Dear children,

With joy and happiness, I return to My sacred Figueira so that, starting in June, the month of the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus, the inner fruits of the spirits of each child of Mine may now be at the service of the planet and of souls.

I would like that, in this next prayer meeting of the 1,000 Hail Marys, your most sincere prayers and pleas be directed to the Heavenly Father for the intentions and pleas of your Heavenly Mother.

I wish, with ardent devotion, that My praying children pray for the following intentions:

1. For a true and sincere peace treaty in the Middle East so that My Israeli and Palestinian children may reach a peaceful dialogue for the benefit of the common good, and for those who are most unprotected and helpless.

2. For a fraternal and real agreement in Colombia so that the poorest and most innocent are no longer the most chastised by the protests and strikes.

3. For Brazil to conceive a coherent government, according to divine mandates, so that those who have been struck the hardest by the national disorder of the pandemic may have the grace of rebuilding their lives.

4. For the displaced and indigent of Morocco, so that Europe stops its heart from becoming cold in the face of the current and unprecedented critical crisis, so that all refugees be helped and rebuild their lives with dignity.

5. For peace and the cessation of the dictatorial conflict in Myanmar so that religion not be used as a mask to hide the most traumatic actions that harm the entire nation and, above all, push the poorest into exile.

6. For the end of conflict within Syria, Venezuela and Ethiopia so that the life of human society is no longer used to impose misery and chaos upon the peoples and among the peoples.

7. I ask you to pray for the humanitarian missions so that all precursors of humanitarian service be protected, guided and inspired by the Holy Spirit. So that beneficial and lasting decisions be made for all who seek to start over after a traumatic and painful departure from their homelands.

If you pray for these intentions of Mine, I will be grateful to you, since My Heart is outraged by world corruption, which will have an end, at the Return of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who Blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


The bases for the next Pilgrimage for Peace are almost ready so that, in this way, My unfathomable and divine Mercy can bless the Colombian people.

It will be through these spiritual bases that your Redeemer will be able to attend to and handle difficult situations that are not within the reach of those who participate in this Work, but indeed the Hierarchy contemplates it in order to be able to attend to these situations as soon as possible.

Thus, the next Marathon of prayer will be the main setting that will open the doors so that the Divine Hierarchy may work upon consciousnesses and upon the most urgent situations.

By means of the next Pilgrimage for Peace in Colombia, Your Master and Lord will also attend to serious religious cases that need much wisdom so that they may be assumed and resolved, and so they may receive the necessary penalties for what they have committed, just as Justice establishes.

During this pilgrimage, with only a few days and with little time, the Divinity will attempt to help and attend to all that may be possible. Thus, each meeting of prayer that will be held will be the spiritual basis for the Hierarchy to be able to help the situation in Colombia, as well as the nations of Ecuador and Venezuela.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


They not only want the Amazon to disappear, but also, with the social crises, they want to unbalance the nations of South America and of Central America by means of ideological plans that are now being applied in which, up until today, there is no fidelity or transparency on the part of the leaders toward the peoples.

For this reason, the Sacred Hearts, with the extraordinary assistance of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, will be preparing, in the Celestial Planes, to enter again into the nation of Colombia, which others also want to unbalance, through a condition of hostile creation and thought. 

In truth, the maximum Hierarchy of the Universe will be mobilized after the important meeting in Manaus, Amazonas, to give spiritual assistance to three Andean nations: Colombia, Ecuador and Peru; as in these recent times they have been the scene of manifestations and social rebellion, which only move toward tragedies.

Venezuela was the doorway so that South America, as a future cradle of the New Humanity, would be brought into imbalance.

For this reason, the Divine Hierarchy appeals to all beings of goodwill who believe in the Celestial Father and in the concretization of the Divine Plan, to become mobilized, within all of South America and beyond it, to materialize the next Pilgrimage for Peace in Colombia; as after the last 8th of August, the work as a whole has taken on attending to and aiding in planetary situations rather than regional or local situations.

So that this wave of imbalance in South America, generated by the exploiting countries of the first world, not end in a continental situation, I come to ask you for your collaboration, and I will also come to ask Colombia to become consecrated to the King of Peace so that an extraordinary Grace may appease the future anguish and desolation of the Andean peoples.

As from now, I am thankful for the adherence and the awareness of all.

For this, the Most Holy and Pure Mother, Queen of Chiquinquirá and Lady of the Apocalypse will also come to ask you for the re-consecration of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

If Her request is not attended to, worse and bloody happenings will come, which will be seen by the entire world.

There is still time to stop it.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Today, My descent to the world contemplates a Venezuela outraged by extreme marginalization, wounded by the infidelity of its laws, imprisoned by the captivity generated by a few, violated by an obsessive oppression.

Oh, My dear and joyful Venezuela! May impunity no longer awaken battles, may the power that some believe they have not block your sincere spirituality.

My dear Venezuela, the justice you seek is not on the Earth; the hope you expect, you will not see in the heart of any representative.

Liberate yourself, Venezuela, from your constant pain; forgive all the evil that has been done to you; reconcile, within you, everything that was hurt and transgressed.

My dear Venezuela, do not lose the aspiration of fulfilling yourself as a people in freedom. No longer fight with weapons, for evil defeats itself.

Pray, Venezuela, pray without delay and without rest because you will see, with your own eyes, the idols 

who have been erected, fall.

Pray, Venezuela, so that you may always be within the Kingdom of God. Your escape and your freedom will not be in war nor in conflicts. Your rebirth and your liberation, you will find in the power of your faith.

Venezuela, I know that you hope for a quick end to this captivity; only choose God as your Governor; only seek the greater good above all adversity, and thus you will triumph.

Venezuela, your joy will reflect again on the face of your people and the indelible love of your population will make them return to the purpose of their creation.

Venezuela, it is the time of your profound awakening.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Dear children,

Today My humble Son, Jesus, surrendered his place of being in My Arms so that I could have in my arms the most suffering souls of Venezuela.

In My Heart I bring, to everyone, the spirit of temperance and faith, attributes that for these difficult times will help you acquire the necessary state of consciousness which will place you, day and night, to live great tasks. 

My children, today I can also feel the alliance of love on the part of all those who offered and endeavored to respond to My call for peace in My beloved Venezuela.

Like rain, My Grace descends on the people of Venezuela who urgently need to reconnect with God in order to get out of chaos, conflict and social war.

The Lady of Coromoto places, under her mantle, all of those who need support and protection against the forces of chaos, which are losing space and action again due to the internal union amongst the praying hearts of different nations of the world.

I invite you, My children, to double your efforts, there is still time to be able to avoid suffering and chaos in the nations of South America.

May your prayer be that column of light that unites you to God.

May your prayer be the way to speak lovingly with God so that the Celestial Father may respond immediately.

In the end, everything will pass, and the souls must only remain with the memory of love in their hearts, they must have within their memory the moments of joy that they lived during the times of great oppression.

Your Mother and Lady of Coromoto extends Her Mantle from the Sacred Savannah, sheltering under It the sacred tepuis all the way up until the Caribbean Sea.

Everything, absolutely everything, will be transfigured, and if that unity and internal strength of the prayerful people continues to be offered for Venezuela, many more unjust situations will be avoided and entire families of Venezuela, who had become spiritually destroyed, will recover the meaning and the joy of having come to the Earth.

Apply, My children, the gift of forgiveness so that the sentiment of wrath is transmuted. May forgiveness, beyond the events, lead you to the Love of God because in the Love of God you will achieve the peace so awaited for by all.

My children, I am with you at every stage and every moment. Remain united to My Heart.

I love you, and I give you My Maternal Consolation.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Coromoto



Today My Hands are wounded for having come to meet those who were in danger and suffering persecution.

This is a sign, My children, that the time has changed for everyone and that the events have advanced before what was expected, and in a violent way.

The Lady of Coromoto is in vigil and in prayer waiting for injustice to finish, waiting for the power, that men believe they have, to be defeated. But the Divine Light will fight and triumph for the poorest, for the simple in heart, for those who do not want conflicts nor wars.

Venezuela today is the scene of everything that men and women on the surface can generate as they distance themselves from God and believe they can do more than the majority of their siblings.

This is the time when the Armageddon is rapidly being unleashed and the nations most sought after by evil are the focus of the big created conflicts.

It is time, prayerful children, for prayer to increasingly strengthen within you.

It is time for all beings of goodwill not to exclude themselves, but to assume prayer for peace in Venezuela and Syria.

When I asked you to pray for Venezuela and Syria three times a week, it was for you, to assume this commitment with enthusiasm, as it was in this time when more difficult moments would come, to Venezuela especially.

Today, My children, your priority of life is to pray for your brothers and sisters of Venezuela and Central America who have already been singled out by the hands of persecution and the created social upheavals that affect families and entire peoples.

My adversary unleashes his fury over South-America and, through indignation, resentment and suffering, he is gaining more territory and more reign. His most unimaginable beasts now walk over some nations and millions of children of Mine are subjected by the system and by power.

This is the war of everyone against everyone. But you, beloved children, who are more conscious, must make the greater effort to bring celestial peace to the Earth because thus evil will defeat itself when it no longer finds instruments for it to be able to operate through.

