Inspirational Prayer of Saint Joseph to Manifest the New Humanity

Inspirational Prayer of Saint Joseph to Manifest the New Humanity


Saint Joseph transmitted the following prayer:

"Prayer to begin the spiritual trajectory toward the discovery of the New Human Being, which, in truth, is the beginning of the manifestation of humanity, which has never before found a space to descend to the consciousnesses of this world. Those who pray from the heart will open new doors for their own transformation."


Saint Joseph,
may Your humility reflect in our hearts
as a symbol of simplicity
and the recognition of the greatness of God.
May Your sacred Face inspire our paths
and, through You,
may we discover the essence of the New Humanity:
expression of the perfection of God,
profound likeness with the Creator,
living manifestation of the fount of His Divine Mercy.
In Your Chaste Heart,
Saint Joseph, Servant of God,
may we learn to let ourselves be guided
by the Sovereign Will of the Creator.

Prayer transmitted in the Message of August 20. 2015

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