My children,

At this moment, how do you understand Life? through obstacles or through transcendence? Do you understand Life through tests or through challenges?

Life is the first Gift that God created so that His children, all His creatures, would be able to reach the highest degrees of love.

Life is a Gift, and it is also a treasure for God.

As a sample of His immeasurable Mercy, the Father sent His Son to Earth so that, through His Passion, Death and Resurrection, all of you would be witnesses, throughout times, of how great is the Love of God.

Today, I invite you, My children, to rethink your perceptions and even your understandings of what Life really is, the one that the Creator Universe gave you so that, within you, the power of love awakens through challenges and even through possible uncertainties that may arise along your paths of spiritual consecration.

By learning to perceive the essence of Life, you will learn to love; you will learn to recognize that, in this universe, everything that seems dual has the deep meaning of turning each of you into other people and other consciousnesses, under the sacred emblem of unity between creatures and the universe.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Prostrate at My Feet, recognize the Sun of God that comes to assist you, the Sun of Redemption and of the Eucharist that comes to illuminate and dispel the darkness of the world.

Prostrate at My Feet, recognize the Legacy that you have received, in which you have always participated and which has always nourished your spirit.

Prostrate at my Feet, recognize the attributes, gifts and virtues that, in confidence, I have placed in each one of you, to make your whole life new so that your consciousnesses are redeemed and transformed.

Prostrate at the Feet of the Sun of God, recognize this planetary moment, the importance of the expression of the new apostles, of those who keep the torch of faith burning, regardless of the circumstances.

Today come and place yourselves at My Feet so that your lives may be blessed and reconsecrated so that your higher consciousnesses may be depositories of the Christic impulses that I bring you today.

In this perfect alliance with the Eucharistic Sun of God, you will be able to repair the Heart of Christ from all the offenses that He receives daily, from everything that is done to him, day and night, through outrages and indifference, omissions and faults.

Through the Eucharistic Sun of God, I come to withdraw you from the darkness of consciousness and from the superstition of the ego. I come to open the eyes of your souls so that you may see upon this interior horizon the Presence of the Son of God, who still hopes that each of your lives be the testimony of His Word and His Legacy.

I am bringing you this Sun of God again so that your paths be guided and receive what each one needs at this moment, far from your own desires and aspirations.

This is the Sun of God that illuminates the end of times, but also reconstructs the spiritual life of those who prostrate at His Feet to recognize one God, one universal, cosmic and internal Presence to participate in this perpetual communion with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, who at this time offers himself again in sacrifice for souls, and especially for the most sinful, for nations, for humanity.

May the spiritual treasures that I have given you throughout time not be lost, not become faded nor be erased from your hearts.

Make each of My Words become a part of you and may your lives be converted one day into the flow of My Fountain of Mercy and Pity. Because today some are distracted by other paths, they set their minds on other paths; and thus they darken the heart, losing true attunement with Me, with My Will.

This is the time when everyone must face their own Armageddon, they must know about themselves what they have never seen, until now, because it is a veil that is removed from their eyes so that they can see and recognize this moment.

Today, I accept the sacrifices of those who persist. Today, I recognize the courage of those who transform and those who never stop moving forward, despite everything. It is there where the Work of Redemption and Mercy take place internally. It is in that constancy and in that faith, where the sacred seeds of the Light give their first sprouts to one day bear the fruits that I need to prepare My Return, through you.

Today, I see, with eyes of compassion, the mistakes that some of my companions made due to recklessness, lack of attention, lack of generosity and lack of consciousness. But today I do not come here to point out those errors, but to remind you of the Commandments that, in essence, you must deepen into to understand their hidden meaning, a meaning that will lead you to live in the Universal Laws, in these critical times, in which many offerings will be presented to you as if they were better offers than those I give you.

Do you understand what this means in this planetary cycle?

I come to again anoint, with My Spirit, those who said yes to Me and who, beyond themselves, try to understand My Will and My Work. The Redeemer, your Lord, will continue to take firm steps towards the Purpose and He will take with Him all those who, divested of themselves, will follow His steps in the same way to find the goal, the inner goal.

This is a time when you must be aware that you will fight against that inner duality. Duality that will show you with such force what you do not know, with an opposite force and parallel to the force and power that I give you with My Word and My Presence.

Is this a battle? Yes, it is a spiritual battle. It is the moment when, before yourselves, you will define the next cycle, under the Gaze of God. And that cycle, which will be defined, will indicate the possibility or not that your Master may soon return to the world. But remember, always remember, that I do not depend on anyone to return to this humanity, as it is written.

Your souls must bear in mind, in your consciousness, that you may or may not participate in this event of the Return of Christ. Because for this Return to be possible, in a certain proportion, first My Divinity, My Spirit, must dwell in you so that later I can return to the world in its most difficult and painful moment.

I want you to know, companions, that you are before the Book of Holy Scripture, you are before the chapter and the sign of this great planetary moment when the last Christs of the end of times will be the ones who will mark the next destiny. And that goes beyond their consciousnesses, their ideals or even their opinions.

I want you to know that being with Me is not something momentary, but rather to be under strict fidelity to divine obedience and to the supreme Will. But know that there are no other consciousnesses or other brothers and sisters who can do so, who can prepare My Return to the hearts of humankind. If first, this does not happen, in this density and planetary chaos, how could I come here into the world, through the power and authority that God has given Me, from the beginning and for all eternity?

I need your inner dwellings to be My dwellings. And still, I am waiting for this. Examen your consciousnesses, not to feel intimidated or judge yourselves, but to grow inwardly in offering and in service.

Because in the next few months you will see unimaginable things, and you, as My companions, who claim to be My companions, have to be prepared for what will come, and these are no longer only words, but will be facts, they will be events throughout the world.

In these last years, you have learned to love me and are still doing so. You have learned to trust in these, My Apparitions, and you have learned to drink from the Source of My Word through the Messages, but I know that at some point you doubted who is really speaking to you.

I do not come here only for you, I come here for a Higher Purpose. That same Purpose that My Mother, the Virgin Mary, has already presented in other times and in other humanities so that the greatest number of souls and hearts reach the life of the spirit and the union with the Triune Consciousness.

Today I do not come to make you see your miseries, but I come to make you see what is really happening so that you recognize and accept it in humility and in deep gratitude.

I will no longer stop for anyone. Your planet is on fire.

Who will cross the thresholds of hell with Me to interrupt the loss of hundreds of consecrated and lay souls?

Who will go with Me to the deepest depths of the abyss to ignite their own Christic light and thus be able to overcome in Love the darkness, just as I did through each drop of My Blood, and, even more, up to the moment of My surrender on the Cross?

I am not here to place you under an unknown and unbearable pressure.

In the name of Love and Mercy, which you still deeply ignore, I come to place you before a reality that it is time to accept and live because many of you came to be My apostles. And this is not an ideology or a theory, much less a feeling or a passing emotion, it is an undeniable commitment that your spirits have made in the universe and that commitment for each one has a time, it has a duration that only God knows. 

When souls seek other teachings that are not Mine; think about how I may feel in the face of all that I have lovingly and confidently given you, year after year, day after day, week after week and month after month.

You cannot lose the objective of your Purpose, you cannot let yourselves be deceived, nor can you lie. You are before the King of the Universe, not before a judge, but before the sacrificed Heart of the Lamb of God that was immolated, to save you, until the end of time.

Remember that your path of conversion and redemption lies in the Sacraments and not in other books. May your true spirituality be based on the faith of Christianity and the absolute confidence that you can be fulfilling the Will of God.

As you will be able to perceive, companions, I come with a warning Message, but one of deep compassion and solidarity with those who become lost day by day on the path and stop seeing, in their own paths, the Footprints of the Master.

May this Marathon be one more step towards definition and, above all, a step towards being able to value and recognize what was received with so much sacrifice and effort, so that nothing is in vain.

I bless you, in this time of internal and planetary crisis. Know that, beyond suffering and pain, there is the Light of the Living Christ, of the One who died for you so that you could have life in Me, and thus have life in the Eternal Father.

May the prayers of Mercy in this meeting not only be repeated words, but affirmations felt deep in the heart.

I thank you for being courageous and for daring to listen to me in the spirit of faith.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Song: Mercy, Christ Jesus.

Our Father, in Aramaic (repeated three times).

May the Holy Spirit reside in your minds and hearts, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I come down from Heaven to be in this meeting in order to tell the world that in this cycle everything is allowed. My Father has thus decided it. Humanity needs to grow within in order to be able to express what it came to do in this world.

