Thursday, August 15 of 2019

Daily Messages

In simple places and with simple hearts, I will always be here, in silence and peace, attracting the Kingdom of God to the world.

With those who effort, in spite of their imperfections, and give the best of themselves in small and large things, I will always be here, because it is their effort that will open the doors to Heaven, and not the perfection of their hearts.

With those who aspire to build a new life and find the new time, I will always be there, for this is My Mission: to lead you by the hand to this encounter with the Truth. And even though My voice goes silent, even though My presence seems to hide, do not be deceived, for I will always be here, whispering the Designs of God into your hearts, inspiring you to continue upon the correct path, alerting you when you deviate, and bringing you peace when it seems that you have lost it.

I will always be here, with My hands in yours, raising the bricks to construct the new dwelling places and rebuilding that which is real and pure, when it breaks through the struggles of these times.

Pray with Me always, even if it be in the silence of your hearts, and you will discover, children, how My silence echoes more than My voice, and what I will allow you to understand within your hearts will be clearer than all the words that I have spoken.

Through this inner, profound and true contact with Me, you will consolidate the union with God and will mature as His children and as His companions.

I have told you: I am merely His Servant, a Servant of the Divine, His Messenger, His Laborer. Through a request of His, I have come to meet with you and now that you are before His Sacred Heart, the time has come for each one of you to live this encounter with Him.

I will accompany you always, with love, with joy. I will adore God for your triumphs and will plead with God in the face of your defeats. Together, children, we will arrive to the New Time, when nothing more will be hidden, when everything will be revealed; when all eyes will see, all ears will hear and all hearts will know the truth about themselves and about life.

For this, I have brought you up to this point. For this, I came to the world for such a long time. And also, for this, I will make My silence known, because everything is part of one Plan; a Will that will be understood as it is experienced.

So that you live this, I bless you, embrace you, and leave My paternal love for you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph