New Cycle


May there be peace in your hearts, My children, love and mercy, today and always.

With the blessings of your Celestial Mother, enter into a new cycle, at the beginning of a new time in which the Earth begins to leave the illusion that it used to live and, little by little, recognizes the Truth of God that reveals itself.

Now that you are  on the path of learning love, you will be able to unite it to the path of the awakening of consciousness to higher life and, in this way, My children, unite mind and heart to the Divine Purpose so that you can remember what you came to do in this world, what is your origin, what is the purpose of life and to where you must walk in order to evolve as children and God. 

It is with your hearts filled with love and your consciousnesses permeated by the Divine Truth that you will be able to go through this cycle that is beginning. The time has come for spiritual maturity, My children, for becoming aware of the moment that you are experiencing and for no longer seeking satisfaction and the meeting of your own needs, but rather seeking eternal service, finding the correct way to serve God and be part of His Plan, wherever you are.

If your hearts are united with Mine, I will support you day and night within My Divine Consciousness and, although strong tests are lived, they will all be overcome with the spirit of love and of gratitude which, being within Me, you will always be able to experience. 

At this first moment, allow that which lives within you, and is still experiencing its purification, finish purifying, transforming and defining itself. Surrender at once to the Divine Will because God needs you ready to help this planet.

Through your prayers and the spiritual maturity of your consciousnesses, you will be able to help those who are lost and who cannot understand and accept what they experience in this world, because they are attached and stuck within the old human and in the old life, whose bases will disappear because something new will replace it.


To the singers of the heart 

My dear children, 


My child,

Elevate your heart to your Father and Creator, Who, from Heaven, emits His Silence to the world, observing the inner steps His creatures decide to give in these times.

Contemplate the infinite Universe of God and, for a moment, let your thought return to its Origin, to the Creator Source from which all things come.

Contemplate with your heart the Infinite, which not only becomes visible in a starry night, but also in the depths of your inner world, where the Cosmos become small and life is mirrored because God mirrors Himself within you.

Today let your consciousness take one step further towards the Infinite, as towards the truth that is kept within your own being.

This is a definitive cycle for humanity as for all life and no creature, neither in Heaven nor on Earth, will be free from its spiritual and evolutionary definition.

The very Laws and currents that come from the Heart of God, preceding His Justice, will correct the paths and give impulse to the beings to a definitive decision, because the moment has come for there to be only one boat and all the self-summoned within it.

The definition of the spirit, of the consciousness and of the heart is spiritual, but also manifests itself in the physical life of every being, in their actions, in their decisions, in their thoughts.

Each being, My child, will be defined according to what they have built within themselves.


To the Youths of Peace 

Dear children,

With joy and gratitude, we offer the youth meeting of today to the Universe, so that new seeds of Light may be sown in all beings that must awaken to a new state of consciousness, as a form of inner preparation for the times that will come.

Each activity that was offered today with enthusiasm has contributed to the spiritual manifestation of this state of consciousness that the present-day humanity needs to acquire for the current times.

For this seventh Youth Festival, the city of Buenos Aires was chosen as the host of the ecumenical youth meeting; the preparation for it, with effort, love, service and dedication, has demonstrated to all youths that it is possible to carry out the Work of the Hierarchy and make it part of your lives in this cycle.

The seventh Youth Festival represents a cycle of maturity, of learnings and of experiences for the pioneering youths that gave the first impulses for the materialization of the Youth Campaign for Peace.

In this sense, the number seven means that all youths have passed by seven cycles and seven schools of learnings, which helped strengthen the commitment of love for the Hierarchy and for humanity.

Today, an internal and spiritual synthesis has happened in the inner world of each collaborating youth of this Work of love, which goes beyond the meetings of peace, of integration, of service, of prayer and of humanitarian missions.

