Monday, March 30 of 2020

Daily messages

When we were praying to receive Saint Joseph, a little before His arrival, He began to show us very poor places on the planet and people in very precarious situations, of great poverty, of much suffering, of great pain.

When He reached us, He continued to show us those places and, at the same time that He was with us in the room of prayer, He was with each one of those people, who were of all kinds: women, children, men, the elderly. He was speaking with each one of them, He was traveling through those places; they could not hear Him, but He continued to speak inwardly with them, and He gave this message for those souls that suffer the most.

To the souls that suffer

Calm your heart, little soul, in the depths of the Heart of God.

In your Savior, seek encouragement and hope, Grace and peace.

Calm your heart in the fortitude that is forged through your deepest sorrows. Find relief and peace in the Cross of your Lord. Let your suffering balance many evils in this world.

Seek your assurance in the Heart of God. Seek your peace in His Presence.

Forgive the deepest roots of human evil, which generate the pain and the imbalance in this world.

Make of your suffering a blessing, because you are learning to find true recompense in God, rather than in the world.

Feel that the Heart of the Lord feels anguish with yours; you are not alone in your pain.

May the Love of the Creator calm your despair, your sadness and your lack of hope. Know that you have a perfect place in the Heart of the Father and that your suffering opens the doors of Heaven for those who would not deserve to enter.

The time will soon come in which peace will reign in the world and there will be no distance or difference between this world and the Heart of God, His Celestial Kingdom.

While that time does not come, understand that the pain in the Earth will emerge, causing this world to shudder; but this is the harbinger of a higher reality that is coming to the Earth.

I know that your pain is deep and your suffering is real, just like the suffering and the enduring of your Lord on the Cross. Offer your whole life to God, open your arms on the cross that is upon you and allow a new love to emerge from all this experience that you are today going through.

Forgive the imbalances, forgive those who have everything and are lost in their egoism, those who do not know how to look to their neighbor and they feed the deep roots of the indifference that penetrates the Earth.

Let your forgiveness be the doorway to Mercy; that your life be a source of love and, in this way, your suffering will be changed into the Grace that will transform the Earth.

I know that My words seem very far from the reality of your heart, but hear them with love, in the same way that Your Lord heard His Father in each new step taken toward Calvary and, from the first Wound up to the Cross, from His wounds poured Love.

From your inner and human wounds may the faith and the love blossom which will renew the Creation of God.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph