Dear families of the whole world,

May the sacred and blessed Presence of My Son be upon you.

With the drawing near of the coming Birth of Christ within your hearts, may the families, as a primary cell of the Project of God upon the surface of the Earth, gather again in the spirit of the Birth of Jesus.

Dear families, in this sorrowful year that is ending for the world, may families renew their inner vows among their loved ones. May they avail themselves of these times of isolation to pray together, to love and recognize one another more, to revere the inner Christ that each family member carries within them, so that they can recover peace, so that peace may be present within the world.

Dear families, during the prayer of the Rosary at Christmas, pray for the divided families, pray for the impoverished families, pray for the refugee families so that, throughout all of humanity, the consciousness may awaken that family is a sacred Project of God and not an object of conflicts or disharmonies.

Dear families, I invite you to feel this call within your hearts, because the unity in the family needs to be recovered so that the great manipulator, My adversary, may be ousted and expelled from the heart of the families, which was converted into the center of the suffering of humanity.

I ask you, dear families, that your gaze and your heart may be in this inner work of reconciliation and rebuilding the family so that the Light of the Holy Spirit may be present among you.

May the Birth of Jesus in every human heart lead every member of the family to assume and live what God so expects, that it be a family of love, on the path toward inner consecration.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear Children,

The Most Chaste and Venerable Saint Joseph is preparing, in this month of July, to finalize His task with humanity.  But His teachings and words will resonate within those who throughout the years have known how to recognize the impulses that He left for the transcendence of humanity.

Children, I would like to announce to you that on July 19th, the day of the last apparition of Saint Joseph, the monthly Feast of the Heart of Saint Joseph will be instituted, in which every 19th of the month, from the Heavens, Saint Joseph will intercede for impossible causes and for the most difficult purifications of the human heart.

This Feast of Saint Joseph will not only be to remember His paternal presence in the life of His apprentices, but it will also be an opportunity for hearts to plead to Saint Joseph, for Him to grant the necessary Graces.

On that day, those who stand before the Sacred Reliquary of Saint Joseph will have the joy of being blessed by Saint Joseph, and they will be able to begin finding the path of humility.

This Feast of Saint Joseph will not only be for honoring the Holy Name of the intercessor for the human hearts, but it will also be a day in which the souls that are praying to Saint Joseph will be able to renew their vows, and the missionary lives will be safeguarded by the light of the Chaste Heart, month after month.

May the monthly Feast of Saint Joseph be for remembering the impulses of each one of His words and instructions.

Every 19th, each soul will be able to offer Saint Joseph not only their imperfect hearts but they will also be able to light a candle so that the Grace of conversion may transform the hearts of humankind and the healing of humanity may be granted.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Forty-eighth Poem

Mirror of God’s Justice,
intercede for the whole world,
intercede for Your children of the Earth
so that souls may awaken in time
to the true state of consciousness,
and, thus, the lives of the world may make
the very necessary changes in this time.

Mediatrix of Divine Love,
place in the hearts of Your children
the Gifts and Virtues of God
so that souls may become aware
of the importance of turning towards God,
and of reconciling their lives
through Divine Mercy.

Guardian of Faith,
help us protect the purity
that God deposits within our hearts.

Through acts of charity and love,
may we renew our inner vows with the Eternal Father.

Help us, Most Holy Mother,
so that any trace of illusion may disappear
from our consciousnesses.

May we be able to find the truth we need
so that, in Your Son, we may achieve spiritual freedom.

May the angels of Heaven
break with their swords the shackles of damnation,
and may souls find the meaning and reason
for being present on Earth.

May ignorance give place to wisdom,
and, in wisdom, may we find the peace and faith
in living the Divine Plan of Love.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


To My Dear Consecrated Children with the Sky-Blue Mantle of the Mother of God

My little ones,

On this special day, while the altar of the heart of each child of Mine is offered in the hands of your Heavenly Mother, the inner vows of fidelity before the Eternal Father are again renewed.

As a part of My praying armies on Earth, the roses of prayer, of each Child of Mary, are placed at the feet of the Mother of God.

And these intentions are today gathered up and taken to the greater Altars of Heaven so that the Divine Father may accept them and, according to His Most Holy Will, He may pour out His Mercy even more upon a world and a humanity asleep due to indifference.

This day or renewal is not only important for the inner and spiritual life of each child consecrated with the Sky-Blue Mantle of the Mother of God, but also the offering and carrying forward of this 6th Annual Meeting of the Children of Mary places all of My children before the definitive entrance into the last stage of the planet.

The fidelity, love, service and prayer of each consecrated child is what will remain as light in the world when your Heavenly Mother retreats into the celestial spheres.

It will be the praying voices of the Children of Mary that will protect the families of the world and all the helpless, just as prayer will also encompass all Creation.

Hand in hand, the Children of Mary will be the pillars that, at the moment of the great battle, will fight, through their word and love, for the triumph of My Immaculate Heart.

On this day, I prepare you for this moment, because it is near.

May the Divine Light of the Love of God bless and reaffirm the inner vows of each consecrated child for this next stage of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call, and I am very grateful for the Meeting today!

Who always blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Dear sons and dear daughters of Mine,

Listen, at this moment, to the winter winds that embrace the north of the planet.

Feel the light of this lake that reveals everything. Unite with the nature of your being and commune with God so that today you may renew your vows in the name of humanity and the planet, in the name of the Original Project of God and of all that still must be done here upon the surface of the Earth.

Feel the breeze of these winter winds of Canada and open the doors of your consciousness to the new in order to discover the sacred knowledge that is held upon this planet and in many Inner Enclaves of the Brotherhood.

Receive this winter breeze of Canada as a moment of introspection and withdrawal, to discover within your being that which really exists, rather than only what seems to be, that which once emerged from the Source to live and experience the awakening of consciousness, the evolution of love and the great moment that you are living in the redemption offered to you by this planet and this creation that is found here; absolutely thought of, meditated upon and contemplated by the Eternal Father for each one of His children.

It is from this setting, in Canada, that today I send My message for each Child of Mary, for each child of Mine consecrated to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart.

An important moment in which you may renew your lives and consciousnesses in the aspiration of fulfilling the Plan of God, as armies of the Mother of the World, which attract to Earth all that is in the Heavens so that souls may ignite in light within themselves and find God beyond all that may happen or take place.

Walk toward the encounter with the new humanity. You are the transition of something that will arrive and that will soon emerge. This is the hardest and most difficult moment, but it is not the only one. After everything happens, the Light will come, the Light of Christ, the Light of My Son, to illuminate you again in the same way that the Holy Spirit illuminated the apostles.

Follow the path that you are building in your lives and do not allow yourselves to be intimidated nor disturbed.

A Child of Mary is one who is reborn every day and who, beyond themselves, fulfills that which God so much expects in the simple things of life, in the gestures of love, in charity and in the good.

Allow service to be the torch of the Children of Mary, that prayer always be the fire that lights up your hearts in order to find peace, the peace so urgent in these times, the peace you can reflect with the example of your lives and your surrender.

Today I speak to you from the frozen country of Canada and, opening My arms and stretching out My hands toward you, dear children, I expand the light of the Mirrors of the Universe upon the Earth so that today your souls may be filled with more attributes and principles, and you can thus continue walking in the evolution of love and consciousness, in a vaster and deeper opening, so as to understand the Mysteries of God and, in this way, live His Plan on the surface of the Earth.

Today I send you this message from Canada as part of a trajectory of the Spiritual Hierarchy which moves through certain places of the Earth in order to prepare your consciousnesses and your brothers and sisters for what will come.

This is why knowledge in your lives is indispensable, so that you may apply it and move forward with it in your daily lives and, in this way, you may imitate other peoples and consciousness that have also passed through the Earth and that lived a great awakening.

Today it makes Me happy to see you gathered together in the name of the Love of God, which is the first thing you must experience in your lives. Today it makes Me happy that you are gathered together in the name of My Son and, lastly, in the name of the Love of your Heavenly Mother, who stretches out Her mantle to protect you, to safeguard you and wrap you in the Grace of God.

This Divine Grace that is inextinguishable and undeniable, a Grace that I have brought especially for each consecrated child so that they may awaken to their personal mission and may perceive that it is the time and the moment of the great encounter, of the great service for humanity and for the planet as well as the Kingdoms of Nature.

This is why I am here today, from the great lakes of Canada, I send My message of Love, of Peace and of re-consecration for each child of Mine consecrated to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart.

Never lose sight of the truth of what you are and the Divine Existence that once formed and created you. In this way, you will learn to overcome appearances and obstacles, which will renew your lives in daily loving prayer that will unite you with God and all the Universe.

May the potency and power of the Mirrors of the Universe illuminate your consciousnesses and all your brothers and sisters so that, in the face of a new step of re-consecration, each one may take their place and their moment of great planetary service, for a definitive time approaches and it is not far away, My children. That will be the time and the hour of doing everything for this planet and for its humanity, so that everything may begin again as is foreseen.

From My Heart, receive the light of the Graces and Mercy of the Father. Filled by My maternal spirit, reaffirm your vows and renew your consciousnesses, for there is still much to do and serve.

May prayer in your lives continue to be this bridge that unites you with My Heart and carries you to Heaven in spirit every day.

On this day of renewal, may all the Children of Mary stand up and, as an army, affirm the commitment of fidelity and union with their Heavenly Mother, the Universal Mother.

With joy and rejoicing, I receive your appeals and intentions so that, in this year 2020, you may continue to grow inwardly and take form as apostles of Christ on Earth.

From the Great Mirror of the Universe, I send to all the Light that you and the planet need, so that this human civilization can again find the meaning of experiencing this Project of Creation that is still to be accomplished, and you will prepare this accomplishment with the Return of Christ.

Be happy and smile at the Mother of God, because Divine Grace has touched your hearts and lives forever.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the Presence of the Mother of God, Who brings us inner healing and renewal, before Her Presence on this day, which fills our lives and hearts, through Her Grace, all together we renew our vows to the Immaculate and Maternal Heart of Mary, for the triumph of Her Heart on this planet and in this humanity. And so that Her divine and sacred attributes may continue to descend into our souls and into our brothers and sisters, and within this scenery of the great lakes of Canada, being embraced by the winds of this great winter and before Her Great Mirror, the Mirror of the Universal Mother, we will together say the prayer of the Universal Mother three times so that Her attributes may continue to work upon and consecrate the souls of this world.

Prayer: Universal Mother (three times).

And now, My children, listen again to the movement of the Mirrors, by means of this winter wind that embraces you and the movement of the water of this great lake, and how it is possible for the synthesis of Creation to manifest in all of nature and within you; and thus, return to your origins, to your truth and to your essences, to be there in God, and to fulfill His Will for Him.

I thank you for having gathered together with Me today!

And under the authority granted to Me by My Son, I absolve you and re-consecrate you as My children, the children of the Celestial Father.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


To the Most Tested Souls

What are you afraid of? of not being able to reciprocate with Me? of completely losing fidelity to your Master and Lord?

Remember that each test that you go through is for forging the fulfillment of each one of your vows and, through your vows, concretizing the great mission that I have entrusted to you.

Each test is full of uncertainties and challenges which, with intelligence rather than with guilt, you should learn to overcome. You should demonstrate to the Father that you can surpass Me in what I lived for you and for your brothers and sisters in the Garden of Gethsemane.

You must not allow a test to push you or drag you. Each challenge toward transformation must be, for your consciousness, the opportunity to take another step toward My path of apostolate.

In the most difficult tests, resistances and aspects can be dissolved and become ash. There will never be a test nor a lesson that you canot overcome.

Otherwise, how would you show Me that you truly want to follow Me? I do not promise rose gardens, but rather I promise spiritual triumphs for God through your surrender, sacrifice and redemption.

Be intelligent and act with determination. Make the gift that I gave you count. Make it blossom every day and you will be showing Me that you understood and that you already know that which I need.

Do not feel discouraged, an apostle of Christ never steps back.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


My companions and apostles,

Every day I place you before the Grace and opportunity to serve God in infinite ways. But your heart must be in everything, because the heart that serves, feels the need and attends to it.

Thus, I have you trained in the service of love for humanity; since, in these difficult times, the spiritual, mental and material needs are great; but there are only a few that, in My Name, surrender like empty glasses so that the Greater Priest may fill them with His Gifts.

I come to remind you of the inner vows that were once made by you before My merciful Presence.

Let these vows be the perfect conviction and the true confirmation of going through this time out of love for Your Lord and Master, because more demanding times are coming.

Times that place the servers of Christ very far from themselves so that they may be available with all their being and consciousness, and completely able to experience the great and last convocation.

This is the cycle of recognizing yourself as an apostle and missionary of Christ so that, in an immediate way, the planet may be alleviated from its condition of adversity through the reparation and healing that the service of those of Mine can awaken within all that seems lost.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Invocation to the Divine Attribute of Humility

Our Lord, 
make me small and insignificant.

May my person not take vainglory in anything;
may my heart be a bridge towards Your holy Peace.

Lord, make me helpful and good,
kind and merciful to others.

May my consciousness always receive 
the necessary corrections from life;
may my human heart never close;
may I learn to thank 
all lessons and experiences.

May I do everything for You, Lord, 
and nothing for me, nor for my own imperfect will.

Teach me to empty myself.

Teach me, in humility, to recognize You
alive and present in the Communion,
in the consecration of life,
in each one of the vows
that I have proposed to take for You.

destroy my pride,
dissolve my arrogance
and heal me from spiritual negligence.

May I learn to protect, from myself,
Your majestic Work;
may I no longer be a thorn in Your meek Heart,
but rather a flower at the foot of Your sacred Altar.

light me in Your Humility,
vivify me in the constant void
and redeem me all the time
in the loving fire of Your Heart
so that, at least the smallest portion of my life may be 
the testimony of Your Love and of Your Divine Will on Earth.


I thank you for saying this prayer from the heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


I write this message with words of light to be able to express, through them, the gratitude and the Love that I have for My dear children, especially for all souls that throughout the times and My Apparitions have made their first vows of consecration to the Mother of God.

For this reason, My children, I come in a special way today to invite and call each Child of Mary to be present with me on March 12, 2019, at the Marian Center of Aurora, the place that will be the venue for the next Annual Meeting of the Children of Mary.

I invite and call you to be in the presence of your Celestial Mother so that you may not only renew the vows of your consecration, which you once made, but also that your souls may receive a spiritual impulse directly from the Mother of God in order that your consciousnesses may prepare for the times of emergencies.

Surrounded by the splendorous Aurora, I invite you to be by My side on this March 12 and also to invite, in this year, a brother or sister to participate in the Meeting so they can see how beautiful it is to live in the Heart of God.

As of now, I announce this invitation so that each child of Mine may get organized to be present.

This Meeting will be globally broadcast through Mercy Mary TV so that the Children of Mary from Central America, North America and Europe can accompany.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message received in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús


On the eve of the Nativity, I want to tell you to have, from this moment on, your hearts prepared to receive the inner impulses that will come directly from My Heart because, for this cycle, these impulses will place you upon the path to concretizing and representing the Work of Christ on Earth.

For this reason, for you, this cycle will mean an opportunity of placing all of your attention on the true circumstance it represents, rather than on the party that it popularly represents, year after year.

The Nativity is an inner opportunity for the renewal of vows with the inner Christ of each being, it is the opportunity of expanding the commitment that each soul acquired before incarnating on Earth.

For this reason, companions, the Nativity signifies the drawing closer of the Christic Laws to the planetary consciousness, for all of humanity.

Who in truth knows how to take advantage of this circumstance will be greatly benefitted, and will not be distracted by the parties that the enemy has created throughout time, on this special date.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Dear children:

Each day that goes by is an inner opportunity to renew the vows of union and compromise for this new Nativity that is approaching, a moment in which the attention of humanity will be placed absolutely on something external and material and not on something internal and profound.

For this reason, to all those who are more conscious and are within the spiritual path, My children, will be responsible for supporting and sustaining all of the opposite that humanity will do during this month so that at least the Codes of the Divinity of Christ may be present in the majority of the souls on Earth, so that the consciousnesses feel and perceive that it is no longer necessary to submerge themselves in the superfluous life, but to go within the life of the spirit.

This is the time of the great definitions and of great steps.

I invite you, My children, to be builders of the new time for the emergence of a New Humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children:

In this new month that begins, we will deepen into the Nativity of the Lord, an important moment for the vows with the inner Christ of each being to be renewed and the commitment to the Plan of Love to be strengthened.

Therefore, My children, I call on you to be attentive to this detail of your renewal, for even though, day to day, through the communion with My Son, you are also renewed, it is important for your souls to unite with the Sacred Nativity of the Lord so that your spirits may be blessed with the impulses of love that My own Son will be pouring out during these days in which the entire humanity places its attention in another place.

For this reason, when a soul, through the intercession of the Divine Son, offers itself to God and renews its vows, other possibilities present themselves for the planetary life and especially other opportunities are present for humanity in great need of real love.

In that inner renewal, in that confirmation that I invite you to experience during this next Nativity, you will allow the spiritual attributes that humanity needs for reconfiguring to be drawn to Earth.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Consecrated child:

Renew yourself on this day and celebrate for being part of the Work of Mercy and Love of your Redeemer.

Renew yourself within confirming the internal vows that you have made before your Master and Lord and do not worry about anything because if I am part of your life and your existence, you have to believe forever that everything, absolutely everything, is under My sovereign Power and that nothing similar to your Lord will be able to interfere.

For this reason, with eyes full of joy and light, My child, celebrate this day of confirmation and re-consecration to My Paternal Heart. May this inner affirmation allow the new purpose to be built in you and may this purpose embrace more hearts.

On this day of renewal for each consecrated person, let there exist no fear, doubt or lack of faith.

May every consecrated soul know that it must always do its best so that the Sacred Heart of the Master may triumph in order for more uncertain doors in the world to be closed by means of the intimate communion of the spirit with the Savior of the world.

May this day be a reason for celebration and not of anguish, of hope and not of bitterness.

May each soul, who consecrated themselves to the Redeemer, look with an ardent aspiration towards the firmament and, at some point in sidereal space, find the return of Christ, first in its heart and second, in this sorrowful planet.

May each consecrated person offer their consecration and above all their human heart to be a repository of new virtues and Graces so that this Order of love and brotherhood, which I have previously founded, may receive the Grace of new vocations, of the awakening of new talents for these times, in which universal love and peace must reign.

Receive, from your Master, the paternal blessing so that each soul consecrated on this day may again say to My Heart: "My beloved Lord, here I am to serve you, to fulfill Your Will".

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus

Daily Message received of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Allow your heart to become meek, because in this way you will enter My Peace.

Everything is in its place, although it does not seem so. Everyone is having the opportunity to learn new things.

Allow your heart to become meek, because in this way you will enter My Peace.

This moment demands great efforts from all, so that bigger and infinite steps may be taken.

Allow your heart to become meek, because in this way you will enter My Peace.

You are all receiving the opportunity to expand in love and brotherhood, the opportunity to renew your vows of service to the Divine Plan.

Therefore, allow your heart to become meek, because in this way you will enter My Peace and will experience what you must experience under the protection of My Spirit.

I thank you for your effort.

Who loves you eternally,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in Villa de Dornes, Ferreira do Zêzere, Santarém, Portugal to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

As silence penetrates the surface consciousness, the alliance between souls and God is established, and everything that is superficial and illusory begins to lose strength and vigor.

It is for this reason that when sacred silence is truly practiced, it not only benefits the soul but also the spirit of each being.

In this hour, a sacred silence can overcome great adversities and defeat great abysses of the planetary consciousness, because it acts as the first Law in all things.

When silence is experienced with love, devotion and harmony, it is an autonomous portal that opens over the consciousness of the planet and expands so widely that, without a battle, it releases the conditions or the projects of evil that were about to happen.

Sacred silence brings a renewal of life, and this influences the vows in a positive way, which also benefits the spiritual consecration of humanity.

Silence is an invisible and imperceptible instrument that roots out the human condition and acts upon the deepest planes of the being.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unifies you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My dear and beloved children,

Today, with a white tunic and mantle down to the feet, wearing a blue belt and with the holy rosary between My hands, I present Myself to you as the Lady of the Poor.

This is My Face of humility and surrender for the poorest among the poor.

Today, children, I wish that on this day of renewal of vows with the Evolutionary Plan of God, you be as your Mother of the Poor, so that, in this cycle, just like Me, you may find the need for help everywhere.

I am the Lady of the poor in spirit, the poor in soul, the poor in faith, the poor in heart.

I am the Lady of the poor who are helpless,  the poor who are orphans, the poor who have lost maternity.

I am the Lady of the poor who are alone, the poor who do not feel loved, the poor who have lost all hope.

I am the Lady of the poor who do not pray, the poor sinners, the ignorant poor, the poor in spirit who have lost love for God.

I am the Lady of the marginalized poor, the enslaved poor, the poor children who are sold and exploited.

I am the Lady of the poor who have gone mad, the poor in wisdom, the poor who live and sleep on the streets of this world.

I am the Lady of the poor who become lost, the innocent poor, the poor women who sell themselves on the streets.

I am the Lady of the poor women who are slaves of life, the poor indigenous consciousnesses who have lost their culture and their land in these times. 

I am the Lady of the poor hearts who experience injustice, of the poor elders who are rejected and do not feel loved.

I am the Lady of the young poor that have been conquered by temptation and deception.

I am the Lady of the poor essences that do not fulfill their mission upon this Earth.

I wish, children, that you could imitate Me, and that the House of the Lady of the Poor, conceived in the bosom of the Children of Mary could, through the prayer of the heart, spiritually attend to all these forgotten needs in these times, because of the indifference of humanity.

I am the Lady of the Poor and I want you, children, to adopt this Face of your Mother so that you may work upon it in yourselves day by day; because through the Lady of the Poor, I bring you and the world the essence of the Compassion of God.

The Lady of the Poor will be the teraphim of the Children of Mary, which will be the instrument of work through which your daily prayers will gain greater results for all of planetary life.

Today I am here among you, renewing the vows of consecration to My Immaculate Heart with each of My Children so that, in this year, your lives also may concede the Grace of your Lady of the Poor arriving again in Europe in the months of May and June, so that, with the help of everyone, it may be possible to avoid a great social movement among the nations, just like up to now has been avoided in the United States, thanks to the help of all of My children.

Today, the Lady of the Poor, Patron of the Children of Mary, blesses you and thanks you for renewing, for one more year, the daily vows of prayer, service, and selflessness.

I love you and will always love you until the end of days.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

The Father always wishes the best for your lives; it will only be important that your lives be united to His Purpose and that all of this be to you of vital and pleasant trust.

For this reason, dear children, with your hearts open to the great Mystery of God, live every stage that the Universe presents to you as something unique, as the possibility of making of each moment a sacred opportunity to love more and more each day.

My wish is that from your hearts would blossom the gratitude needed to make of each learning experience a moment of inner growth and of awakening, of detaching from the past and of seeing with meekness each experience lived.

My vow, dear children, is of accompanying you every day so that you may grow.

I thank you for responding to My Call.

Who unifies you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Message for the Apparition of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

Just as more than two thousand years ago, the prophecies will once again be fulfilled. The Sacred Books will no longer be only sacred, but become alive again before the eyes of the human beings.

My children, when Jesus arrived in the world and manifested, in a human expression, the Words of God and of the prophets, those who were apparently waiting for Him did not want to see Him, because He came to remove from the hands of the human beings the false power over the souls and over the temples; for they should become sacred again, so that the pure of heart and those who really were searching for God could find Him.

The doctors of the law did not want to recognize Him. They preferred to remain with their false power and humiliate the Son of God rather than surrender to Him and to the new Gospel that He was bringing. They did not want to renew their faith with the living Scripture, because it was easier to subject souls to waiting for a Messiah who never arrived.

Humanity at that time, My beloveds, feared to renew its own faith and to complete the Scriptures with what Jesus wrote with His arrival in the world. In spite of everything, My Son tore down the power of the hypocrites and the arrogant with His humility, because the smaller He was before the human beings, the more filled He was with God and His Love.

Children, I tell this because, in spite of so many wars, so many persecutions, so much denial, My Son rewrote the history and left the world a new Gospel, which renewed the Scriptures and brought souls even closer to God. Now, again the time has come to fulfill His prophecies, to renew the Gospel of Christ with life. The time has come to see His return, because those who, two thousand years ago, thought they had accepted His Presence among the human beings are clothed in false power again, taking control over the faith of the souls and hearts for themselves. They know that My Son will come, but they will not proclaim Him and will deny His Spirit, just as they denied His Body and His Blood so many centuries ago.

But this will not prevent Christ from returning to the world and demonstrating an even deeper union and likeness to God. He will come resplendent and will blind the eyes of those who thought they saw the light, but were in darkness.

As the prophet John warned humanity to repent because the Kingdom of God was near, now My Children, I tell you through My visionaries, to repent again, to ask for pardon and to renounce, before the crucified Christ, every false power you think you  have in your hands.

May all souls prepare their homes! May the churches repair their faults and renounce the material and spiritual accumulations that they hold so carefully in their homes.

The Redeemer will come and demand that those who call themselves His apostles live His Gospel. It was not He, children, who put on His garments like the garments of a king.

Christ came among the poor and divested His disciples and apostles of everything and, above all, of themselves. However, the human being once more adorned themselves and filled themselves with gold and stones, in the name of Christ, without understanding why the Messiah came into the world in a manger and not in a palace.

My beloveds, I do not tell you these things to hurt your hearts, but for you to review your lives. May all renew their vows before Christ, because only the simple of heart will recognize Him.

Will you be ready, My children, to divest of everything in the name of the resplendent Christ and see Him rewrite the Sacred Books with teachings that transcend human existence? Or will you hold the gold and the false power tightly in your hands, and  prefer to wait for the temple of this world to be destroyed in order to understand that the Son of God has returned to Earth?

Truly sanctify your lives. One who is pure and transparent before God does not need to fear anything. Therefore, children, do not say that I come to threaten you or to cause you fear. I come to warn those who are deaf and blind in their vanities and believe they serve Christ.

Recover the purity of your hearts. Pray with Me so that I may show you the Truth and the Path. Let Me wash your eyes and show you the Light, preparing you to be once again before My Son, and now, in surrender and with a sincere disposition, to follow Him.

I love you and tell you all of this so that you do not get lost. I wish that even the last living soul would recognize the arrival of My Son. His Spirit is now among you, but many deny Him.

I leave you My Peace, so that with it, you may reflect and renew your commitments to God.

I thank you.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


Spiritual and Civic Regulation for the Children of Mary

Dear children,

Due to the end of times and the beginning of inner purification of souls, I emit to you this basic regulation of consecration of the Children of Mary who, by signing it, will be accepting the foundations of this consecration and of this regulation, which will help you all to maintain yourselves within the Purpose and within the Law of the Hierarchy, the Law of Love.

This regulation is born to respond to the need of taking care of all the Children of Mary, not only of their consecration as Children, which has a spiritual value, but also to protect the Work within ethical, moral and civic values.

Remember that the affiliated to Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, register themselves within the absolute spirit of accepting the proposal that the Divine Messengers present in this cycle.

Association Mary is the legal and spiritual mother that protects the consecration of all Children of Mary within the living of Christic values of spirituality, as well as within moral, ethical and mental balance.

Given the spiritual need for the consecration to become more clear, Your Heavenly Mother is presenting to you, on this day, the basic spiritual and civic regulation that the Children of Mary, consecrated and to be consecrated in the future, must accept and send, signed, agreeing with the proposal and assuming total adhesion and trust to the guidance of the Spiritual Hierarchy. It is for this fundamental reason that each Child of Mary, having been consecrated a long time ago or recently, will have to make vows before the Hierarchy, committing themselves with the following:


To keep a life of prayer for one's own redemption and for the redemption of the world. To maintain a rhythm of daily prayer for peace and for the fulfillment of the Plans of the Creator.


A consecrated Child of Mary assumes total adhesion and obedience to the indications and instructions that they receive from Association Mary, an ecumenical and spiritual entity that supports and accompanies them on their inner path.


Every Child of Mary, once consecrated, assumes not to participate in any movement, doctrine, group, human social or spiritual association of any kind that opposes itself to the assumed values of a life of prayer, service, mercy and charity inspired by the Divine Messengers. This means, children, that each Child of Mary, once consecrated, assumes the proposal presented by the Most Holy Virgin and also signs on this document their spiritual, moral or human disengagement from any spiritual movement that is not the Christianity taught by the Most Reverend Lord Jesus Christ according to His Gospel and Instruction.

Association Mary, as guardian and speaker of all the consecrated Children of Mary, has the authority, the permission and the responsibility before each one of them to indicate, notify, orient, accompany and determine their disaffiliation from the entity for the following reasons: 

A) When they present mental problems that determine that the person cannot assume, by themselves, their own consecration, nor can it be assumed by some responsible person.

B) Due to evident reasons that they maintain, in a parallel form, any spiritual and human link to other movements that contradict the Christian ecumenism and that are out of the proposal of being a Child of Mary.

C) In face of any situation, be it spiritual, mental or human, that impedes them to assume their own consecration, or that puts in risk and compromises Association Mary, or other consecrated children.

D) Due to slander, verbal, social or public mistreat of the Work of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, or for generating confusion, commentaries or any kind of individual or group movement that compromises the values of respect, fraternity and transparency held among members registered in Association Mary.

E) Due to passing away. In this case, the consecrated Child will be terminated from the Association, holding the presence of this soul in the Kingdom of the Heavens among all the consecrated Children. Association Mary will send a document to the corresponding family members, informing them about the decision made. 

F) In the face of any other spiritual, mental, emotional or human situation that compromises their own consecration due to the purification of these times.

Every Child of Mary assumes, through this signed document, that they could be officially disaffiliated from their consecration and openly accepts to maintain their inner consecration to the Divine Mother. In the case of being disaffiliated they cannot keep the materials received at the moment of their consecration. Therefore, they must hand over all of these elements to preserve from themselves, or from their own impossibility, the Work of the Heavenly Hierarchy.


All the Children of Mary, through this document that will have to be signed by each one, assume and accept, trustfully, any determination, action or procedure from the Board of the Association Mary about their possible disaffiliation from the entity, which integrates them as consecrated members of Association Mary. Every affiliate entirely accepts any observation or decision that, for logical reasons, may lead the Association itself to take a rapid determination.

This regulation intends to reinforce the true commitment of each consecrated being to the Hierarchy as a healthy and harmonious response to protect, from oneself, what the Divinity intends to build, assuming that in the time of purification, everything is unpredictable.

I will thank that all of My consecrated Children receive from the Board of the Association Mary a copy of this document so that, as soon as possible, they may send it back signed for it to be registered and archived. 

If any Child does not accept this regulation, I lovingly ask them to return all the elements of the consecration and that theyapproach some Marian Center to pray and ask for light because the consecration is a commitment assumed consciously out of love for the Plan.

I thank you for understanding Me!

For a major purpose,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

I have finally come here to be with you and never to separate Myself again, if you allow Me so.

I have finally come here to liberate those who have needed it since a long time, and this is due to your intervention together with My redemptive Work in this final time.

I Am this Most Holy Heart that presents Itself to you to show you the Universe of God and for you never to lose the filiation with My Father, who is in the Heavens.

I ardently expected to be here today with you for you not only to proclaim My Divine Mercy, but also for you to feel Me in the depth of your hearts and lives, in each space of your beings, in each aspect of your consciousnesses.

I am finally here, companions, to pray for My Argentina with My Mother, Saint Joseph, and all the angels of Heaven that have come here extraordinarily to elevate to the Universe the prayers of the children of God, of the self-summoned.

I need that in these three days that you will be with Me to adore and love Me, you venerate My Most Holy Heart, that is your Eucharist, the perfect union with God that dissipates all evil, that liberates the bonds and that brings healing to the hearts.

I am finally with you, companions, so that you can renew your vows with Me once and again, without leaving behind My Projects, that are the projects of your lives, of your families, of the whole nation that is also in its transition and in its test as all the nations of the world. If you, companions, strengthen this vow with Me you will not perish, and the nation will not perish either because there will be consistent hearts that will follow My Path in spite of what happens and you will face the challenges, those that will reach the encounter of everybody to confirm the great Project of God, that is His Love and His Unity with the whole Universe.

Today I come especially, companions, with the angels who adore My most holy Body in the Eucharist, and today I am here with you with a very special company, who gave the impulse to the revelation of My Sacred Heart: Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, who brought in advance the revelation of My Divine Mercy, first through My Sacred Heart, and then through the union with Me. What greater treasure did I leave you at that time, as well as with Saint Faustina, who showed you the path of the apostolate and the devotion to My Rays of mercy that are present nowadays among you to purify you, to consecrate you to My Lord?

With each guardian angel feel the Universe of God that approaches itself to this material and illusionary reality and opens the eyes in all the inner worlds of the souls that are still searching for a way out. If you persevere, companions, the people will persevere, and in spite of the time that is approaching, the hearts will be with Me to honor God and to make His divine Project descend in each heart and in each consciousness.

Today I come, companions, finally, for you to be between My Arms and to feel My Love that gives you warmth for the cold you feel, that gives you strength for the fears you might feel, that gives you joy in each test, in each challenge, that gives life to those who are dying spiritually.

I need to live in your hearts all the time and a little bit more. I need you to hold Me in your lives as the biggest testimony that redemption and peace have given you.

I open the doors of the Universe to those who do not deserve it; I hand opportunities to all the hearts who listen to Me and who live Me in the plenitude of love.

I am here, companions, finally, so that through prayer we may restore many consciousnesses that still wait for salvation and liberation.

In the most holy presence of My Heart I adore, contemplate and love you, and dissolve from your memories all the imperfection in whoever really believes it.

I am here today, companions, to summon you to be My missionaries not only in Argentina but in the world, because I need missionaries in each country for the doors of evil to close and the Work of God to triumph in the simple hearts.

See My Sacred Heart that reveals itself to you for you to adore It and feel it in your hearts. This is the Love that surrendered Itself to you and to each of your brothers and sisters. This Sacred Heart is the fountain that quenches the thirst and that renews you from time to time. This is the Heart that comes from God and that pulsates for each consciousness of this Universe; it is the Heart that brings you peace and hope in times of darkness; it is the Heart that gives itself as light for the inner and outer paths. This was the human Heart that carried the Cross and all the sins of the world until today. It is the heart that is not much honored, that is full of Grace, mercy and healing.

How much My Heart hurts for being full of love and not to be able to shed it on those who do not invoke it! The thorns of indifferences and sins do not hurt Me so much, what hurts Me is the rejection that the hearts feel towards Me, because it is not I who am with you, but My Father through Me, it is the Universe of God in life and hope. Drink from this Heart that sheds a fountain of Blood and of Christic life for all. Receive the rays of My Heart in your hearts and say, “Lord, I trust in You.” With this confidence you will not fear and through this confidence you will be able to do anything.

Today I do not come to see what Argentina has not done well because this is of no importance for God or for His Plan. Today I come to see where I have left the talents and how they have flourished through each one of My companions. Today I come to touch your talents in the depth of your hearts so that you can awaken and serve Me in brotherhood.

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah. Many of those who are indifferent in this nation today receive My Divine Mercy because you have opened the door for this to happen and persevered in faith and confidence to My Sacred Heart, this is incalculable for Me, even though I see all things and your inner worlds. The souls are unpredictable because without being aware it, they hold invisible keys that open the doors of the Heart of God.

I thank you, and let us honor Our Father who is attentive to the voice of all His children in Argentina for them to cry out for more mercy, for more redemption and especially for peace.

I will glorify this altar that you have prepared for Me in the simplicity of the spirit and of giving. The beauty of the altars is in the gestures that you emit to My Heart, in the hands that place each flower, in the arms that give themselves to lift My Image to the world.

The Lord listens to the prayers of all of His children and opens the doors of His Heart to receive the call of all creatures on Earth. Thus He establishes His Love in all consciousnesses that unify themselves through His Presence and His infinite Love. He banishes all that separates the souls from His Divine Kingdom and from His Glory. With His Angels of Heaven, He establishes the mission for each one of His children, and whoever accepts Him with all their hearts will never cease to serve Him or to have the opportunity to do so as He has thought it.

Today I bless those who have always been loyal to Me in joy as in sadness, in confirmation as well as in discouragement because I never leave behind who is with Me and lives Me.

I bless these elements that will be the divine life in your cells and bodies and will reach the greatest depth of your beings for you to be in constant renewal and in My Peace.

I renew and also redeem you and I embrace you with My Light whenever you simply ask Me for it.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Let us give thanks to God and to all His Glory.

I thank you, companions, for being with Me today in truth and simplicity.

Celebrate My Being with joy and may the Holy Spirit guide you until I return to your encounter. Amen.

The Glorified Christ Jesus


Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more