Messages of the Angels


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

On this evening of autumn breeze, I bring you the Breath of the Spirit of God, because He sends Me as His Spokesperson and Messenger.

I am the Angel of the Monstrance of Jesus'  Eucharistic Body. I am the Steward of the offering of all souls that encounter Christ.

I have called you here, to this place in Aljustrel, where the Angel of Peace dwells, because Our presence is concentrated here. Here, we descend and here, we work for humanity.

I would like you to carry My Words into your hearts so these words may sow the precious Light of the Source.

Today, I bring you an empty Chalice, which does not contain the Blood of Christ, but rather it is the Chalice that is available for each one of you to be filled with your offers and offerings to God, so that the sin of the world may be placated, and Mercy rather than Justice may be fulfilled in humanity.

This is one of the many Chalices that are empty upon the altar; however, Our hands get tired of holding them, because a long time has passed while waiting for the offering of the chosen and the self-summoned.

Who will pour their experiences of love, surrender, redemption and faith into them so that, through Our own hands of selfless and untiring service, the Chalices may be raised to Heaven in an offering to God the Creator, and placed upon His Seven Altars of Light and resplendence?

He sends Us to intervene in this world of chaos and pain; just as the Angel of Portugal did so here, in Fatima, and presented the Chalice to the little shepherds so they could drink of the Blood and eat of the Body of Christ.

Today, We, the Angels of God, come to get the last and definite offering to repair the offenses that the Heart of God receives and to amend the horrors of this world, felt by the Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Saint Joseph.

For this offering, the New Time will be written and new events will be materialized, because the world has deviated from justice and peace.

Now, do you understand the importance of this cause, which is not passing but rather perpetual, something that only your souls can understand and feel?

Therefore, may My Voice, which is the Voice of God, echo within the hearts that are open to hear the Message and fulfill it, just as has been written since the beginning.

My Voice is like a thunderclap in space. My Love is like a spear that pierces the spiritual heart.

Happy are those who fulfill this request. Happy they will be in the end of times, in spite of the errors of the world, because those who respond to the Petition of God will be like candleholders in the absolute planetary darkness. And through them, God will labor and once again fulfill His Word.

I come after the Angel of Justice and Hope, Efrain El, as the second Messenger of God sent to the world; because the time has come to prepare the surface for the Return of Christ, and only those who pray with Us will know what We will do.

God hides His Mysteries from the proud and the unjust. God reveals His Gifts and gives them to the pure of heart.

My Word, which is the Word of God, is being written in the ether of the Earth at this moment, calling, from the four cardinal points of the planet, the last Christs, who will arduously prepare His arrival.

This is the Message I want you to hold in the center of your beings so it may resound and build the new forms, the Sacred Geometries of God, which will make you partakers in His Holy Will.

We are the envoys of the Archangel Gabriel, just as the Holy Creator Fathers announced Themselves to humanity in other times through the People of Israel, just as the Most Holy Mary heard the voice of the angels; just as Saint Joseph heard the voice of the angels in His dreams, just as Christ Himself was sustained and accompanied by the Archangel Michael; just as the patriarchs heard the Voice of God in the desert, just as the people of Israel received manna from Our hands in the desert so as to survive for 40 years; just as the high priests of the tribes of Israel saw Our presences by the Ark of the Holy Covenant. 

This is the call of the Angelic and Ultraterrestrial Universe. Planes and consciousness unite with Us again, between Heaven and Earth, between Earth and Heaven.

Behold the Chalice of reparation of the Children of God, of those who love the Purpose and live it, of those who revere that which is sacred and practice it, of those who make of their lives a prayer, in persistence and faith, until one day achieving the goal, which is already written.

The doors of the Tabernacles of the Earth are open for those who want to unite to the Divinity of Christ and be one with Him and one for Him; so that, in the adoration of the Divine Tabernacle, grave outrages of war, hunger, illness and impunity may be repaired in this time by souls, so simply by venerating the Eucharistic Body of the Lord in the Tabernacles of the Earth.

Now, My voice rises up together with all other angels, just as My wings lift Me up to the Heavens, together with the angelic and ultraterrestrial fraternity; just like the wind blows over you tonight, bringing you the airs of the New Time, of the summoning hour.

In unity and faith,

The Steward Angel of the Eucharistic Body of Jesus, who, with empty Chalices, waits for the new offerings of good souls chosen by God all over the Earth

Let us pray:


Most Holy God,
Source of Love, Light and Life,
receive our most sincere offerings,
in glory to You, O Glorious Creator!



As from today, you will say this prayer at the end of the Holy Rosary so that, through the offerings of the Children of God all over the Earth, Mercy rather than Justice may descend; and the Heart of God may be repaired from the offenses of the world, from hatred, revenge and war in nations so that the peace of the Angel of Portugal may be established before it is too late.

I thank you for listening to the Message of God.


Reflection of Friar Luciano:

We need to understand that the angelic process has a logic that is different from the human and mental process. The angelic process always has to do with an emptying, with creative power and with offering.

When we offer something, we have the human illusion that we are offering something created by ourselves, which has a personal merit. For the angelic consciousness, for the purposes of this Chalice, with what the Hierarchy needs to count on, the offer is what we are in essence, or what we have to transform into. These are not goods, not human aspects, not even virtues.

And the angelic consciousness, also in its purity, leads us to this understanding of an absolute giving of self, a giving of self that does not diminish us, does not increase us, does not make us better; simply consolidates and accepts this offer as our participation in Creation.

It is important not to project a human, linear, personal, measurable understanding onto these angelic contacts, because they are all creative, renewing, transcendent contacts; they follow a different logic.

So what we have to offer should not be our aspect or aspects to be purified, cleansed, transcended but rather our inner states of being, which can be gathered up by the angels, and then become a service to purify, transcend, heal the planet and humanity.

It is a Message of a tone that breaks this mental human paradigm of personal evolutionary benefit, and places us on a line of the giving of self, of offering, of purity, of mirroring, because in the expression of Creation only one Will can exist, which is the Will of the Creator.

So, while something in us feels like offering, playing a leading role, prevailing, differentiating, this is the opposite of the angelic logic of unity, liberation, purity.

So let us listen to this Message as a Message of someone who empties themself, who offers subjective inner creative states, and does not transfer the responsibility of their own transformation to some transcendent power, but just as they are, they open, they empty themselves so that the Chalice may receive some type of angelic impulse, creative, transcendent, of service to Christ, as was stated, for the preparation of His renewed Presence in this world.


Principles of meekness:

• To be open to learn even if the chalice seems to be full.

• To be open to listen even if the understanding seems to be complete.

• To be open to accept even if you seem to be accepting.

• To be open to fill even if you perceive yourself to be too empty to give.

• To be open to perceive even if you seem to have seen Me in everything.

• To be open to dialogue even if your discourse seems constructive.

• To be open to step back even if your proud mind seems to accept only advance as a victory.

• To be open to reconcile even if it seems that the situations have no solution.

• To be open to walk even if you seem to have gotten somewhere.

• To be open to remain silent even if your mind seems to have a stand about something.

• To be open to renounce even if your human will disturbs you with illusory promises.

• To be open to advance even if the horizon seems dark, for My Hand is upon you.

• To be open to being open even if you seem to already be so.

• To be open to recognize that which is closed, as no door will be closed forever.

• To be open to new paths even if the paths seem not to exist.

• To be open to be meek so that My Power does not need to untie your little knots before you act in the world.

• To be open to correct yourself even if the statue of your personality seems not to need any adjustments.

• To be open to renew yourself even if your shoes seem to insist on the same paths.

• To be open to contemplate even if you are amidst a whirlwind.

• To be open to be healed even if the origin of planetary evil still expresses itself around you.

• To be open to keep vigil even if you have already elevated yourself in prayer, for vigil maintains the rope tightened.

• To be open to live in many dimensions even if the human mind insists on inhabiting the dark room.

• To be open to create even if your hands are still human, for My creativity is upon you.

• To be open to praise even if there are only offenses around you.

• To be open to rescue even if the anchors of the world seem to drag everything down, for My Hand is upon you.

• To be open to commune with the life hidden in the oceans, which is unknown to most.

• To be open to exorcise, even if the world has gotten used to walking in darkness.

• To be open to commune with Me even if it seems out of reach, for My Hand reaches all, including you.

• To be open to change garments so that each day I may find you ready to be covered with My codes.

Who are we?

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