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Let your life be a cenacle of prayer. Let your heart never think it is too late to begin again and delve into your own inner self, developing a union with God in yourself and thus traveling the path of sanctification.

Seek, child, the path of sanctification as the primary goal of your life, which is nothing more than fully living the Will of God for your life and having that Will always in first place. Allow that purpose of sanctification to permeate your consciousness, your goals and aspirations, your relationships with others, your thoughts and feelings, your actions and words, your daily tasks, in short, your life.

From the moment your eyes open each morning, offer your life to God with a simple prayer and renew this commitment during the day, asking yourself, in light of each situation to be experienced or decision to be made:

Which is the path that brings me closest to Divine Will?

What word can I speak?

What thoughts do I have about others?

What example am I capable of setting?

What emanation can I emit to collaborate in the evolution of the other?

You must ask all these questions before acting, so your life may be a repairing instrument in the Hands of God, so your life may be a justifying instrument, through which the Father and His Angels will be able to intercede for the world.

Reflect within yourself and ask your spirit and your consciousness:

Am I capable of having a path of sanctification as a life priority?

Can I offer my being to Christ in expiation of the faults and imbalances of the world?

This offering, child, is not about suffering like Christ, but rather of being like Christ in all things, and seeking in each action, His Action, in each word, His Word, in each thought, His Thought, in each brother and sister, a child of His, whom He waits to return to His Sacred Heart.

Care for each soul as being unique and preferred before God. Care for your brothers and sisters as the treasures the Creator placed on your path so that human relations may be elevated and transcended, and the duality may be changed by a greater impulse of Love into unity among consciousnesses.

You have My blessing for this.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Impulses of St. Joseph

Singing with Saint Joseph

“With joy I tell you that I will sing by your side to alleviate the world and the wounded Heart of the Most High God.”

Saint Joseph, 23rd of December of 2015

Saint Joseph invites us to sing by His side, with devotion, joy, and humility, so that the Greater Light may enter within us and also to illuminate the life of our suffering brothers and sisters.

Our beloved Instructor asks us to sing as a way of searching for a higher life, announcing to the world the Grace of consecrating the soul to the Heart of God.

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