Be encouraged to transform the pain of the world into love and peace.

Transform the pain of the world is to live, for love, a great sacrifice, and to bear that which perhaps you would not be able to. Yet it is love that makes you to achieve it and advance it, love makes you able to heal wounds and helps you to dissolve incomprehensions.

This school is based in the Love of God, and in love you may go through all experiences.

Beyond the whole suffering and pain, may love prevail and reign so that it may continue working in the lives of souls that need to live in the Love of God.

May love be the perfect reason to understand and accept everything.

May love be the pathway that will convert the impossible.

May love be the perfect balm to bring peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace




I plead for the world, so that some day the consciousness of the planet may be heard in the inner world of souls, as a great blast of light, and thus, human beings may realize that the Earth needs them.

I plead for humanity so that some day souls may recognize the divine riches of God within themselves; above all, that those souls most distant from God are able to recognize what is precious existing in the essence of each one.

I plead for the Kingdoms of Nature, so that the beings on the surface of the Earth may be able to perceive how much help and care the Younger Kingdoms need in order to survive in these times in which they suffer exploitation, abandonment, and a lack of love.

I plead to the Father for all My praying armies so that they may be strengthened more each day, and make of each meeting of prayer an opportunity for redemption and a compassionate act of mercy.

I plead every day to God for the intentions of all My children, especially towards the planet, which in its silence, talks to the Universe of the suffering it endures in various parts of the world.

I plead to the Father that more creatures may be able to have an awakened consciousness about Creation and about the need for an immediate loving assistance on the part of all human beings.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The pain that transforms into love

My dear children,

Just as My Beloved Son lived His Passion for all of you, some of you will live the spiritual passion that He lived.

This will be one of the paths through which humanity will be purified and will be saved.

All the pain of the world must be transformed into love, because love will be the key that will always open all the doors and will bring incalculable opportunities for souls.

Thus, some of you will be called upon to turn pain into love.

This same state was experienced by My Beloved Son in an unconditional and pious way.

Jesus made Himself available to transform the pain of the world into love and into compassion.

Given the grave planetary state and the condition of humanity of these times, representatives of this race will offer themselves to the Celestial Father to transform all the pain into love.

This will help in that many souls that are lost in the unconscious abysses of the Earth may receive an opportunity of awakening and of getting out of these spaces of perdition.

All pain will be transformed into love.

In this hour of the planet, the situation of humanity is at a precipice and the ambition for more material and human power blinds many.

Thus, pain will be transformed into love through the unconditional help of those who will be called by God to fulfill this silent service.

As in past times, there will be the saints of the last times, who will precede the Coming of Christ and will give all for all, with the goal of spiritually balancing this humanity.

All pain will be transformed into love, because all evil must be defeated and emptied out from the human consciousness through the Power of the Love of God.

Many situations that the world experiences today will be resolved because of the saints existing in the end times, who will transform all pain into love and thus, souls will be alleviated, will beable to take their steps, and will become aware of the precious time that they missed to be in God.

All pain will be transformed into love and you will see the Divine Plan being fulfilled in the spaces of this world.

Souls will be purified to be worthy of the Greater Grace and no one will be left behind.


To all the choirs of the Meeting of Music for the Healing and Upliftment of Humanity:

My most favorite singers in the world,

United with you, let us today implore God for the pain of the world to be alleviated and for all the souls of Venezuela to find again the path toward unity, the good, and the Mercy of God.

Opening My arms and stretching out My humble hands towards you, Your Heavenly Mother pours out Her most intimate Graces of healing and of liberation over Her beloved children of Venezuela.

It is for this just cause that I have come today from the Greater Heaven to ask all the choirs to offer their song and their music to God, to implore inwardly that through the meeting of this day, the grimmest situations of My adversary be deactivated in the consciousness of that country.

With respect and love, I request that all the groups of prayer of the planet and especially of the Americas gather together every nine days so that united you may offer prayers and pleas, penitence and sacrifices, with the goal of repairing the offended Heart of God, upon seeing so much inequality and lack of humanitarian help in Venezuela.

I implore all the choirs of the Meeting of Music that today they offer their instruments and their voices as a task of redemption for Venezuela and the world.

My wish is that after this message, your hearts and lives feel motivated and prompted to intercede on behalf of all My children of Venezuela. The planetary crisis will gradually engulf some nations.

Because of this, with the necessary consciousness and with the whole spirit blazing in a profound love, let us get to work! It is time to help those who are most in need, both in prayer and in charity.

I thank all the choirs of the world for making an effort to respond to My call.

Who loves you and blesses you in piety for the whole Venezuela,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Contemplate, dear children, My Maternal Heart flagellated by all the mistakes of the world and by all the sins of indifference and omission.

Contemplate, dear children, My flagellated Maternal Heart, and see how much weight It is carrying to help to transmute humanity.

Contemplate My flagellated Maternal Heart, and relieve It from all the offences that souls of the world commit towards God.

Contemplate My Maternal Heart flagellated by seeing the priests of My Son in a deep indifference and pride.

Who will guide the flocks of My Son?

Contemplate My Maternal Heart flagellated by all the bad thoughts emanated by those who have closed their hearts to the Love of God.

Contemplate My flagellated Maternal Heart full of thorns of ingratitude and evil generated by the souls that commit themselves day by day with My adversary.

Contemplate, My children, My Maternal Heart flagellated by the actions of power over life, unfairly performed by humanity and by the ones who are most conscious.

Contemplate My flagellated Maternal Heart carrying the weight of the mistakes of all those who, in their spiritual illusion, believe that they are doing the right thing and forget the essential, forget Christ.

Contemplate with love My flagellated Maternal Heart and repair It at this time when much mercy will be necessary in order not to awaken the Wrath of God upon the consciousness. At this time, dear children, let us enter into prayer so that everything will be relieved.

Contemplate My flagellated Maternal Heart and share My pain, so that My cry will stop and My tears can be the most pure offer of reparation for all the bad actions committed.

Contemplate My flagellated Maternal Heart and do not forget to be in Me.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who loves you, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Divine dialogue between the Most Holy Mary and the Angel of Portugal

Angel of Portugal: “Sweet Queen of the Stars, Spiritual Ruler of all souls, lost and not lost; consent, Celestial Majesty, to raise each one of Your children into the arms of the Celestial Father.

At least, Adorable and Holy Virgin, shine with Your Divine Love upon each essence so that it may at last find God, the Supreme Lord”.

Most Holy Mary: “Welcoming Angel of Portugal, legionnaire and server of Archangel Saint Raphael, I send You and all of Your blessed armies, in honor of the Archangel Saint Michael to free all the consciousnesses that are chained by My adversary.

With Your Peace, Angel of Portugal, dissipate all illusion of the consciousness, and I ask, servant angel of God, that you pray for all My children, especially for those that believe they are living their spirituality and do not have God because of their great pride.

Angel of Peace, untiringly protect My beloved Portugal, and also have it inwardly know that all these peoples must still settle their errors committed against My indigenous peoples”.

Angel of Portugal: “Yes, My Lady, Most Pious Mother Who consoles the afflicted, Who brings hope and renewal to those who are spiritually hungry.

Yes, Mother, this is My humble reply before Your precious request for mercy. Remember, Holy Celestial Mother, those who blaspheme the Heart of Your Beloved Son; implore, Holy Virgin, for each consciousness of this world, so that nobody lose the peace of the Lord”.

Most Holy Mary: “Servant of My Father, who serves the Higher Universes, valued Angel of Portugal, I will respond to your holy petitions; I will ask My Beloved Son to placate the justice of God and that His Sacred Heart help to dissolve human indifference, the action that commits all the errors of the world.

O Holy Angel of Peace!, help the angels of all the nations, give impulse to each regent angel of each nation, so that it may show itself to the world. Holy Angel of Portugal, Consciousness that adores the Holy Body of My Son in the Eucharist, radiate the codes of light that spring from the untiring Heart of Christ and cause each soul to discover the sweetness of the Love of My Son.


Dear children:

The terrorist humanity does not know the power of the Justice of God at this time and it launches itself into the emptiness, overthrowing all the principles of a true humanity.

Panic and fear embrace many hearts because the time of Apocalypse has already begun. Unimaginable things can already be seen in the streets of the world and fear drowns the majority, who is indifferent and does not pray.

