Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Thirty-fifth Poem

Most Holy Mary,
loving Power of God,
perfect Reflection of Divine Humility,
faithful Servant of the Creator,
help us to reflect all the beauty that we have.

May the talents that Your Son taught us
be a reality within us
so that we may represent His Work on Earth.

Make us simple and true.

May we learn to love and serve
as You, Our Lady,
serve and love each one of Your children.

Make us discover God’s power of Love

May we understand, beyond appearances,
all that Divine Love means and represents
within our lives.

May we not fear this Higher Love
because, beyond all things,
we aspire to be united
to the Purpose of Your Son’s Love,
a Love that will renew us and make us deserving
of the Father’s Grace and Mercy.

May we be consistent
with the Divine Love that we receive.

May You, Most Holy Virgin,
always show us how to love, more and more,
until we surrender completely to God.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Twentieth Poem

Lady of Peace,
give us the unchangeable joy of serving God,
just as You experienced it for each one of us.

May we always be able to find
the inner impulse to serve God.

May our hands, Mother,
be Your hands.

May our feet, Lady,
be Your feet.

May our hearts
  be Your Heart entirely,
at the service of the Lower Kingdoms and humanity.

Most dear Mother,
may we not step back when we are called to serve
in the Work of Your beloved Son.

Through Your spiritual and maternal help,
 may we have the awareness and clarity
of what it means to serve Christ
in His Work of Mercy and Love.

Most Pure Virgin, send us the Holy Spirit
so that, blessed by Its seven Gifts,
we may be available and prepared
to serve untiringly,
just as You serve untiringly.

Awaken our missionary hearts.

May all souls be able to know
the power of God's Word
so that, instructed by Your Son’s impulses of Light,
more hearts may awaken and dare
to join and serve in the redeeming Work of Your Son.

We thank You, Mother,
for always being there,
constantly guiding us towards Your Son,
so that we may learn to serve for peace.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Fourteenth Poem

Queen of the Universe,
Celestial Dome of God,
Sublime Aroma of Peace,
give us empty and humble hearts,
hearts capable of no longer wanting anything for themselves,
poor hearts, united to the humble Heart of God.

O Holy Mother!
give us peacemaking, faithful, meek hearts,
 available for Your Son,
hearts uninterested in the life of the world.

Most Pure Virgin,
give us pure and unchanging hearts,
hearts mature in the Love of Your Son,
hearts defeated by the Truth of Christ.

Faithful Servant,
give us selfless hearts,
capable of not having time for themselves
but rather an eternal giving of self for others.

Mother of Heaven,
give us sensitive hearts, open hearts,
hearts of immense gratitude and recognition
for all that Your Son gives us.

That, with transformed hearts,
we may help to banish indifference in the world
so that fraternity and unity
may reign among souls.

Thus, Your Son shall return, with His Heart of Light,
to rebuild this world and all of humanity.

That, through You, Divine Lady,
our hearts may represent at least a part
of the redeeming Work of Christ on Earth.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


To choose Christ and to renounce the world is a daily choice and I would even say a choice for every moment of your life, My child.

The human heart is constantly lost in the waves of the stimuli of the world and, even though your heart belongs to Christ, a part of your mind and emotions still belong to the world and depend on that which you spiritually nourish yourself upon, mentally and emotionally, so that you may direct the energies of your soul to the correct place.

Place your attention upon Christ, on the fulfillment of His Purpose, on the manifestation of His Work, on the realization of His Will. Direct your mind, your feelings, your acts and your heart toward this path, which always has the goal of following the imitation of your Lord.

This is a path with many stones, stumbles and falls which break,  in your human condition, the things that separate you from God, the structures built along the path which are left behind as you walk.

May your gaze never stray from the goal, which is the Sacred Heart of your Lord. May your life be a reflection of the constant effort to remain in Christ, and so it will speak more than all the sacred books, and you will be a pencil in the Hands of God, through which He draws His Plan within this world.

It will not be easy, My Child, but with the love of your heart, the persistence and the perpetual trust in the Grace of God, your heart will always choose Christ.

You have My Blessing for this.

Chaste Saint Joseph


Montreal will be the second headquarter in Canada of the redeeming Work of Christ, which is present in South America.

Montreal is an important door for the service to immigrants, an opening to specific work with the spiritual instruction through them. This possibility presents itself through an inner opening of those who are there.

Therefore, Montreal represents this second stage in which the Spiritual Hierarchy can work and help the other part of the colonies of immigrants who are there and, as a consequence, they will be able to help, from a distance, their nations of origin to which most citizens of Montreal belong.

In the same way, the city of Quebec has other possibilities for the work of the Hierarchy to develop.

In this sense and for all of this to be possible, after the bases are established by your Master and Lord Himself, through the impulse of pilgrimage, the doors can be kept open for the coming events, those which will benefit the country spiritually.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Jesus Christ


From the city of Vancouver to the city of Quebec, there are spaces not yet known to the human being, in which the Spiritual Hierarchy keeps important treasures for the next cycle of humanity.

In Northern Canada there are also special and even impenetrable places where the Spiritual Hierarchy has sacred spaces that help the whole planet.

So Canada experiences a spiritual and intuitive counterpart that needs to awaken on the surface through a group of souls that will unite in the name of the Hierarchy to carry it forward.

Because of this need and reason, the Work of Christ through the consecrated life will assign a number of brothers and sisters so that, together with the Spiritual Hierarchy, Canada and the United States may be able to move into their proper place again through self-summoned souls, thus fulfilling the part of the Plan that is necessary in this cycle.

The Hierarchy and the Work of Christ, through the consecrated Light-Communities, will make the necessary efforts so that this part of the planet, which is the crown of the world, does not remain without the necessary impulses to carry forward the Work of love, redemption and charity.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


I bless you all, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

It is in the silence of the inner worlds and in the stillness of the souls where the Mysteries of God can be revealed and shown. This part of the Mysteries that are held in the great consciousness of the planet, in the soul of the planet, throughout the entire orbit of this humanity.

That is where I want to take you today, to share with you this part of the mysteries that God knows and is aware of, concerning the whole human existence.

In previous days, we spoke to you about the sacred civilizations of the Earth that inhabited this planet and that coexisted, in harmony and peace, with all of nature, achieving high levels of contact and consciousness with the Divine, Cosmic and Inner Universe, as well as with a very pure and profound union with each of the Kingdoms of Nature.

And it is on this path that I want to take you today, as a preparation for this next Marathon of Divine Mercy in which, as a group of souls, as a group of essences, as My apostles, you must continue to pray with all the conviction of your hearts, just as you have done until now, to attract toward humanity the Divine Attributes that are kept in the Sacred Books of God, and that are reflected toward the inner worlds of the great consciousness of humanity.

It is for this reason, companions, that today I hold in My Hands the Sacred Book of God, one of the many books that hold the records of the history of this humanity, bringing continuity to sacred knowledge and revelations that you need, at this time, to be able to take the steps toward the Heart of God. This is why today I bring you these impulses so that your hearts may ignite even more in the Love of God and His Divine Presence.

It is in this recollection where the Truth is shown, it is where your consciousnesses can be enriched by the knowledge that comes from the Universe, but that also comes from the planet, from ancient times, from very ancient moments, when humanity experienced such a true and profound moment in its process of contact with Creation, something that does not happen in this time, but that has only taken place in a minority of this humanity incarnated upon the surface of the Earth.

This impulse, like the previous impulses, comes to place every being of this planet, everyone who prays and every consciousness that trusts in Me, upon the path of return to the sacred Creator Project of the Celestial Father.

I bring you the opportunity to find the way back to your origins, not only to the place from where you once emerged from the Sacred Lakes of the Universe, where your essences prevailed and showed the truth of the original purity and of the original love that God conceived in you as consciousnesses before you departed to the schools of the Universe and to these schools of life on Earth.

In this book, which today I hold in My Hands, can be found the origin of a civilization, of a sacred people that inhabited this region of Canada. Very close to the Arctic Circle, they were in the greatest solitude, finding deep union with God, listening to the Word of God that came through His Messengers of the Cosmos and consciously receiving the impulses that opened up the space and path so that the humanity before, long before the people of Israel existed, could experience contact with that which is higher, cosmic and Divine.

In this way, companions, you will be able to understand what I am talking about at this time, and, from where this sacred information comes, which emerged spontaneously upon this planet, long after Adam and Eve; that civilization, which was in North America, found the path spontaneously and naturally to live this permanent encounter with the Universe and Creation.

It was this people of North America, prior to the great indigenous civilization, who inhabited the far lands of Canada. This people lived the Project of God, fulfilled it, carried it out, step by step, following the guidance that came directly from the Universe through the Messengers of the Cosmos.

In this process, they evolved and achieved the seventh degree of evolution of consciousness.

In this way, understand that which happened in that time and how humanity today has not been aware of this history, but, the Eternal Father, since the beginning, has known everything.

These consciousnesses, which evolved naturally because of their inner and spiritual condition, opened in those times a great doorway so that the following generations of humanity, the next peoples and civilizations, would also have the opportunity and the Grace to become aware of the invisible and superior reality that surrounds them.

And so, the Father entrusted one of His Archangels to closely follow that people and that civilization. The Archangel Uriel sent one of his sublime and eternal aspects to the material dimension of the planet.

In a state of spiritual, soul and divine consciousness, He approached this people to bring a message and a revelation, since this people was not fully aware of all that existed beyond its material universe.

The governors of the different civilizations, of the different peoples, always existed to guide all toward the path of realization of the Plan of God, and, in this case, in this people of North America, who lived and remained close to the Arctic Polar Circle, there was a special governor, a wise but also humble man, uninterested in power, in authority or in conquest, because these energies did not exist in him, nor in his people.

The protection of that people was their union with nature and with the Universe, although they did not know everything.

Their sensitivity awakened high degrees of love and allowed them to expand their consciousness in reciprocal and compassionate service among brothers and sisters.

It was a people that witnessed the coming of this great Celestial Messenger, the Archangel Uriel. In this people, and in its future generations, He cultivated the fundamental principle for inner worlds, which is the fortitude of spirit. This people achieved fortitude of spirit and learned how to sustain this inner fortitude through a great and unique key, which was faith. By this faith, the people awakened trust in the unknown and they were not afraid to open up to discover, to know and to understand what was beyond the limits of their material consciousness.

This governor was a consciousness who was present with this people, but who in spirit had come from the Universe. One of the important Masters who still accompanies humanity to this day, and who guided that people, in the likeness to a patriarch.

In reality, the lineage of the patriarch began at that moment for humanity so that later the following patriarchs could come to this world to guide it and govern it with loyalty and without human power.

In that people as well as in this great patriarch of the civilization of North America, in the Arctic Polar Circle, there was no interference, there were no limits, there were no obstacles, impediments, because the purity that came from their hearts was so simple and so profound, that it made them humble in the Eyes of God.

That people was one of the main reasons why the Father and all that is under Him, within His Law of Hierarchy, could trust in His creatures, in His children, and continue with the Project that failed in Adam and Eve.

And, thus, miraculously and without explanation, that people had no temptation, deceit nor deviation, and so the group of souls of that people lived their first experience on this planet as human beings.

 They emerged from sacred lakes and came to the Earth in a very high original condition of purity, similar to that which Mary, My Mother, incarnated.

The great archangels, in ancient times on Earth, accompanied the project of humanity, because they knew the value and the importance of its meaning.

In this current time, the archangels will approach humanity to be able to protect and take care of a part of the Project of the Eternal Father, even though humanity has deviated completely from the path and the Law.

But today, to all those who listen:

Beyond your spiritual, inner or material condition, beyond your purification, your mistakes or your tests, beyond everything, beyond any condition or situation that may seem unachievable for you, and, through this Marathon of Divine Mercy, with this impulse for your consciousnesses, hearts and lives, I come to have you recognize and value that which you truly are so that the obstacles, interference or the deviations may dissolve into the powerful energy of Love-Wisdom, coming from My Christic Consciousness.

I bring you this history, that you had not known, and through which today you can awaken to elevate your consciousnesses in ardent aspiration, an aspiration for someday finding this path, for living this purity and this very perfect union with the Creator, just as this people lived it in the past.

It is in this way, through this history and this revelation, that today I mirror and reflect the same principles that this sacred people of North America lived, for the entire group life of the Light-Communities, for all those who are participants and followers of the redemptive Work of your Lord, Jesus Christ.

Let your hearts be tabernacles of the sacred knowledge which once existed on Earth, because not everything was error or evil on Earth.

Opening your hearts to this knowledge, commune of the Holy Spirit and the Source of Its Gifts so that, renewed by the Grace that comes from the Universe and from the Source, you may stand and continue onward, just as I did for you up to the Cross, up to the last breath, until I closed My Eyes, for each one of you, and surrendered My Spirit into the Hands of God; just as I give your spirits and lives into the Hands of the Father.

Reaffirm this commitment with faith.

Express this same faith that this sacred people had, and bring continuity to this history, which must be re-written for the redemption and transformation of your lives and for all of humanity, so that more consciousnesses and souls may be participants on the path of redemption and Mercy.

Receive the balm of this sacred knowledge and be blessed by it so that within you may awaken this same impulse that awakened in that people, in the simplicity of spirit and the purity of soul.

Let the Love of God govern within you.

Let the Love of God make you participants in Divine Life, and, in Divine Life, may the doors open to Universal Truth, in which all beings will find not only their origins but also the synthesis of their existences and the reason for having come here, to this planet, to experience this school of forgiveness.

With these words, I prepare you for merciful prayer so that, through this merciful prayer, you may receive the impulses of Light that comes through knowledge and from the Source.

Believe that nobody will cause you to lose this connection with what is superior, as long as you protect it from yourselves. Open your hearts and your consciousnesses will expand in the Universe, and, in this way, you will be filled with Peace.

Trust, because redemption is close at hand for those who open to live it inwardly; it will not be difficult to achieve it, it will not be an obstacle to be able to approach this redemption, it will be a Grace, an impulse, a blessing, an opportunity, which My Heart will bring for all when I return to the world.

I bless you and I give you the Light of this knowledge so that this current race of humanity may bring continuity to the Work of Christ upon the surface of the Earth, for the triumph of love, of peace and of unity among souls.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Daily Messages

Those who awaken must be accompanied with much love so that the Purpose may emerge with clarity within them, and It may be fulfilled as was foreseen.

Those who awaken must be guided with attention so that the flame of the Purpose may be born with inner strength in them, the flame they must always aspire to reach.

Those who awaken must always receive love, consideration and understanding, because they are souls that have just come out of a deep sleep and have become conscious of a new and truthful reality.

Those who awaken must be taken by the hand through the path of service and selfless life so that the virtue of service for their fellow beings and surrender to the Plan of Love may begin to emerge within them.

Those who awaken must be considered as postulants to the Work of Christ in order for them to at least have the opportunity to experience the entrance of the Love of the Master.

To those who awaken, truth must always be said.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Special Message of the Glorified Christ Jesus, transmitted in the city of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón, for the 33rd Marathon of Divine Mercy

Prayer: Our Father (in Portuguese).

With great gladness and joy, listen to My Voice, which comes from infinity to speak to you and all your brothers and sisters, who, in trust and faith, have walked by My side over the years, and especially in this Work that is carried out here by the Sacred Hearts.

You do not know, companions, how pleased My Soul is to be here today with you, in perpetual spiritual communion with all those that are not present, and that are lost in the tribulation in the world.

But today I come to stretch out My Hand to you so that you may see My Heart, which is luminous among you. I do not stop acting in this world so that My disciples may feel Me close and walk by My side, in this desert that a part of humanity is experiencing in this cycle of transition.

I want you to draw close to My Heart, in the same way that I offer It to you, so that you may enter into My Spirit and feel the Will of My Father showing Itself to you, for example, through this meeting.

I would not like to fail to go through here without you feeling Me, understanding what I request of you as a spiritual flock, as a purpose for this end time. 

I come to bring you My Peace and also My gratitude for having allowed new doors of Heaven to open upon this needy place in which hearts, without perceiving it, cry out for My intercession.

This Marathon will bring results for everybody; it will open new paths for the consequent, those who have made a promise to My Sacred Heart, giving a victory to My plan through service and prayer in this region of the planet where God has been able to mirror His Presence simply through the realization of His Creation and its beauty.

Today I come to invite you to be in My Cenacle, not only to commune with Me, but rather beyond Me, in the name of My Father and of all the universe that gathers especially to bless you, transfigure you, and lift you up to My Heart.

I need you to continue accomplishing My Purpose, in spite of what happens.

Today My Hands close impossible wounds, the deepest wounds, those that humankind cannot heal. This is the work of My Mercy, of My unfathomable Love and Pity, not only for you, but also for the world that grows darker and is blind because it does not recognize Me.

Now, companions, that you do recognize Me, make Me known to those who sleep, that do not vivify Me and do not adore Me.

My Heart offers Itself in this end time to all, without exception, before the Justice of My Father comes to this world and this humanity. A Justice that humanity will not understand because it does not know it nor does it feel it; but I bring you the source of My atonement, the healing for your spirits and souls, the renewal of your paths and surrender to My unfathomable Heart. 

In your lives, I only wish to institute a spirit of apostleship, of mission, and of service.

Let this Marathon represent the renewal of service to God, that which you can give Me beyond the limitations and the tests, the fears and the uncertainty.

I would like you to be able to be renewed every day and stop looking back, to the past, because if I Am your renewing and Christic sacred Presence, why are you stuck in the past?

When I am present, I bring you what is new, what you still do not know or experience. I bring you the presence of another Law that participates in other universes, and which gathers you here so that you may live and feel Me.

Your hearts are potentials in service and in prayer. Here, stronger pillars of prayer can exist that propagate that Light throughout the world with the precious prayerful word.

Your hearts should not only pray, they should be living mirrors that reflect what the rest do not experience in this time and to which many do not pay much attention because they do not deeply know Me.

I need your hands to reach others so that at the same time, you can see Me in those that suffer, in those that are lost, in the Lower Kingdoms.

The whole of Creation participated in My surrender on the Cross and continues to do so in My Glory and in My Divinity. Nothing is separated after I ascended to the Heavens, to the House of My Father.

I left you the task of being children of the Mother of the World, of being seeds of the New Humanity, spiritually speaking.

I left you the task of propagating My Gospel through acts of charity and of peace, a peace that is lacking in the world and in many hearts.

The Americas have this mission with Me and with the other Sacred Hearts; it is part of this spiritual trilogy between your Master, Holy Mary, and Saint Joseph.

You and your lost brothers and sisters are called to live this project that is still not understood, because it is a project of higher Love, of an unknown existence that is today drawing closer to you so that you may perceive and live it.

I provide you with this Grace and this Mercy so that your paths may be peaceful and non-confrontational, so that your hearts unite with Me, just as they should unite with your brothers and sisters, without differences or denials.

I open a door for you to live the experience of love and of redemption. You have already experienced these things through the Work that you have carried out here for so long, in honor of My God. It is for this reason that I come here to give you My Graces, the spirit of My infinite and universal gratitude.

I thus come to wash your feet, to baptize your heads in the name of the Holy Spirit, to anoint you and heal you in the name of Love and of Unity, something that humanity is rapidly losing; but if you go through the end of times with Me, you must fear nothing. 

I want your lives to be surrendered to Me.

I want you to embrace the Cross with Me that I carry through the world in this time.

I want you to remove the thorns from My Heart because of all the unjust and prideful.

I want you to contemplate the immensity of My love and submerge in My Spirit, living each of My Words, just as the apostles lived them in the past.

