abandonment of yourself.

Rejoice in waiting in the Lord for the time in which He will call you to His side, and let humility be what prepares your spirit for the mission that you must comply with in these times.

There is not heart more attentive to My Words than the one who aspires to live them and try doing it, everyday, in the silence of their heart.

Remember what I told you with simple words, because here lies the difference between living a Christic experience and never finding it.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Tuesday, August 16 of 2016

Daily Messages


Human growth is often difficult and painful. To go through so many stages of physical, emotional, and mental maturing require effort and dedication from those who experience them.

Spiritual growth is similar to human growth: beings experience different evolutive cycles that demand from their consciousnesses an increasingly deep and consolidated maturity.

In physical human life, the being that grows is progressively assuming their role in society, and is responsible for sustaining it and for building its future. In the spiritual life, the being that grows and matures, gradually assumes its responsibility before the Plan of God and recognizes itself as responsible not only for its evolution but also for the evolution of all humanity, the planet, and as a result, of the universe.

This last evolutive cycle of the awakening of new suns sets the threshold between the old and the new humankind. Children, it will be the time to spiritually cross this threshold and face the changes that this will bring about in your lives; to face the resistances and obstacles imposed by yourselves for this maturing, just as a young person who is in the transition to adulthood, and often resists taking that step.

Many want to live a spiritual life; they aspire to know the truth about themselves, about this world and many others, but children, what you must understand now is that this step in the spiritual life that allows you to know the truth about all existence generates a commitment that requires certain effort and transformation.

This is what happens with many youths who want to live by themselves, have their own houses, their own jobs, but they do not understand that independent life will demand immediate mental and emotional growth from them. 

It would not reflect the reality that consciousnesses with a certain degree of instruction did not have the same degree of conscious commitment to the Plan of God. Children, this is the Law of the Universes, of life, of Creation.

So that new worlds may be revealed to your eyes, you must spiritually mature. And as the change of times is urgent right now, and the truth emerges even for those who do not want to see it, the very condition of the planet will demand from all immediate and concrete spiritual growth.

This growth is nothing more than a true transformation in the consciousness, a response to the Creator, with daily examples that you understand the times in which you live and your responsibility to the Plan of God.

Children, I tell you these things because now we are in the last time, and you will not read as many instruction pages as before, because everything has already been said and it is time to put it into practice.

For the spiritual growth of humanity,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monday, August 15 of 2016

Daily Messages


If you feel lost from yourself, do not go searching for yourself. Do not want to find that which God took away from you. Seek in God the truth, that which is new, the rebirth of your human matter on all levels.

The impulses of a new time are coming into your life, you already know that those impulses lead you to an absolute definition and not a partial one.

In this time, in this cycle, it is the moment to take more concrete steps that consolidate transformation in the consciousness.

But not only through My words must this information reach you. The certainty that you must be different, now and not later, should spring from within you. The necessity to transform your consciousness must come from yourself.

In the depths of each human being, they already know what steps are to be taken because the truth is hidden in the inner world of each one of you. What happens is that the layers that cover the inner world fall off as the consciousness receives real impulses of transformation and the Universe knows that, when finding the truth, the consciousness will experience it.

The truth gradually reveals itself to the inner eyes of each being; as the being matures and grows enough to experience it, it starts being revealed.

It is each one's growth that dictates the level of awakening and of transformation. These proportions are part of the Universal Laws that govern life beyond this world, that govern evolution and essences, that transcend human comprehension or adherence.

Child, do not wait for your being to have enough inner strength for you to take the steps that you must take, because it is when you walk that Grace makes the strength that you need descend upon you, according to the path that you will tread.

Child, the fact that this path is visible on the horizon must symbolize to you that the time has come to walk upon it and that you have the necessary potential to move forward.

Everything is Law of Correspondence: walk and the paths will soon be opened to you. Seek and you will find. Accept the truth and you will know it. Throw yourself into the unknown of the Plans of God and when everything is fulfilled, you will understand them.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, August 14 of 2016

Daily Messages

Child, multiply the impulses you receive with the joy of the heart and the permanent offer for the transcendence of the old, for living the new.

Remember each instruction received in the last days, in recent times. Feel again inside you that joy that your soul emanated when it was before the possibility of living the Plans of the Most High in fullness.

May your daily routine not consume you and may your difficulties not consume you. The human consciousness is much more willing to embrace the limitations than its true potential, because in this way it has been raised, to never discover the reality about itself and to always limit the greatness of the likeness of God in the littleness of a passing human body.

So then transform these old patterns of consciousness, and hold on to what is most perfect and wonderful within you. Acknowledge the difficulties but know that beyond them lies your possibility of transcending them, not with your own power, but because hidden within you lies the One who can do all things, the impossible and the unthinkable. He is your possibility of transcendence. To be in Him is to discover Him within you and to recognize that you are a living part of the Creator, just as all manifested life is.

Concentrate, child, in not losing joy and hope, so that these two divine gifts may impel you always to the new and so that you find in them the eternal fountain of the life in sacrifice, in surrender, in renouncement and in transcendence, these attributes that are so feared by those who have not yet discovered that the fullness lies in serving God with joy and losing oneself to find, in one’s place, the Creator of the universes.

Think about what I tell you, child, and – more than that – take it as a possibility for you. Your difficulties will not disappear and neither will the imperfections keep from hurting your soul: what will happen is that this weight will be lighter for you, because the most important for you will not be the shortcomings, but rather the greatness of God, His possibility of transforming all mud, all impurity, and making sacred and perfect that which so far was mere clay in His Hands.

Entrust yourself to the Lord and have His perfection as your greatest hope. Strive to be in His Hands every day and find your eternal joy in the gifts that set evil apart and that approach you to God: sacrifice, renouncement, surrender and transcendence.

The one who calls you to serve with joy and to not lose sight of the perfection of God in your own heart, 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, August 13 of 2016

Daily Messages

O soul who aspires to be consecrated more and more to the Celestial Plans, allow yourself to be carried away by impulses rather than by impulsiveness!

Recognize the difference between the powerful currents that come from the cosmos and invite you to take a concrete and precise step, and the unbridled currents of the mind and the emotions, that will carry you into seeking a path that is not for your feet. Meditate with the heart and do not reflect on this.

I do not pronounce these words to confuse you in your decisions, because in truth, you are now mature enough to perceive the difference between impulse and impulsiveness. I simply tell you this so that you be attentive and never lose your readiness to move forward, but that your impetus to walk will lead you to the right goal that God has thought of for you.

This is no longer the time to launch yourself into uncertain paths by not meditating and not feeling the direction to go in. Ask yourself before taking your steps and do not respond with the mind what it is for the heart to decide.

Persevere in the goal that God has for you and do not resist following His Will. If you rejoice in the Will of God, your life may be full of inner joy. And even though you may experience some difficulty, nothing will take away from you the joy of living that which was intended for you.

The One who alerts you to take precise steps in these times of definition.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, August 12 of 2016

Daily Messages

Children, the cycle of daily messages that one year ago I promised you to deliver is already ending. During that period, I taught you many things and opened your eyes to others that, in truth, you already knew, but that you did not manage to live.

Because I was a man once, with a heart similar to yours, I could reach the depth of your consciousnesses and remind you about your commitment to God.

From now on, in the cycle that will come after the 20th of August –when the daily messages will end– it will be up to each one to study My Words again and reignite each code and each impulse that I left for you there, impulses that will be eternal and that will be alive for all those who open themselves from the heart and in consciousness.

I hope, in Christ, that you will be able to live each impulse that I delivered to you or, at least, that you try to do it every day.

You know that the clock time is no longer running as it used to run before. Little by little, you are entering a new time and each second is precious to you, because it brings in itself an opportunity that will never be repeated.