I know that, for My children of Venezuela, the captivity has been unbearable and painful. 

Everything that happens today, in My dear Venezuela, is the real demonstration of the systems practiced in the world by those who believe themselves to be powerful. But, just as it was in Fatima, the faith, the devotion and the love of those who seek peace will defeat the kingdom of My adversary.

As never before, your Mother and Lady treads, with Her Feet, on the head of the serpent and presses on it with the Power of God to dissolve, as soon as possible, all pain caused.

It is not time to fight with weapons. It is time to intelligently triumph with the instrument of prayer because nothing is defined yet.

I invite you to reinforce the commitment of prayer for Venezuela, but let this be in truth.

I would no longer want to see disgraces being unleashed in other nations.

Assume this moment today, it is the time of Armageddon.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Coromoto


Today I send My Message of peace to all of My brothers and sisters of South America, and I especially address My Words to My brothers and sisters from Venezuela and the whole adjacent region, spaces in which souls seek to survive this final battle that has just begun.

But do not fear, the triumph of love is near.

The one who lives in love will not perish.

The one who lives in love will always find the way out.

The one who acts through love will not fail.

Because the Love that I have taught you is invincible, it is capable of defeating any situation and of overcoming any obstacle.

Therefore, do not favor the oppositions; may nations not rise against one another, because humanity has suffered enough to learn that it has left the path many times and that it was always difficult for it to return to the Heart of God. 

While I am here, I am with all of the people of Venezuela, accompanying each being, each consciousness, each soul; living with each brother and sister of Mine, their suffering and their pain, their agony or their despair. However, the moment has not come yet for me to return to the Earth.

By means of My Love, may you find peace, the peace that is missing in the world and in the heart of many beings.

It is not a time to battle; it is rather a time to work with love, although evil exists and oppresses. Because the liberation of captivity is near, and the chains of evil will break to make room for the entrance of light, of victory, of the triumph of the Kingdom of God, which must express itself within each one of you, in every step, as well as in every action.

Today I am with My Shield to defend you from the forces of chaos.

Today I am with My Sword to dissipate the darkness, bringing the Power of God to Earth and the manifestation of His Will for this end of times.

May the spaces be stabilized, may the energies be balanced, may harmony express itself so that creatures may find within themselves the equilibrium that will make them perceive the need of these times and the call that the Universe proclaims loudly.

May your hearts take refuge in My Heart, may your lamentations and your pains dissolve in My Mercy, because I will be with you until the end of times to accompany you to carry this cross that will liberate you in the calvary that is the scenario of this humanity.

There will be no triumphant ones nor winners, conquerors or powerful ones.

Seek in the silence of self this key that opens all doors and transcends all times.

Bring souls toward My Heart, because it is the only place where all will be safe in these times.

The last battle will come and everything will be defined. All must be at the heights of these events; this will also be the most acute moment of humanity; a moment in which souls will define their paths and will know their next destiny, depending on what they have chosen.

But the Promised Land will arise, however small it may be, and the promise of the Kingdom of God will be fulfilled in those who have believed in the advent of the new, in all that will descend from the Universe as a spiritual treasure to enrich souls in knowledge and Truth.

I am here as the Governor of your people, as the Director of your souls, as the Shepherd of all flocks.

I grant you the gift of the inner force that you need to keep moving forward, crossing the events of these times, however difficult it may seem.

Remember that Heaven and Earth will pass, but My Word will remain in the hearts that know how to recognize it because thus they will live My Message.

Do not desist, but rather persist. Faith will double the spiritual strength that you need to walk toward a new time.

Everything will reach its end because the end also has its time and its hour.

Reinforce your commitment with the Heavenly Father and allow that He can work in the events, although His Presence is silent.

Do not fear to face the end of times; there is still a lot to go through and to live.

Although I am in retreat, I am with you and I will return to give you My last impulse; that impulse that will finally place you in the fulfillment of your task and of your mission on this planet; a mission that will make you represent Me on Earth as My apostles and as My companions, those who will be with Me under any circumstance and in an unconditional way.

I avail Myself of your sufferings to relieve the suffering of humanity. Everything I touch I transform into good and I transfigure it into light for all souls, bringing them the Love of My Heart.

From Aurora, I will give My great impulse of love for the planet in March, a moment in which My task with you will be finalizing. But this will be a very important moment because you will be able to put into practice everything that I had once told you and you will be able to do it better than what I did in past times; you just must be obedient to Me and trust.

In March, the last Fount of My Divine Mercy will open so that your spirits may finish forming in this Command that I address to you from the Universe.

Pray every day with more fervor and may the prayer spring from the heart, just as your love for Me does.

I bless you, and I give you My Peace.

In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Dear warriors of Christ, lovers of prayer and of service:

Today I come from Heaven especially to make a request for you, so that Brazil does not lose peace nor justice, I deeply implore to you, that starting tomorrow, October 25, and during nine days, you may offer to My Maternal Heart one novena of the Holy Rosary, which will be transmitted by means of the channel of the prayers for Peace in the Nations, in order for the Brazilian people to make a decision, with discernment and wisdom, so that the patronage of Our Lady of Aparecida can be preserved throughout the times.

My anguish for what happens today in Brazil is great because, as Mother of Brazil and of all of its people, I see how the nation distances from the Grace of God in an unexpected way. 

For this reason, children, I need that all the Brazilians, who have love for Our Lady, may dedicate, within these coming nine days, a Mystery of the Rosary for the Mother of the Most High to have the joy of interceding for a people that is deeply loved by Me.

Even more, if in the Marian Centers, in the groups of prayer, in the cities and in the villages you gather to pray to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart during the coming nine days, I will be able to embrace a greater number of souls and hearts to remove them from a great spiritual and material deviation that Brazil is creating for its destiny.

I wish for My cry to be relieved and to not be a cry for a Brazil that will lose its spiritual and internal senses, but instead that My cry be of joy for the happiness that Brazil has generated to Me throughout the years, with your praise and love for the Lady of Aparecida. 

Brazil cannot lose its values nor the gifts that faith has always provided for it. 

I pray in these days for a Brazil that I love, which must learn to live justice, equality and good, because in this Brazilian land exists precious souls, lives that are capable of manifesting the New Eden in South America.

I wish, My children, that during these nine days of transmissions of the Holy Rosary for the good and justice in Brazil, My children dedicate themselves to this exercise of prayer as something that is a priority and not secondary, being aware that through prayer the angels of God will be able to intercede as much as is allowed, so that the destiny of your people may not be interfered with by any spiritual consciousness contrary to the Divine Will. 

With Venezuela and Chile, it is already enough for Me. My Heart must endure what Venezuela is living due the actions of humanity, and Chile, it is already more than enough, for the hidden perversion, now known, that the Church of My Son has lived, in which hundreds of lives were wounded and outraged by supposed representatives of Christ.

Oh, what agony and what shame does My Heart feel for the Church of Chile!

Who will relieve the Heart of the Mother of God?

I call you, children, to be responsible for your coming destiny, so that, placing your consciousness on the path of prayer, you may be protected from everything that will be seen and known in these difficult times.

With all the gratitude of My Soul, I will wait for all of your voices to be united in this current of prayer during these nine days, for Brazil not to lose the most beautiful destiny that it has.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The new humanitarian mission in Colombia, in its spiritual counterpart and also through the Hierarchy, will try to establish peace in the inner worlds of that region of the planet, which for decades has experienced armed conflicts.

In this sense, the Divine Lady of Chiquinquirá will be the Patroness of that mission; She will be the aspect that will spiritually intercede for the entire humanitarian mission and for its first steps.

"Colombia Humanitaria" will be the first mission that, on the inner planes, will work with the various situations of life that have caused that nation, as well as the different peoples of that region, to experience a spiritual numbness.

The humanitarian mission will not only awaken in the Colombians the importance of helping their fellow beings, the one who suffers, the refugee, but also will give an impulse to My children from Colombia so that, on taking on that humanitarian service, they take up their mission and their purpose for these times.

Through the devotion of the Colombian people, the Lady of Chiquinquirá and Mother of Guatavita will be able to intercede for the souls that are escaping from the social and humanitarian crisis of Venezuela.

The fundamental purpose through the Humanitarian Colombia Mission will be that thousands of essences, which are in the nature of refugee consciousnesses, do not  lose the codes of love, of trust in God, and especially of faith, even though certain nations, in these times, are being used as a laboratory for improper beneficial interests use of the natural resources and to generate major social crisis with certain non-evolutionary objectives.

The Humanitarian Colombia Mission will carry the impulse of building a consciousness of cooperation and of service, so that love heals the pain.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Maternal Exhortation

My beloved and dear children, servers of Christ,

On this day, I descend from Heaven to give you a special petition, which will try to attend the migratory crisis that is happening in My beloved Colombia.

It is for this reason that, in the name of My Son, I come to ask for humanitarian aid on the border between Colombia and Venezuela by means of an extraordinary humanitarian mission, which I call "Humanitarian Colombia."

This mission must arrive as soon as possible with the aim of attending, at the other side of the Andes, to My poor and suffering children of Venezuela, who are going through a social and humanitarian crisis.

In Colombia, the Fraternidade will establish a permanent space, in the same way it did in the beginning in the State of Roraima, in Brazil.

For this special cause that today My Maternal Heart presents to you, I wish the Light-Network and brothers and sisters with medical, dental and psychological specialties to be summoned for this first mission.

Colombia, in a short time, has been converted into a scenario of the end of times and My purpose, as in Roraima, will be to contain the wave of spiritual energies that are starting to infiltrate, more and more, in South America.

I ask, especially, that the Fraternidade, through the ONU, presents itself before the authorities of Colombia to announce that in an honorary manner it will, out of love, provide this humanitarian service.

Thus, with the inner strength that I will give each missionary who self-summons themselves for this "Humanitarian Colombia" mission, you will help your Heavenly Mother to succor and relieve the grave suffering.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

I come to especially ask you to form a prayer group and pray for Syria, so that the Mercy of God may intervene as soon as possible.

For that, I ask you to join the regular prayer for Venezuela together with Syria, since both nations live similar things between themselves.

But this time Syria and its innocent people are object of more war and chaos expanding throughout all the places in that region.

I ask you, children, that this prayer be prayed in the native language of that country, so that the angels of Heaven may have a greater intervention in the innocent souls, who, at this time, are trying to survive this confusing reality.

As you have done it with other nations of the world, children, now you will offer half of a mystery of the rosary in Syrian and the other half in Spanish, so that, in this way, both nations, in spite of their reigning chaos, may be considered as a priority for the divine intervention.

I thank you for responding to this request because other nations of the world are taking advantage of the war in order to continue instilling fear and horror; but, in truth, those nations that incite and provoke wars, do not know that the return of the Law will be very hard on them.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear and treasured prayerful children,

While new doors of Light open, other uncertain doors close, and the spiritual consciousness of some nations finds itself free of the evils generated by constant errors.

Venezuela and its people, so loved by Me, must finally be free of that captivity in which they were placed. In this way, through the power of the permanent prayer of everyone, the great and last knot will be untied; and the people, without violence or mistreatment, will be freed from that whole chain of errors.

Continue to pray with faith, in spite of what happens or what you experience, dear children of Venezuela. I am your inseparable Mother and I come to lead you on the path of true freedom that is unknown to My enemy.

Trust in Me and I will always open the doors of love to you, rather than that of suffering.

With faith and hope, proclaim the victory that My beloved Son has achieved in you and be His new witnesses, so that love and redemption may triumph.

Remember that part of what you are experiencing today is the consequence of the mistreatment of the Kingdoms of Nature, mainly the Mineral Kingdom.

With Mercy and Piety, ask that the compassion of the Celestial Father be poured out over all your beloved people and that your Heavenly Mother may have first place as regent of Venezuela.

With the gentleness of My Immaculate Heart, I again invite you to peace, for in peace you will find the way, the truth and the renewal of your lives.

Do not give up, persevere and show the universe that you know how to transcend the errors of your peers with acts full of Piety and of Mercy.

From your people I want the triumph of love so that the hunger, the looting and the war may end soon.

I pray that your nation returns to the joy of experiencing national peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who supports you unconditionally,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of São Paulo, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Opening the doors of My Immacuate Heart, I receive all of My children from Venezuela so that, at least spiritually, they may achieve peace facing so much despair.

I open the doors of My Heart for My children to take refuge within Me and to not lose hope to get out of this crisis and to start something new.

I would like all My children of this world to help, with their prayers, My children from Venezuela, so that they may enter fully into My Heart and feel a moment of peace.

At this time, your Heavenly Mother continues praying so that the strong ties of the consciousness of Venezuela can be untied and thus liberate those who are imprisoned in this illusion of life; pray also for all those who are punished by inequality.

Dear children, due to the latest events, I invite and implore to My children from Venezuela to search for the end of this whole story within their hearts and that by imploring to the Heavenly Father, He forgives all the mistakes made so that those responsible can redeem themselves and free themselves from their sins.

My wish as a Mother is that all reach Jesus, regardless of their mistakes. May love and peace reign for time to adjust all that happens.

It will take extreme patience and an unwavering love to learn to overcome, above and beyond yourselves, all the trials of faith; which the Sacred and Divine Family also had to experience in other times for all of you.

Remember that the most beautiful and important thing is the Love of Christ in each one and that this Christic love must act among you, beyond everything because My beloved Son has already taught you how to do it. The time has come, do it, My little ones! And do not lose your innocence for anything.

I thank you for truly listening to me!

Who encourages you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

While My feet walk in Venezuela, I ask you for more inner prayer, that your power of prayer be concentrated in the proclamation and in the spiritual request so that this situation may calm down.

Especially to the Venezuelans, I ask that you be peacemakers of Christ in this moment; this will be your test and your exam before the Father and in the face of so much inequality.

