Those who awaken must be accompanied with much love so that the Purpose may emerge with clarity within them, and It may be fulfilled as was foreseen.

Those who awaken must be guided with attention so that the flame of the Purpose may be born with inner strength in them, the flame they must always aspire to reach.

Those who awaken must always receive love, consideration and understanding, because they are souls that have just come out of a deep sleep and have become conscious of a new and truthful reality.

Those who awaken must be taken by the hand through the path of service and selfless life so that the virtue of service for their fellow beings and surrender to the Plan of Love may begin to emerge within them.

Those who awaken must be considered as postulants to the Work of Christ in order for them to at least have the opportunity to experience the entrance of the Love of the Master.

To those who awaken, truth must always be said.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Special Message of the Glorified Christ Jesus, transmitted in the city of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón, for the 33rd Marathon of Divine Mercy

Prayer: Our Father (in Portuguese).

With great gladness and joy, listen to My Voice, which comes from infinity to speak to you and all your brothers and sisters, who, in trust and faith, have walked by My side over the years, and especially in this Work that is carried out here by the Sacred Hearts.

You do not know, companions, how pleased My Soul is to be here today with you, in perpetual spiritual communion with all those that are not present, and that are lost in the tribulation in the world.

But today I come to stretch out My Hand to you so that you may see My Heart, which is luminous among you. I do not stop acting in this world so that My disciples may feel Me close and walk by My side, in this desert that a part of humanity is experiencing in this cycle of transition.

I want you to draw close to My Heart, in the same way that I offer It to you, so that you may enter into My Spirit and feel the Will of My Father showing Itself to you, for example, through this meeting.

I would not like to fail to go through here without you feeling Me, understanding what I request of you as a spiritual flock, as a purpose for this end time. 

I come to bring you My Peace and also My gratitude for having allowed new doors of Heaven to open upon this needy place in which hearts, without perceiving it, cry out for My intercession.

This Marathon will bring results for everybody; it will open new paths for the consequent, those who have made a promise to My Sacred Heart, giving a victory to My plan through service and prayer in this region of the planet where God has been able to mirror His Presence simply through the realization of His Creation and its beauty.

Today I come to invite you to be in My Cenacle, not only to commune with Me, but rather beyond Me, in the name of My Father and of all the universe that gathers especially to bless you, transfigure you, and lift you up to My Heart.

I need you to continue accomplishing My Purpose, in spite of what happens.

Special Message of the Glorified Christ Jesus, transmitted in the city of Brasilia, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón, on the occasion of the 22nd Marathon of Divine Mercy

Look at the sky and as from now, see the glorious descent of your King.

Look at the firmament in the distance and see how the stars radiate the first signs of My Return.

Look into your inner worlds and perceive how I have made, of your lives, a present for God.

Release your difficulties and smile at the life the universe has given you.

Look at your brothers and sisters and feel how God works and carries out His miracles of Love and of Redemption.

In this time, look into My Eyes and see the hope and the faith that My luminous Countenance reflects.

You know that humanity is weak, poor, and needy. Thus, look at the skies and see the Rays that combine the universes so that, on this day, I may be here pouring out My Mercy instead of pouring out sovereign Justice.

Children, I have decided to come to Brasilia in Glory, because just like in Maceió, I found apostles of Mine awake to the supreme convocation for peace and the liberation of the world.

Children, each part of the Earth, each corner of this precious planet has need of My unfathomable and most pure Mercy so that, although you are not yet prepared, you at least build the Cenacle before My return to the world.

At each point on the Earth, I hear the supplications for pity and for peace, and in your hearts, I find the reason to trust and carry out My preparatory Works in the good spirits that await My Return.

In this sacred Marathon, may all the souls of the world, especially My companions of Maceió and of Brasilia, at least feel united under the same celestial Purpose. In this way, you will allow My sacred omnipresence to work not only in Maceió, but also in all of Brazil.

It is time for greater prayer and work; thus, follow the footsteps that My Designs leave, which are the divine Designs of the Creator and that, on this day, your goal for this Marathon is the inner renewal of the commitment that you made to Me with voice and heart.

Today I give everybody My sublime and divine patience that will comfort you when faced with a divided humanity, ignorant and lost through the actions of the adversary.

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