The hearts seem to lose the meaning of their existence and fear the death generated by terrorism.

It seems that the flame of faith fades little by little and the souls that do not accept Me are unprotected and without My shelter. The time of chaos has already arrived and many prefer to deny it for not wanting to face their own reality.

The miseries seem to multiply themselves more than the roses and the valley becomes the scenery of constant outrages.

Humanity feels the awakening, but soon deviates itself losing the meaning of the true path of redemption.

All offend God to some degree and when the majority moves away from God, this jeopardizes the life of all.

This difficult and cruel time precipitates upon those who are fallen spiritually and the bombs and attacks explode before their faces.

Nobody turns to God and everybody gets lost in darkness. While this separation of hearts happens for not thinking not even for a second about God, I fight day and night together with My hosts against the plans of My adversary.

Nobody knows the power of the Justice of God; while there is time, repent and ask for forgiveness for those who offend and outrage the Heart of God.

Pray with more consciousness and determination so that the world tests that are approaching do not surprise the majority again.

My Heart feels again the pain of the world and the causes of so much human indifference. I only pray for you and for all My children to be prepared and thus be able to face the final time.

I thank you for following Me!

For peace in times of attacks,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


When the souls in the world get lost I make them find the path towards God through My Love. Redemption establishes itself in the hearts that ask for My help and also in the hearts that ask for their brothers and sisters so that My Plan of Peace can be established in humanity; thus I close the door to My adversary, who corrodes the souls spiritually, places obstacles in their lives, and leads them to perdition, mainly, to the absence of love.

I have come here, dear children, to meet you under the Unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Trinity has sent Me in this cycle and in these times to prepare you for what is going to come. I need that your hearts establish My reign in this world. I need you to fulfill with Me the Plan of peace that the Lord so much awaits.

The world is still deaf and blind, but your hearts are open for Me, and you, dear children, know that it is so and that I need your hearts to fulfill My designs without caring for how you are like and how imperfect you are before the eyes of the Universe.

As the Queen and Mother of Peace, today I invite you to search in your hearts for the internal union with Jesus, so that through prayer you may help My Son to carry the cross of the world.

As the Cyrene (Simon the Cyrene, who helped Jesus carry the cross until Golgotha), you may carry for love, with the pain of the world, so that your prayer may be the food that may satiate all, and be the water that quenches the thirst of many of My children.

Today I want to tell you that the cross of humanity must be supported in the perseverance of the groups of prayer that, united with the Most Holy Heart of Jesus, will fulfill the call to alleviate the Heart of Christ.

Even a small part of your life, through prayer, will serve as a service to your neighbor. Today I refer dear children, to the inner state of donating yourself to others. This inner state will allow you to recognize the humility that is necessary to live in this time.

Through a lack of humility in the heart of humanity, many happenings are unfolding, events that determine the harmonious walk of my children.

For this, searching in yourself for Jesus, the Redeemer Love, you will find the essence of donation and when this donation is exercised daily together with prayer, your hearts will begin to glimpse the light of humility.

This path of humility, the emptiness of yourself, all my children are being be called to live, for love of God and for the reparation of the great conflicts and the arrogance that humanity lives, in which there is so little love one for the other.

Dear children, I am calling you to form yourself as good instruments of God so that your High Priest Jesus may pour His Merciful Graces upon the pure hearts and over the fallen hearts.

It is time to be in Jesus all of the days.

We pray.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to my call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children, with gratitude and love rejoice your little hearts so that My words of Peace and Conversion may be heard by your little heart’s ears.  My children, by the wonderful and victorious love of My Son today I invite you to remember the daily prayer and communion with Christ; these two inner exercises will help you to revert the great pain in this humanity.

A true act of communion with the Merciful Heart of Jesus starts with the absolute trust in each of you. This dear children, will strengthen you in the faith and in the love that you must live with My Son, the Supreme Priest and Savior.

Today allow that your lives will have more time under the rays of My Son, merciful rays that will help in the conversion and the surrender of your hearts to God.  If you in your lives count on the presence of My Son, in this act of love and from heart to heart you will be silently helping all My children and thus allowing the presence of My Immaculate Heart to be upon the world.