Depending on the inner answer of each one, I will be able to achieve the grace from the Creator to continue talking to humanity and, along with Mary and Christ, continue supporting the human heart, while it is possible, so that you may count on Our support until the last hour. For that to be possible, the effort of each one of you is indispensable.

In this new cycle, the aspiration of being different must be alive within you, impelling you to do different things for the materialization of the Plan of God and show the Creator that you truly want to respond to His Call and His Designs.

The Love of the Divine Messengers for humanity is infinite and each second of instruction that we deliver to all is precious to Us. But not only We must long for this meeting: each one of you must feel within yourselves this need of deepening yourselves into your own transformation and receive, from the Heavens, the new impulses that will lead you to a higher evolutionary degree.

Beloved children, meditate on the essence of this new planetary cycle and receive all the graces that are being delivered to you. The time of transforming yourselves is now, not later. Everything is possible with the persistence and perseverance of all.

It is time for the trust in the Will of God to be greater than your self-love, for the love to the Plan of the Creator to win over any aspiration of fulfilling a personal plan or living your own will.

Children, there is no more time to lose with yourselves, because are descending from the Heavens the currents that you need to transform yourselves and take concrete steps, finally consolidating the principles of a new life in the consciousness. Do not lose these impulses by being distracted. Open your arms and your hearts and, by gratitude, let yourselves be permeated.

Your Father and Friend of all eras, 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Thursday, August 11 of 2016

Daily Messages

Children, may this new cycle be the birth of new fruits in the consciousnesses of all, to see these fruits grow and mature over time, and from them, may new seeds emerge.

The fruits that were born in the consciousnesses represent the result of the action of grace in your lives. Until today, you have received much, as impulses, instructions, graces and blessings, so that with perseverance and inner peace, you may be prepared to go through the times that have come. 

This new cycle will be marked by the birth and maturing of these fruits, for which each one must be responsible. This means, children, that you must care for the garden of consciousness with your own hands and prepare, for the new time, the seeds that you will plant in the soil of the Earth.

This cycle will demand more effort and dedication from each one of you for your own maturation. It will be the moment in which the consciousness must be confirmed on this path and make its own personal effort to remain on it.

Up until now, we have been supporting and giving impulses to many of those who committed themselves to Christ, but who had still not matured, within themselves, their own potential to take steps in their evolution and stand on their own feet, in their own inner fortitude.

Therefore, the time has come for disciples to recognize the truth about themselves in every sense: may you face that which must be transformed and sustain yourselves through your own potential for inner maturation. It will be a transition between spiritual adolescence and adult life when the consciousness becomes responsible for itself.

Those that will wake up at the last minute will also be led - by grace - to take their own steps and enter the same cycles of those who, for some time, have walked on the evolutionary path. I speak to you of an inner maturity, in the consciousness, and not in the material bodies, because matter will always need to be trained to express its inner world.

Children, care for this cycle as if it were the last, taking advantage of each day and each instant to find the Truth and express it. May the conscious effort of all to be more and more in the Divine Purpose be permanent. 

After this cycle, in the cycles to come, it will be time to put into practice what you have learned, for the currents that will descend on the planet will no longer wait for you to be ready for them to act upon the planetary consciousness. These currents will sweep away those who are tepid of heart, undecided and outside the Greater Purpose.

May this cycle be marked by the effort of each being. May all assume their posts, and just like a young person leaves their home to take up their own life, may each one take up their own transformation, their own surrender, the building of that which you truly hope to be able to offer to Christ one day.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Wednesday, August 10 of 2016

Daily Messages

Not even the heaviest yoke can make you give up this path. All sacrifice, when lived with love, becomes light and simple.

The weight of the Cross of Christ was not in the wood He was carrying. His sacrifice did not lie in the pain of His wounds. He was carrying the sins of the world that had been committed until that moment, and was also forgiving there all those which would be committed throughout time.

Incomprehensible to the human mind was the weight of that cross, just as incomprehensible to many today is the weight that some companions of Christ carry to prepare His return. Because both the Cross of Christ and the cross of these times hold in themselves a burden invisible to human eyes, yet almost palpable to those who carry it. This burden, which exists in the consciousness, is carried to transform that which must be healed in the human consciousness itself.