I want you to be a quill of light in My Hands so that I may write the new history in the Book of My Father, your history of redemption, of atonement, of forgiveness and of Mercy, of liberation and of peace; because the time will come, dear companions, in which you must be gathered together like today, in this sacred cenacle that you are lovingly offering Me.

Just as I gathered together the twelve, today I gather you and those that are spiritually not here.

I leave you the greetings of My Peace, the luminous sign of My victorious and resplendent Cross throughout the universe.

I leave you My sorrow for the world, the denial of hearts, the indifference of the arrogant, the poverty of the non-humble, the pride of the blind, the malice of the ungrateful, so that you may share this with Me and so that your love, together with Mine, can erase all the miseries and My Sacred Heart may triumph as it is triumphing in your lives.

Let this Marathon open the doors to those who must come, to the young people of this region that must also find the Path of Christ, not a strict path, but the path of love, of redemption, and of peace. The path of the prayerful apostleship, of the mission in service and in charity through pity.

I invite you to be renewed in the name of the Law of the Hierarchy, in the name of unity and the good.

Adonai, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy,

Redemption, Redemption, Redemption for this planet.
(three times in Portuguese)

On this evening of communion with Me, I give you the blessing of these elements and My paternal embrace in perfect union with My unfathomable Heart of Love, so that, renewed by My Spirit, your paths may be on My Paths and your hearts may be In My Heart in honor and adoration of the Father.

I renew you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

As I rise, accept My proclamation of Peace and confirm yourselves to Me as each one is able to live it in this offering that is lifted up.

I will return tomorrow to be with you in spiritual union and in vigil for the world.

Thank you for granting this space to Me in your hearts. The fruits will be seen in the next world, in the new humanity and in the joy of your countenances.

Remember that this is done for all of humanity, not only for you, but for those that most need it and that most suffer the tribulation.

Special Message
Special Message of the Glorified Christ Jesus, transmitted in the city of Brasilia, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón, on the occasion of the 22nd Marathon of Divine Mercy

Look at the sky and as from now, see the glorious descent of your King.

Look at the firmament in the distance and see how the stars radiate the first signs of My Return.

Look into your inner worlds and perceive how I have made, of your lives, a present for God.

Release your difficulties and smile at the life the universe has given you.

Look at your brothers and sisters and feel how God works and carries out His miracles of Love and of Redemption.

In this time, look into My Eyes and see the hope and the faith that My luminous Countenance reflects.

You know that humanity is weak, poor, and needy. Thus, look at the skies and see the Rays that combine the universes so that, on this day, I may be here pouring out My Mercy instead of pouring out sovereign Justice.

Children, I have decided to come to Brasilia in Glory, because just like in Maceió, I found apostles of Mine awake to the supreme convocation for peace and the liberation of the world.

Children, each part of the Earth, each corner of this precious planet has need of My unfathomable and most pure Mercy so that, although you are not yet prepared, you at least build the Cenacle before My return to the world.

At each point on the Earth, I hear the supplications for pity and for peace, and in your hearts, I find the reason to trust and carry out My preparatory Works in the good spirits that await My Return.

In this sacred Marathon, may all the souls of the world, especially My companions of Maceió and of Brasilia, at least feel united under the same celestial Purpose. In this way, you will allow My sacred omnipresence to work not only in Maceió, but also in all of Brazil.

It is time for greater prayer and work; thus, follow the footsteps that My Designs leave, which are the divine Designs of the Creator and that, on this day, your goal for this Marathon is the inner renewal of the commitment that you made to Me with voice and heart.

Today I give everybody My sublime and divine patience that will comfort you when faced with a divided humanity, ignorant and lost through the actions of the adversary.

From Heaven, I call a part of humanity so that, through each marathon, the effort of each one and the union among you all may be ever stronger, and may this unite you evermore to the Will of My Heart.

I give My Peace to all My children of Brazil, because also through them, My Works, the most important of the end of time, can be accomplished.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you, My apostles of Brasilia, for having responded and welcomed My Call.

Your Lord, Who speaks to you,

Christ Jesus

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