Since the beginning of life, while the Creation was still a feeling in the depths of the Heart of God, your Celestial Father had already manifested the principles of Healing and Redemption, Gifts that come from His Love, for all that was being generated within Him.

The Creator knew, My children, that by sending His children to learn, experience and grow, among the dimensions, He would also need to create the forms, by  which they could return to His Heart.

Therefore, upon manifesting life, the dimensions and all forms, for beings to be able to evolve, your Lord also drew upon your paths the return to His Sacred and Infinite Heart. For this reason, He filled the hearts of humanity with occult gifts, and filled the planet, in which they dwell, also with occult sacred spaces; spaces that hold the Gifts of God, the fruits of His Love, those which allow creatures to return to the Heart of the Celestial Father.

Aurora, beloved children, is not only a place of peace. Aurora is a Consciousness of Healing and Redemption in which your hearts can experience, to return to God. Aurora emerged from the Heart of your Creator, even before your lives were manifested.

Contemplating the challenges of the planet and the veils that would be covering the eyes of His children, preventing them from seeing and knowing who they truly are, the Creator manifested the Consciousness of Aurora; a Consciousness that supports you within It, as the womb of a mother supports her children. Aurora gives you all that you need; within its Heart, the veils are torn, so that you can contemplate the truth about yourselves.

Aurora, My children, reveals to you your more impure human condition, so that you may first come to know the wounds that are to be healed, and know where that which must be transformed lies. But then, from the Heart of Aurora, emerges the balm that assists you, that closes that which was open, that heals even the deepest parts of your beings, liberates that which was impure and prepares you so that, through your surrender and service, the Consciousness of Aurora may expand and reach the four corners of this world.

Contemplate, beloved children, the Consciousness of Aurora within you, but also feel that you are inserted within it. In the Heart of Aurora, all life finds Healing and Redemption to discover the truth about itself, and thus return to God.

Open your hearts, so that not only this place may express Aurora, but that your lives and this planet may also be fruits of the Gifts that your Creator deposited within Aurora.

Just as this place is sacred, the whole planet is sacred, dear children, but in order to recognize the mysteries of God upon the planet that receives you, you must first live them within yourselves. In order for the veils to be torn, those which cover the sacred that exists in the world, first the veils that cover your own eyes must be torn.

Allow the hands of Aurora to extend, in front of your faces, and pull the veils that were making you blind, so that you can see, feel, experience and live who you are and, more than that, what the purpose of this life is.

All that I tell you is filled with a profound and inner truth, which is a truth you can come to know through the surrender and relinquishing of your lives.

To live Aurora, you must surrender before God and cry out for His Gifts, for the Gifts that He gave you, through the sacred places that hide in this world and in all Creation.

The Time of God has come, beloved children. A time in which, not only chaos will be fulfilled as it was predicted, but Redemption will also be fulfilled.

With My words, I lead you to live the Scriptures, I lead you to be live the prophecies, because it is through you that everything will be fulfilled.

I carry you in My arms to the desert, because you still do not know who you are. The moment will come when you will have crossed the desert, and I will show you the Truth of God upon the horizon, and you will discover, My children, that not only can you be in My arms, but you can also walk with Me towards the Promised Land.

After the desert, I will show you the New and Eternal Jerusalem, which is in Heaven as on Earth, and as two realities that unite into one, the Promised Land will emerge and everything will be fulfilled. Everyone will know who they are, everything will become clearer, and what weighed in your hearts before, as doubts and fears, will dissipate.

From the lights of Aurora will emerge lights of a new life, and from Heaven the principles of the New Humanity will also descend to Earth. This will be the Kingdom of God, beloved children; an ever present Kingdom, revealed to the children of the Supreme, those who know that they are His companions and fruits of His Love.

May My words resound within you, not just as a promise, but as a truth that leads you to cry out to Aurora, for Healing to take place and Redemption to be fulfilled, so that your eyes may be worthy to see and your hearts may be worthy to feel everything that I have told you today.

I bless you with the power of Aurora and the Grace of the Spirit of God.

I love you and thank you for coming to meet me with your hearts.


Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Finally, companions, after so many years of work and of shared meetings with you, I will be able to leave, implemented and established, within the Marian Centers, the experience of the Sacraments for the souls.

For this reason, beginning next March 3rd, everyone who wants to receive a sacrament will be able to go to a Marian Center in order to prepare to experience the Sacrament they need.

It will be in this way that on March 4, 2019, just as every 4th, for the months to come, the Marian Centers will prepare their altars to offer and administer the Sacred and Divine Sacraments to souls.

I have chosen the Marian Center of Aurora to begin this impulse so that the new cycle of the Marian Centers may be more supported by all, especially by the pilgrims.

For this reason, I wish, with love in my heart, that on the 4th of each month, the pilgrim buses may come to the Marian Centers and that their welcome and reception may be preciously organized by the Children of Mary and by the Guardians of the Eucharist.

So, every 4th, after living the sacred procession with the Most Blessed Body of your Lord, the Priests, the assistants of the Priests, the Guardians of the Eucharist and the Children of Mary, will prepare to offer the Sacraments of Baptism, Anointment and Feet Washing. 

Thus, the Sacraments will become spiritual bridges of preparation for those who will then participate in the prayer meetings of the Divine Mercy.

The Sacraments, except for the Holy Communion, will no longer be administered on the 5th and the 6th, so that the souls may be spiritually better prepared in order to be before My Presence during the Marathon of the Divine Mercy, of each month.

For another period, I will continue consecrating the hosts for you, with love, so that you may continue helping yourselves of My Body and My Blood.

Lastly, on the 4th of each month, the Priests will offer the Sacrament of Confession during the mornings, as part of the liturgical and sacramental activity of the Marian Centers.

For this, portable confessionals will be built, which will be reverently placed in some points of the Marian Centers so that the confessors may have better spiritual conditions to offer this exercise of purification.

I invite all the faithful followers of Christ, the devotees, the ones who pray and the pilgrims, from the month of March of 2019 on, to humbly help themselves of the Sacraments and thus relieve this suffering planet.

I will wait to see, at the door of each Marian Center, the arrival of the pilgrim buses. I Myself will receive them with open arms so that they may enter the Temple of My Heart, expressed in the simplicity of each Marian Center.

I thank you for keeping My aspirations in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Dear children:

I wish for the Face of Mary, Rose of Peace, to be finally painted and that She be on the altar for the anniversary of My daily Messages.

It has been a long time since this request was made, but in this year of 2019, I want Mary, Rose of Peace, to be known throughout the world according to the indications that were once given.

Therefore, the revelation of the Face of Mary, Rose of Peace, in this year of 2019, will indicate the beginning of a new cycle of your Heavenly Mother in the Work that the Sacred Hearts take forward.

Knowing the Face of the Rose of Peace, the world will be able to deepen into the mystery and into the divine science of the Mother of God, and thus the knowledge of the universal life will be revealed to all the souls.

For this reason, the painted face of Mary, Rose of Peace, will fulfill spiritual promises for all those who have the image. These promises will help the souls so that they know how to go through the end of these times. 

Among these promises, to those who keep with them, the Face of Mary, Rose of Peace, they will not lack peace, the momentum of praying with the heart, the joy and the happiness of being in Christ, the recognition of the Grace of God, feeling worthy of the Divine Mercy,  recognizing themselves as the worthy children of God, of living a strengthened faith and protection of the Holy Spirit.

On March 2, 2019, I hope to see, on the altars of Aurora, this holy Face of Mary, Rose of Peace, so that, like it was with the Face of the Glorified Jesus Christ, She may be presented to the world on this special day.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I write this message with words of light to be able to express, through them, the gratitude and the Love that I have for My dear children, especially for all souls that throughout the times and My Apparitions have made their first vows of consecration to the Mother of God.

For this reason, My children, I come in a special way today to invite and call each Child of Mary to be present with me on March 12, 2019, at the Marian Center of Aurora, the place that will be the venue for the next Annual Meeting of the Children of Mary.

I invite and call you to be in the presence of your Celestial Mother so that you may not only renew the vows of your consecration, which you once made, but also that your souls may receive a spiritual impulse directly from the Mother of God in order that your consciousnesses may prepare for the times of emergencies.

Surrounded by the splendorous Aurora, I invite you to be by My side on this March 12 and also to invite, in this year, a brother or sister to participate in the Meeting so they can see how beautiful it is to live in the Heart of God.

As of now, I announce this invitation so that each child of Mine may get organized to be present.

This Meeting will be globally broadcast through Mercy Mary TV so that the Children of Mary from Central America, North America and Europe can accompany.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Today I send My Message of peace to all of My brothers and sisters of South America, and I especially address My Words to My brothers and sisters from Venezuela and the whole adjacent region, spaces in which souls seek to survive this final battle that has just begun.

But do not fear, the triumph of love is near.

The one who lives in love will not perish.

The one who lives in love will always find the way out.

The one who acts through love will not fail.

Because the Love that I have taught you is invincible, it is capable of defeating any situation and of overcoming any obstacle.

Therefore, do not favor the oppositions; may nations not rise against one another, because humanity has suffered enough to learn that it has left the path many times and that it was always difficult for it to return to the Heart of God. 

While I am here, I am with all of the people of Venezuela, accompanying each being, each consciousness, each soul; living with each brother and sister of Mine, their suffering and their pain, their agony or their despair. However, the moment has not come yet for me to return to the Earth.

By means of My Love, may you find peace, the peace that is missing in the world and in the heart of many beings.

It is not a time to battle; it is rather a time to work with love, although evil exists and oppresses. Because the liberation of captivity is near, and the chains of evil will break to make room for the entrance of light, of victory, of the triumph of the Kingdom of God, which must express itself within each one of you, in every step, as well as in every action.

Today I am with My Shield to defend you from the forces of chaos.

Today I am with My Sword to dissipate the darkness, bringing the Power of God to Earth and the manifestation of His Will for this end of times.

May the spaces be stabilized, may the energies be balanced, may harmony express itself so that creatures may find within themselves the equilibrium that will make them perceive the need of these times and the call that the Universe proclaims loudly.

May your hearts take refuge in My Heart, may your lamentations and your pains dissolve in My Mercy, because I will be with you until the end of times to accompany you to carry this cross that will liberate you in the calvary that is the scenario of this humanity.

There will be no triumphant ones nor winners, conquerors or powerful ones.

Seek in the silence of self this key that opens all doors and transcends all times.

Bring souls toward My Heart, because it is the only place where all will be safe in these times.

The last battle will come and everything will be defined. All must be at the heights of these events; this will also be the most acute moment of humanity; a moment in which souls will define their paths and will know their next destiny, depending on what they have chosen.

But the Promised Land will arise, however small it may be, and the promise of the Kingdom of God will be fulfilled in those who have believed in the advent of the new, in all that will descend from the Universe as a spiritual treasure to enrich souls in knowledge and Truth.

I am here as the Governor of your people, as the Director of your souls, as the Shepherd of all flocks.

I grant you the gift of the inner force that you need to keep moving forward, crossing the events of these times, however difficult it may seem.

Remember that Heaven and Earth will pass, but My Word will remain in the hearts that know how to recognize it because thus they will live My Message.

Do not desist, but rather persist. Faith will double the spiritual strength that you need to walk toward a new time.

Everything will reach its end because the end also has its time and its hour.

Reinforce your commitment with the Heavenly Father and allow that He can work in the events, although His Presence is silent.

Do not fear to face the end of times; there is still a lot to go through and to live.

Although I am in retreat, I am with you and I will return to give you My last impulse; that impulse that will finally place you in the fulfillment of your task and of your mission on this planet; a mission that will make you represent Me on Earth as My apostles and as My companions, those who will be with Me under any circumstance and in an unconditional way.

I avail Myself of your sufferings to relieve the suffering of humanity. Everything I touch I transform into good and I transfigure it into light for all souls, bringing them the Love of My Heart.

From Aurora, I will give My great impulse of love for the planet in March, a moment in which My task with you will be finalizing. But this will be a very important moment because you will be able to put into practice everything that I had once told you and you will be able to do it better than what I did in past times; you just must be obedient to Me and trust.

In March, the last Fount of My Divine Mercy will open so that your spirits may finish forming in this Command that I address to you from the Universe.

Pray every day with more fervor and may the prayer spring from the heart, just as your love for Me does.

I bless you, and I give you My Peace.

In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Series - Manifestation of Aurora - Part XIII

Within the context of Casa Redención, located in the area of Redención 1, there are to be found the so-called points of healing, a spiritual term that refers to the congruence of elevated vortices of universal energy where spiritual impulses for the spiritual healing of souls are received.

These spaces, represented on the physical plane by small huts, for this new cycle of healing in Aurora, need to finish being built according to the architectural project made some years ago.

A walkway amidst nature will unite the spaces that exist between the so-called points of healing; this means that the finishing and completion of each point of healing will allow the task of healing in Aurora to continue in spite of the weather.

For this reason, Aurora, as a Kingdom of Healing and Redemption, must refurbish these small points of healing which later on will be small circular rooms where those to be assisted can enter to experience the steps of their own spiritual healing.

Up until today, and for more than ten years, Aurora has offered this important work of healing precariously and simply; but Aurora now deserves to be built completely, with the loving collaboration of everyone.

This finalizing of the building of the points of healing, according to the thought-out architectural project, will allow the task of healing to become a reality on the surface and, above all, for the processes of the healing of people to occur and be offered at any time of the year.

Up until today, the changes in the climate and the unfinished structure itself of the so-called points of healing have not allowed an expansion of the primordial task of Aurora.

Now the time has come to also schedule this need in the near future because Aurora cannot fail to offer healing due to a lack of vital elements for the correct development of the task.

It will be a mission of the Light Network and all of those who may wish to join, to be able to accomplish this goal.

The finalizing of the points of healing will allow the opening of the floodgates of redemption over this sacred soil of Aurora.

I thank you for considering My petitions!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Series - Manifestation of Aurora - Part X

If all the previous stages are fulfilled, Aurora will be in a condition to express its task on the surface and, especially, its work with the principles of healing will be possible.

Each stage that is carried forward, within this project of the finalizing and manifestation of Aurora, will not only demonstrate to the Universe that the servers and the followers of the Work understand what the Hierarchy is talking about and requesting, but that there will also be different opportunities for Uruguay as a country, and for the region.

In this sense, it will be important that all collaborate in each one of the phases of the new manifestation of Aurora, regardless of whether they are part of a sustaining group or not. In this way, consciousnesses will be able to verify that when there is unity of purpose, it is possible to follow through with any request of the Hierarchy.

If that immediate and precise response exists, without leaving anything behind, the greater will be the awareness of the group purpose that will be built for the New Aurora.

I hope that each worker of the Plan knows the importance of building Aurora, day by day, until the purpose is accomplished, and of not ceasing to collaborate in all senses until everyone can see the Aurora Center manifested in its maximum splendor. 

For this, the organization of the group through a monthly schedule that presents details, stage by stage, will help the whole Work become aware of the possible delays, as well as the different goals.

In this monthly chart, which will be attended to by an architect and by a builder, all of the Work will be up to date on what is lacking for finalizing each stage.

It is important that each server of the Work knows that, as the different phases of the manifestation of Aurora are completed, the treasures of the Hierarchy will also be established so that they may be active, helping humanity.

Each step in the manifestation of Aurora, the accompaniment and the sincere effort of the group toward the Hierarchy will grant that awaited opportunity for Uruguay and South America, something spiritual that Aurora has to offer to souls.

In this attitude of readiness, of immediate and prompt response; in this attitude that is truly fraternal toward Aurora, I invite you to be constant, without hesitation. 

I thank all those who will make the new stage of Aurora possible!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Series - Manifestation of Aurora - Part IX

For group co-living and the spiritual awakening of pilgrims, the area of Redención 4 must someday be expressed.

It will be an area for families who have consecrated themselves to the path of the spirit but at the same time, it will be an area that will receive the pilgrims who come to the Marian Center to share the liturgies and the meetings of prayer.

Redención 4 will also, in a part of its area, express co-living with the Plant and Animal Kingdoms. That co-living of families with the Younger Kingdoms will also be an opportunity for serving them and to alleviate their suffering and give them the love of the heart. That area will gather together families who will be applying to live a different life than what is offered by the world.

Redención 4 will also be a welcoming place where children will have the alternative school, Parque Tibetano, as a foundation, an educational experience that, within other Light-Communities, has enriched and formed the spirit of the littlest ones. Redención 4 will also have an area dedicated to sports so that children and families may have a better quality of life.

In this sense, Redención 4 will offer a space more akin to the degree of evolution of each human being. The families will have the support of the activities of service to the Kingdoms of Nature, primary and secondary education through the Parque Tibetano school, as well as an area dedicated to physical education to optimize the quality of life through recreation for the children.

This area will be one of temporary residence, and as the families gradually mature and confirm their commitment to the Plan as a family, then as members of the Community they will be able to take on other areas and other sectors of the communal group life.

Redención 4 will also dedicate a section for receiving the journeying pilgrims, who, throughout all of the areas of Aurora, have no place to stay.

It would be a very clear objective for the families of the Light Network to work together with other families to manifest Redención 4, that space within the Work of Love that families need to be able to find a place where to live and also share as members of the Community.

This is another commitment and offering of the Spiritual Hierarchy for the families that have lately demonstrated inner changes and for those which are currently affected by the world as a whole and need to find a space to better serve God.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Series – Manifestation of Aurora – Part VIII

Each one of you, as collaborators and servers of the Divine Work, will have to express solidarity with the means of transport of Aurora.

It will be fundamental to count on new vehicles and especially on a bus that permits responding to the basic needs of the Light-Community on a daily basis and which may also serve as a support for the times of meetings.

For this, Redención 1 must allow a part of its area for the building of a mechanical repair shop that meets the needs for maintenance of the bus, which will be donated with the help of everyone. The automobile repair shop of Redención 1 will also be able to have a space for the maintenance of the rest of the vehicles.  

As the Community of Aurora has only a few vehicles for carrying out many trips, it will be necessary that all the servers of the Work immediately respond to and resolve this need. 

The transportation sector must be based in the Community of Aurora since this same sector will serve as support for the transportation of pilgrims to the Marian Center.

This re-organization of transportation will require that some members of the Light-Community be academically trained in mechanics and electro-electronics so that the Community itself can count on more tools of knowledge when conducting maintenance.

In this sense, the whole Community of Aurora, without exception, must be trained in the care, in the maintenance, in the cleaning and especially in their awareness concerning all means of transport.

The transportation of a Light-Community reflects and represents the state of consciousness that the Community has acquired throughout the years. For this reason, the effort on the part of everyone concerning the care of the vehicles will be important; because the Plan of the Hierarchy is not found in a damaged vehicle.

It will be necessary that everyone apply the formula of love in their consciousness and also their attention on what is used for trips.

In this year of 2019, the Light Network, as a fundamental pillar of the Hierarchy, will have the goal of manifesting the first of three buses for the Community of Aurora. That response will help the approach of new hearts to the Work.

The transportation in Aurora will reformulate the form of co-existence of the Community with the Law of Manifestation.

As of now, I give you this challenge, to be concretized before April of 2019.

I thank you for supporting the concretization of the Plan!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Series – Manifestation of Aurora – Part VII

Through the integration brought about by a meeting between the Light-Community of Aurora, the local community and the public institutions, a project must be proposed for the improvement of the entries and the roads to the Marian Center of Aurora, something that will also benefit the other inhabitants of the area, keeping in mind the important task of spiritual support that this Center currently fulfills.

For that reason, given the needs of this time, the improvements of the entries and in the roads of the area will help to better include the Marian Center of Aurora in the local and spiritual scope of the region.

This project of improvement of the roads will also require a better channeling of the water, as well as a reinforcement of the structures of the bridges and the rest of the elements to bring greater order to the region.

The improvements of the roads will also require that the collaborators in the Work be more present in Aurora, with the intention of being able to carry forward some periods of work in the cleaning of the roads and of the entries that lead to the Marian Center.

For this, it will be necessary to organize a schedule of meetings among all the collaborators of Uruguay, of Argentina, of Paraguay and of Brazil so that they may give the first impulse, demonstrating to the population of the area that it is possible to improve the conditions and quality of life by maintaining a balanced relationship with the ecosystem.

This basic organization will stimulate the population to give of themselves, in service, to maintain the spaces in harmony where they frequently live. For this, they may offer their own work tools to collaborate in the improvements to the roads.

It will be necessary to remain firm of purpose so that these goals may be achieved and do not remain unresolved. For this reason, it will be important that the coordinators of the areas of the Light-Community of Aurora bring a local and regional assembly together with the city organisms, with the intention that the region of San Mauricio be considered a space that needs a better territorial organization, and thus, it may be contemplated as a region with international activity, given the presence of the pilgrims.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Series – Manifestation of Aurora – Part V

At the highest points of the House of Redemption, within the three areas constituted as Redemption 1, 2, and 3, systems must be installed to obtain alternative solar and wind energies.

For this reason, some of the consecrated and residents of the Light-Community must know how to work with these resources through an academic formation about renewable and alternative energies.

This experience in Aurora, after a while, will also allow us to perceive the different alternative energies that can be developed in the other Light-Communities.

It will be an indispensable and essential resource for the Light-Communities, in the long term, to be able to count on these means which nature and the climate offer within each region of the planet.

In this sense, the academic formation of the residents and of the consecrated, focused upon the alternative energies, will allow for further development in the field of knowledge and of intelligence, with the objective of seeking the resources to cover the needs of each Marian Center, as well as of each Light-Community.

For these coming times, it will also be necessary to have an awareness about the correct use of electric power, which supplies about 98.9% of the needs of humanity since its exacerbated consumption harms the Kingdoms of Nature and all of the ecosystems.

Bringing to conscious awareness the fact that everything necessary for living is within the Kingdoms of Nature, the human being will awaken their sleeping senses, which will help them to perceive reality without the need to harm nature.

It is time for human beings to learn to respect Creation and all its components through a more equitable and harmonious way of life.

To develop alternative energies in Aurora will require the formation of a group of brothers and sisters dedicated to academically instructing themselves, as well as for developing the necessary projects.

Aurora has the potential for the utilization of alternative energies through the Sun, the wind, and water.

I thank you for considering all of the Projects of God!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Series – Manifestation of Aurora – Part III

In this cycle, the Kingdom of Aurora must concretize the expansion of its mirror on the surface; for this reason, no one should be satisfied with what already exists, because Aurora still has to show itself in its splendor.

For this reason, companions, the collaboration and the awareness on the part of everyone for this new stage of the manifestation of Aurora will help your Sacred Center find more spaces where it may be established on the surface.

In this sense, the spiritual expansion of Aurora will depend on the efforts that all members of the Work will make in this year of 2019 so that the previously mentioned needs may be provided and carried out according to the Plan of the Hierarchy.

There is, without a doubt, a responsibility and a commitment on the part of everyone in order for this manifestation to be able to occur.

One way to motivate the concretization of the new spaces of Aurora may be to carry forward campaigns in order to raise the material and financial resources so that everything may take place; just like the inner commitment that each one can make with Aurora, to periodically be present and collaborate, will help.

For this reason, companions, the first campaign will be to concretize the bathrooms of the Marian Center of Aurora. To do this, the solidarity campaign of the 333 Uruguayan pesos will be carried out to begin to build, in the month of February of this year, the architectural bases of the bathrooms of the Marian Center.

This impulse of the 333 Uruguayan pesos will be developed by all members of the Light-Network, who will also promote the programs to gather the donations of material elements, as well as the fraternal workforce, that may help in the building of this first objective. When this need of the Marian Center of Aurora is concretized, the next stage will come about.

It should be emphasized that, if all the necessary help through the campaign of the 333 Uruguayan pesos is not concretized, the Light-Network will receive a notice to collaborate again until this objective, which is a mission for everyone, is fulfilled.

Let us together keep building the foundations for a new and fraternal humanity.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Series – Manifestation of Aurora – Part II


The fundamental manifestation of Aurora on the surface is based on love among siblings, on an honest and true love that is built within the fraternity of Christ so that, following this, the Principles of the Celestial Father, those principles which inspire the Project of God, may be present within humanity.

In order to make all of this possible, in this new year, it is necessary to contemplate the needs of Aurora which are being carried out, stage by stage, with the collaboration of the stewards of the Work. This will allow the Center of Aurora itself to receive the celestial treasures on the inner planes; sacred tools that will make it possible to accelerate the process of the redemption of humanity.

For this very important reason, Aurora needs the collaboration of everyone to make the manifestation of its Sacred Center possible, as well as that of group life, which must have the necessary structures so that a New Humanity may be able to count on this Island of Salvation.

When I told you yesterday that Aurora has not yet completed its manifestation, it was to have you understand that the Spiritual Hierarchy still has plans and projects here, which must be materialized within the life on Earth so that the physical spaces which Aurora has may also be contemplated for the realization of the Purpose and the Plan of the Hierarchy.

The Kingdom of Aurora is not just a space for the inner knowledge of beings.

The Kingdom of Aurora must be a completely manifested space so that the task of Aurora may take place on the surface.

The time has come to be able to embrace the Project of the Hierarchy so that, on Earth and for these end times, universal life may be a reality experienced and felt by each serving heart.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Series – Manifestation of Aurora – Part I

Companions and brothers and sisters of Mine:

It is not by preference nor any other reason, but it is necessary that you do not forget that Aurora still has not finished materializing on its surface and, in order for this to become possible, you must be aware and collaborate with this sacred space which, with humility, receives you to shelter your spirits in the essence of healing and of love.

This was one of My main reasons for coming to Aurora and to carry out the next Marathon of Divine Mercy in this beloved Marian Center, if it had happened.

My reason and spiritual motive was to tell all of you who have come to Aurora about the importance that this manifestation has to Me, since Uruguay as a country has already lost its spiritual character, and this principle has so far been sustained by My faithful companions who live in this village and who, day after day, with effort and hope, pray for the triumph of love in this homeland.

After the first few years, in which Aurora made itself visible to all on the physical plane, it stopped its manifestation; from there, pending needs remained for the permanance of Aurora.

The first need is the finalizing of its Marian Center which, as it does not have its physical bases finished and its needs supplied, will not be able to mirror nor receive certain treasures of the Hierarchy that will help the liberation of souls.

Within the communal area of Redención 1, the construction is still pending, with the help of all, of a large kitchen and a dining hall to welcome all who need to eat; this is also a part of the manifestation of Aurora.

It is still necessary, in Redención 2, to improve and build a set of lodgings that can be available for the moments of large meetings; as well as improving the bathrooms, given the requirements for visitors.

The areas of Redención 2 and Redención 1 need to develop a sustainable system for the maintenance of the plantations and the alternative collection of water for irrigation.

In Redención 3, it is necessary to improve the spaces for co-existence with the Animal Kingdom since this is one of Auroras tasks for the future; also needed is fraternal and supportive maintenance and labor for repairing and rebuilding the houses which already exist.

The presence of people for longer periods of time in Aurora is necessary in order for everything previously described to take place. There must be servers who understand, beyond the material aspect, what the spiritual and physical presence of Aurora means in a country that has already condemned itself to a violent purification.

I wish to avoid the chastisement that Uruguay deserves, before the Universe, by means of the offer of Aurora on the surface because, if these needs are not met, souls will not awaken nor be healed of the past and, even further, Uruguay will not be able to have a new opportunity.

I leave everything that the Kingdom of Aurora needs for 2019, not only for the Uruguayans, but also for the whole world. 

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart and for considering Aurora as a door to your redemption!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


My Children,

On the eve of the next meetings with My Son, your Heavenly Mother prepares for His arrival at the Marian Center of Aurora so that, in this month of August, we may remember all the divine impulses that, through the humble Aurora, were granted to humanity.

I would like every prayer being to know the importance of staying united with what is High during these days so that the spiritual impulses that the sacred Universe will give you may be recognized within each being, and thus the fulfillment of the divine stages of the Plan may continue on.

Aurora, with the silent strength of its power, will embrace with its fire all who come, and as part of the spiritual mission of Aurora, it will give the last impulses that will define consciousnesses so that they be able to follow the path of Grace or the path of Justice.

The attention and care of every child of Mine who comes to Aurora will show the Sacred Kingdom of Love the possibility for its universal and cosmic intervention, as from the coming 8th of August, in which an important cycle will be defined forever.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


First Message

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

By express Will of My Father, today I Am here to announce you that I Am the Lord of the Eclipse, the One who, through the phenomena of the end of times, announces the definitive times for humanity.

I have come especially to bring you this announcement.

I have descended here from the House of My Father to share with you My Word and My Message of the end of times.

By means of My Heart, I announce you the Truth and I open the ears of the consciousness for those who want to listen.

The last phenomenon that happened was not only physical, but also spiritual and universal; and although not everyone participated in it, the planet is inside of that context and that reality.

What the eclipse announces is the change of a cycle, the passage to a new state of consciousness and to a new time of purification.

The last eclipse announces the end of the end of times. There will be nothing more to expect, everything will unleash quickly.

This is why I come tonight to announce it to you, because at night the Celestial Governments act more deeply and the Spiritual Universe approaches to give this revelation.

I do not want you to feel disquiet about what I am revealing to you.

Each announcement that I make is to strengthen your commitment with Me and to testify to the return of the Lord to the world, for the second time.

The phenomena of the Universe are reflected in the inner phenomena.

Everything that happens in the Universe also happens inside of beings. There is nothing disconnected.

It is time to cross this doorway towards the new cycle. Because the commitments will transform into responsibilitie,s and if your responsibility is firm, the Master and the Lord of the Eclipse will be able to count on you in an unconditionally way.

After the eclipse comes a new time, a new reality, and the Universe expects that humanity realizes what that means.

The events no longer will be abstract, neither for only a few consciousnesses.

The last eclipse announces global events that will impact all over the Earth and specially in its humanity.

Thus, for this special Marathon in Aurora, the moment has come for each server to make his synthesis, meditate, contemplate and reflect about everything that they have received during the previous sixty meetings.

I have given, in each moment, a special key for each being, for each server, so that each one may learn to open the correct door and find the meaning of evolution in the end of these times.

Now the moment has come to give everything for the planet; this is why the first impulse of this cycle of purification will be the definition and the absolute union with My Divine Consciousness.

By means of My Sacred Heart, I offer you the perfect refuge for the difficult and acute moments of humanity; in this place that I offer you, only God and My Mother will find you.

In My Heart there is no fear, but rather the trust that God fulfils His Will,  time and again.

Unite to this Principle and make it part of your lives, thus you will be able to accompany My steps, thus you will be able to follow My commands, thus you will be able to help to carry out the Plan, from the place that corresponds to each one and within the duty that each one must live, because what I need is something very simple. All this will help to prepare My Return.

I need that you write, with Me, a new history, which is the beginning of a New Humanity.

For this reason, the events of the end of times will be very intense, inside and outside of the beings, and will take to the souls to give big steps in their awakening.

But who does not manage to take these steps will move backwards, and I need everyone to walk by My side.

Because the Lord of the East is approaching by means of the announcement of the eclipse, where universal conjunctures have congregated and astronomic movements have united, to announce to humanity that the hour and the moment has come to redeem humanity and to restore the planet, after its time of purification and its transition.

May no one be surprised by what they will see.

May no one focus on the events, but rather in the need to love more and more, carrying in heart the Trust of God and the daily work of communion with Me, which will be important bases for learning how to survive in these times.

But today My Hand extends to you and to the world.

Today My Arms are open to embrace humanity and the planet.

The phenomena of the end of times are sudden changes for consciousnesses, because they will come, little by little, but they will be fast and they will demand a total change in humanity.

Who stays inside of the cosmic movements will be inside of the Law.

It is to follow the movements, unite to them and understand them, even though there is not full knowledge of what this means, for this final time.

The Lord of the Eclipse announces a very sudden change in the humanity that everybody will feel and that, from the next 8th of August, will be finally concretized.

I repeat to you again, do not stay in the events, perceive in your inner worlds what this will mean and the expansion of consciousness that this will bring.

Because these are the last Rays of the Universe that will descend to the Earth, by means of immaterial and cosmic Laws, with the aim of preparing humanity for the coming final time that is very close.

Everything will be visible, everything. Inside and outside of the beings.

There will be no more deceit, because the deceit will be seen.

There will be no more lies, because the lies will be revealed.

There will be no more secrets, because the secrets will be unveiled.

It is time to internally absorb the strength that comes from the Universe, by means of the luminous currents that come to the planet through astronomic and cosmic phenomena.

The planet has changed state after the last eclipse and the planet of Mars has been the governor in all this. Humanities of other times have participated in this and the Universe has contemplated this phenomenon, beyond the physical, within the spiritual plane.

And after this event, that has been seen in the world, today the Lord of the Eclipse, the Lord of the East, comes to you.

Because His Greater Fire is coming in large electrical waves of light to remove the dust of the lost humanity and to bring the last impulse of the Light of the Universe, which will open the portal toward the new time.

I will not be able to tell you everything that this event meant, but believe that it was very important.

Today you have conscience of one part of what has happened, but when everything unchains in humanity, you will understand it better and you will remember this day, because what I say is not wasted.

The Word of God is alive and eternal.

The Verb of God, through His Son, is unalterable and inextinguishable, it reverberates time and again by means of vibration and sound.

Commune of this moment and receive the macrocosm in your inner worlds so that it resonates in the depths of the consciousness and does its work in all souls.

May this Marathon represent the definite fusion with the Brotherhood and that, finally, its foundations of love be manifested on the surface.

After everyone has understood the meaning of the Hierarchy, receive My solar impulse for this meeting and may the first glimpses of the Light of Aurora emerge from your spirits so that you become like Mirrors that reflect the Love of the Universe to humanity.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Carrying out the works to improve the roads that lead to the Marian Center of Aurora, with time and dedication, and with the help of the servers from Uruguay, Argentina and South Brazil, the souls will show the universe, on behalf of many more, that they will accept and aspire for the permanence of the Divine Hierarchy, especially, the Presence of God in Uruguay.

Although My Church lies within this country, the inner warmth that the souls give Me here is not enough. I only feel plenitude when pilgrims arrive at the Marian Center of Aurora in order to acknowledge and confirm My Presence.

Important hierarchs of My Church could have avoided the condemnation of these people instead of persecuting Me again, as they have done with this Work, by being sensationalistic and omitting the barbarities that the people have accepted to assume, for instance, by means of abortion. 

My Church, instead of caring for the perdition of the souls, has shut the doors to many hearts that should arrive in Aurora in order to meet Me.

What a condemnation!

This is why I humbly serve Myself of those who truly follow Me in this time, knowing that all I desire for Uruguay is great and infinite.

Carrying out the reconstruction of the physical roads of Aurora, the groups will allow My presence to be here in spite of the indifference and, above all, may the road to be fixed by the servers be the symbol of the correction of distorted ways of this poor nation.

I thank you for obeying Me.

Who blesses you

Your Master, Christ Jesus

Monthly Messages

My Children,

From the Heart of God Gifts and Graces emanate on this day for the liberation of the planet, and your Heavenly Mother comes to decree Her triumph in this place through this liberation and the Peace that emanate from My Immaculate Heart.

The Sacred Immaterial Rays that come from the Heart of the Creator touch Earth today, and Its signs become visible through nature. Nothing will remain as it is, inside and outside of humanity, and its mud will be extirpated and purified.

I come as your Heavenly Mother, as your Universal Mother, to prepare the path for the new dawn of Aurora, which next August will shine again in the hearts of humanity and on the horizon of the Earth.

I come to unite My Heart to the heart of Aurora giveing a sign to the world that its liberation is not only near as it has already begun with My Presence.

The heart of Aurora again gives signs so that the pulsing of its life may once again illuminate the abysses of this world. But, for Aurora to resume its place, My children, it is necessary that humanity know how to conduct the events in union with the Heart of the Hierarchy and that it follows, step by step, the Will emanated by God for the Earth.

The silence of Aurora will gradually give way to its healing word, and the expansion of its light will be visible. But, while this moment is prepared, accompany your Heavenly Mother step by step, because everything has its time and place.

The expansion of the heart of Aurora will take place gradually, so that its light crosses the horizons and reaches the hearts of humanity, the Kingdoms of Nature and the depth of the consciousness of the planet, liberating all kinds of life from the darkness that still dwells in this world .

But this must happen without wounding; its fire must burn, but not wound. Its heart expands and comes alive, respecting the Laws that rule this world, because thus humanity has chosen to learn.

To those who do not understand My Words, because they do not know the Aurora of which I speak, I say to you, just feel its grace in your hearts and let it expand, taking its corresponding place, because this is the Will of God.

My children, your Heavenly Mother, on this day, comes to prepare a very important moment: the expansion and return of Aurora of the dawn, to illuminate the hearts of the world.

Pray with me, pray so that the nations open up to the Will of God; pray so that the Plans of the Creator may be fulfilled on Earth; pray so that, in the depth of a true prayer, your Father Who is in Heaven may find the necessary permission to help this world.

There is still much to happen for God's Plans to concretize and, with Power and Peace, your Celestial Mother comes to unite the Scepter of God to the Scepter that rules the Aurora of My Heart, so that, gradually, it decrees its return and its triumph.

Beloved children, today I also come to give you a special Grace, through the beloved soul that offers itself every day so that My Plan may continue fulfilling itself. Soul that, like Me, united her heart to the heart of Aurora, so that this world might always have an opportunity to be healed.

Know, My children, that, with the simple surrender of a few, My Heart will work miracles on Earth.

With this I tell you not to give up surrendering your lives to God; do not give up taking steps toward union with the Heart of the Father and, in spite of everything that happens on the planet, never lose hope that the healing that comes from the heart of Aurora will extend to the world and touch all life, bringing back to the sacred what was lost and distorted by human misunderstanding and ignorance.

I am your Heavenly Mother, the One who shows you the way to reach Christ and, on Earth, I left you an earthly spiritual mother, so that she would point to the Father together with My Heart and that, united to Me, she might tirelessly work for the rescue of souls.

Unite with this mother soul that I gave you, because today I tell you that, upon her, your Father, Who is in Heaven, has placed His trust.

Therefore, today, do not only pray for Aurora to dawn again; also pray for the awakening of Unity on all this Work of Love, and may the hearts know how to recognize the instruments that the Father placed on their paths to never get lost.

Everything is part of a unique construction; listen to My Voice and unite with Me, and thus, My children, you will not confuse yourselves and you will be able to make triumph the Heart of God trough your lives.

I bless you and ask you to accompany Me, preparing with the heart the final awakening of the Aurora of the dawn.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace and Universal Mother.


Before reaching the month of August of this year, it will be a mission and task of the Uruguayans and all people related to the Marian Center of Aurora for the improvement of the external roads that lead to it, as well as the water channels, so that what is occurring these days does not happen in the month of August, during the period of the sacred encounters.

Therefore, from now on, until the end of July, I wish the praying groups from Uruguay, Argentina and the South of Brazil to come to the Marian Center of Aurora in order to periodically carry out this project of improvement of the dirt roads and of the water channeling, so that the meeting not be interrupted due to rain and the overflow of rivers. 

On the other hand, it will also correspond to the groups from Uruguay to accomplish, within the municipality to which lies the Marian Center of Aurora, a very well organized and updated plan so that the municipal roads leading to the Center may be improved, considering the need to properly welcome the pilgrims so that they do not regret being unable to reach the Center of Love due to physical and environmental conditions where the roads are found, for example. 

This is why I come to ask the groups from all of Uruguay, from Argentina and from the South of Brazil to get organized so that, with time and planning, the sacred meetings of August may be carried forward with normalcy.

Fixing the roads and channeling the waters does not mean to only harmonize the Kingdoms of Nature, but it will also be a demonstration of your love for all you have received from Aurora and from the Divine Messengers.

As of now, I will be grateful that you accomplish this request for the good and the existence of the sacred Marian Center of Aurora.

I will accompany you in this work as an offering to the Plan of the Father and for the care of the divine manifestation.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you, 

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Today's rain is formed by the tears of the great angels of the nations of the world; a cry that spills from the faces of the angels, from seeing the seriousness of the planetary reality and, above all, from the lack of response and consciousness after humanity was warned, several times, that it should follow the path of repentance and penance.

The cry of the angel that governs Uruguay is very meaningful and great since that population condemned itself and favored that its representatives take their own nation to spiritual condemnation.

This is why, during these days, a part of the Consciousness of the Divine Messengers will be here, supporting the Center of Aurora so that it can continue sustaining itself, waiting for an inner response from those who live in this nation.

The tears that come from the eyes of the angels are not for the errors committed, but for the absence of Mercy that these people will have at this time since the Source will be retreating to give space for the descent of the Divine Justice, that which will correct and place everything where it belongs.

It is an unknown Justice for all humanity; this is the reason why the angels of heaven, the ones that govern the nations, are crying. And they cry even more for those that were conscious of all reality and that, by their own opinions and decisions, turned their backs on the Master, forgetting the essential principles of the spiritual and evolutionary life.

Today is a day in which those who pray, more than ever, should pray in order to attract to the Earth the Consoling Spirit of God for those who no longer have a return, not even an opportunity.

I wish that you could understand deep within your hearts what it means to never again receive an opportunity.

Therefore, I ask you to pray for My closest children, those who were by My side and now have left Me because they got tired of Me.

May God have Mercy for the nations of the world and for the ungrateful.

I thank you for accompanying Me from the heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


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