From this seventh Youth Festival for Peace, which has preciously taken place in the city of Buenos Aires, an integration has been established among the youths of different nations, who, together with the Hierarchy, and from this new cycle onwards, will be encouraged to spiritually rebuild the consciousness of the planetary youth by living the new patterns of conduct, of co-existence, of fraternity and of service for humanity and for the Kingdoms of Nature.

The Youth Festivals for Peace represented for the Celestial Hierarchy an opportunity of healing, of renewal and of service for a planet that suffers and agonizes day by day.


By means of the Novena of Saint Joseph that ends today, a cycle has been closed in all the consciousnesses that responded to My call for prayer and for the concretion of the very important mission of peace in Europe.

Day by day, in which you prayed, deep aspects of consciousness were gradually dissolved and, by the Grace of God, a door has been closed in which a great part of humanity of these times were immersed.

By the intercession of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, your consciousnesses, in the name of humanity, have given the yes to eradicate from your cores and, above all, from the world, the human condition of mediocrity and negligence.

Starting today, and having finished the Novena of Saint Joseph, the Spiritual and Divine Hierarchy considers that your souls took the step to begin in yourselves, every day, to eradicate any kind of mediocrity and negligence concerning the Work of love of the Divine Messengers, and concerning your own lives.

This means, children, that you, as part of humanity, have taken the first step for this lower condition of human life to be extirpated, by means of your daily effort and your love for the redemption of the planet and of humanity.

It was this important step and that important commitment that you assumed with God, through the Novena made to Saint Joseph, that has granted, by Grace, Mercy and consciousness, that the Pilgrimage for Peace can be carried forward.

From the 1st of June, your Heavenly Mother appeals to each prayerful being to accompany the Mother of God in this spiritual pilgrimage that will begin through the Novena to the Mother of Perpetual Help, because by means of it I will be able to work other aspects of your consciousnesses.

From now on, I am thankful for all material and spiritual efforts that have been made so that this mission, which is the mission of everybody, can be fulfilled until the end.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Certain terrestrial consciousnesses, that previously handled human power with severity, will require a demanding effort in this cycle to let go of that so deeply rooted attitude.

The same thing happens when the being, for a long time, handled and generated other attitudes that were not spiritual or evolutionary.

If that consciousness, which in spite of its actions or its errors, surrenders at the Feet of the Lord, prays and trusts in the one sovereign Power of God, will be helped and will free  itself of those ancient chains.

Certain aspects of the human consciousness are unknown and in this cycle of Armageddon they show themselves with the strength and autonomy that they have. They are like independent people who always did what they wanted, who always conquered what they wanted to conquer.

But, in this last era of humanity, the principle of the Law of planetary Purification comes to purge, from those who accept, all those human attitudes, so that the true codes of spirituality and Christic life can be established.

The first step, even if it is not conscious, is to aspire to detach and to release itself from what has bound the consciousness, for so long.

The surrender before the Sacred Heart of Jesus will help to resolve the movements that provoke the action of those aspects, bringing peace and the confidence that, someday, the old man will die and the New Man will be born, full of the Love of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The daily presence of My Son in this cycle is to reinforce the warning about an immediate change in the consciousness of humanity, before everything is rapidly unleashed.

That is why, children, a conscious and responsible attitude in the face of the events of life on the planet will be important.

It will be necessary that, every day, humanity, as a civilization, review within itself everything it does; this will allow it to mature and be more prepared to face the coming times. That revision must be full of reflection and maturity so that it may have a positive effect on the consciousness.

In this way, from a large part of the race, will be born spirits, more willing to reverse what the majority commits against the spiritual and physical evolution of the planet.

It is time for each human being to become responsible for everything they do, capable of seeking inner and spirituals means to reverse all things in order to generate a global equilibrium that is lacking at this time.

This step will help in the manifestation of a New Humanity.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Behold, the Heavens opened, and the Lords of Time began a new cycle for the Earth. The Universes placed their eyes of Wisdom upon humankind, and That One, Who has no form and is in everything, contemplated with love the creatures of the Earth.

Today is one more day of the Silence of God, but His Silence transmits to humankind the Serenity and Peace of the Creator.

Blessed are those who enter into this peace and live in it the cycle that will come.

Behold, Heaven has opened, as it has opened and will open every December 31st, to announce to human hearts a new and only will, the renewal of the Plan of the Creator and His designs for creatures.

Heaven opened so that the Messenger of God might reach the Earth and Her Word is like a subtle and spiritual fire that transforms, but pacifies, hearts.

May minds become silent and hearts listen.

It is a time of definition, of seeing before your eyes the paths that are presented, and choose.

Do not be afraid of moving forward, but know, children, that before any step to be taken, the certainty that God is Who guides your step must be in your hearts.

Humanity has already grown and knows the consequences of its actions, as of its thoughts.

You have already experienced enough of life on Earth to know, today, that you must define your own steps.

Thus, before the Heavens that open over the Earth, find the silent gaze of the Creator, Who observes you, and proclaim to Him your own definition.

The time has come for a conversation with God, because the Creator needs to know whom He can count on in this last time.

His Plan will no longer be redefined in each instant, because the Heavens are already open and Mercy, but also Justice, are preparing to descend into the world.

The chalices of human consciousness are open and free to be filled by that which consciousnesses may have chosen to drink in these times.

Thus, My children, you are no longer infants, and you can no longer play with the evolution of the Earth.


An anniversary of Graces for the planet

Today, from the altars of Heaven, your Most Holy Mother offers at the Feet of the King and of the Creator all the works accomplished, all the songs offered, each effort made in matter and in spirit for the divine realization of the upliftment and the healing of humanity.

In this way, My beloved children singers, the Universe celebrates and communes of today’s meeting, which will close a cycle of apprenticeship and of challenges, to begin a new cycle in which music, instruments, and voices will become essential in the moment of the transition of the Earth.

The Mother of all the choirs, in the bliss of Her Spirit, today celebrates all the fruits attained from the moment in which your consciousnesses said “yes” to My call for the upliftment and healing of humanity.

On this sacred day, where the Holy Chalice of Christ spiritually shines at the very top of Mount Shasta, I ask you, dear children, to offer this meeting as the moment in which to make an inner synthesis, after all the steps you have taken in faith and in brotherhood.

Thus, on this day, My children, your Heavenly Mother makes this offering to God as the symbol of the union of souls with Him, as the Grace that has descended month after month, and within which the planet and the consciousness of humanity have been freed from many evils and from extremely serious events that would have been irreparable.

In this way, My beloved singers, the Universal Mother of uplifted and eternal music joins with each one of your hearts so that, being renewed by My impulse of love, your lives may be offered for the rest of your days to sing to the Eternal Father as an act of reparation and of absolute surrender to His Divine Heart.

The Source of all Graces, which comes from My Immaculate Heart, will be open so that through your song you may implore for the redemption of a sleeping humanity.

For this Christmas that approaches, dear children, the Sacred and Divine Family will be among you, in each heart as well as in each home, to renew you in love and in mercy.


Dear children,

The path of total consecration to God is what your Heavenly Mother aspires for you all.

According to this aspiration and in these times, many souls will go through the test that will confirm the chosen path, and I will be there to help you to make the right internal decision without feeling guilty, but only the love of God.

Children, the saint of the last days will be present to help you on the culminating time of the transition of the Earth when the red moon defines the awakening of a new cycle, liberating from the sin and from the errors.

For this reason the challenges and the tests will be the tone that will mark the beginning of this new cycle, free from sorrow and from human suffering.  That is why on this day I bring you the divine consciousness of the universal consecration, a mission that will be for many of My children, the ones that will push the heavy boat of this world so that you may definitely navigate in the sea of Grace and Mercy.

Your structures will move and all the dark control will stop governing so that once and for all everyone may be in Jesus, and Jesus may be forever in you.

Children, grant permission so that My Son governs your lives; in that way no other governor or aspect of your own non-purified lives will be able have determination in the spiritual lives of your souls.

For this, be meek and let My Son conquer you little by little so that He, in His Infinite Glory, may have the instruments to developed the last part of the Plan of God.

Look at your sins as instruction and opportunity for transformation and interior change; in that way when My Son has taken over the kingdom of your lives all the receptive souls will be sanctified.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who leads you to love the consecration,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


May the pains be far away from your heart, because I, your Most Holy Mother, am with you.
May the arts of My adversary be far away, because My mantle protects your walk and your task, as well as those of your brothers and sisters.

May the sins of ingratitude and denial be far away from you, because inside of My Heart you will only feel peace and the eternal flame of the Creator's Light.

My children,

On this day in which I am with you by the Divine Grace that the Father has granted Me, I come to bring Peace, Forgiveness, Grace and Mercy to My children of the world once again.

A new cycle begins to My soldiers, to the apostles of Christ and to all humanity.  My Son has announced the definitive beginning of His Return.  He returns, first of all, to the hearts of the children who are faithful to His Mercy, those in whom He prepares the path of transformation and of the emerging of the spiritual gifts that He sowed in each one of you, over two thousand years ago.

Such gifts will flourish in each soul, at each step taken in the sincere transformation of each being.  Remember that He does not need you perfect, only good and pure of heart, faithful to His Presence and to His Guidance in this life, which will be the step that will place some of you in Paradise.

At each step that each one of you takes in the discipleship of Christ, this world and this humanity take a step towards their liberation and their salvation.

For this, My children, beloved children, children who are strong and firm in renounce and in sacrifice, always remember that your path, the one you are traversing together with My Son today, will be the seed for the New Humanity, that humanity which is so much awaited by all.

Do not fear anything, because We, the Divine Messengers, have left inside of you the keys for the indissoluble union with the Heart of God, the ones that open up the doors of Liberation, of Redemption and of the eternal Peace for all.


My Children,

In the beginning of this Palm Sunday, I invite you to remember the moment when your King and Savior entered through the high gate of Jerusalem to freed it from punishment and from the conquering power.

Remember this decisive moment because it was the beginning of the surrender of your Lord to the cross of Redemption.

For this, on this day, dear children, glorify Jesus because He was the one who, in the name of the Supreme Will, came to the world to end the captivity of all of humanity.

Raising your branches and palms of light to receive the Savior at the doors of the inner Jerusalem, open your hearts to recognize the Lord of the Infinite Mercy.  In this way, being healed and forgiven by His Luminous Presence, receive from His Sacred Heart the gift of Peace, because in these times Peace will lead you to testimony the second coming of Christ.

Now, in glory and in power, the King will arrive to end His Mission on Earth.  Prepare your virtues and gifts because soon He will come to get them to do with them His Works of Mercy in the souls of the world.

Children, silently, your Celestial Mother, in the joy and fullness of Her Immaculate Love, reminds the passage of the arrival of Jesus to Jerusalem.  This moment was meaningful and predestined for all of humanity because it would reach, throughout this act, the time of its purification.

But it is now, children, that you must be prepared to wait for the second coming of Christ.  I call you to become aware of this universal event that will mobilize all of the laws of space, and the stars will be witnesses of the arrival of a new cycle.

Until that happens, bring back to your hearts the passage of the entrance of your Master to Jerusalem.  In this way you will attract the codes of light needed to define your paths.

I thank you for answering to My Call!

Who is with you today, at the doors of Jerusalem, waiting for the Savior,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children:

Preparing the vespers of My arrival to the Marian Center of Aurora, My Maternal Heart will announce that, by the Grace and by the Love of Jesus, I will be among you and in prayer in the House of Adoration on the day of November 10, 2012.

This meeting, dear children, has the special purpose of guarding and protecting some happenings in the world. You, as My children, are being called to collaborate with Me through prayer. This meeting will be a special encounter with Me during the day of November 10 at 9 PM.

My dears, for this reason you must wait for me in prayer, with canticles and joy, so that My special announcement may be pronounced. I will direct myself especially to the heart of the Communities of Light and so strengthen them for the times that are coming.

Thus My Maternal Heart will irradiate to each one of the Marian Centers recently consecrated to My Immaculate Heart.

They are:

· the Marian Center of Figueira

· the Marian Center of Aurora

· the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit that is located in the Cordoba Mountain Range in Argentina.

Dear children, the day of November 10 will be a special day because My first four clairvoyants, those who lived the experience of the first Apparitions in Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, will report to all at 6 PM regarding what each one of them lived during these first Apparitions and the concretization of My requests during these last five years.

This is the first time after five years that My Maternal Heart will announce to all the report of the clairvoyants, which will be concerned with the first Apparition in Uruguay, and which will be realized from the heart of the location of the Apparitions in Aurora.

For this day I will announce something important for all which will be about the new cycle of My presence among your hearts.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Pray for Peace in the world.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Beloved children,

Again My Mercy is over all Argentine and especially upon Buenos Aires, this needy city of the world.

Dear children, today I call you to wake the consciousness in the end of this time trough prayer of the heart, because a new cycle is approaching, and your hearts must be prepared to receive it. This cycle for someone will be as the Good News that will change the state of consciousness, but for others will mean deepest changes that will bring them to define the path at this time.

For this, dear children, you, that live day by day in this city of Buenos Aires as do other souls in different cities of the world, must prayer with ardor and from the heart, so that the Grace of God and the Mercy of My Son will be diffused in the hearts most in need of love and redemption.

My children of Argentine:

Yesterday I have invited you to peregrinate to Lujan in a different way.  At this time, through true and abnegate service, because know that great colonies of souls also must be supported by prayer.  For this, it is necessary prayer groups that consecrate to my maternal spirit, that will persist and walk in the Faith of My Son. Each group must start to exercise fraternity, because in this way, in your nuclei of work and task will find My Universal Peace.

I want to form for this time soldiers that are awake, soldiers that leave behind all comforts of life and as sincere disciples, will be instruments in the hands of God for this end of times.

Through prayer, you will have the key for that will define the salvation of all humanity. For this, for 31 years in Medjugorje, My Maternal Heart has pronounced and claimed for prayer!, prayer! And prayer!. This is what you must take as a spiritual food for this time, permitting in this way that my heart redeem the paths that deviate millions of souls, paths of modernity and comfort.

I Am here, dear children, in the name of the Highest to open your eyes, aspiring as the Mother of Heaven, so that your consciousness may mature and then help humanity itself through prayer.

My children,

Somebody must do something for this work! Because every day it lights up in flames because of its own actions and this somebody are My loyal soldiers, the soldiers of My Heart.

Today I arrive at this world to open the Door of Heaven upon your lives, so that the hope and the mercy will be cultivated in greater number of souls.


Dear children.

For the commemoration of My monthly apparitions each 25th day in Medjugorje, today I invite you and I gather you in the name of Jesus, so that your hearts may contemplate the existence of the Marian Center of Figueria.

During these last 25 years of instruction, that has been necessary for your lives and lovely for your souls, today I announce that the Blessed Universal Mother, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, has walked silently together with you for this path of teachings and learning.

Dearest children, today I want that you understand in your hearts that the God the Father has manifested itself not only through My Immaculate Voice, but also through the instruments that from the heart have donated themselves to concretizing the Divine Plan on the Earth.

For this my children, God the Father is the great tree of wisdom, His roots and His branches are the expression of the infinite universe and His leaves are the emanations of the souls upon this lovely planet.

Dear children, for this to exist in all of the created life, there exists in your lives the presence of the Universal Mother, the Queen of Peace, the Star of the Morning, that announces the new time before Her Son.

Dear children, for this your lives and your essences always will be united to the essence of the Heart of God. As the Mother of the World, as the Lady of the Heavens, I come to encounter you to reveal the true mystery of your faith and of your lives.  This mystery is called love of the All, love of the One, love of the Will of God.

For this today, with the Rosary of Peace between My Blessed hands, again I invite you to prayer, because day by day many souls are lost and they do not find the path to the Light.

For you, My dear children, that are more awake to the life of the spirit, it will be enough only to serve in this time, serve to donate yourselves, serve to love, serve to repair the Heart of My Son.

Through your inner maturity and with prayer as the primordial exercise, you will be taking secure steps towards the consecration of your little hearts.


As Mother of the Christians and of the non-Christians, in name of Light of My Son, I try day by day to remove many souls from the immense inner desert where they live, because of the lack of faith and of love in the heart.

For this time, dear children, may your hearts be active precursors of My call for peace and for the salvation of the creatures.

Dear children, as Mother and Door of Heaven, today I ask you to search within your inner beings for God, the Love from the Father, the Immaculate Spirit of Peace, because this Spirit will allow you to grow and will strengthen you for the decisions in life, in the mind and in the spirit of each one of you.

Today I am calling you to prepare with consciousness your dwellings, so that in a short time Jesus, the King of the Universe, the Master of masters, may find rest in pure and crystal dwellings where he can pour His absolute and endless Mercy.

Dear children, the world is living great tests in the faith and in the life of many hearts; for this reason I ask you that through a true exercise of your prayers that you may place the millions of children that I have under My protection, so that they may enter in the final law of forgiveness and mercy.

As I have said to you, dear children, this is the last cycle for the confirmation of the hearts facing the plans of God. Humanity can live in the new Plan of God, the Plan that wants to bring you all to be in the true state of peace and of reconciliation.

My children, it is so important to keep the fire of prayer of the heart lit, prayer that unites you with the Divine Sacred Spirit of My Son. But so that this happens, dear children, your lips must only pronounce words of peace and love, words that sprout from the heart, words that comfort the great suffering that many solitary souls are living.

Dear Children, today I plead to you again and I speak to you with immense love from My Immaculate Heart, because as you all know, these already are the last announcements that God delivers me to transmit for all the hearts.

Facing the new time that will come, My children, may yours hearts, your thoughts and your feelings be merciful, so that God reigns within you, forever reigns the Love of My Son.

Keep in you the gratitude so that it will irradiate humility and mercy.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My Call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of Trinity.

Dear children,

With My arms extended I irradiate love for all of Argentina and in a new encounter of children and pilgrims, I give you My maternal benediction.

Dear children, in this time of Grace and Justice, I ask you to pray more with the heart, so that you may guard a space for God, so that your hearts and your lives may express themselves lovingly before the Creator, which opens the doors to your houses of God so that they may be irradiated by the Love of His Omnipotent and Compassionate Divine Spirit, of the Most Sacred Trinity.

Dear children, when I call you to prayer, I am calling as a Mother for the preparation of your hearts for the new cycle.

Dear children, for this I call you daily to be with Jesus and to search for Jesus in each moment of your lives, because Christ promises to you the redemption of the heart, the kindly rebirth of souls again consecrated to His Sacred Heart.

In the face of the tests in these times, dear children I call you to strengthen your union with God, the most that is possible in your lives, because in this way you will be under the life of the Spirit of Love of My Son.

Dear children, in order for you to grow before the Will and the plans of God, you must believe in the power of prayer for this definitive time, because it will help you during the different situations in your life.

Dear children, one more time, My Immaculate Heart comes to Argentina and this is to encounter consecrated hearts to the hope of the Redeemer, in order to encounter humble and merciful hearts.

Pray, My little children, pray.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


An urgent maternal call

Dear children:

With the Holy Rosary between my hands, I pray so that My children may awake on time.

I pray for all souls that have gone away from God.

I pray so that the world may reach the Grace of Peace.

I pray for all those that do not pray.

I pray that faith can awaken on time in your hearts.

I pray to dissolve the difficulties that many children are living.