I am making a request for piety, My children; do not try to confront or to oppose all that My adversary generates; the essence of everything that he causes is to tempt souls so that they may miss their chance of evolving.

This is why the time has come to prepare the islands of salvation, so that the immigrants and the castaways may find a place where they can begin their life again.

It will be the mission of the children of Mary to activate this network of prayer for Venezuela, offering all possible efforts to your Heavenly Mother; above all, My children from Brazil have this task so that this nation that is so dear to Me not be colonized by chaos, which is experienced in many nations.

Now we are entering the hard tests for the nations in these times. With hope and love, raise up your prayers, despite all that happens; thus I, as the Mother of all, will be able to be closer to receive you and guide you toward the Purpose of Light.

I love you and want you not to get involved with evil and with all that it does; evil has its end, because it does not know or understand love; on the contrary, Light wins because Light is in the Eternal Love of God.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Pray for the Americas,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Campinas, State of São Paulo, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

Original Purity is what humankind from the surface cannot lose, and it is that Divine Purity that My adversary tries to decimate every day, making it disappear from the consciousness of many.

That Original Purity allows the Plan of God to be reformulated in humanity time and again. It is what makes it possible for consciousnesses to evolve, as established by the divine Law of Creation.

Dear children, this Original Purity is what is being attacked first by My adversary in the souls of Venezuela. This Purity is trying to be dissipated through the conflicts, the absence of love and the confrontations among the people of this country.

In this hour, your Heavenly mother works untiringly to be able to reverse this situation; your Mother of Love fights against Her eternal rival. Everything is allowed.

It is for this reason, My children, that on this day I bring you an awareness of the true need for cooperating and helping those most in need.

Essential Purity must not disappear from the planet nor from humanity. Work every day to protect this divine energy; at least, children, do it for those who do not protect it and who experience the fear of these times.

Dear children, I give you inner freedom so that, as collaborators of the Plan, you can be attentive and awake to the great service for the planet and for this needy humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My beloved children from Brazil and from the whole world:

Today My arms open and My Mantle expands over the Americas, announcing that the triumph of My Heart is near.

Today I thank you and, with joy in My Gaze, I ask you to keep working with Me for the awakening of souls and for the redemption of hearts.

My children, since the beginning, the Creator entrusted each soul of the Earth to Me, as the most precious thing He had as a project and creation. From Heaven He pointed Me this world and asked Me, with love, that I took care and supported each of His children; that I did not look at their faults with sorrow, but rather with compassion and hope; that My Faith in His creatures were that which would eternally support their opportunities of taking steps and of rehabilitating them in the path that leads to God. And so I did it, children, since the beginning of this world.

When I came to Earth as the Mother of Jesus and the wife of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, it was to consummate My surrender and maternity. It was to materialize, along with My Son and the Most Chaste Joseph, the deep Love of God for humankind. It was for all to come to know and recognize the maternity of your beloved Celestial Mother, because in this way, beloved children, you would be able to find the path that brings you to My Heart, you would be able to feel that My Mantle is near and always open to welcome you.

Not all recognized My Divine Maternity, but it does not mean that I am not the Mother of those who deny Me and of those who do not know Me. I am the Mother of all. I am the Mother of those who proclaim Me and the Mother of those who ignore Me. I am the Mother of those who love Me and know Me and the Mother of those who are indifferent with Me.

Children, I do not love more or any less those who respond to My Call or those who do not help Me to manifest this Plan. The love of My Heart comes from God, comes from the Source. It is a love that descends from the Truth and that recognizes the Truth in the hearts; that is why it loves you all equally.

I do not see, My children, the indifference of humankind, because I know your essences. My great sorrow is that you do not recognize the Truth and believe that you are your imperfections and indifferences, without ever knowing your own essence.

I come to the world to lead you to the Truth and Love, which is My Most Holy Son. Because of that, My dear ones, I beg for all nations, for each Kingdom of Nature, and for each heart, because all of this is part of the Infinite Love of My Son and must return to Him. The Heart of Christ, the Heart of God and My Immaculate Heart will be incomplete if you do not recognize yourselves as part of them and do not live in them.

It is for this reason, children, for the expression and manifestation of unity, that I aspire to get to each nation, so that each nation comes to Me and find Me.

I want to consecrate this world so that it may come to know the Will of God and follow It. I want to consecrate your lives so that you may return to the sacred, to the truth and to love, and so that the illusions will no longer confuse you and  cause you to lose yourselves.

Children, I want to give you My infinite and immutable Peace for you to multiply It because I know that not all will listen to My Call in time. But if you listen to Me in the moment of greatest tribulation, when souls clamor for help they will find in you, My children, the bridge to My Heart, My Living Source of Peace and Forgiveness.

