Wednesday, June 3 of 2020

Special Messages

Song: Mercy, Christ Jesus.

Our Father, in Aramaic (repeated three times).

May the Holy Spirit reside in your minds and hearts, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I come down from Heaven to be in this meeting in order to tell the world that in this cycle everything is allowed. My Father has thus decided it. Humanity needs to grow within in order to be able to express what it came to do in this world.

I need you to be here with Me, in vigil, because in this vigil you will always find peace and you will have the wisdom for knowing how to make good decisions.

The planet is like a fragile crystal that is at the point of breaking, just like all that is within it.

But you, through merciful prayer and through your faith, have learned to strengthen yourselves, and that strength must not be lukewarm, but rather it must be firm, based on what you believe and live, based on what you practice and offer as a service to the world, as well as to your brothers and sisters.

For this reason, everything is allowed so that humanity may learn what it has not yet learned. This does not mean that you continue to suffer, because you are still governed by a basic law, which is free will. In that choice that humanity makes lies condemnation, damnation and darkness.

But today I invite you to position yourselves above this law and unite with My Divine Knowledge, with My Word, so that, through love and truth, you may learn to decide wisely and with discernment, without having to be touched by the action of this law.

I know that not all of you will manage to do so, because you are still in the moment of overcoming duality. Until I return, that will not happen, and hearts will have to experience what they need to experience in order to be formed as true servers, as long as you decide to follow the path that I offer not only you but also to the whole world, to all peoples and all religions, because I am not only the Christ of the Christians, I am the Master and Lord of all souls.

In souls there is no religion, no doctrine; there is faith, trust and unity in the Eternal Father; it is there where I am. And thus I seek to always be in your hearts and lives so that you may reflect the gifts that I have been giving you for some quite time.

My treasures, that are inner, deep and non-material, will never be lost. When souls do not live the talents that I give them, I gather the gifts and the virtues from the hearts that do not fulfill My Purpose, and that does not mean that I abandon them.

In solitude and silence, I stop to observe you, up to the point where you learn to take steps, just as I taught you from the Garden of Gethsemane up to the Cross.

In each instant of your lives, redemption can be experienced.

At each step of your lives, there lies the opportunity for freedom, when you are under the Law of Love and Truth.

This world suffers and it is in pain and sorrow, not only in consciousness, but also in soul, because the planet is part of everything, and you are part of that great consciousness of the planet, which is ill and needs healing.

In maintaining your faith and your trust in Me, the bridges will always exist through which I will be able to descend in order to help you and assist you, even though you do not feel Me, do not perceive Me, even though I am in silence.

For this reason, this is a definitive moment, in which the planet is facing an unpredictable event, facing an uncertain destiny, without knowing how it will continue during the times to come.

But you, who have grown in the love of My Words and My Wisdom, must not focus your minds upon what will happen, but rather on what is happening. In that will be the lesson that you need in order to grow, learn, and once again be able to overcome the obstacles and the tests in the infinite trust that My Heart offers you.

Perhaps what I tell you today, companions, you may have heard at other moments, through other Words that I have already spoken. But know that, in everything I tell you today, there is the answer that each being needs, according to their school and their moment of purification.

Do not believe that I do not see what is happening to you, what you feel inwardly, what is happening in your minds, what your souls are living, what your spirits aspire toward in order to find the truth.

This is why the Hierarchy, in one attunement and vibration, unites at this moment, under My consensus and authority, to bring to the whole world the last impulses it needs so that humanity may awaken their consciousness even more and perceive that it is not under the Law and that it must return to it.

In this way, the times and the moments of uncertainty, of suffering, of pandemics and of insecurity will end. Because, in this way, you will be open to receive Me at that great moment of My Return, which is not far away, each day it is closer, and you must keep this in mind because I will not alert the world, nor will I alert you. I will arrive in the most needful and urgent moment, even though everything may appear calm.

In that moment, I will be able to return to correct this world, as it has never been corrected. 

And thus, the judgment of Love will come, and all will become aware of it; it will not matter whether you believe or do not believe, that you know or do not know anything. All will be equal in the Gaze of the Father.

I will never bring you a punishment, through Love, I will bring you the Truth that will set you free, forever.

And you will be what I need, what I have so waited for, what I have so longed for over the last more than 2000 years, because if I am here today, it is because My Father asked it of Me and He showed it to Me clearly in the Garden of Gethsemane, before delivering Me to the Cross.

I still have Chalices full of Mercy so that souls may drink of them.

The love that I have placed in each of the Chalices is so much that they overflow with the power of the Light of My Blood.

These Chalices, while not drunk nor considered by souls, pour out the Codes of My Passion and of My pain for the world.

This is the sacrifice that I want you to be able to live with Me; something that goes beyond you and your consciousnesses, your knowledge or your intentions.

The Chalices of sacrifice will be what will save the world and grant a spiritual and special reprieve for a large part of humanity, through the consecrated, priestly and missionary lives.

Thus, the more difficult the moment is, the harder the tests are, and the more painful it is for you to know the truth as it is.

This is the time and the great opportunity of giving all for all, as I did for you without thinking for a second of retreating or desisting. Because I knew, companions, what would come after. There was no human pain, feeling or thought that got in the way of Me carrying out My task for the world, just as today I carry out this task for you and with you.

My last Words are being written in the Book of God, and you must be a part of that story, which is being written through My Work.

In this Marathon of Divine Mercy, let us cry out for divine discernment, for universal wisdom, so that everyone may make good decisions in this crucial time in which prayer and service will be the shield that will protect you and the impulse that will unconditionally carry you by My side.

Today I do not come to see your errors, your traumas or your deserts, because I already know them.

I come to give value and power to each Code of Light, of Love and of the Word that I have placed in your hearts, because I believe that you will practice them and take responsibility for that, knowing that I have need of mirrors on Earth, of servers and missionaries on the surface, to heal the pain through the Love that I gave you and which you will always be able to give, without fear.

Dare to love, more than I love you.

Dare to surrender, more than I surrendered.

No one has yet surpassed Me in Love, and I hope that will be accomplished someday.

Today, from the world, I take the suffering that it experiences so that it may be healed and liberated, transmuted and sublimated, and so that, in this Marathon, My disciples, friends and companions may renew their inner vows with Me.

In this month of June, the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, may souls remember that in My Heart there is a place for each one, a place that waits to be occupied by you.

I thank you for praying with Me, for praying for the world, so that the Project of Your Redeemer may be accomplished in humanity. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.