I pray for this time of tests and confirmation.

I pray so that all My children will forgive each other and will redeem themselves through My Son.

Dear children, perpetually I pray for this definitive time when the souls request themselves to be the shepherds of My Son or request themselves to be outside of the flock of My Son.

For this, as an Intercessory Mother, I pray so that nothing will be lost, even the most small of the essences.

I pray so that all may reach forgiveness.

I pray in this time of Mercy because it is sprouting the Divine Justice.

I pray so that My Beloved Son Jesus may be among you.

I pray, supplicating Him so that He can guide you again.

I pray for all who I observe in this world.

I pray for the new cycle that will come in.

I pray so that reconciliation can live in each creature as an emanation of the Spirit of Peace.

I pray so that the trust in the Only One may strengthen itself in those who surrender themselves to the Divine Plan.

I pray with hope for all humanity.

I pray so that all My little children may take consciousness that the times are not yet normal times, that it is necessary to pray with the heart, and do not easily forget the food is provided by the power of prayer.

For this I pray for all of you, so that the Holy Spirit may descend upon each one of My children.

I pray for those who do not listen to My Call and for those who do not deserve the words of my Immaculate Heart.

I pray so that the Truth may manifest itself in your lives.

As a Queen of Peace, I pray for your salvation.

For this today, dear children, pray for all the intentions because it is necessary that your hearts be in constant services. Pray for the presence of the Peace of God, because it will be what sustains the world.

I thank you.

Thank you for answering my urgent call for Peace.

Dear children:

Embracing the Star of Universal Peace that announces the new time today I call you to include in your task of prayer all of humanity so that it may be able to walk inside of a new cycle; all the planet so that the Light of God may be able to continue illuminating; and all the Universe so that together we may commune with all the Creation.

My children, a special request is that you pray for all of My children in India because My Maternal Heart has already began the path of salvation in all the world, before the return of My Son.

Dear children, for this reason today your hearts must focus in this important maternal request so that in this way the plans of God may manifest themselves in each part of this humanity.

My children, your prayers will collaborate with the cycle of the New Time that is coming. In this way your hearts and your souls will be able to be prepared for the Good News of Christ that emerges for the second time.

Dear children, I invite you to enter into the time of deep changes in the consciousness so that our true spirit of peace may wake up in time before the events.

Little children, for this to happen your life must be united in prayer to the Creator Universe of God and in this way your aspiration for the Infinite will be genuine. From there comes the Holy Spirit. From there is born the Source of Wisdom for all the Creation.

For this, dear children, may your hearts open themselves for the new because the moment has arrived of uniting the hearts in the Love and in the task, preparing your beautiful inner temples to receive My Son, the Savior.

I thank you for answering, day by day, to My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 

With My hands joined in prayer and in contemplation for each of My children, today I call you to reflection because as a Mother I want you to understand how important the preparation of your heart is for the time that will come.

Dear children My hands do not get tired of perpetually praying for the merciful needs of this humanity and for all the causes that need a greater intervention.

My children, may your prayer become the mediator between you, Christ, My Son and God Almighty; in this way and with a reverent attitude you will learn, My dear children, to plead to God on behalf of the entire world.

Great is the need for pity, forgiveness and mercy for all humanity. While only a few open the ears of the heart without searching for miracles and hear My call, I ask all My children to pray, pray with the heart, pray with all the true love that can spring from your hearts!

Now, My children, it is necessary to pray, pray, pray, so that a little more Grace can come to all My children. You my little ones, must be as stars of light that come to the Earth as help, that bring peace and light to the darkest corners of the world.

In time of changes, many prefer not to hear; now My Maternal Voice calls you to open your eyes to the announcements from Heaven.

Dear children, may your groups of prayer be sources of the expression of My Maternal Love for each of you and may this divine love you receive through My Immaculate Heart be irradiated to all the souls of the world.

All humanity must receive the Grace of Salvation. For this, My children, let us pray without delay!

I will be thankful!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.