Help Me in this time to multiply Peace, living it in your homes and in your day-to-day. Pray with Me, accompany Me in My journey through each nation, praying for the neighbor as you pray for yourselves. Children, if you do it so, My Heart will triumph.

Go to the aid of those who need – as My children of Venezuela need today. Pray for them and ask for Peace. Be this great army of light, this universal family that helps one another, that grows up with one another, that supports and strengthens each other in the joy of always serving and praying.

I love you and, because of that, I teach you to live unity among you. May this unity, children, transcend borders, just as My Love transcends the dimensions and reaches the Earth, transcends individuals and reaches each one of your essences.

I thank you for helping Me today and always to make My Love and My Peace triumph in this world. Imitate My example, My children, and love each other without limits.

I bless you. 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


An important Humanitarian Mission for Venezuela…

My most appreciated prayerful children of the world,

With the Voice of the Consciousness of God, I come on this day to ask for collaboration in an important humanitarian mission for Venezuela.

Once again, love must heal all pain…

I expect, dear children, that in the month of November My missionaries of Fraternidade will carry out this humanitarian mission together with the collaborators of the north of Brazil; this mission will have the purpose of receiving many brothers and sisters and of relieving the suffering that is generated in the nation of Venezuela.  

Once again, love must heal all pain…

With all your readiness and with the service to those in need, this humanitarian mission for Venezuela will be carried out in the State of Roraima, specifically with the refugees from Venezuela that are in the city of Boa Vista.

From this city, your Heavenly Mother is indicating to Brazil as a nation that it must open its doors to receive the refugees.

The souls of Venezuela will need the humanitarian mission at least during the whole month of November.

It is thus, dear children, that a first group of missionaries will participate together with those who feel they are to cooperate, in the relieving of suffering during the first fifteen days of the month of November. Then the second part of the mission will arrive with another group of servers in the last fifteen days of the month.

The initial base of preparation for this humanitarian mission will be the Community of Light of Figueira, in the houses of the missionaries of Fraternidade.

Once again, love must heal all pain…

Dear children, it is in this way that two great missions will be taking place during the month of November: the humanitarian mission for Venezuela, and the mission of the Divine Messengers to Central America and Mexico.

Once again, love must heal all pain…

So you will be able to understand, My beloved ones, that the Sacred Hearts are wanting to avoid an imbalance in the Americas, most especially in the nations of Central America and in Venezuela, which are already facing the first stages of the Armageddon.

Once again, love must heal all pain…

With your hearts full of joy and of mercy, I expect that in this humanitarian mission for Venezuela, My children of Colombia, Argentina, and Uruguay will also participate. Embracing this divine task, as humanity, through this mission you will draw forward the opportunity of reversing the evil that Venezuela is facing today.

Once again, love must heal all pain…

Dear children, under the support and protection of all the angels, the city of Boa Vista, in the State of Roraima, will become a refugee camp; refugees that will, each time, come in greater numbers, expecting to relieve suffering and to cover basic human needs.

Fraternidade - International Humanitarian Federation will have the Grace of gathering servers from the different nations of the Americas that will participate in this sacred mission for the relieving of suffering of the brothers and sisters of Venezuela.

Once again, love must heal all pain…

I am grateful for the servers and missionaries who will support this plan of assistance and help for the nation of Venezuela.

Brazil must open the doors of its heart to receive such great human suffering.

Who accompanies you to serve for peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose and Missionary of Peace 


To all the choirs of the Meeting of Music for the Healing and Upliftment of Humanity:

My most favorite singers in the world,

United with you, let us today implore God for the pain of the world to be alleviated and for all the souls of Venezuela to find again the path toward unity, the good, and the Mercy of God.

Opening My arms and stretching out My humble hands towards you, Your Heavenly Mother pours out Her most intimate Graces of healing and of liberation over Her beloved children of Venezuela.

It is for this just cause that I have come today from the Greater Heaven to ask all the choirs to offer their song and their music to God, to implore inwardly that through the meeting of this day, the grimmest situations of My adversary be deactivated in the consciousness of that country.

With respect and love, I request that all the groups of prayer of the planet and especially of the Americas gather together every nine days so that united you may offer prayers and pleas, penitence and sacrifices, with the goal of repairing the offended Heart of God, upon seeing so much inequality and lack of humanitarian help in Venezuela.

I implore all the choirs of the Meeting of Music that today they offer their instruments and their voices as a task of redemption for Venezuela and the world.

My wish is that after this message, your hearts and lives feel motivated and prompted to intercede on behalf of all My children of Venezuela. The planetary crisis will gradually engulf some nations.

Because of this, with the necessary consciousness and with the whole spirit blazing in a profound love, let us get to work! It is time to help those who are most in need, both in prayer and in charity.

I thank all the choirs of the world for making an effort to respond to My call.

Who loves you and blesses you in piety for the whole Venezuela,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


To My beloved and hurting Venezuela

My beloved and suffering children of Venezuela,

With the voice of My Immaculate Heart, in the highest and most elevated Heaven, your Heavenly Mother implores for Mercy and Pity for all the leaders of that nation.

The universe implores for Mercy and consolation on seeing so much suffering, hunger and pain in all My children of Venezuela.

The door to Grace and happiness was closed in Venezuela and the angels pray at all the borders of this beloved country, to support the crisis generated by the surface human being.

Do not forget that I appeared in Beatnik and there, at one time, all Venezuelans could find me and I asked all your people for real order and true social justice.

Venezuela is one of the first nations of America that is going through the most severe cycle of the tribulation, in which everything is in play.

I request that sister nations welcome all My children of Venezuela into their cities, towns, homes and farms who are escaping from the national hell placed there by My eternal rival.

Know, My children of Venezuela, that I am praying to My Son for those who are still present there, who are thousands of souls, so that He does not impose His Sovereign Justice in this loved country that always welcomed Me.

It is time, My children, for all the Servers of the Plan of God on Earth to provide refuge, living space, food, and most especially all your love, to calm this continuous and very hard suffering.

With My Eyes full of tears, I do not cease to see the crying of those who cry out for Mercy and Pity.

Venezuela is the representation of human chaos, placed through a lack of love and equality.

Dear children, with profound love, embrace all those who are refugees on the border with Brazil. Help them and do not demand anything from them. Those souls, at all times, know only despair and horror.

I ask the Venezuelans who still survive in their country, that you come together more often to pray for everything happening to you and beyond yourselves. I ask that you consecrate an altar to My Heart in your homes and that, at the foot of this, implore without ceasing together with your Heavenly Mother.

If there were a great stream of charity between Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia and Paraguay, many things could be avoided.

I am inviting you, from now on, to be a spiritual family that comes together to transcend the end of times.

Pray, pray for all those who suffer from the chaos, May the Grace that many of you receive today be multiplied and poured out upon all.

To My children of Venezuela, I say that I share the pain and suffering that each one is experiencing through bad human actions.

May the Mercy of God illumine you and may Holy Peace finally be established.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who prays without ceasing,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Announcement to all the favored children of the Immaculate Heart

Under a just and evident cause, for reasons that show a reality that deserves attention and care, and above all, so that this work may continue in the midst of this spiritual and planetary transition, after a special reflection on some of My children, Your Mother of Heaven announces that She requests the withdrawal of Mother María Shimani de Montserrat, Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón and Friar Lucas del Monte Sinaí, during the next three months, so that they may go on a profound retreat of restoration and absolute recovery from the last trip and pilgrimage to Colombia, Venezuela and in the northern part of Brazil.

It is for this reason that, as Your Heavenly Mother, I make use of this daily message to announce to all My dear pilgrims that the tasks and the monthly meetings will continue in the Marian Center of Aurora during the next three months, under the company of Sister Lucía de Jesús; period that encompasses the end of this month of November, 24th and 25th, and the months of December, January and February.

I would like to tell you, dear children, that the result of the pilgrim task in Colombia, Venezuela and in Amazon led to a considerable attrition both of the human resources and of the spiritual and material ones.

By the Law of order and harmony, these children of Mine will go on a retreat and will dedicate their time to reconnect to the spheres of contact with the Kingdom of Aurora; they will dedicate this time to ingress again in the integral healing of life, as they need it so.

The process of healing, which has been offered to them these days in Aurora is considered little and insufficient. This is why the task of recovery will be extended to the next three months.

Dear children, regarding the Vigil of Prayer and the monthly meetings, they will continue, as well as the Marathon of the Divine Mercy, which will be held as it has been so far, and you will have the Grace, on each 5th and 6th days of each month, of reviewing the instructions that My Son delivered to you in the previous meetings. The visionaries who are going on retreat will receive reserved apparitions on those days, as in the Marathon and on the day of The Sacred Call.

I dedicate this special attention to the instruments elected by Your Mother because the processes of transmutation, as well as the physical and mental tiredness during the trips, have produced evident repercussions on their health condition.

As the work of the Divine Messengers must go on in these times of planetary crisis, we lovingly request that all those who pray, place these children of Mine in their prayers, so that they may soon join the mission once again. From March 2016 on, My children will go back to their public task.

I thank you for the union of each one of your hearts in this important moment of healing!

Who blesses you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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