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Let your heart not fear emptiness, loneliness or any test of these times.

Let your heart not fear the passing of days, the human purification, planetary birth or the turmoil of nature.

Let your heart not fear the consequences of the decisions of nations, the ignorance of humankind, the indifference of hearts. Rather, child, make all this the reason and the driving force of your constant transformation, the urgency with which you must take your steps toward God.

Let the planetary situation not be your reason for fear, despair or hopelessness. Rather, let it be the driving force that impels you every day to give more of yourself, from the inside out, and to truly live the spiritual principles that guide your life and have guided your steps until now, and which now must be ignited and continue their revelation so your consciousness may be the point of a spear in ascension, opening the way in the human consciousness for higher evolution.

The Cross, full of pain, emptiness, indifference, humiliation, suffering, sadness, denial, betrayal, and a deep spiritual abyss, revealed to humanity a sense of love never before experienced, not even by the Creator Himself, except through His Son.

The end of times, the transition between the old human and the new human, the planetary passion, full of chaos, ignorance, malice, darkness, suffering, a desert, inner confusion, conflicts and wars, will reveal to beings a sense of transcendence of human miseries never experienced in all of Creation; it will reveal a degree of forgiveness, of mercy, and of love that will bring a new Law to life, whose name is drawn in the Divine Consciousness, for it was never pronounced or lived by creatures.

While the enemy sowed fear in the Heart of Christ, He responded with silence and unity with God. And the deeper His pain, the deeper was His union with the Father and with Himself, with the Purpose of His existence, the reason for His life. And at each step with the Cross, Jesus revealed to Himself Who He truly was, the Christ was being born within Him and demonstrated, first to God, and then to Himself, the meaning of His surrender.

For this reason, child, do not fear and do not let the enemy sow and harvest fear in your heart in the face of the planetary situation. The enemy will sow fear, hatred and war, and the response in you, born of silence and of prayer, must be the expression of what you were born to be, the expression of the purpose of your life, an ever-deeper union with God, so you may discover and be what you truly were born to be.

I will not give you the answer, I will not tell you who you should be, but always remember My Words and seek to answer this mystery for your own heart.

Go in search of what you are.

You have My blessing for this.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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Singing with Saint Joseph

“With joy I tell you that I will sing by your side to alleviate the world and the wounded Heart of the Most High God.”

Saint Joseph, 23rd of December of 2015

Saint Joseph invites us to sing by His side, with devotion, joy, and humility, so that the Greater Light may enter within us and also to illuminate the life of our suffering brothers and sisters.

Our beloved Instructor asks us to sing as a way of searching for a higher life, announcing to the world the Grace of consecrating the soul to the Heart of God.

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