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My dear and beloved children,

Today, I return to the Kingdom of Lys-Fatima with joy and sorrow, just as I return spiritually to each of your hearts.

My joy is for this time of reunion with you, My sorrow is for the wars and especially for the innocent and imprisoned souls who continue to fall into the dark abysses of the planet.

Here in Fatima, I delivered the Third Secret and since then it has unfortunately been fulfilled, because Russia continues to spread its poison throughout the world, just as other nations of Europe also do without pity or compassion for those who suffer.

Before this inhospitable scenario in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, I come to ask you, on this 13th day that is special for Me, to postulate repairing hearts that, through your prayers, gestures and merciful acts, relieve the Heart of the Heavenly Father who is wounded and offended by the situations that are happening today on the planet.

A heart of reparation is capable of keeping in mind every day, that before the Blessed Sacrament there is an open and safe door for the salvation and redemption of souls.

Thus, on this sacred 13th day, one month from the anniversary of My Apparitions at Fatima, I come to renew My request, once made to the holy shepherds, that they offer sacrifices and prayers so that something worse would not happen and souls would be converted to the Heart of God through repentance.

But, at this time, souls do not remember to repent and to ask for forgiveness; that is why, as I once said at Garabandal, the cup that was almost full is now overflowing.

Therefore, My children, the hearts of reparation will be able to bring the world one last chance. I await your honest offers in order to also free My motherly and wounded Heart.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace

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Singing with Mary

When your hearts light up through prayer and song, the Greater and Supreme Doors of Healing, of Mercy,
and of Redemption open naturally when the cries and supplications of simple souls are heard
Virgin Mary, 13th of September of 2014

The Divine Mother announced that music, when comes from spirit, is a sacred instrument of love and of redemption. It allows our souls to elevate to higher planes, from where we can contemplate the Kingdom of the Heavens.
Our Lady also revealed to us that when we sing with love for God, we help in the healing of the planet and make it possible for Her and Her Angels to rescue souls that are suffering.
Let us sing with Mary for Peace!

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