In the same way that the merits attained on the cross of Christ were only seen after the Resurrection of Jesus, the merits of the burdens carried in these times, for many will only be seen after the return of Christ and the establishment of the new life on Earth.

Those who understand the life of the spirit will not be confused by the appearances of matter and will live the love and unity needed to cross the obstacles that will come. But many others will fall through a lack of understanding and through the inability to live a higher reality and to transcend material happenings, just as occurred with many in the time of Christ.

In a spiritually similar way, the happenings are repeated for the establishment of the Plan of God, because the science that carries them into the manifestation of this Plan is always the same. For this reason, you must observe the life of Christ and reach the essence of the Teaching that He left you, and not only the facts. The facts may change, but the essence of the experience that you must live is the same.

The happenings themselves are leading you to that experience: the same tests, the same temptations, the same burdens. It will be enough now that from you spring the same perseverance, the same unity with God, the same surrender, and the same love of Christ.

The path to Christification is now proclaimed and your feet are already called to step upon this way. It will be up to each one the way you will live the Passion of these times, carrying with love your own cross or being a burden carried by others.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Tuesday, August 9 of 2016

Daily Messages

Strive so that in this new cycle your life will be more spiritual and less material. May your priorities be centered in the things of the spirit and may the demands of matter not consume you.

Concentrate in recognizing yourself as an essence coming from the Divine Source with a determined mission to fulfill and do not let your mind distract you from the Purpose with egoic and personal issues.

Child, let yourself be elevated in a leap to Light, so that you may finally understand the true meaning of life on Earth and not lose yourself in the appearances of this life.

The coming cycles will seek from you – as well as from all of humanity – a higher understanding about the events of the Earth so that you may not be confused and believe that the end has arrived before its time.

Many will be the false masters, the false teachings, the false paths, the false signs in the sky and on the earth. Only the one who is with their heart and consciousness permanently held onto the Divine Purpose will be able to feel and know within themselves when they are before the truth or the delusion. And not even that one who most want to resemble Christ in order to deceive them will confuse them.

Construct from now on, in this last cycle of awakening and of maturation, the union with God, which will bring you wisdom and discernment for the days that will come.

Remember not to allow matter to consume you and cause you to forget that the Truth stands in love, in spirit.

Your Father and Companion, This one who, in a few words, brings you great impulses,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monday, August 8 of 2016

Daily Messages

Welcome to a new cycle of evolution, a cycle which will charge spiritual maturity from everyone, that will allow you to live in harmony in the times that will come.

This new cycle will be marked by inner tests, in which the consciousnesses will find themselves facing great responsibilities, with little inner experience to take them on. However, it will be the adhesion that each one will present to the Will of God, and their efforts to fulfill it, that will make the grace and mercy that you need to fulfill your mission to descend from the universe.

Children, when facing the challenges to come, always say "yes", even if they seem impossible to be experienced and overcome. When you say "yes", the Creator receives permission to operate true miracles in your consciousnesses and heal all that prevents you from making the leap you need.

The challenges will make you grow and prepare you for the cycles that will come later and that will be major and definitive trials not only for you but for all humanity and for the whole universe.

Do not fear to launch yourselves into the unknown or take the steps that will lead you through paths you do not know where they end. Do not fear losing everything and, above all, losing yourselves because - though painful - this is the goal of humanity. Remember that the emptiness of yourselves leads you to the Truth, to the Archetype, to the Source.

Today I wish you a start cycle filled by God and the universal life. This new time will be marked by the awakening of humanity to this life.

All the sciences will be united spiritually in the universal science and all true religions will find the common meaning in the experience of love. Knowledge and religion will unite to unveil new worlds and universal principles, and they will discover that the greatest science, which is the experience of love, leads to new horizons, to new universes. Thus you will not fear to know the Truth and with the knowledge filled with spirituality, and religion full of wisdom, you will cross the gates towards a new life.

