Saint Joseph's Prayer to the Sacred Faith of God

Saint Joseph's Prayer to the Sacred Faith of God


Sacred and Divine Faith
that comes from the Heart of God,
penetrate and permeate the hearts of the children of the Most High
so they may be worthy of opening the doors of Heaven,
so they may know within themselves
the deep and inexhaustible Love of God,
so they may learn to cry out and intercede for life,
so they may recognize their divine origin.
This is My prayer today, Lord, for Your children,
so they may find and awaken faith in their hearts
and that this very faith reveal Your Truth and Essence
in the hearts of those who cry out.
May Your Faith, Eternal Father,
that which dwelled in My Chaste Heart
and carried It into sanctity,
that which inflamed the saints and martyrs
in their surrender to Your Celestial Altar,
that which caused fishermen
and adulterous women to yield at the Feet of Christ,
that which changed all the sins
of those who surrendered to the Lord,
that which healed the sick, multiplied bread,
transformed water into wine,
that which opened the Heavens and defeated death,
be in the hearts of all Your children,
those who cry out for awakening.
Lord, hear My prayer.
In a time of indifference, tepidity and pettiness,
may hearts have the knowledge to be whole in their clamor,
full in their surrender, sincere in their yielding
and strengthened in their faith,
for this faith will set them free.



Prayer transmitted by the Most Chaste Saint Joseph
in His daily message of March 27, 2020.

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