The true time of conversion starts with the complete surrender of yourselves to God; then the celestial greatness may descend over all My beloved children’s hearts.  Go on in prayer My children, this is urgent for humanity which must awaken to the eyes of the One God.

You are little praying soldiers that in service form part of the Marian army on Earth.

I hope many more children come into My Immaculate Heart so that God may forgive and reconcile them.

Thank you for answering My call.

A good exercise of prayer by My little children!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children,

Today, holy Friday, is the day when at once My Son retreated from the world to be restored in the Lord. Today I invite you to the tranquility of your hearts so that together with me we may accompany the Redeemer during His Holy Hour.

My children, My Son needs you during the passing of His Cross.  You must be at the side of His Heart as good sheep that accompany His priestly ministry of the Passion. Come to Him, dear children, and hold Him strong like I did, walking at His side in silence, in an attitude of great surrender to the world.

Dear children, I am reminding you of the Passion of Jesus because your hearts must love the Will of God above all things. If you are in My Son, He will take you by the hand to the Celestial Father. That is why, My dear ones, in this holiest day, meditate on the Mysteries of the Passion. Each one of your hearts must today retreat in My Son, so that you may meditate about how important was the surrender that Jesus carried out for all of you.

In the vigil of the heart and of prayer you will be cooperating with the world that still does not live the Passion of My Son, but which lives in its own pain, the pain of an injured world that through Christ must be forgiven and reconciled.

For this My children, since each of you belongs to this humanity, it is your place to help so that a greater number of souls may be permeated by the merciful light of My Son. And this will happen through the act of the merciful prayer of a part of humanity.

Humanity must pray a lot to be able to receive the Graces of conversion and forgiveness, this is why, in this school of prayer, My Immaculate Heart guides you.

Thank you for answering My call.

In the Holy Hour of the Passion,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children:

Remember with humility that I Am the Universal Mother of all your hearts and that I share especially the path with you by means of prayer.

For this time, you will find the strengths and the shelter in each one of your lives in the spirit of prayer.  They will lead you to a correct path of encounter with My Son the Redeemer of souls.  For this today I invite you to meet again the Kind Heart of My Son in prayer, in this way you will be able to see the mercies that will be radiated from His Most Beloved Heart to each one of you.

Dear children: while many souls walk in desperation from the lack of light and peace, I call you to conversion through prayer.  I need you as faithful servants to My call, because each moment of prayer can save a soul that is lost.

My little children: the world is in the apex of its own test, and the time of the human abundances is ending.  If the souls do not convert by means of My call to Peace and to the conversion of the heart, what more can the Heavens do?

God the Father loves you profoundly and contemplates you from the Heights.

Dear children: the world is in an emergency as the Earth and for the souls that live on it.  For this, do not waste even a moment of life without being invaded by the fire of prayer.  I want to make you recognize the new coming of the Holy Spirit, which will touch some hearts.

The souls need prayer from all of you, so that they may have the courage to pray.  The souls need a divine and sincere love, so that they can return to trust.  The world needs prayer, so that Mercy may be a reality for all the hearts.

Beloved children: I Am true with each one of your hearts: this already is My last call to the consciousness.  God has granted Me the Grace of Faith for all those who listen to Me.  You will be able to feel me in the depth of your hearts.  I will be there.

Thank you for answering to My call.

Peace for all. Peace!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children, love defeats the barriers of pain. The pain of the world can be released by the imperious power of each prayer. In each prayer there is an inner mission, which each soul will answer before God.

Dear children, receive from My Immaculate Heart and in this way, each one of your hearts will be formed in the school of prayer. Remember My dears, the importance that all of you, as souls and as families, pray united and together; in this way the Lord will provide you with the gift of the Holy Spirit that in this time is necessary in humanity.

Each moment that your souls are before prayer and before My Immaculate Heart will give you strength dear children, that each of your hearts will need for this last cycle. Open your eyes My little ones and see the Good News that the Lady Dressed as the Sun is communicating for each of your hearts.

Dear children, while time passes by quickly, the interior force of prayer must be as a pillar where God can support and irradiate His Grace.  Because, in order for Grace to be victorious in each soul, there must exist a support of prayer on the part of each one of them for this world. In this way, each soul that must be permeated by the Grace, may recognize what God will dictate for its heart.

Dear children, vigil with much love the path that each one is passing through. Still, the evil that is suffocating the lives of many hearts and that leads them to perdition has not yet finished. For this I ask you to pray so that My plans of peace may be done in the souls and in the world. All your hearts, little children, are being prepared for the next world that will come after this one.

In order that true happiness may heal the hearts, today I invite you to pray with happiness and for the lack of happiness of sad souls.

That the Omnipotent Lord God, Venerable and Beloved, be in each one of your hearts.

That Peace be in the lives of all My children.

Thank you for answering to My Call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children, I know the offenses that can radiate from your hearts; but My dears, keep your time and your gaze on My Immaculate heart so that My Divine Love may assist you to revert and convert those that still have not been transformed.

Walk without stopping on the path of prayer; the Lord in His Glory accompanies the steps and the learnings of life. Do not fear for yourselves; fear for the pain of the world that offends God and that does not pray sincerely to receive the pardon for all causes committed.

For this My little ones, I am forming angels of prayer on Earth, so that together with My Immaculate Heart you will help Me in the conversion of the souls that are prisoners of themselves and of the illusions of the world. Listen to My call with the ears of the heart; thus you shall understand that we already are in the hour of the battle and in the hour of the rescue of the souls.

I love you all; but My little ones, the time to grow is approaching and this will be day by day in prayer. When you feel that you have offended God, do not pursue your imperfections; elevate them to My Heart so that My Light may assist you.

Rejoice your hearts because My Love comes in assistance of all the hearts that clamor.

Who loves you eternally,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.  

“Calm your lamentations in My Heart and I assure you, My Son and My daughter, that you shall find the Light of My Kingdom.”

Dear Children, let us keep on working for God through the power of prayer. The enemy tries to dissolve My plans for the precious souls, the ones that I must rescue from obscure lives. For this My soldiers, if at any moment of life you are in a test, keep going and hurry to the center of My Immaculate Heart so that I may protect you and shelter you.

For this My little ones, we must pray, because the ultimate time is approaching and only the hearts will be able to be affirmed in the power of the Divine Love of My Heart. I want to tell you, My little ones, that I place all of My followers of prayer before the pain of the world, a world that owes much to Our Lord.

To alleviate the pain and the daily desperation of souls, today I ask that we pray so that the Merciful Light of God may descend over all the hearts that seek peace. But the world and humanity will reach peace and the upcoming new time of God, when in humility and renunciation you pray for your own salvation. I am here to help and guide you to My Kingdom of Peace, Kingdom of God. I await each moment for My children in prayer: remember all that until now, I have said to you. Thus you will understand that the test in life is small in face of the emergency of the world.

Let us pray and work for Peace.

I love you and shelter you always

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 



Transmuters are souls consecrated to be victims of the Love of Christ in order to transform, sublimate and liberate the contrary and dense currents that hinder spiritual ascent and the evolution of consciousness.

Transmuters are absolutely at the service of Christ and, in silence, without recognition or comments, relieve the pain of the world.

Transmuters are directly chosen by the Hierarchy because this is a task, a need of the Plan and part of a Divine Will.

Nobody can declare himself a transmuter, since that state of consciousness depends on the Hierarchies alignment.

In most cases purifiers exist, consciousnesses who, in a permanent and slow way, are purifying themselves, cleaning the spiritual register of their debts and errors through the impulse of a Higher Law that comes to their aid, such as Mercy.

The Law of Mercy places the miserable of spirit within the energy of Grace but for this to be possible, he or she must purify themselves.

Transmuters do not have an hour or time for this task. That mission of liberating and sublimating, through transmutation, is something the spirit learns throughout time and has nothing to do with something personal.

In these times, the Lord will call more transmuters to His service due to the need of the planet and to the chaos of humanity.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


In the silence of My Heart and in the stillness of My Soul I contemplate all things and I try to have you find your correct path. There are a few of them that cause My Heart to suffer, above all when there is no consciousness or resolution to carry forward the great changes.

Thus, I find the places I have consecrated to be like abandoned; places where before  divine energy existed, which now, for some reason, is not there.

For Me, this demonstrates a lack of consideration, or the lack of valuing things that come from Grace, since it was the energy itself of Grace that granted wonders and miracles in the hallowed places.

When a place consecrated by God is neglected, it is because of the loss of love that exists for all that was once received, and that is first reflected in the consciousness.

Thus, the Celestial Hierarchy hopes that the consciousness that might be neglecting the divine energy, which is a treasure from Heaven, may someday awaken and recognize it.

But when there is no true interest or ardent devotion, everything becomes difficult, and little by little, the great defects of neglect begin to be noticed in all details and in all places.

Only the spiritual Hierarchy has the authority to redo all things, since, in an occult sense, there are places already consecrated that must not be lost.

For that reason, I come to raise up with My own Hands that which is fallen; I come, in love, to erect again what is already fallen to the ground.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


May those who feel lonely not fear because My Merciful Heart is with them. My companions, sometimes I will distance from your souls the Source of My Grace in order to place It upon those who are most in need of Pity and Mercy and so that they may have the opportunity of receiving in life the same possibility that you have.

The path that you may construct towards Me day by day will be the inner force that will strengthen you and that will allow you to see before yourselves the light of My Infinite Presence, where you will be able to assert yourselves to continue this intense transformation.

I ask you to be with Me and that you not be detained. At this time I need My Disciples in order to fulfill the time of peace that is predicted for all humanity. Know that some of you have offered themselves to bear, from love, the fire of purification, a fire that liberates souls and sends them definitely towards the light of My Heart of Love.

When you feel unrest at an unexpected time, know that it will not be you who is affected but that it will be the moment of your service, when the pain of the world will be transmuted. In the same way I have given to some beings My Wounds with the aim that they may relieve Me in the Heart from so much pain caused by humanity. But the Light will be victorious and the Plan will be fulfilled through all those faithful ones who may follow My Heart.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My messages in peace!

Christ Jesus, Your Holy Protector. 


Do not be afraid to leap towards emptiness. 

Do not be afraid to correct your ways and start over.

Do not be afraid to give the best of yourselves for love.

Do not be afraid to set aside your own thoughts, feelings, anguish and joys in order to overcome yourselves, for the sake of the pain that the planet suffers that at this moment.

Do not be afraid to render yourselves and discover the plenitude that is not based on human contentment. Finding the superior life is also to transform the meaning of joy and plenitude, transform what fulfills you and allow your beings to find peace in serving God and surrendering yourself entirely, by discovering that you can forget yourselves for the sake of a planet that suffers, for a Plan to accomplish, for a Divine Love that must be renewed.

Look at the Cross everyday; contemplate the absolute Love of your Lord. In Him is the key for the healing of all sins, the transcendence of all miseries, the surrendering of all resistance. 

Transforming yourselves, in this time, is to take a leap into the void and into the unknown. Discover a service that you have not underaken, a love that you have not felt, a surrender that you have not known. This begins, children, by wanting, fighting and affirming your own overcoming, every day.

You have my blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend, 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


When your heart hurts and is filled with anguish, go to the foot of the Cross, touch with your hands the Feet of Your Lord, and remain there.

Put your hands on the Hands of Christ and begin to feel His Wounds. Close your eyes, allow the living memory of His Passion to be shown to you, and remain there.

Let your silence lead you to the Heart of Your Lord and may your prayer, silenced, become an offering of reparation.

You will feel, in your chest, pain greater than yours. This is the pain of Christ, a drop of the infinite ocean that He assumed in order to save you. Learn thus, child, to convert your burden into prayer, your petition into an offering and your silence into a balm that welcomes the Heart of Your Lord.

Your anguish will become small before the anguish of Christ for the world. Your sorrow will disappear inside of His sorrow for souls.

Allow your tears to become a bridge to rescue those who are lost. Offer your silence for those who do not know how to listen to God. If you are not able to pray, let your prayer be the act of holding the hands of Christ and, at a given moment, you will perceive that your hands, which had come to ask, will be there to support, and your pain will transform into an offering. Seeking healing, you will repair the Heart of God.

Your tears will unite in the ocean of His Grace and, even though you thought that you were here to ask, you will be serving this world.

On this day of reparation, learn to make, of everything in your life, an opportunity to repair the Heart of God and relieve the suffering of the souls of this world.

You have My Blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.