Your Father and Friend, 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Sunday, August 7 of 2016

Daily Messages

Children, not all of humanity understands the universal science of the evolutionary cycles. Not all believe that these cycles truly exist and, still less, that they impel the consciousness to a certain apprenticeship.

All Creation responds to the Universal Laws, which are principles that organize life based on divine energies and rays. These Laws are captured and radiated by the Mirrors of the Cosmos and are received by the mirror in your own interior, so that then they can be lived and practiced on all levels of consciousness.

An evolutionary cycle is the moment in which the Creator sends, to His Creation, certain divine rays that organize new laws and impulses and that, radiated by the mirrors, must reach every creature so that they will express them.

These impulses of the Divine in each new evolutionary cycle try to lead His creatures to a more profound approximation to His Consciousness, through love and transformation. Not to live the cycles and not to open oneself to the impulses is like closing the doors of consciousness to the evolution, to the approximation to God and to the return to the Origin.

The 8th of August of each year represents a synthesis of all impulses given by God until then, when the Creator gathers the principles He aspires humanity to achieve and sends them to the world like rays of light for them to reach His creatures.

Although these impulses renew themselves at each new smaller cycle that you will live throughout the year, the response emitted to the Father on the 8th of August is primary for the evolution and assimilation of the cycles to follow.

To send this response to God, children, you do not need anything extraordinary: only to open the heart and dispose yourselves in consciousness for the Creator to be able to act in your beings.

You must be spiritually available for this union with God to be a priority in your lives and for the love to His Plan to guide you to unveil the truth about human creation.

It was on an 8th of August that the Lord sent His Holy Servant to the world, because She represents all the divine rays, all the mirrors, all the graces. Mary represents to humanity the path to the manifestation of the Divine Plan.

For the Living Christ to be gestated within you, as Mary gestated Him in Her Womb, you must follow Her and learn with Her about Her Purity and Her Love, about Her capacity to love and to obey God above all things.

May this new 8th of August find you awakened and willing to be reborn. Live the new cycles with fullness and do not let the impulses pass by without transforming you completely.

Your Father and Instructor, 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Saturday, August 6 of 2016

Daily Messages

I come to the world, in spirit and divinity, sent by God, to remove humanity from the ignorance and from the blindness that separate it from the Creator.

I was elected by the Lord because My mouth never wanted to pronounce any word to teach the humankind. I learned to teach in the silence through the example and the experience of the Higher Designs.

Child, if you want to be an instrument of the Creator and that He leads you wherever it is most needed, take care of being the Truth of God and not only of knowing it.

The human mind has already lived its cycles of development and now it must give way to something that humanity has not tried: the experience of what you already know.

Prefer to be an example in the silence and if, as it happened to Me, the Lord sends you to preach and to teach with words, never fail to fill your words with the truth of your experience.

If you want to make My Presence in the world worth it, live what I tell you.

Your Father and Friend of always,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Friday, August 5 of 2016

Daily Messages

Deepen yourself in the ocean of Divine Mercy, so that, as you pray, this fountain that descends to the world may flow through your being and transform your entire consciousness first and then the whole world.

Consciously deepen yourself in the existence of Divine Mercy and recognize that you are a miracle of this Divine Power; your awakening is a fruit of its action.

Meditate on what this Sacred Mercy means to you and the entire Creation, poured from the Heart of Christ on the cross, emanated by the power of the forgiveness of His Most Sacred Heart. Meditate on this unfathomable source that does not give humankind what it deserves, that acts beyond Justice and transcends this Law that also comes from God.

Meditate on the Forgiveness of Christ, the one that opened the door to this fountain unknown to the human heart until then. It was by forgiving each of His wounds and all outrages committed towards Him that the Lord raised Himself beyond Divine Justice and gave humankind His Love and His Piety, which together were converted into the Sacred and Divine Mercy.

So many centuries have passed and humanity still ignores this powerful fountain. The hearts still have not learned to be merciful, or to ask for Mercy.

