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Sometimes, in order to carry peace into the world, you lose the peace within you, because constant sacrifice and surrender cause your most hidden resistances to emerge, your most retrograde condition to come to the light and be freed from your inner unconscious world. This, child, is also part of the service you provide to humanity and to this planet, in the name of Christ.

Inner peace must be gained every day. Union with God must be built and rebuilt in each instant. In these times, in which humanity is in the center of a battle that defines evolution of all of Divine Creation, every day consciousnesses are targets of the untiring stimuli of the life of illusion so that they do not move forward in their awakening, so that they do not deepen their union with God, but rather that they retreat or at least stand still in the point they are in.

Thus, child, calmly observe this moment, be aware that the tests of this time are unknown to all of Creation and, every day, as long as you can, remember the purpose of your life and of your consecration; gradually rebuild your connection with God and do not stop trying to reach the Father. Build a dialogue with Him within you, a sincere confession of your weaknesses, not to re-affirm them, but rather to transform them and release them from your heart.

Feel how confession to God cleans your heart and you begin to return to the Father, feeling yourself to be worthy of His Presence. Do this every day. Do this every time you remember to.

Think of the mirror of your heart and unite it with the Mirrors of the Cosmos, with a simple thought. Think of the Essence of God and feel that it is within you. Think of higher life, of universal life, and feel how it is waiting for you.

Renew your strength in the little things, because it is also there where the enemy is looking at your evolution and at your union with God.

Pray and find peace again every day.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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Studies with Saint Joseph


This program that is presented by three monks of the Grace Mercy Order in a spirit of simplicity, telling the story of life of Saint Joseph. Every months it will be transmitted live, the Apparition of our beloved instructor.

Singing with Saint Joseph

“With joy I tell you that I will sing by your side to alleviate the world and the wounded Heart of the Most High God.”

Saint Joseph, 23rd of December of 2015

Cantando con San José


Saint Joseph invites us to sing by His side, with devotion, joy, and humility, so that the Greater Light may enter within us and also to illuminate the life of our suffering brothers and sisters.

Our beloved Instructor asks us to sing as a way of searching for a higher life, announcing to the world the Grace of consecrating the soul to the Heart of God.

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