Friday, June 19 of 2015

Monthly Messages

Many ask themselves why I come to the world, and why I transmit My words as a Faithful Messenger sent by God.

I was created in the essence of Humility.  I was born from a pure womb, of a holy and simple mother so that I could learn from her the principles of union with God, because it was God Himself Who would have the Mission to instruct and guide His little servant. 

I came to the world with a human spirit; with a heart, a mind and feelings of a man born on this Earth, because that was the way that My example should be imprinted for all of eternity.

My sanctity comes from God as well as all of the attributes that I am able to express as a consciousness.  Nothing of what I Am comes from Me.  Everything comes from the Father, because I am permanently united to Him.  God sent Me to the world in order to demonstrate that a human heart can live sublime attributes.

I have been at the side of the Most Holy Mary, as well as I am today, but I also bring Her to the world so that all of the beings may receive the opportunity that I received.  I have been at the side of Christ, Who was already King since the maternal womb, and I also bring Him to the world, giving Him as the One and Only path for all of the souls.

All that which I received in order to live the principles of God, humanity is also receiving in this time.  And even greater graces will descend because you are together and you walk with many others that head to the Heart of the Father.

I want you to know that purity, humility, chastity and the simplicity that leads to sanctity; all of this is kept within the heart.

My Heart had nothing different from yours.  I simply dived in the union with God and I turned My Heart into His eternal servant, and with the humility of His servant, the Lord operated the miracles that He needed.

Nothing is distant from you; all that you need is found in your own interior.  The human heart is the door to many universes.  It is up to each one to unite with sublime universes, or to let oneself be taken by the things of this world.  Decide to exit the paths that do not conduct to God.

Do not listen to My story only with admiration, because it is not for this that I pronounce My words.  Seek in My presence the similitude with your lives.

I do not come today from the Universe of God because I have always been there.   I have been in this world, and as a walker, as a pilgrim, I only let Myself be guided by the Living God Who was within Me, as well as in all things.

My union with God comes from the effort, but also from simplicity.  Do not place detours or other routes in this straight way that God shows you by means of the Divine Messengers.  The paths of the Lord are simple; difficult, My companions, is to let oneself be guided by Him.

Let go of the reins of your lives; give them to that One who knows all and conducts all, because He is the great Artist that painted all the destinies.

Who will guide you best, if not He Who created the path? 

Find yourselves small and ignorant.  Not to be sad, but to believe and feel that there is a single being that knows all, and this is the Creator of all things.

These are times of purification, of darkness, of blindness in the human eyes.  Let yourselves be guided; let yourselves be conducted.  This is the only message that I bring to you.

With Love I come to your encounter and I give you the hands so that you may walk with Me to the Heart of Christ, to the Heart of God.

I bless you and I wait for you in My Chaste Heart.

Saint Joseph, Spouse and Servant of the Most Holy Virgin Mary

Friday, June 19 of 2015


Let My Holy Wife, the Virgin Mary, always be the path that leads you to God. In Her holiness and perfection, find the eternal guide for your lives.

Even in the end times of humanity, She will never abandon you. Her arms will always be stretched out to those who are able to open their eyes. And even if it is in the last instant of your lives, you can give your hands to this Lady, the Mother of all of humanity and all beings.

Never forget: in all the times of humanity, the Most Holy Heart of the Virgin will always receive you. Simply repent from your heart and ask for Her help. Her forgiveness and Her motherhood will welcome you always.

I thank you.

Sister Lucía de Jesús:

Today, Saint Joseph came with our Most Holy Mother. They seemed like an engaged couple, dressed in white as if getting married on this day.

He spoke to us in a very simple way. Generally, His Words are already simple, but today in a special way. It seemed like He wanted to get right into our human hearts and have us understand that He once had a heart like ours.

(Sister Lucía de Jesús then began reading the Monthly Message of Saint Joseph of June 19, 2015.)

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Just like Sister Lucía de Jesús said, when Saint Joseph and Mary came here today, we saw that between them there was a space of light, like a void that was coming from Heaven. We did not understand why They were so separate one from the other, and then, afterward, the Child Jesus appeared with His Arms open, about two or three years old, giving us a blessing. At that moment, Mary began to transmit the message, speaking about the principle of the Universal Sacred Family.

(Friar Elías then begins the reading of the Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, of June 19, 2015.)

Mother María Shimani de Montserrat:

Today, during prayer, I began to very intensely perceive the Presence of the Messengers; and in my heart, which is how They speak with me, They announced that They would show me some things.

When They appeared, They began to project a series of images of what Their life was like when Jesus was little.

They conveyed to me that the most difficult thing to experience in this humanity was humility because people believed that to be humble was to be less than others and that this was an incorrect concept which the consciousness of humanity had. So They began to show how They had learned about humility since Jesus was small.

They were showing a very humble stone house, the three of them sitting on the floor, around a small table, and how Jesus, since He was three, instructed the two of Them; how Jesus transmitted the Word of God to Them and how almost every day They had a moment when They did this meeting of love, and that They, as adults, allowed Themselves to be instructed by the Little Jesus, Who, since then, transmitted the Words from His Father.

They asked if we listened with the same humility as They, those two adult beings, listened to that little Child; if we listened with that same humility to the Voice of the Divine Messengers.

(Mother María Shimani then begins reading the Special Message of the Virgin Mary and of Saint Joseph.)

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