Clamor, child, for mercy for the ignorant and ask for the Grace of being merciful as was the One who is, for you, the Path, the Truth and the Life

Let the Mercy for which you clamor convert you into an imitation of Christ and thus make it worth each drop of His shed blood; make it worth each of His wounds, His Cross and the Love that made Him reemerge after death.

Show the universe that the Plan of the Creator is fulfilled in you and, by the merits achieved by Christ on the Cross, live His Divine Mercy.

The one Who teaches you to be merciful and to clamor for Mercy,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph 

Thursday, August 4 of 2016

Daily Messages

To be nothing is to discover the truth about yourself. To lose your own identity or individuality is to reach the Origin of all, where there is no other thing but the unity with the Whole.

To come to be nothing is a great challenge because the individual identity of each consciousness was built beyond this world and this life, in others experiences of the soul and of the spirit that transcend what you know about yourselves today.

Great, children, is the mystery of the Divine Will because the Creator, who was One, divided Himself into three and, thus, in many others particles of life, whose true mission is discovering themselves in unity with Him again.

The Creator multiplied Himself in the universes, in the galaxies, in the constellations, in the stars, in the planets, in the beings, in the Kingdoms of Nature; He created the evolutionary scale that it is nothing more than the path of return to the Origin. The Creator opened the dimensions from matter to the superuniverses, and closed –from the top down– the doors that lead to Him. And the only key that opens these doors is love.

To be nothing, children, is to discover the truth about yourselves. To be nothing as individuals, as personalities, as separated particles of God, is to know that the Creator is who lives within each being; He is who animates life.  The one who discovers oneself in God and God in oneself lives the plenitude.

Lose the fear of losing yourselves, because it is lost from yourselves that you will find yourselves. To be nothing is to discover the truth about yourselves.

The illusion of the illusions is to believe that you are something, to celebrate merits and to cry the defeats. God is the one who lives in each creature; His is the victory of Your lives and to Him belongs your evolution, towards Him is the path of the return, in Him are enclosed all the sciences, all the rays, all the worlds, all life.

The Creator emanates life, which must return to Him: it is the eternal cycle of building and believing yourself to be something to, then, deconstruct yourself, know that you are nothing and in the nothingness discover the Whole, God, the One and Only and Immutable in His Infinity, static in His permanent movement.

The quest of nothingness is not sad. To lose yourself is not to die, it is to find yourself. To die is not to end, it is to start over again.

To know is not to be. That is why I tell you these things.

Children, more than knowing the science of nothingness, you must live it. That is why I tell you things that many times you already know, because yesterday was the era of knowing and today is time of being.

Your Father and Friend, 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Wednesday, August 3 of 2016

Daily Messages

Oh human soul that is in the last time of your imperfection, renounce what binds you to the old world, and launch into the infinity of a new life! Struggle firmly in your last battle of this cycle of darkness, a battle that will cause you to ascend to sublime realities and that, despite being long and painful, its merits will never end.

Oh soul that is so unknown to yourself, plunge into your inner world and remove the veils that cover your human eyes, so that you may discover the infinity of your own consciousness.

Soul of God, so tired of the cycles of illusion experienced on this Earth, the blindness and indifference are now coming to an end, so that you may rest contemplating the Sunrise of a new day, of a new era.

Soul of God that is so small and infinite at the same time; your greatness was hidden by the ignorance of the human mind, and your smallness is to be found in the humility which you are to uncover. Within you, humility and greatness must encounter, because it is only through recognizing yourself as a small nothing that you will discover the likeness to God that contains all things within Himself.

Open your heart to the Creative Word, speak through prayer, and no longer with human concepts and limited ideas.

Contemplate before you the great example of the Sacred Family and overcome the ancient prejudice against being pure and simple like those three Sacred Hearts. The greatest of mysteries is unveiled in simplicity.

No longer search so much for great sciences, if the greatest of all sciences is to discover yourself in likeness to God: in Him lies Omniscience.

While the world anchors matter to the old patterns of the Earth, elevate yourself, little soul. Make yourself light as the wind and return to the Father. In the silence of your example, carry all humanity with you, and reaching the Heavens, open the doors to the new time, to the time that has always been, that is, but that your world never came to know.

Go in search of the new, the eternal, the infinite.

Who shows you the path to the new era,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Tuesday, August 2 of 2016

Daily Messages

Occupy your mind, your heart and your soul with the experience of the Higher Laws, the ones that manifest all things in the different created dimensions.

If you concentrate on the Origin, on the Root of everything that has been created, it is not necessary for you to fear or to be afraid in your life on Earth.

The one who lives within the Universal Laws, in harmony and communion, attracts to himself only facts that correspond to the manifestation of these Laws. But, from the moment the consciousness transgresses them, he comes out of their flow and protection and is subject to all common consequences of the human actions.

When I speak of Universal Laws, I speak of the Law of Love, of Fraternity, of Obedience, of Compassion, I speak of the vibrations that organize the different Rays of the Creator and allow the manifestation of the Divine Plan.

When you are adhered to these Laws – that, for many, are simple and rare virtues in humanity -, you give to the Creator a live sign that you are part of His Plan and that you are willing to let yourself be transformed and guided so that He will mold you, as He molds all of His Creation, in order to manifest His Perfection and Truth in it.

When you try to live under the Universal Laws, child, they are the first to manifest themselves in your life; you will be beyond the natural laws of human existence and the Creator will be able to operate in you what, for the common beings, will be like true miracles.

You will not need to fear or to worry your consciousness with the future because the one who lives in the Universal Laws is supported and protected by them. Therefore, before being fearful, afraid or worrying, live in the Universal Laws and attract to yourself what corresponds to them. Thus you will understand what the Creator wishes from all His creatures, and you will know that His Gifts are at the disposal of all, if only the hearts open themselves and search for them.

Your Father and Friend, who teaches you to search for the Higher Laws, 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monday, August 1 of 2016

Daily Messages

Renew your consecration to God every day and enter into the eternal movement of universal cycles.

Renew yourselves before the Creator so that He will conduct you through new inner paths and you will never remain in the steps you have already taken.

Recognize the infinite before you, and how much you need to grow far beyond this life. Recognize in the vast universe the infinite dimensions created and that each one of them will charge from you a certain learning that will make you grow and unite yourself each day more to God.

Child, what humanity calls contemplation and union with God, in this material dimension, is nothing more than an approach to the greatness of the Creator, an experience with His Divine Light. Contemplation is an act of recognizing the existence of God and of approaching Him, but much is still missing from the human heart and consciousness for it to be One with God in its origin.

This path is built and walked little by little. As the being empties himself from himself and from all the need to explain and to understand what he experiences, as he empties himself from the known concepts by his mind, he starts being permeated by other laws and vibrations that do not belong to this world and that are palpable to the human heart, but not understandable for the mind.

The approach and acceptance of these sublime laws gradually cause the doors to other degrees of evolution to open before the consciousness, and it will be only after crossing these doors and experiencing these laws that you will be able to feel and understand them, but not explain them.

You cannot explain what you live on higher levels because the matter that composes the human mind does not correspond to this subtle vibration; but yes, child, the heart, that is similar to the Creator of all things, can understand and live all laws.

Just as the Lord is unlimited in His Existence, so is also the heart of human beings. But this heart needs to expand, cross portals and break barriers, transcend limits and human tendencies, stop being so closed, and open itself to the Cosmos – that, for it, is inexplicable and understandable at the same time.

To reach this state of union with the higher life, that is more than a contemplative experience, child, it is necessary that you renew yourself every day and, when you perceive that you are stagnated or going backwards, always search for a form to awake and advance.

Therefore I come to the world, to impel the human heart towards the infinite, and to lead it to an experience of what it truly is.

Let yourself be guided and impelled by these words. If you do not understand them, only feel them and let them by themselves –alive as they are– work within you.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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