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In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

You will not achieve purity of heart through your skills, nor through the most sublime virtues, although these help on the spiritual path of consecration.

You will achieve the purity of heart that will always lead you to inner innocence through the truth of what you are, by manifesting and reflecting the loyalty that will always show that each one of you are transparent and crystalline like water, that there is nothing that you have to hide or pretend, because this is part of the human condition. But purity of heart will always free you from yourselves, liberate you from this cruel world, and always lead you to understand the Will of the Father.

For this reason, My children, remain in this incessant quest for inner purity. A purity which, in humanity, is conditioned and buried today by influences, interferences and modernity.

This is why, once again, I bring you the Purity of My Immaculate Heart, which is not the Purity of the Heavenly Mother, properly speaking; it is rather the Purity that emanates from the Unfathomable Fountain of God and is radiated and shared by the holy angels, even by the guardian angels themselves.

Although I know, My children, that we are in a time of spiritual battle, I tell you not to lose heart, but rather to continue on. Because few, very few, are the souls in the world that have the Grace of knowing their inner purity or even of remembering it every day. The rest of the souls in the world are far from their spiritual purity and, because they are far from their own inner purity, they distance themselves from the Love of the Father and lose the innocence that always guards them in goodness and peace.

As Mother of Immaculate Purity, I remind all My children of this Message again, because life becomes superficial day by day, and often unreasonable, cold or indifferent, to the point that most of My children do not care about any situation. And this cannot be so, My children, because you will be within an illusory appearance that will blind your eyes, block your perceptions, and distance you from the truth.

Therefore, every life situation, every situation of the planet or even of the Kingdoms of Nature must be met with attention, because everything, absolutely everything, is important to God.

For this reason, on this special day, when I bless Estonia and the whole world again, I come accompanied by the Angels of God’s Purity, because He entrusts the whole world to you so that more souls, in these times of definition and transition, may find again their inner purity and thus contact their inner innocence.

If this does not happen, My children, souls in the world will not be able to endure the end of times. Because now, in this end time, many souls live in depression, and people also feel it strongly. The cause for this depression is not living the Will of God; it is not being able to know Higher Laws, not as a spiritual rule or imposition, but rather as the opportunity to be redeemed and liberated from oneself.

Do you now understand, My children, the importance of an inner contact with Purity? For  it is one of the most important gifts of the Eternal Father.

Just for a moment, visualize that God, without His Original Purity, could not be God; because the primordial essence of purity is humility, it is emptiness of self, it is self-giving and constant, permanent selflessness.

In truth I tell you, My children, there is no mystery in all that, because this is the master key that opens all doors, not only on the material level, but also on the spiritual level.

The gift of the Purity of God is so simple and true, that souls many times cannot perceive it, because His Original Purity is in Creation, it is in nature, in its beauty, at each dawn, it is within you, so near that sometimes many cannot see it.

What is the reason, My children, for not contemplating this Greatness of God, which is authentic and original in His Children?

Do not forget that you come from the Source, because from the Source you once emerged, from the Primordial Source you were manifested through the essence of God’s Purity, His Original Purity, an incalculable mystery, inexhaustible gift, infinite Grace that reflects itself through the Kingdom of Lys-Fatima.

It was the gift of the Original Purity of God that, through the Message of your Lady of Heaven in Fatima, was able to dispel the cruelty and wickedness of war and of all contrary forces that opposed the expression of the innocence and purity of humanity.

The lack of Original Purity in My children not only separates souls from the truth and the good; it also places souls into conflict and war, in personal ideas, in all that is parallel to God, but which, in its essence, does not unite to the Father.

In this crucial time, I ask for the world to seek purity within itself day and night, because you will see for yourselves that the transformation will be different, that redemption will not be heavy, that the human condition will not enslave you, if you simply look inwards, if you look to the center of your inner universe, where the Original Purity of God dwells, and if you commune with this gift internally.

Thus, I assure you, My beloved children, that you will help the world in its great moment of redemption and conversion. This is my yearning; this is My perpetual prayer.

This is why I come here, to the world. I descend from the Heavens through the doorways of the universe and the Earth to share with My children, with My most dear children, the Purity that God has deposited in Me, even though I am a human being, even though I am the Slave of the Lord, even though I am the Mother of Jesus.

The mystery of the gift of the Original Purity of God can deter weapons and wars, close uncertain doors and deter evil, by dissipating and dissolving it from the human consciousness.

The power of the gift of the Original Purity of God is still unknown. Because it is not just a gift, it is also a spontaneous and true law; because it is an impulse of His Immaterial Source among so many gifts, virtues and graces, which is contemplated and adored by the angels.

Just as today, the angels who accompany Me contemplate the Original Purity of God in the Heart of the Heavenly Mother, venerably exposed as a gift of atonement for souls, for the redemption of the world, for the establishment of peace and good among souls.

This is why I tirelessly pray night and day so that all those who have decided to attain inner purity in these times of tribulations may remain steadfast in their quest for this aspiration, and thus achieve it without retrogressing one single step, but rather moving forward, following the Footprints of Christ; because He knows it and is aware of it.

His Gaze is turned to the truth that exists within you; the truth that must be blessed by God, because God is Truth itself, and His Truth is the revelation of His Mystery for all the universe, for all Creation. This is why My Son once told you that the Truth will make you free.

Where is the Truth in My children?

Where is liberation from yourselves?

Because God has foreseen everything, everything is already written. The only thing missing is for My children to take one more step, because consecration is infinite, the flight towards the Source is eternal, the union with the Heart of the Father is permanent, until someday you are nothing, and the Presence of the Father may dwell within you, just as you may dwell within Christ through His Holy Communion with His Glorious Body and His Precious Blood.

It is in His Divine Sacrament of the Altar that you will find the truth that you seek so much, you will find the answer that you expect so much. Because the Kingdom of God is on the other side of the threshold, waiting for you, and it is the door of the purity of heart that will allow you to enter the Kingdom of the Heavens, even while living on the surface of the Earth.

Thus, I give continuity to My Message of yesterday, Words that bring a synthesis for all.

Between yesterday and today, I have given and delivered to you an impulse that must not go unnoticed. Remember, and do not forget, these are Our last impulses of Light and Love.

The time will come, My children, when you must be the living word itself and the very example of Our Instructions. In this way, the promise will be fulfilled, which We made to God on that first day when We committed, as Sacred Hearts, for Our Message to touch souls and absolutely convert them into God’s Love, to leave in hearts an indelible mark, the spiritual mark of Our transverberation, the luminous sign of the Love of God.

Embrace this Message as your own, so that it may be cultivated in your inner worlds, because I assure you that you will need it to know how to proceed in a correct way in the end of times, to continue learning to accompany the steps of Light of My Beloved Son, and thus continue to build and manifest His Most Holy Will.

Thus, I bless you again, like the rain that falls today upon this nature and washes the surface of this world from the stains of cruelty, war and the innocent blood that has been shed. May this blessing impel you to continue moving forward.

Once again, I am grateful to you.

Let us spiritually commune with the Purity of God. My Immaculate Heart is the door that opens so that you may enter the universe of the Original Purity of God.

May Estonia and the whole world receive My blessing, which is the Blessing of God, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Let us pray:


May the advent of the New Race be fulfilled.
May humanity express its archetype.
May the Word be alive and build Your Temple.
May Your mystery expand in us
and may true existence be revealed to the world,
so that we may gather in Your Name,
and glorify perfect unity.


Marian impulses

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When your hearts light up through prayer and song, the Greater and Supreme Doors of Healing, of Mercy,
and of Redemption open naturally when the cries and supplications of simple souls are heard
Virgin Mary, 13th of September of 2014

The Divine Mother announced that music, when comes from spirit, is a sacred instrument of love and of redemption. It allows our souls to elevate to higher planes, from where we can contemplate the Kingdom of the Heavens.
Our Lady also revealed to us that when we sing with love for God, we help in the healing of the planet and make it possible for Her and Her Angels to rescue souls that are suffering.
Let us sing with Mary for Peace!

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