Monday, July 4 of 2016

Monthly messages

I finally arrived at the place of Your Greater Ruler, who holds you in Her Heart and gives you life, Who leads you to My Heart at all times so that you can feel Peace, the Peace of God.

In My Kingdom there is no evil, only the victory and triumph of My merciful Heart. Therefore, on such a blessed day when I gather you all together in My holy Temple, I come to give you My Peace so that you may multiply it in the world, first with your families and friends, and then with all those who surround you, with all those who cross your paths and who, in their sad gaze, are also in need of My Peace. So I send you as My apostles, I give you My Heritage, My Word, and My Love so that you can carry them throughout the world, first to those who are around you, your dear ones who are in need of the word of My Heart so as to bear these difficult times in which the world plunges into chaos and into the abyss.

I came to Europe, and especially to Portugal, because it is a land much loved by Our Creator, where hearts can truly be healed and find the meaning of their lives on the spiritual path that God invites them to traverse. I also come on this day, at the request of the Eternal, so that your hearts can expand and enter My schools of love, of sacrifice, of charity, and of service for the many souls here who need it. Look around you, companions, and you will perceive how much need there is in the world, especially in souls that cannot find God, and lose their guardian angels because they are immersed in the material life, in modernities, and in unconsciousness, situations that separate them from God and that distance them from His Heart. For this reason, companions, cause original purity to emerge from yourselves; it was not by chance that My Holy Mother of Heaven came here almost a hundred years ago to bring you that special attribute.

Adore the Sacred Hearts and not only will you bring about the triumph of the spiritual task of the Divine Messengers in Portugal, but this impulse will go beyond this country, will travel across the continents, will unite hearts, awaken consciousnesses that are very asleep at this time. So I invite you to be My apostles as from now. The flame of your hearts must still light up a little more, the ardent devotion of your spirits must be available at this crucial time through prayer, peace, and communion with Me.

At this time I come to call you as I did to My apostles so that you can also redeem and purify yourselves, so you can choose a single path and no longer walk two, because there is no more time, companions; open your consciousnesses, open your hearts, and you will be able to take in My Call.

I come, after My Mother, to demonstrate the great Humility of God that needs to be among you all the time so that the Work of the Father is accomplished in Europe and also beyond, in Asia.

I come to this place with My angels to convene you; My commands allow the doors of the whole Universe to open so that your consciousnesses may enter and define themselves by the Christic path of love and of truth.

I come to awaken in you, companions, that sacred task that you must always fulfill. This is the time and the moment in which your hearts will be able to work in the Name of the Lord, and that I can count on your hands and arms to perform this work of redemption in the world. Many others are being convened for this task.

I come to this sacred Portugal to awaken the new Christs, those who commited themselves to Me to live a life of redemption and of transformation for the greater part of the souls of the world that are lost. You, My companions, who come from diverse nations of Europe, wil be able to perceive the chaos in the world, in society, and in souls, in all the hearts that need of a greater strength in order to move forward.

The end of time has not yet come, and Armageddon has just started. I come to bring awareness to your spirits and souls so that you do not live in illusion as many souls do that do not seek the wellspring of My Heart, who do not know My Love because I am very unknown to them. I am the same Jesus of Nazareth as from the past, but now in My Glory. I come to prepare you for My return because that moment is approaching and it is time, companions, for your hearts to be well prepared, that you should know how to read the signs of the Universe, that you know also how to read world events that are being precipitated over humanity in a serious way and souls do not know how to get out of them.

I bring you the key of My Heart so that you can live in this moment through adoration and prayer with Me, so that I can thus pour My Gifts over you, you will have the impetus for carrying out My Works at this time, so that My Works touch all hearts on Earth, so that even the most evil can be resurrected by My Divine Mercy, and I can give them redemption, a precious Gift of My Heart.

When your hands open to receive Me, it is a sign that inwardly you are understanding what I ask of you, because My time is precious for the world and for all of humankind that must recover the values it has lost, the true values of Christiandom to be united with Me in spirit and in consciousness. So today I come again with My angels of the Universe so that your souls and bodies can be assisted, so that your spirits rise up and matter find the light it needs to understand the Will of God. I open the doors of that knowledge to you, because My science is not like that of the Earth; it is a mystery not yet known that is only revealed to the simple of heart, and to the soul that in humility searches for Me to be with Me all the time.

Today I also come to give sacrament through the Gifts I gave you in the past. In this meeting of prayer, companions, you will experience My Spirit and feel My Gifts of forgiveness and of love that will bathe you completely if the heart accepts them in the sacred convocation that I call for at this time.

I wish for your hearts to perceive the urgency of the times, the need for all souls, the importance of stepping out of individualism to find group life, kinship, love among beings which is what will sustain you in these end times. If that does not exist in you nor in humanity, how will you bear the currents of the Universe that will come to bring order to the planet in the four corners of the Earth? Who will be able to bear this current that is already descending into the world? Because it is the Law of God which descends to correct the hearts and the lives that have forgotten His Purpose.

Keep clearly in mind that God does not punish humanity; it is humanity that punishes itself with its actions and that forgets that the Son of God incarnated in the world, suffered and died for you to give you eternity and salvation. Do not forget My Cross and do not fear to look at it; in My Cross is the love that I gave because of you and for you throughout time and up to the present. My Love does not cease to be poured out upon the world through My Divine Mercy; whoever believes in this must live it because they will be safe.

May this Marathon represent the finding of truth for each being, so that the lie, inherent to this world, may dissolve. May each soul be able to find My Heart as a symbol of salvation and of the surrender of God for the world. May you live My Heart in this sacred meeting so that all blame may be dissolved in the consciousness, thus you will be closer to Me as you open your hearts at every step of this meeting.

Today I already give each of you and your brothers of the world My blessing so that you have more inner strength and thus continue on this path that I invite you to traverse with Me; a path to peace, to purification, to the Mercy of God that still descends into the world before Justice comes.

Just as you raise your prayers to My Heart, I want you to raise them to the Heart of God for all the souls of Europe and the Middle East so that those that suffer most may find peace, consolation, and human help that are so needed in these times. I want to see more missionaries who carry My Peace to chaos, My Light to darkness, My Love to wars, and fortitude to those who are hungry. This is the greatest offering that I am giving you in over two thousand years. I told you that whoever did this in My memory would have eternal life and so I give you life, I give you renewal through My spiritual Ministry.

I thank you for searching for My Truth, so necessary in these times.

May your hearts open to feel My Peace, and thus they will be liberated from the faults of the world. Peace.

Christ Jesus Glorified