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In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Supper is served, but very few want to come and help themselves to My Spiritual Banquet.

I offer to Mine all that I have. I offer to Mine all that I Am and, in truth, I tell you that I do not ask for anything in return.

Thus, I hope that Mine will respond in the same way, that you will always give everything for nothing in return, because this is the wisdom of the Law of Love, of that heart that lives its own void, that heart that divests itself and does not fear to confidently take steps toward Me.

For still no one knows or is aware of that which I have prepared for each one of Mine. I have the most perfect and sacred wonders kept in Paradise for My Apostles.

This is why I know the hour of each one of you. I know the hour when you will rise to the Heavens to meet Me, to give Me the triumph of your crown of thorns, the triumph of each moment and each experience lived on Earth as the most perfect fruits for God, the fruits of self-giving.

Today I have come here in an extraordinary way. You have prepared the house to receive Me and once again I tell you: “Here I Am, receiving the offering of your consecration, for in the depths of My Heart I knew that this hour and this day would come.

So, today I want you to understand the meaning of cycles, the sacred time of opportunities, the unique moment of inner surrender, in which God attentively contemplates your steps, in which God silently knows your sufferings and tests. Despite all that the Eternal Father sees in this world, everything, absolutely everything, is under His Paternal Gaze.

This is why, on this day, He has sent Me here, in an extraordinary way, to commune with those who are starting to climb the steps of consecration, who, trusting your Lord Jesus Christ, walk toward that which is unknown and immaterial, where God has a space and a place for each one of you, so that someday you may merge with His Absolute Void, and, in this way, you may no longer want to be anything, but rather want to be all in the Creator.

Today, I have received the Grace of having this time with you, of re-appearing to you, just as I re-appeared to My apostles in Jerusalem.

And facing the doors of Israel, the sacred spiritual mission that your Master will share with you, I want you to internally and spiritually feel today the same thing that I felt when your Master and Lord entered Jerusalem, when the Living God Himself was recognized, adored and praised by humanity. And, on that day, no one died on Earth, because God’s Grace abundantly and Mercifully descended upon souls, establishing His most precious Gifts and Virtues within hearts.

Taking this example and this fact, the triumphant entrance of Christ in Jerusalem, I thus prepare you, as from now on, for My sacred task in Israel and in the Middle East, as well as in Turkey and in Syria.

From this fact and this example, I want to share a synthesis with you, and also a reflection about this fruitful cycle, all that I myself have closely accompanied, although it does not seem so.

And on this afternoon, when souls are consecrated to Christic and missionary life, I want to express a fraternal gesture of love, and also of protection to those who dare to walk toward Me in trust, responding to My Supreme Will, even if you do not know it profoundly, uniting to My Eternal Love to relieve the suffering of the planet, so that love may heal pain.

For this reason, today, Aadrika, Tissianie and Timoteo, receive from My Hands My Sacred Crown of Thorns, the symbol of sacred resignation before the Lord.

For just as you are today with Me on this solemn afternoon of consecration, in the same way you have been with Me in Israel in other times, with the difference that today you again remember, in the innermost depth of your souls and spirits, in communion with the Life of the Master and Lord.

After more than fifteen years of this Order consecrated by Me, in the last seven years up to the present, through the Message and the Word of the Mother of God, souls have been called and summoned to serve in Humanitarian Missions. They were called to live a greater challenge than your consciousnesses. They were called to be ambassadors of selfless service and of charity. They were summoned to be sparks of Christ’s Love in the darkness so that, through service for the neediest and most vulnerable in any part of the world, you might be before the suffering of the Lord through the innocent, in the tears of the child that is lost, in the pain of orphans and of the discarded, in the disease of those who are not welcomed, in the despair of those who flee from wars and conflicts.

You have been before Me in those who are forgotten and repudiated, in those who are slaves of the corrupt systems of this world. Many times, you were before Me while you faced those who suffer natural and migratory disasters, but also, together with Me, you have been before those who are indifferent and wicked.

Many times, I have passed before you and your brothers and sisters, and few were able to recognize Me.

See how many you are, and you will realize how few have responded to My Call. I offered to all the deepest Graces of My Heart, but few were able to appreciate and recognize them.

However, today I come here for those who continue and trust in Me, because, just as two-thousand years ago, My Sacred Prophecy is again fulfilled.

I will send you two by two to the most suffering places in the world, where not only food, but also love is lacking. Where not only a home, but also compassion is lacking. Where not only water, but also the Supreme Fountain of God in each heart is lacking.

Considering the coming spiritual mission to Israel and Turkey, I come to beg the world to listen to My Voice, and to know that I Am thirsty. I remain in this world, in the hope that I will be helped through the needy.

How far will the indifference of humanity go?

Where is the goodness of humanity?

Why is the heart being hardened by indifference, after the Living God Himself shed His Blood at each step to the Calvary?

Where is the essence of charity?

God did not make this world to be indifferent. God did not create this world to be selfish. He did not let Himself be flagellated or let Himself die for the ungrateful.

What else shall I do so that the world may change?

But yes, I Am consoled by the voice of the innocent from Africa and other parts of the world who, submerged in grave need, do not lose faith in Me, because the faith that emerges and springs from their hearts is their own nourishment and inexplicably overcomes the whole human condition.

Even though they are beings incarnated in this world, the faith of the little ones and of the innocent renews all things and grants to the world an inexplicable time of peace, despite the wars. The faith of the discarded and forgotten grants the balance of the axis of the planet, because they live in God and God lives in them, just as God lives in His Son, and His Son lives in God.

With the deepest cry of My Heart, I tell those who still have not taken the step to respond and listen to God, because the hardest hour is approaching, just as the Lord lived His hardest hour in the Garden of Gethsemane.

I have nothing more to offer to you, other than this reality.

Who will be capable of not losing any more time?

Who will decide to be a piece within the great puzzle of the Plan?

A New Earth cannot be built with the inconsistent.

And all has been said. This is why today I kneel before those who are consecrated, because God alone knows about the reality of each heart, what hides in the depths of the spirit and the soul.

After these honest years of effort with the suffering brothers and sisters of Venezuela through the Humanitarian Roraima Mission, now the cycle comes of harvesting the fruits of surrender, allowing My Redeeming and Consoling Love to descend upon Africa, Poland, Turkey and the whole world, allowing the souls that are discarded and not considered by the world to be part of My Celestial Kingdom.

This is something inexplicable to Me. It is a Mystery of God, in which He can work through His Children, those who say 'yes' to service and to self-giving, without anything in return, with the only aim of consoling My Heart. For this reason, today I bless those who are brave, regardless of their imperfections and miseries.

I do not come to point out that which is not right. I come to seek that which I left to you as talents two-thousand years ago. Thus, the Word of the Lord is fulfilled, the Sacred Prophecy revealed by the Angel of God in the Garden of Gethsemane: despite the darkness that was surrounding the Master, the visions of the New Christs of the end of times, who would raise My Celestial Church through your life and your consecration, in the hardest hour of the Lord, when the Chalice of sins was to be drunk by Me, the awakening of the New Christs comforted Me and gave Me the strength to say 'yes'.

Today I come to recognize that which no one sees. This is why I Am here.

I will bless you through the Sacraments, as an inexhaustible sign of My Presence, the Presence of the Eternal Love of God in His Children. May all this be for the good of humanity and the planet so that no more innocent blood may be shed in this world, so that war may not be unleashed upon humanity, because the Hand of the Son of God deters it through those who accept the Crown of Christ.


Elohenu, Adonai, Eli,
hold in Your Heart this sacred moment,
one of the so many promises that you gave to Me
in the Garden of Gethsemane.

And today, before those who aspire to live
the path of simplicity and surrender,
My Eyes become illuminated at seeing this moment
that You, Lord, have carefully prepared
for Your Children and for Me.

Thus, I praise You, Adonai,
and I thank You, Sacred Father,
because in the face of such a confused and obscure world,
Your Celestial Kingdom awakens in simple hearts.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:
Now, we will ask Tissianie, Aadrika and Timoteo to draw near.


Dear children and apostles, missionaries of the Love of My Heart, in the name of Our Lord, Adonai, Elohenu, Abba, I come once again to bless you and, with plenitude and Love, consecrate you to this sacred mission of giving your lives for Me.

Aadrika, today I consecrate you, in the name of My Celestial Mother, with the name Shalom.

Timoteo, you already have a name that to Me is special, very significant for this incarnation.

Tissianie, I consecrate you with the name Aajhmaná, so that the spiritual food of the Heavens may be that which nourishes your spirit and life.

Thank you for this enthusiastic response, toward the unknown Love!

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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My dear children, 

Today, with joy and deep rejoicing, I meet you in Israel.

Once again, the Eternal Father has given Me the Grace to be here, in My Sacred Land, in the Sacred Land of Adonai.

Today, I invite you to remember Me, not only as your Mother of Israel, but also as the Servant who walked and stepped upon this sacred soil; who together with the faithful followers of Christ, the holy women, your Heavenly Mother shared and lived unforgettable moments.

I want you to feel at home, in the House of Adonai.


Cultivate a pure heart, empty of ambition and desire, so that you may understand the heavenly mysteries and so that your souls may be more inclined to that which comes from God rather than that which comes from the world.

Cultivate a pure heart, empty of ambition and desire, so that when your eyes behold the greatness of the Lord at His entry into Jerusalem, you will not dwell on the majesty of human praise, but on the profound depths of the Presence of Christ.

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