International Humanitarian Federation

The Federation is an entity of a planetary scope, which seeks to contribute in the expansion of the consciousness of human beings, the experience of peace and of love, selfless service, and the expression of new standards of life, the aim of which are harmony and the general good.

Principles such as fraternity, cooperation, love of the Kingdoms of Nature, and the quest for peace permeate all of its spheres of action, which are anchored in selfless and voluntary service, in the instruction and in the development of spiritual life. The Humanitarian Missions and the Light Network constitute its main pillars of action.

The members of the FRATERNIDADE have carried out activities and volunteer service for over 30 years in the localities of several countries.

Affiliated associations:

  • Association Mary, Minas Gerais, Brazil 
  • Light on the Path House Association, Minas Gerais, Brazil 
  • Community of Light of Figueira – Minas Gerais, Brazil 
  • Fraternity Community of Light – Paysandú, Uruguay
  • Community of Light of the Brotherhood – Córdoba, Argentina  
  • New Earth Community of Light– Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
  • Fleur-de-Lys Community of Light– Fátima, Portugal 
  • Nucleus of Light in Belo Horizonte, Brazil 
  • Nucleus of Light in São Paulo, Brazil
  • Nucleus of Light in São Carlos, Brazil
  • Nucleus of Light in Roraima, Brazil 
  • Figueira Shelter Association, Minas Gerais, Brazil 
  • Irdin Editora, Minas Gerais, Brazil 
  • House of Light on the Hill, Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • Service Nucleus of Crer-Sendo Association, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Union Light Center, Córdoba, Argentina 
  • Francis of Assisi Park, Minas Gerais, Brazil 
  • Grace Mercy Order, Minas Gerais, Brazil 

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All the activities provided by the Association Mary are free to the public, and the services that support them are volunteered. If you want to contribute or collaborate in any capacity, you can do it either regularly or at will.

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Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.