Saturday, October 20 of 2018

Daily messages
Daily Message of Saint Joseph, transmitted during the journey between São Paulo, Brazil, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

While, around you, the world agonizes, may your heart be in prayer, your feelings be at peace, your mind be with God, and your spirit be in the Divine Purpose, which is drawn in the stars, to then manifest itself in material life.

When your human condition, in full purification, seems to succumb and lose hope, concentrate your attention on the mirror that there is in the essence of your being and know that you hold within yourself a doorway to the Cosmos, to Eternity, to true life, supported and guided by divine thought.

With eyes fixed upon the mirror of your essence, concentrate your attention on seeking the Love of God and His Grace. Feel the presence of the stars and of all the sources of life and energy that inhabit them. Know that this mirror that you hold inside of you is not the only one nor is it alone, but it is part of a network, which was created since the beginning of life so that all the children of God would find the path of return to His Heart.

Leave the mirror that lives in you alive and active through prayer and the transformation of your being. Make way for the Creator to reflect His Truth in your inner mirror and may you be able to be a vehicle of this Truth for the world.

Nourish, not only your being, when united to the mirror within you and to the mirrors of the Cosmos, but allow this instrument of God in your heart to be a light that guides in the darkness, be a sign, so that your Lord may find the self-summoned in this time.

Within the mirror of your heart, theTruth is reflected, the Path, and the Life, because it is part of the Presence of Christ within you. Therefore, child, do not lose the gift of having this divine tool in you, which can make of your being an instrument in the Hands of God.

Today, work on discovering this mystery of the mirror of your heart through a life of prayer and union with the Brotherhood so that tomorrow, when everything seems lost, you may look inside yourself and recover faith and hope. 

Today I leave you a key and a mystery to unveil. In prayer, understand what I say to you. 

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph