While on the one hand, the consciousness of the planet reflects a humanity divided by wars, hunger, inequality, and conflicts, on the other hand, the essences of this time are going through their great definition.

I ask you to take My Hand so that I may unite you all and thus lead you on the path of love and reconciliation.

My enemy is managing to infiltrate even the religious life. He projects fantasies, stimulates ideas, and generates disagreements, awakening great discouragement and disappointments in hearts.

By all means he tries to undo My projects, but he will not manage to do this. He already realizes that he lost, and thus places all his fury in human minds and generates many setbacks where they do not exist.

For that reason, I come to ask you to protect yourselves, to take one another into consideration, and to not, even for a second, leave My Heart, because in this way, I will protect you and I will hold you in My Arms.

Everything contrary to the light that may be happening at this time will be an appearance created by My adversary.

Immerse yourself in the prayer of the heart, fulfill the daily liturgies, and you will survive. Because more complex times will come and hearts must be more united than  before to endure the last and definitive clashes.

I am praying for you. The Woman clothed with the Sun is, at this moment, running to the desert.

The door of Armageddon has already been opened in this last August.

Be vigilant and do not allow yourselves to be confused.

I am at the rearguard of My children.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I am the Lady and Guardian of the night.

I am the Lady in white that cares for and protects Her children from all evil.

I am the one who keeps vigil in silence and I am the one who during the night observes the sleep of Her small children.

I am the Lady and Guardian of the night, I am the one who follows the vigil of the souls that pray.

I am the Mother who guides the hearts through the path of the only Light.

I am the Lady in white, I am the one who watches the walk of Her children for them not to miss the path of Christ.

I am the Lady and Guardian of the night, I am the custodian of the door of the heart so that nothing bad will approach My little ones.

In My arms I hold My children during the night, even more when the hearts pray with Me and unite themselves to the Celestial Father.

I thank you for responding to My call! 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

As the Lady of Faith I intend that your hearts are vigilant for this awaited moment of rescue of the hearts and of the salvation of souls. Your path of prayer will allow you to find the essence in each one of My children, and especially you will find that which these souls are in need of.

My children, opening the fount of Mercy I bring you to My Son to conduct you to the paths of Peace.

Dear children, as the world moves so quickly much prayer is necessary in order to support the changes that will arise before the eyes of all, changes that will define the yes and the no for all of the souls.

You are called to walk close to My Son so that you may see the necessities in all hearts that are waiting for the Forgiveness and Mercy of God.

Dear children, it is time to continue praying, because this will alleviate the Heart of Christ and thus you will be closer to His Universal Love. Now you must follow the steps of the Return of Christ so that your dwellings will be united to His Sacred Heart.

Many hearts are waiting for this New Christ and My Ecumenical Grace-Mercy Order is part of the soldiers of prayer because today all are called to share the Christian path of the end of the times.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 

My Children:

In the advent of the new time for this world, times of changes and learning, today I ask you for more prayer, a prayer that sprouts as a fountain from your hearts, a prayer that will help the world, a prayer that will alleviate the great burden of humanity.

Prayer will always bring clarity to you, wisdom and good discernment for the moments that will arrive to humanity. For this, as your lives are yet living in an unusual time, it is necessary dear children to be with attention and vigilance from the consciousness and from the heart.

Meanwhile the world continues repeating mistakes that have already become irreparable. My Maternal Heart comes to humanity to bring light and mercy.

I know that to you, some of My children judge the truth of My existence and of My apparitions.

For this dear children, today I tell you that the always Blessed Virgin Mary, Universal Mother, and Queen of Peace, has been among you since many years ago.

God gave me the permission to send My saving message to all My children, for this many hearts were participants of My apparitions throughout the entire year.

Dear children, facing the hunger of the humanity, facing the wars that are awakening between the brothers’ and sisters’ hearts, facing the great loss of children and teenagers, facing the changes and the perdition that many younger people are experiencing, and facing many things more that today are unknown to you. I tell you.

Prayer! prayer! prayer! and prayer, as if it was the last time, and recognize from this day on the Celestial Grace that you have received through the loving intercession of My Immaculate Heart.

My children, today you are adults in your life of prayer, for this with maturity and charity serve for peace and for mercy for everywhere in this world.

This is my last and definitive call for humanity:

Pray! pray! and pray! so that more souls may be participants in the presence of the Masters and Savior.

Dear children, you have within your hands and between your lips the path of salvation, of Grace, of Mercy. You have within your lives the infinite power of prayers. You must love prayer and feel it in the depths of your souls.

Dear children, you are in My Heart, for this you are being awakened from the dream of this world, for the Universal Love from the Queen of Peace.

Be in Me.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My Call.

My children,

With My Son’s Redeemer and Savior Cross in My hands, today I tell you: convert yourselves in the name of love! What do you want for the path?

Little hearts, the moment has come to raise the heart to Heaven and to abandon the world’s illusion entirely. You and all My children are called to the time of conversion, a path that leads you to redemption to find the absolute forgiveness of God.

For this, dear children, watch, watch with the light of the heart so that in your lives nothing is lost. I invite you to live in prayer to find in it the divine power of the Holy Spirit. Remember that the world is changing and you need to strengthen the life of the spirit to be able to catch a glimpse of the loving Kingdom of God.

My children, search for stillness and peace in each movement, persist in the purpose of God and in inner hope, receive the love of My Son in your hearts.

Rise, My little ones! It is time for the conversion of the heart, it is time to open the Door to Heaven through prayer. Each time your hearts pray, the Lord allows Me to pour the gifts on all My children.

You can be faithful servers of My plans of Peace. Dear children, know that I want to bring you to eternity, to the discovery of the Love of God in your hearts.

I need you in Me; I follow you, I understand you, I welcome you. It is time to change, to accept and to grow as a good soul in the arms of God.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children,

Blessed be Jesus in your hearts for all eternity!

Today I invite you to contemplate in gratitude the Sacred Heart of my Son, because He will give you the necessary strength to convert your hearts into precious instruments of love and truth.

For this dear children, always keep in your hearts and in your lives a moment of prayer, to talk to God Almighty, so that your souls may be participants of the Mercy of the Redeemer.

Today My arms of pity and My Light of Love are extended to irradiate you deep in your spirits.  For this to go on happening, My children, you must live the sincere and true act of the prayer of the heart, because in this way you will find out how the spirit of the prayer of the heart will help you to forgive and reconcile your own hearts with God and especially among your dear family members, friends and acquaintances.

For this My little ones, it is time to live the act of the prayer of reconciliation so that all My children may be participants in the promises of Christ.  Your little hearts’ commitment, the ones that are over this Earth, is to vigil in prayer, vigil for those who do not and for those who are distracted in the modern world.

In this way My little children, your hearts will be as the hearts of My Cherub Angels, the ones that vigil in the essence of love, for all those who day by day easily withdraw from God Creator.

For this the task of the groups consecrated in prayer to My Immaculate Heart will be to vigil at the end of this time, in constant prayer, because in this way the strength in My children will be the verb of love, guided by the Holy Spirit.

I thank you, My children!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity..

The Marian praying missionaries that unite themselves to the light of My Immaculate Heart must be vigilant in prayer for those who still do not pray, do not wait for, and do not love the Celestial God of the Universe.

This practice of love and vigilance for souls is given through the prayer of the heart because through this prayer the keys of wisdom and discernment may be awakened by the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Today I call you, dear children, so that your lives in these times of great changes aspire to be and remain under the flame of the Holy Spirit.  In this way your hearts will be participants of the selfless service for other souls, service that may awaken through the heart.  And in this spirit of collaboration for all the souls in the world is where your lives will find the perfect unity with My Glorified Son and in this way you may see the eyes of Jesus in each one of your brothers and sisters of the path.

Now dear children, to humanity corresponds to protect and call for the presence of the Holy Spirit so that all hearts in Christ may be missionaries for Peace through prayer.

With all this dear children, the moment will come when each life must irradiate the true spirit of fraternity, which will be necessary to cultivate so that the Peace of the Kingdom of Heaven manifests for this promised Earth.

For this dear children, with joy bring between your hands the gift of fraternity so that uniting heart with heart and as humanity you participate in the awaited return of My Son.  With open arms to wait for Christ, your hearts may be prepared for the coming of the new, for the coming of the Spirit of Peace, so that many of My children may live it.

May My son be for your lives the first aspiration for Celestial Peace.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

Dear children,

Yesterday I invited you to live in the reconciliation of the heart; today I invite you to continue to practice this attribute from the Heavens, because each reconciliation lived will relieve the burden of suffering in the world.

For this My children, bring in your hands My banner of Peace and in the prayer made with the heart you will allow God to fulfill you with His Gifts and His Graces.

Know My little ones, that humanity fears the time of the great changes, but I tell you that in truth you must pray more so that fear may disappear. The enemy distracts the hearts through fear. Because of this, little children, if your hearts are as vigilant in prayer, you will help this belief in fear to disappear through the strong presence of love.

Dear children, stay in My protective and maternal presence so that each of your lives finds the true refuge for the heart: Peace.

The life of Peace is like the elevation of a bridge of light to the Heavens. For this, the path will be built with daily prayer, a prayer that prepares you for the new times.

Now is the time to irradiate to your brothers and sisters the love that your hearts feel for My Glorified Son. In this way from each life may appear a ray of fraternal love that humanity needs to re-encounter for this time.

Dear children, each one of your hearts is in My presence.

I call you to reconcile life before God through the act of forgiveness.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Through My Son you may come to the adoration of God and in this adoration, made with the heart, you may find love and peace.

Dear children rejoice your hearts again because the Kingdom of My Father is coming to aid all the hearts that are open themselves to receive the law of love.

For this My children be in vigil with My Son today, in His Heart of Peace, so that God may show you the need of all souls and how big is the thirst for love in many lives.  For this reason dear children, you must pray, pray a lot with the heart, so that your lives answer the great call from the Heavens for the redemption of humanity.

In this way little children, from your hearts you will help in My Plans of Peace and Salvation that My Immaculate Heart weaves as a mantel of light for the world.

Dear children perseverance in prayer will be the inner key that will allow you day by day to be near to My Immaculate Heart.   My merciful eyes want to illuminate the path of each child, a path that with the heart must be offered to God, also for your complete consecration to My Immaculate Heart.

For this dear children the surrender of each one of you represents a celestial victory of eternal praise.  In this way the angels elevate all souls to the Kingdom of My immaculate Heart.

Children, God waits from you for an infinite opening that is born from your little hearts, an opening that brings you to donate yourselves in charity and in humility so that you are able to see the face of My Son in each of your brothers and sisters.

Thus you will be able to live the fraternity that is needed for the conversion of the world and especially, of all the souls that have distanced themselves from the love of God.

Dear children today I contemplate all of you in My Maternal Love, because, always remember, I want to bring you to God.

Thank you for answering My call.

Peace for all.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


The Evolutionary Laws of a Light-Nucleus


Place your achievements, aspirations and renunciations within My Garden. Cover this Garden with the greatest affection of your soul and, detaching yourself of everything, open yourself to live and practice My Will.

Completely surrender to Me to the point that you become nothing and, in that nothingness, in that emptiness and absolute resignation, you have the Grace that all My Projects may be deposited in you.   

I know that it is not easy to abandon your own will, but make this opportunity that I give you the possibility of accomplishing My wishes and aspirations, just as many have accomplished them in other times.

Now it is time to watch your own consciousness, to avoid it from placing you into difficulties.

If you live with gratitude, that which I ask of you and need, you will not have reasons to suffer from anything. Suffering, anguish and desolation are consequences of a life that does not accept from the heart the Will of God, and takes years to realize that the Will of the Father must be accomplished.

Decide to give great steps with obedience and resignation, and thus you will always find and discover the sense of serving Me in each moment.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Novena to the Sacred Thorned Heart of Jesus

Eighth day

Today, although it may seem impossible to do, remove from My Heart the thorn of infidelity and of redress.

How many souls in the world are unfaithful to Me daily! And this is so rooted in the human consciousness that it is now considered something normal.

The infidelity of those who wound My Heart is so unbearable that the Fire of Love that I hold in My Heart is in agony, because souls lose their fidelity and trust in the Master.

Ask the Celestial Father for all those who have been and will be unfaithful to Me someday.

I offer to open My Heart so that souls may enter My Temple to commune of the Truth and free themselves from suffering.

You should know that one of the causes of infidelity is the distraction and the world illusion of these times.

Plead to the Supreme Father for all unfaithful souls so that someday they may receive the grace of being immersed in the spiritual ocean of My Mercy, in order to receive a new opportunity.

There is still time to avoid the mass destruction of many hearts.

Now, recognize your possible infidelity in word, in feelings and in action; but do not see it as a torment; look at it as a constant practice of correction and of persistence so that you may receive healing by means of the science of faith.

Affirm your consciousness as part of My Consciousness, and in this inviolable and infinite union, consecrate yourself to My Heart of Thorns so that the roses of love and of fidelity may be born from My wounded Chest.

I thank you for your efforts because in the small is built the large, and in the humble is built the unalterable and the eternal.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you and loves you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Although My adversary, like a wolf, may agitate My sheep, remain united with the great Heart of your Shepherd. 

Although great storms may come toward you, remain united with the great Heart of your Shepherd.

Do not seek to run away from difficulties or struggles, because they will find you.

Assume that, in this cycle, the time has come, just as it came to the apostles, of testifying that My Presence is real.

Thus, be attentive and vigilant so that nothing else beyond your possibilities may surprise you.

Allow My light to shine within you during this time of darkness.

Let me transform and break within you what I need to break, so that your spirits may learn to be as brave as I was up to the height of the Cross.

I do not want nor need you to look like Me. I aspire that you be the same as what I Am, in truth, in love and in compassion.

I leave all this in writing so that you not think differently, so that you not believe that I am expecting something different from you.

As sheep among wolves, the time will come to defend the Work of your Shepherd, from all who will want to destroy it.   

Are you willing to follow me?

Everything will be only but a few seconds, and then you will know the Glory of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Do not be afraid of dying for Me, because I will always be with you until the end of times.

I thank you for responding to My call and for keeping My Words in the heart of each disciple!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


I Am the conductor of your life.

I Am the Captain that from love will lead you to find a new port, the port of salvation.

Only through Me are opened the new paths.

Only through My Heart the soul will find wisdom because only through My Love you will achieve Mercy and Piety.

Never forget that I love you as God created you; that My Heart knows about your difficulties. For this hold on to My Light so that you may walk step by step under the protection of My Heart.

I want to lead you towards something that now you are not. For this you must give Me your yes so that the great miracle may happen in your spirits.

I ask you to pray for those who are internally and spiritually blind because they are the souls that most separate themselves from My Merciful Heart. I ask you for faith and truth, surrender and full trust in My Heart.

The new Christ’s are already awakening to perceive that they must not carry anymore upon their shoulders the cart of yesterday. The new and merciful waits for you, do not fear that it may not be that which you have controlled so much through all this walk, only dedicate your life to the Plan of God and vigil so that the Purpose may always be clear before you.

The time of resting between My Arms and of affirming the unusual path that today My Heart proposes to you has come.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My messages from the heart!

Christ Jesus.


I want that My Heart be the shining sun in your hearts.

I want to satiate My thirst for good souls through your surrender to My Heart.

I want to be the star that guides you during the night.

I want to be the victory of the redeeming love in your lives.

Every day I aspire that you save for Me a special place in your lives so that the Shepherd may guide His sheep.

I want that you feed your spirit with good feelings and actions.

I want to make you distant from the temptations that the world offers, a world that promises illusions to My Children and that misleads them until it makes their hearts get distance from My Heart.

For this, as I have said to the Apostles, “wake up and pray with Me!” Today again I say it to My New Disciples. Who prays, vigils, but who vigils and prays with the heart will protect themself from the arts and from the mirages that are used by the cunning of the enemy.

But if you do not only vigil for yourselves, for your thoughts and attitudes, but also for those who still do not manage to vigil themselves, you will be serving in love all those who, for lack of consciousness, get distracted and fall into the traps of the enemy.

If you vigil, pray and serve you will be awakening in your beings the three aspects of My Lord that are named as the Holiest Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The Father, as a gift, you will find in the permanent vigil, in attention to all that moves itself in the surroundings. The Son you will find in prayer, in the state of elevation of the word and of the sacred word which is what represents the prayer of the heart. And the Holy Spirit you will find through the service to your neighbors because the Holy Spirit of God manifests itself in the word for that which it has to express; in the thought for that which it has to discern and meditate, and in the action for that which it must do through the gift of science and of intelligence.

In this way you will find the true approximation to the Holy Trinity because even in the good works, in the warm and loving prayers, as in the vigil of walking towards the Divine Purpose, Father God presents Himself to all men and women through the hearts of His Beloved Children.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving the Holiest Trinity in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Feel in your hearts the anguish of the Heart of God, not because of the purification of the nations, but rather for the indifference of humankind to a time of transition, a moment in which hearts should be awake, conscious and willing to Love.

Many believe that they are not indifferent to the situation of the planet, because they feel they are doing their minimum part, but in these definitive times, children, to be indifferent is to experience and feel life as always, as if the transition and the definition of Earth were something for the future, for others, for those who today are little children and who in their adulthood will experience the transition of the planet.

To be indifferent in this time is to not want to see that the purification of the planet has already started on Earth and in the human consciousness, which is gradually being absorbed by the chaos, without noticing it. 

To be indifferent is to give oneself permission not to fulfill and not to live that which one already knows corresponds to them.

To be indifferent at this time is to allow one’s own consciousness to step out of the Law of Hierarchy, the Law of Love and of Unity, and the Law of Obedience, thinking that transgressing them will not do any harm. 

To be indifferent at this time is to not watch oneself closely, so as to not let one's consciousness enter into a human impulsiveness and fall into the same tests as always, as if this were something natural.

To be indifferent at this time is to receive the words and divine instructions every day and not listen to them attentively, not meditate upon them and to not know that in times of emergency, God Himself instructs you with details and precision, so that you do not get lost on the path.

To be indifferent at this time, children, is to not want to see that this battle is not human or social, but rather spiritual and definitive, a battle that began in the Universe and that, at this moment, comes to define the destiny of the Divine Creation.

Listen to My words and eliminate your own indifference from your hearts.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Watch and observe your heart and consciousness in order to know yourself and not only the situations of human life.

Watch and observe your heart and consciousness, in order to know how you react to the stimuli of the world and how you respond to the impulses of God.

Watch and observe your heart and consciousness in order to know yourself more  more profoundly and do not be deceived by believing you are something that you are not.

Watch and observe your heart and consciousness with love, with peace, with the simple intention of knowing who you are, how you act, how you live, so that thus, child, you may become aware of everything that you should transform.

May your eyes not only be in Heaven, or in the shortcomings and virtues of your neighbor. Watch and observe your heart and consciousness, opening to a true self-knowledge. In this way, you will open the doors to deepen into the science of life and you will allow God not only to transform you but also to show your true being, impelling you to reach what in truth you are.

Watch and observe your heart and consciousness, in order to not deceive yourself and so that, in these times of illusions and mirages, your eyes may be fixed on the Truth and, knowing who you are and what you are not, you can thus find what God expects from you, since the beginning.

You have My blessing for that.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph  


In these times of the planet, you must be very vigilant with yourselves, with everything that you think and feel and with wherever you allow yourselves be taken by imagination, because the small permissions that you give yourselves and the small gaps that you allow to be opened in your spiritual fortresses will become the reason for the rupture of a construction, elevated with much effort and arduous inner work.

Much it will cost you to construct of an inner fortress, to achieve the consolidation of a virtue or to manage to transform an ingrained aspect of the being, because the planetary forces have already reached a certain reign within the human cells, within the genetic code of most beings.  So, all your tendencies will take you to succumb to the ordinary life and to the capital energies.  For this a slight thought or an apparently innocent imagination can lead you to get lost in the endless labyrinths of the earthy energies of this time.

It is for this reason, My beloved ones, that you must be very vigilant with yourselves.  Give priority to the life of prayer that, little by little, will strengthen you and will enter with the new codes in your cells, codes that will make you more strengthened before certain influences of chaos and of evil.

While you do not know yourselves and you do not develop your own spiritual potentialities, prayer will be the greatest instrument for the maturing and the growth of the spirit.  Therefore, pray and do not allow that the mind digress and live, in the mental and astral levels of consciousness, those things that you have already proposed yourselves to not live.

Pray, pray much, because you will need to be more and more firm in the times that are to come.

I love you and I lead you with small keys, but very valuable ones, when they are used with the heart.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Learn to feel in your heart the sorrows of the world and to make as your own, the suffering of the Most Sacred Heart of God.

Contemplate in your hearts the Creation and all that it manifests, how it expresses itself in the universe.  Contemplate the perfection and the harmony of nature, of the sun, of the cycles of the Earth.  Feel in your hearts the potential of the Divine Perfection that is latent in your interior. Ask yourselves every day what is the path to manifest this potential.

I wish that, in the heart of human beings, the love to the Divine Creation were greater than the love to the human creation, but you are much more clung to what comes from your own ideas than to what comes from the Divine Thought.

The human beings learned to love and admire what was created by their limited mind, and the pride gained was so big that they remained closed in their own smallness and in stinginess, and they could not love something superior or even believe in its existence.

With grief in My heart, I tell you that many do not transform themselves because they do not truly believe in the existence of God, of His Plan and of His Messengers.

The consciousnesses observe chaos and evil progressing in the world and prefer to think that it has always been like this or isolate themselves in the small problems and concerns of their lives, as a way to not realize that the true boat that is sinking is not just in the Middle East, but in the whole world.

It is the human consciousness, My dear ones, that is submerging ever more profoundly in the darkness.  And, when the times need to see you more awake and prepared, surrendered and confident in the invisible, you are hiding from the truth and diving more and more into illusion, to not realize that the final times have already come.

Heaven will always thank your prayers and, with the little effort of all beings, it will try to remove the weight from the scale of Justice that leans towards the disappearance of humanity.

You, companions, are living cells of the Heart of God; for this His grief for this world is so great.

The Project of the Creator is perfect and everything has already been delivered to you in order that you can live it, but you need to decide to stand up from the bed in which you sleep in illusion every day, to act in favor of humanity.

I love you; for this I warn you.

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.