My dear children, 

I am here today at the House of Christ. I can be spiritually closer to traumatized Ukraine. I can collect the prayers of all those who pray for the sacred cause of Peace.

For this reason, My Children, I am thankful, because at this time of the planet many situations must be tended to, and it is urgent for God that a celestial intercession may happen.

Therefore, when voices unite in prayer, I can intercede and, as the Mother of the World, I can once again open the doors of Heaven so that the Angels of Peace and Reconciliation may help the most lost souls, especially the ones that are in conflict and war.

Dear children, for this reason, I am here to irradiate My Love and My Light to the world, to say, My Children, to the inner worlds of God’s Creatures, to stop and listen to the cry of the planet and of the displaced families due to war, hunger and migration.

How long will this go on for?

Therefore, My Message arrives to sensitize, still within the Church of Christ, all those who do not think about the refugees or the poor.

I hope, dear children, that before everything happens, more good souls may be capable of helping balance the scale of the Law with Me, because otherwise humanity will only be hurting itself, as it has been doing up to now.

I pray that destructive ideas on the surface of the earth may no longer exist, that no other bomb may be launched upon nations as if they were meaningless. No, Children, do not do this!

Be able to perceive how far evil can go. Repent and ask for forgiveness because there is little time left.

Let us pray that the little peace left on this planet does not disappear.

I thank you for being united to Me in prayer!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace. 


Dear children,

Prayer is the great key that opens the door of the Heavens.

When your prayer is sincere and without haste, it is a selfless prayer. It produces great effects through the soul that practices and lives it. It is the way you can be in contact with the Heavens in these times of definition.

Sincere prayer will always place you on the correct path again and in the correct spiritual vibration. It will protect you from yourselves and from the other events that are approaching.

Prayer is the true vaccine against any adverse epidemic, because as you pray, My children, you elevate the consciousness and the space that surrounds you, generating an important vortex so that the angelic universe can transmute darkness.

When this prayer is offered in group, beyond distances, its effects are global and many benefits are established within those souls that were already condemned.

You should become aspirants of the mysteries of prayer, because prayer, remember, at this world moment, is the essential and primary nourishment of the humanity in transition.

I invite you to pray without causes or conditions. I call you, My children, to offer your lives as a constant prayer so that your examples may be consolation for God, offended and injured by the world’s indifference.

During this Christmas, offer your prayers for the refugee children and families, for the grave humanitarian crises, which multiply faster than fraternity and the good.

Relieve, through the Rosary, the undignified life and pain of refugee women, of those who have nothing and are neither accepted nor welcomed.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



The only thing that God expects from you is that your life be permeated by transparency and truth.

That when you pray, you do so in truth, pronouncing each word with all your being and that, even though you do not understand the celestial mysteries and the Divine Laws that move within a sincere prayer, you simply do it because of knowing that the world needs it.

That when you sing, you do so in truth, emanating each note with the simple intention of praising God, as the angels and the archangels do, who do not sing for themselves nor for the harmony and the good feelings that are generated when singing, but simply because of knowing that singing opens the Portals of Heaven and draws the neediest creatures toward God.

That when you serve, you do so in truth, recognizing your limitations, but always willing to overcome limits, so that each day you may discover that you are capable of giving a little more of yourself and, in this way, in this constant overcoming, you may discover the true potential of the human being.

That when you strive to transform something, may your striving be real, and may the result of your transformation not matter but rather your true striving in the correct direction. If you do it in this way, it will be Divine Mercy Itself that will enter into you and transform that which seemed impossible to you. In this way, you will know what it is to be a child of Mercy and live in permanent Grace.

That when you look to the universe in search of your origin, you do so in truth, opening your consciousness to the unknown, and not limiting existence to your small human understanding. In this way, you will be allowing a sublime reality to be revealed to you and to the world.

Live each instant of your life inspired by truth, breaking away from lies and human illusion, consecrating your spirit, mind and heart with transparency, with striving, with valor and humility, always willing to move beyond obstacles and, at the same time, always open to receive the help that comes through many ways and forms sent by God.

If you did everything in truth, you would remain within Divine Truth and, even in a time of craziness and uncertainties for humanity, in which chaos permeates the world with clouds of confusion, while humankind is blind because of the darkness, your eyes will be beyond the clouds, seeing the sun that hides above the shadows, and knowing that light always remains far beyond that which seems to be darkness.

For this reason, child, keep your heart in truth.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



When we were praying to receive Saint Joseph, a little before His arrival, He began to show us very poor places on the planet and people in very precarious situations, of great poverty, of much suffering, of great pain.

When He reached us, He continued to show us those places and, at the same time that He was with us in the room of prayer, He was with each one of those people, who were of all kinds: women, children, men, the elderly. He was speaking with each one of them, He was traveling through those places; they could not hear Him, but He continued to speak inwardly with them, and He gave this message for those souls that suffer the most.

To the souls that suffer

Calm your heart, little soul, in the depths of the Heart of God.

In your Savior, seek encouragement and hope, Grace and peace.

Calm your heart in the fortitude that is forged through your deepest sorrows. Find relief and peace in the Cross of your Lord. Let your suffering balance many evils in this world.

Seek your assurance in the Heart of God. Seek your peace in His Presence.

Forgive the deepest roots of human evil, which generate the pain and the imbalance in this world.

Make of your suffering a blessing, because you are learning to find true recompense in God, rather than in the world.

Feel that the Heart of the Lord feels anguish with yours; you are not alone in your pain.

May the Love of the Creator calm your despair, your sadness and your lack of hope. Know that you have a perfect place in the Heart of the Father and that your suffering opens the doors of Heaven for those who would not deserve to enter.

The time will soon come in which peace will reign in the world and there will be no distance or difference between this world and the Heart of God, His Celestial Kingdom.

While that time does not come, understand that the pain in the Earth will emerge, causing this world to shudder; but this is the harbinger of a higher reality that is coming to the Earth.

I know that your pain is deep and your suffering is real, just like the suffering and the enduring of your Lord on the Cross. Offer your whole life to God, open your arms on the cross that is upon you and allow a new love to emerge from all this experience that you are today going through.

Forgive the imbalances, forgive those who have everything and are lost in their egoism, those who do not know how to look to their neighbor and they feed the deep roots of the indifference that penetrates the Earth.

Let your forgiveness be the doorway to Mercy; that your life be a source of love and, in this way, your suffering will be changed into the Grace that will transform the Earth.

I know that My words seem very far from the reality of your heart, but hear them with love, in the same way that Your Lord heard His Father in each new step taken toward Calvary and, from the first Wound up to the Cross, from His wounds poured Love.

From your inner and human wounds may the faith and the love blossom which will renew the Creation of God.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The soul that strives in prayer opens the Doors of Heaven and gives God the permission for higher Laws to be active on Earth.

These Laws descend to the planet through their prayerful word, pierce the deepest levels of their inner world and thus, reach those places of the world most in need, guided by the purity of intention of the prayerful soul.

To pray from the heart is to enter into the Heart of God, to stand before His Sacred Books, in which His Plan has been written for this world and for all  life; in this way, in light of His Truth, the soul receives from God the gift of manifesting its designs and the Grace to do so.

To pray from the heart, even if in the void and in the desert, is to walk the path of faith which, invisible to human eyes, draws to Earth the true potential of the creatures of God.

To pray is to unite with Truth. For this reason, child, even if it is difficult for you, even if you are in the void or in an absence of all inner sensations, know that it is simply the awakening of faith that you need to experience. The faith that leads you to keep praying even in the void, the faith that places you before God, even though you may not know it, the faith that brings you closer to who you truly are.

Live this faith every day; seek to know it through the living experience of prayer done with love.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In a spirit of sacrifice and surrender, launch your heart into the unravelling of the mysteries of the Universe, as well as into the depths of the Earth.

With love, embrace what is unknown to you and give thanks to God for the Mercy granted in your life, of being so close to His Grace and His Truth.

In a world of so much ignorance, child, your spirit must be joyful for being a part of the cycle of revelations that begins for all humanity.

Open your heart to what you have never learned.

Open your consciousness to discover what was hidden within your soul.

Let the remembrances emerge, and that which you did not know to have experienced may arise as a way to propel you toward the new, the sacred and the sublime.

Let your soul face new horizons, because the tests of these times will be new and for this, you must be ready.

Let gratitude be the key always held within your hands to open the doors of the Heavens.

Let humility be your protective shield in this battle of ignorance and vanities, from which humankind tries to get out of and often does not manage to do so.

Let prayer be your harbor and the Heart of God your breath.

Breathe His Presence and radiate His Peace; in this way, you will realize that even what seemed most hidden has always been in front of you, in the Heart of God.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In simple places and with simple hearts, I will always be here, in silence and peace, attracting the Kingdom of God to the world.

With those who effort, in spite of their imperfections, and give the best of themselves in small and large things, I will always be here, because it is their effort that will open the doors to Heaven, and not the perfection of their hearts.

With those who aspire to build a new life and find the new time, I will always be there, for this is My Mission: to lead you by the hand to this encounter with the Truth. And even though My voice goes silent, even though My presence seems to hide, do not be deceived, for I will always be here, whispering the Designs of God into your hearts, inspiring you to continue upon the correct path, alerting you when you deviate, and bringing you peace when it seems that you have lost it.

I will always be here, with My hands in yours, raising the bricks to construct the new dwelling places and rebuilding that which is real and pure, when it breaks through the struggles of these times.

Pray with Me always, even if it be in the silence of your hearts, and you will discover, children, how My silence echoes more than My voice, and what I will allow you to understand within your hearts will be clearer than all the words that I have spoken.

Through this inner, profound and true contact with Me, you will consolidate the union with God and will mature as His children and as His companions.

I have told you: I am merely His Servant, a Servant of the Divine, His Messenger, His Laborer. Through a request of His, I have come to meet with you and now that you are before His Sacred Heart, the time has come for each one of you to live this encounter with Him.

I will accompany you always, with love, with joy. I will adore God for your triumphs and will plead with God in the face of your defeats. Together, children, we will arrive to the New Time, when nothing more will be hidden, when everything will be revealed; when all eyes will see, all ears will hear and all hearts will know the truth about themselves and about life.

For this, I have brought you up to this point. For this, I came to the world for such a long time. And also, for this, I will make My silence known, because everything is part of one Plan; a Will that will be understood as it is experienced.

So that you live this, I bless you, embrace you, and leave My paternal love for you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


My Heart of Mother finds encouragement in pure souls that pray from their heart for the establishment of peace.

My Heart of Mother finds encouragement in the souls that open the Doors of Heaven with their prayers, and do not fear to know the Truth and the Kingdom of God.

I come, My children, so that your spirits may know this Truth, so that Argentina does not remain in ignorance about itself and about life on Earth, but rather that it may know who it is and what the potential is that it holds as a nation and as a people.

I come, as I came so many centuries ago, to prepare the birth of the new humanity which will emerge from within each one of you. A humanity that will reveal the similarities of your hearts with God; a humanity that will demonstrate to you what you were created for and what the purpose of your lives is.

I come to raise men and women by means of My presence; to raise a people from its darkness and from its inner abysses so that, strengthened by its best virtues, it may convert into a fertile and sacred soil, worthy of receiving the Feet of the One who will come to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth and to reveal this Kingdom within beings.

My Heart of Mother, so many times flagellated and outraged by human actions and by the indifference of hearts, is repaired by the sincere prayers of My children and, more than that, beloved children, I find encouragement and merits to intercede for the world when your spirits are open and available for a new life.

I come, to remove you from illusion and suffering, and to teach you to repair the Heart of God with your own lives. I come to open your eyes to the simplicity that there is to find and live the celestial Truth and higher life.

I come to point out the way and show you the signs in the sky and within you so that your inquietudes may find responses in the Truth that is revealed to your hearts.

Argentina is a nation filled by mysteries and hidden gifts, and the moment has come for them to be revealed, and it will be the very Hand of God, My children, that will remove the veils that cover your eyes and will show you what is hidden, although it has always been here, since before the establishment of your people as a nation.

From the top of the mountain ranges to the depths of the seas, everything will be revealed. The light that shined, hidden by nature, will no longer shine within the Earth but rather before your eyes, reflecting in the mirrors of your hearts and revealing that not only upon the Earth, but also within yourselves, a greater life was hidden.

This is a time of revelations; revelations of a Truth that has existed since the beginning of the Origin of life; a Truth from which you have distanced and which will be revealed to you so that you can return to it. With the light of this Truth, the light of My Son will also be shown to you. You will first see His splendor in the Sun of His Eyes and of His Heart; then you will see His Feet, which walk toward the Earth, and then you will recognize Him as the Son and a part of God, as God Himself surrendered to humanity.

Rejoice and awaken, My children. It is time to make of your own conversion a reason for bliss and joy. It is time to make of your own awakening a reason for plenitude; to make of your own sacrifice a reason for renewal and of your own life an eternal revelation of God.

I love you, bless and thank you for responding to My call.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


As a Carpenter, I gradually molded the raw wood of you heart, so that you could discover the treasure that is within you.

As a Shepherd, I gradually conducted your paths, just as My Son taught Me, so that you could reach His Sacred Heart.

As a Father, I gradually polished your more human aspects, showing you what you are not, so that you could know the truth about yourself.

As a Friend, I was ever present, making Myself felt in each trial and bringing peace to your heart, to calm your anguishes and illuminate your abysses.

As a Companion, I gradually opened the doors of Heaven for you, pointing to the rocks on the path and accompanying your steps, so that you could make the Love of God triumph within your heart.

Now, child, I come, as a Servant of God, to show you a broader and deeper path, albeit invisible and hidden.

I come to show the path so that you may live My words, experience My instructions and thus, you may not only see how My Heart reaches the world, every day, but you may come with Me, enter the Portals and find your Celestial Father, Your Creator and Creator of all things.

I am Your Servant. He is your Lord. I have come here for you, so that you may accompany Me toward His Heart, and this path is trodden in silence, in the depth of your inner world, crossing the door of your essence that leads you to God.

Come, for the hour has arrived. Hear My silence and follow My walk. I come to make room for the voice of God within your heart.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Silence will be your best friend in these times and will open the doors of your heart so that you may find the bridge that unites you with God.

Prayer will be your nourishment and your sustenance in a world where souls perish because they do not know how to nourish themselves from God.

Peace will be your quest and you will find it in the center of the Heart of the Celestial Father. In it will be your liberty and your strength. In it will be your repose and your contentment.

Ascension is your path, a path marked by God on the pages of your history, in the drawing of your life. Place your feet in the divine letters and start walking.

You have My Blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



As days go by, the special moment draws closer in which your Redeemer will place His Feet again on the sacred ground of South America and will enter one of the regions destined to be the New Earth, Argentina.

Beyond the social, political and human decadence, Argentina is a country blessed by the beauty of the Creation of God and the most precious landscapes, from Tierra del Fuego to the peaks of Jujuy, serve as immaculate and inner sites so that the Hierarchy may always be present there.

The Celestial Father knows that the majority of His children of Argentina and of all of South America are going through the first cycle of the transition of the Earth. But beyond what is done by the leaders and those responsible in the equity of the South American nations, in beloved Argentina, there are souls with great hearts that beat and are moved by the coming of the Redeemer.

It is like an inner impulse that never ends, it is a love of the Argentines that matures as time and experiences go by.

It is My ardent desire to be received once again by the love that beats in each heart of Argentina, so that the doors of Heaven may be kept open and may all be filled by the Love of the Lord, a Love that will always renew you and give you the impulse to continue forward.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

DAILY MESSAGE OF SAINT JOSEPH, TRANSMITTED during the journey from the Marian Center of Figueira and the city of São Paulo, Brazil, TO THE VISIONARY SISTER LUCÍA DE JESÚS

In your prayers, contemplate the doors of Heaven that open to the Earth, approaching the Kingdom of God to this world. Contemplate in Heaven the different Sources of Grace that exist in the universe and that are spiritually nourished by the constant Love of God for His creatures.

See, with the eyes of your heart, that these Sources open to the Earth and that this spring of love and life is poured out upon those who need it most.

In this world of spiritual thirst, where souls need the Divine Love so much, even if they do not perceive it, child, with your word and with your heart, open the doors to these eternal Sources.

Contemplate the awakening hearts throughout the world, the fallen who are rising; those who were dead are now alive, returning to live spiritually. Contemplate the joy that is being born within those who have lost hope. And, above all, contemplate the Joy of God for being able to reach the hearts of His children.

Make your prayer become a moment to bring life, true life for this planet.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monthly Message of Mary, Mother and Queen of Universal Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

There will be a time when peace will reign in this world, a time in which the Doors of Heaven will remain open, and anyone who lives on the Earth will be able to receive Its Light and commune of the divine presence.

There will be a time when, at the center of each being, the sun of a new race will shine, symbolizing a new cycle of the universe rather than just of this world.

There will be a time when creatures will recognize their Creator and will feel reverence for finding the Divine in everything created by His Universal Consciousness.

There will be a time when days of profound illumination will be born in this world, days of communion and of fellowship, days of peace.

I say this, My children, so that you may remember My Words when you feel that you are far from God. Let them be the source of new hope and may they resound within everyone that had the flame of their heart dimmed. Because I tell you that there will be a time in which this world will be One with the Kingdom of God; but before that time, other occurrences will come, to generate merits for the future. Before peace will reign, hearts will be tested and strengthened by the might of the Love of God. In the face of any situation in life, never let your hearts lose the hope of seeing the Divine Purpose manifested.

My beloveds, I come to the world to have you know the greatness of the Plan of which you are a part, a Plan that is perfect and that comes from Who is One and Who reigns among the universes.

I want you to understand that My Presence among you has a greater intention. I am here to make you strong, persevering and untiring so that you do not stop your steps with the winds that will blow throughout this world.

I want you to ask yourselves, again and again, why the Presence of the Divine Messengers are among your souls so that, in this way, the Light of the Spirit of God may be able to bring a greater truth for you to know what the reason for the focus of God's attention upon this part of His Creation.

Dear children, your souls are treasures, more precious than you can imagine. This world has an objective much greater than the life that is alive today. And the time is urgent for those that live on the Earth to awaken from the dream because the Lord waits for the response of His creatures. For the second time, He will send His Son, reconfirming His Mercy and giving the world a sign of the greatness of the life that dwells in it.

My beloveds, it is necessary that you no longer be children in the life of the spirit. You have already received much so that you can see life from another point of view. Infinite impulses came to your hearts; it is time to let yourselves be guided and, without fear, steer the ship toward a new horizon.

When there is darkness within your hearts, remember My Words: there will be a time of Eternal Peace in this world.

I love you and bless you.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace

Weekly Message of Mary, Immaculate Queen of Peace, transmitted in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to the visionary Sister Lucía

I call My soldiers those who persevere in the Will of the Lord and fulfill it far beyond their small wills.

I call My companions those who continue by My side under any circumstance and say 'yes' to My Plan of Love and rescue of souls, even though they do not know what this Plan is and how it will be carried out.

I call beloved children those who revere God above all things and who, within their imperfection, surrender to the unknown Universe of the Celestial Father.

Today, I assemble hearts so that they become consecrated to the Greater Will, for the times will no longer be easy for consciousnesses, and souls will be tested by the enemy as never before.

Today, I assemble you so you may consecrate your lives, your souls and your spirits, so you may renew the commitment you sealed with Me since the beginning and you came to consummate in this time.

To those who follow Me, I offer sacrifice, and the reward you receive is the salvation of souls.

To those who follow Me, I offer renunciation, and what you receive in exchange is the purity of the world, which will be rescued by the small works of these hearts.

I do not place great material treasures on the table of those who follow Me; I will not offer you comfort nor rest, not in this life or in another.

But there is something on this table that is not on any other; something that transcends weariness, something that transcends the riches of the Earth, something that transcends matter, something that is not of this world.

This that I offer you is unique,  simple, invisible, cannot be touched and it is also immutable.

This that I offer you opens the doors of the universe and fills worlds, stars, spirits and consciousnesses.

To those who consecrate themselves today to My Heart, I offer you Love, and I present you to My Son so He may be your King for all eternity.

My little children, today I only tell you that I gathered you under My Mantle to place My Love in your hearts and to tell you, very close to your hearts, that you must never forget I am here, and even though I offered you sacrifice, I also offer you My arms, toward which you should eternally walk.

Who loves you,

Mary, Queen of Peace


May your little hearts no longer be afflicted by all that is still to be built within. The Lord of the Universe, the Great Architect of Infinity, has already designed the perfect structure for the Earth, which must be erected within each being, and if you say 'yes' the Universal Builders, who are the angels and archangels, they will come into your lives to transform the old and rebuild that which must be renewed.

Today, with joy, I come to this home of Mine, New Earth, so that here I may allow the growth of the archetype of the new life.

My children, today I want to tell you that the new life is not built based on the development of the mind nor on material riches. The new life is not to be found in the amount of knowledge that consciousnesses demonstrate, because there is nothing new in that.

Do not seek to unveil the celestial mysteries before building within yourselves the primary and only foundation that will lead you towards infinity, because the mysteries of God do not settle in the mind, but rather in the heart.

The new life that is born at New Earth is nothing but the possibility of loving others just as they are. The new life is the power to live with one other, each at their degree of evolution, without this being a reason for separateness but rather of union and of the growth of the soul and the spirit.

The Love you have come to learn about on Earth will not be found in books, but rather in life, in daily life, in the maturing of coexistence.

It is for this reason, dear children, that God asks for the Communities so that all those who aspire to grow may have the possibility of doing so and can count on the support of one other to achieve this growth, this unveiling of Love.

I want you to learn from New Earth in the way you learned from My Son Jesus; and for this reason, I return to this place. Christ was among those who were most needy. His apostles were simple and poor of heart, of knowledge, of life and of spirit; and in those simple souls, the Lord caused faithfulness and absolute love to grow in those who followed Him to the end, living sacrifice and surrender, under any circumstance.

With this, I tell you that the path of those who love one other, regardless of differences, is that together they experience a constant service and absolute fidelity to God. And in them God places His Spirit so that they may be an example of Mercy and a source of awakening; in them, the Lord places His trust.

Believe in what I tell you today, because when they heard the first Words of Christ, the apostles were men full of impurities and imperfections, but they responded to the call of the Lord, and today they are the guardians of the Doors of Heaven.

Follow that path with bravery, for just as I accompanied those My Son chose in that time, I am here to guide those who My Son chose in the end time, and those are all of you.

The twelve of yesteryear must be the 144 thousand of today.

I thank you for responding to My call and for accepting to follow this path of eternal transformation.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace


Within My Heart the hope of a New Aurora shines and, like a green emerald, from My chest emerges a sign that was sent by the Lord, as a response to the request for the healing of souls.

My children, those who on this day should open their hearts will receive special Graces because today the doors of Heaven are particularly open. Today a new cycle is born in the universe, in which you will be able to be renewed in the forgiveness and in the redemption of God.

It is time to definitely let go of the old vestments that no longer fit your body and, without shame, see yourselves naked before God, because when we allow ourselves to be true in the Eyes of the Creator, He can approach us and place upon us His own Mantle to cover our bodies.

My children, these are no longer times for fearing the unknown, for fearing to face that which will come; nor is it time to be indifferent to the revelations that the Lord sends you.

Open your hearts and your spirits so that, in this way, My Heart may receive a permission from humanity so that, from My own lips, revelations may emerge that up until today have been hidden and must be unveiled for the whole world.

My children, the only way the world will come out of the ignorance it is plunged in is to find in other hearts an example of faith and persistence. If each one, with the Will of spirit, decided to be an example for a neighbor, much could change, because My Word can only be emitted if there are hearts willing to hear it, and, even further, lovingly willing to follow it and practicing it in their lives.

If today My Heart celebrates six years of Apparitions with your small beings, know that, in the world, among you, are beings that live My Message, and make it possible for My Heart to renew the commitment with all of humanity.

If just a few hearts, which today live My requests and My instructions, made it possible for Me to be by their side during six years, imagine now how much I could do and where I could reach if other hearts lit up to this purpose of living Peace!

There is still much lacking so that the true Plan of God may be concretized in this world, and My journey on Earth must also be long, but the completeness of this Marian mission depends on the response of human beings.

For this reason, today, on the anniversary of My Apparitions, I ask that you really be renewed with Me and allow yourselves to take a new step toward God.

Do not wait for the example of a neighbor, but rather, through faith, ignite your hearts and each of you be a torch that comes to illuminate the paths of those who are in darkness and do not even know in which direction they should take their first steps.

Come to Me, for I always await you.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity and Queen of the New Aurora

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