Friday, May 3 of 2024

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The time of Justice is coming, but there is still time for the Divine and Unfathomable Mercy.

I come here as your Intercessor and Mediator between souls and God, between the Divine Plan and this nation, which is so much in need of love. I thank you for having come here to experience this encounter with Me.

The Spiritual Hierarchy, at this moment, contemplates all the needs of the world; especially, the deepest and innermost needs that this country presents before God, which I contemplate with a gaze of Mercy, rather than of Justice.

Because remember, My companions, that the cause that I lived for you in My Sorrowful Passion, was also for this nation, knowing all that would later happen in the following generations of humanity. That is why, companions, what humanity is living in this cycle is written in the Book of the Apocalypse, in this imminent cycle of the Armageddon.

However, through a Light of hope and peace that springs from My Heart, I come as the Lord of the whole Universe and of the entire Earth, as the Sacred and Unfathomable Heart of Jesus, to offer the Father, once more, the merits of My Life, My Birth, Death and Resurrection, so that this nation, and especially its soul, may have an opportunity.

But I want you to know, companions, that the Lord does not fail to contemplate the errors that this nation has committed in the world. This is why I spoke to you, at the beginning, that the time of Justice is drawing near, a Justice that is still unknown to the human being.

But I have also told you that there is still time for the Divine and Unfathomable Mercy; because as long as the door of My Heart remains open to you and your brothers and sisters, the most hardened sinners will be able to reach Me and place themselves under the Rays of My Heart, under the Rays of the Blood and Water of Christ, so that what is darkest and most corrupt may be transformed and redeemed.

If your eyes did not see the events with a gaze of love and mercy, I assure you that your own indignation would drown you.

Therefore, I come to place you in another dimension and on another plane of consciousness; on the Plane and Dimension of God, where, through a gaze of love and mercy it is possible to go through the end of these times with compassion, rather than with a gaze of wrath or indignation.

I know that this, perhaps, may not may not make up for what your hearts are feeling.

But do you remember what the Sacred Heart of Jesus may have felt on the top of the Cross, knowing that all His enemies were against Him and the only one He had was the Eternal Father and His spiritual solitude?

Where is this very powerful key of the mystery of Love, which, through the offering of the Divine Son, was able to transform the whole world?

Through the Celestial Power that the Father has given Me, do you believe, by any chance, that I could transform it all, even this nation, which has lost its Spiritual Purpose?

However, once again, I tell you that the Spiritual Hierarchy works through Its silence and anonymity. There lies the magnificent power of the Work of God’s Mercy, that is where everything slowly begins to transform itself.

For this reason, I Am here in the United States once again; and at the foot of this Sacred Mountain, I try to illuminate the consciousness of the United States, so that it may achieve its great moment of awakening and repentance.

These coming days of the Marathon of Divine Mercy will be decisive and, even before the next May 8, it will be a turning point for the Spiritual and Divine Hierarchy itself, because the next cycle of this nation will be decided, its spiritual debt being contemplated.

And do you know how this could take place?

Through the manifestation and concretion of a point of Light at this place, the expression of a living and fraternal community, a community that may reflect and represent the Presence of Christ on Earth; a community that will be formed by the experience and presence of the self-summoned, who will later form the spiritual bases of this Light-Community.

On this preparatory day of beginning of a new Marathon of prayer, not only does the Sacred Lord of the Universe, at the foot of Mount Shasta, come to once again raise the human consciousness, the consciousness of the planet, the soul of this planet, but your Master and Lord also comes to give you His most ardent aspiration for the United States, so that the so expected healing may be established in the souls of this country.  

I will also pray for this, just as I have been praying in the silence of My Heart and just as each one of you, on these days of Marathon, will be able to pray for this cause, which is so important to Me. Because in truth I tell you that you will understand in depth this spiritual cause of Mine for the United States and the souls of this country, when this aspiration materializes on the surface and especially manifests through the souls that will congregate in My Name.

A new plan can be presented for this nation and for this people, so that, knowing the greed and consumerism, you may enter the school of self-giving and true service for those who suffer. Even those who have been suffering here, in this country, for a long time, for those who suffer the trauma of experiencing wars, of serving in wars as if they were something important or victorious.

See where the path of this nation has concluded. But the great and deep miracles will take place in the hearts that hear the Call of the Lord and, above all, in the hearts that are mediators of love and healing on this planet.

Extending My Arms and My Hands in the Sign of the Cross, I come to bless this nation in the name of God so that souls may fulfill and live the Spiritual Purpose, so that they may come out of the endless chain of suffering and agony, of the incessant guilt for having lived wars.

I deeply aspire for peace to be established here, and for this peace to fill the thirsty hearts so that these thirsty hearts and souls, on these days of supplication and merciful prayer, may be anointed by My Spiritual Light.  

Let us truly and wholeheartedly pray for this. Let us pray for all that must be transformed in the United States, so that it may glimpse redemption, on the horizon, during the Glorious Return of Christ.

Once again, I thank you for being here with Me, on this day, and for making the true effort of following the steps of the Hierarchy, because what awaits everyone in the coming time is wonderful, something renewing and healing for souls.

Receive My blessing in this long journey of pilgrimage with the Sacred and Divine Hearts.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.