Saturday, June 4 of 2016

Monthly messages

I have finally come here to be with you and never to separate Myself again, if you allow Me so.

I have finally come here to liberate those who have needed it since a long time, and this is due to your intervention together with My redemptive Work in this final time.

I Am this Most Holy Heart that presents Itself to you to show you the Universe of God and for you never to lose the filiation with My Father, who is in the Heavens.

I ardently expected to be here today with you for you not only to proclaim My Divine Mercy, but also for you to feel Me in the depth of your hearts and lives, in each space of your beings, in each aspect of your consciousnesses.

I am finally here, companions, to pray for My Argentina with My Mother, Saint Joseph, and all the angels of Heaven that have come here extraordinarily to elevate to the Universe the prayers of the children of God, of the self-summoned.

I need that in these three days that you will be with Me to adore and love Me, you venerate My Most Holy Heart, that is your Eucharist, the perfect union with God that dissipates all evil, that liberates the bonds and that brings healing to the hearts.

I am finally with you, companions, so that you can renew your vows with Me once and again, without leaving behind My Projects, that are the projects of your lives, of your families, of the whole nation that is also in its transition and in its test as all the nations of the world. If you, companions, strengthen this vow with Me you will not perish, and the nation will not perish either because there will be consistent hearts that will follow My Path in spite of what happens and you will face the challenges, those that will reach the encounter of everybody to confirm the great Project of God, that is His Love and His Unity with the whole Universe.

Today I come especially, companions, with the angels who adore My most holy Body in the Eucharist, and today I am here with you with a very special company, who gave the impulse to the revelation of My Sacred Heart: Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, who brought in advance the revelation of My Divine Mercy, first through My Sacred Heart, and then through the union with Me. What greater treasure did I leave you at that time, as well as with Saint Faustina, who showed you the path of the apostolate and the devotion to My Rays of mercy that are present nowadays among you to purify you, to consecrate you to My Lord?

With each guardian angel feel the Universe of God that approaches itself to this material and illusionary reality and opens the eyes in all the inner worlds of the souls that are still searching for a way out. If you persevere, companions, the people will persevere, and in spite of the time that is approaching, the hearts will be with Me to honor God and to make His divine Project descend in each heart and in each consciousness.

Today I come, companions, finally, for you to be between My Arms and to feel My Love that gives you warmth for the cold you feel, that gives you strength for the fears you might feel, that gives you joy in each test, in each challenge, that gives life to those who are dying spiritually.

I need to live in your hearts all the time and a little bit more. I need you to hold Me in your lives as the biggest testimony that redemption and peace have given you.

I open the doors of the Universe to those who do not deserve it; I hand opportunities to all the hearts who listen to Me and who live Me in the plenitude of love.

I am here, companions, finally, so that through prayer we may restore many consciousnesses that still wait for salvation and liberation.

In the most holy presence of My Heart I adore, contemplate and love you, and dissolve from your memories all the imperfection in whoever really believes it.

I am here today, companions, to summon you to be My missionaries not only in Argentina but in the world, because I need missionaries in each country for the doors of evil to close and the Work of God to triumph in the simple hearts.

See My Sacred Heart that reveals itself to you for you to adore It and feel it in your hearts. This is the Love that surrendered Itself to you and to each of your brothers and sisters. This Sacred Heart is the fountain that quenches the thirst and that renews you from time to time. This is the Heart that comes from God and that pulsates for each consciousness of this Universe; it is the Heart that brings you peace and hope in times of darkness; it is the Heart that gives itself as light for the inner and outer paths. This was the human Heart that carried the Cross and all the sins of the world until today. It is the heart that is not much honored, that is full of Grace, mercy and healing.

How much My Heart hurts for being full of love and not to be able to shed it on those who do not invoke it! The thorns of indifferences and sins do not hurt Me so much, what hurts Me is the rejection that the hearts feel towards Me, because it is not I who am with you, but My Father through Me, it is the Universe of God in life and hope. Drink from this Heart that sheds a fountain of Blood and of Christic life for all. Receive the rays of My Heart in your hearts and say, “Lord, I trust in You.” In this confidence you will not fear and through this confidence you will be able to do anything.

Today I do not come to see what Argentina has not done well because this is of no importance for God or for His Plan. Today I come to see where I have left the talents and how they have flourished through each one of My companions. Today I come to touch your talents in the depth of your hearts so that you can awaken and serve Me in brotherhood.

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah. Many of those who are indifferent in this nation today receive My Divine Mercy because you have opened the door for this to happen and persevered in faith and confidence to My Sacred Heart, this is incalculable for Me, even though I see all things and your inner worlds. The souls are unpredictable because without being aware it, they hold invisible keys that open the doors of the Heart of God.

I thank you, and let us honor Our Father who is attentive to the voice of all His children in Argentina for them to cry out for more mercy, for more redemption and especially for peace.

I will glorify this altar that you have prepared for Me in the simplicity of the spirit and of giving. The beauty of the altars is in the gestures that you emit to My Heart, in the hands that place each flower, in the arms that give themselves to lift My Image to the world.

The Lord listens to the prayers of all of His children and opens the doors of His Heart to receive the call of all creatures on Earth. Thus He establishes His Love in all consciousnesses that unify themselves through His Presence and His infinite Love. He banishes all that separates the souls from His Divine Kingdom and from His Glory. With His Angels of Heaven, He establishes the mission for each one of His children, and whoever accepts Him with all their hearts will never cease to serve Him or to have the opportunity to do so as He has thought it.

Today I bless those who have always been loyal to Me in joy as in sadness, in confirmation as well as in discouragement because I never leave behind who is with Me and lives Me.

I bless these elements that will be the divine life in your cells and bodies and will reach the greatest depth of your beings for you to be in constant renewal and in My Peace.

I renew and also redeem you and I embrace you with My Light whenever you simply ask Me for it.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Let us give thanks to God and to all His Glory.

I thank you, companions, for being with Me today in truth and simplicity.

Celebrate My Being with joy and may the Holy Spirit guide you until I return to your encounter. Amen.

The Glorified Christ Jesus