I need you to be here with Me, in vigil, because in this vigil you will always find peace and you will have the wisdom for knowing how to make good decisions.

The planet is like a fragile crystal that is at the point of breaking, just like all that is within it.

But you, through merciful prayer and through your faith, have learned to strengthen yourselves, and that strength must not be lukewarm, but rather it must be firm, based on what you believe and live, based on what you practice and offer as a service to the world, as well as to your brothers and sisters.

For this reason, everything is allowed so that humanity may learn what it has not yet learned. This does not mean that you continue to suffer, because you are still governed by a basic law, which is free will. In that choice that humanity makes lies condemnation, damnation and darkness.

But today I invite you to position yourselves above this law and unite with My Divine Knowledge, with My Word, so that, through love and truth, you may learn to decide wisely and with discernment, without having to be touched by the action of this law.

I know that not all of you will manage to do so, because you are still in the moment of overcoming duality. Until I return, that will not happen, and hearts will have to experience what they need to experience in order to be formed as true servers, as long as you decide to follow the path that I offer not only you but also to the whole world, to all peoples and all religions, because I am not only the Christ of the Christians, I am the Master and Lord of all souls.

In souls there is no religion, no doctrine; there is faith, trust and unity in the Eternal Father; it is there where I am. And thus I seek to always be in your hearts and lives so that you may reflect the gifts that I have been giving you for some quite time.

My treasures, that are inner, deep and non-material, will never be lost. When souls do not live the talents that I give them, I gather the gifts and the virtues from the hearts that do not fulfill My Purpose, and that does not mean that I abandon them.

In solitude and silence, I stop to observe you, up to the point where you learn to take steps, just as I taught you from the Garden of Gethsemane up to the Cross.

In each instant of your lives, redemption can be experienced.

At each step of your lives, there lies the opportunity for freedom, when you are under the Law of Love and Truth.

This world suffers and it is in pain and sorrow, not only in consciousness, but also in soul, because the planet is part of everything, and you are part of that great consciousness of the planet, which is ill and needs healing.

In maintaining your faith and your trust in Me, the bridges will always exist through which I will be able to descend in order to help you and assist you, even though you do not feel Me, do not perceive Me, even though I am in silence.

For this reason, this is a definitive moment, in which the planet is facing an unpredictable event, facing an uncertain destiny, without knowing how it will continue during the times to come.

But you, who have grown in the love of My Words and My Wisdom, must not focus your minds upon what will happen, but rather on what is happening. In that will be the lesson that you need in order to grow, learn, and once again be able to overcome the obstacles and the tests in the infinite trust that My Heart offers you.

Perhaps what I tell you today, companions, you may have heard at other moments, through other Words that I have already spoken. But know that, in everything I tell you today, there is the answer that each being needs, according to their school and their moment of purification.

Do not believe that I do not see what is happening to you, what you feel inwardly, what is happening in your minds, what your souls are living, what your spirits aspire toward in order to find the truth.

This is why the Hierarchy, in one attunement and vibration, unites at this moment, under My consensus and authority, to bring to the whole world the last impulses it needs so that humanity may awaken their consciousness even more and perceive that it is not under the Law and that it must return to it.

In this way, the times and the moments of uncertainty, of suffering, of pandemics and of insecurity will end. Because, in this way, you will be open to receive Me at that great moment of My Return, which is not far away, each day it is closer, and you must keep this in mind because I will not alert the world, nor will I alert you. I will arrive in the most needful and urgent moment, even though everything may appear calm.

In that moment, I will be able to return to correct this world, as it has never been corrected. 

And thus, the judgment of Love will come, and all will become aware of it; it will not matter whether you believe or do not believe, that you know or do not know anything. All will be equal in the Gaze of the Father.

I will never bring you a punishment, through Love, I will bring you the Truth that will set you free, forever.

And you will be what I need, what I have so waited for, what I have so longed for over the last more than 2000 years, because if I am here today, it is because My Father asked it of Me and He showed it to Me clearly in the Garden of Gethsemane, before delivering Me to the Cross.

I still have Chalices full of Mercy so that souls may drink of them.

The love that I have placed in each of the Chalices is so much that they overflow with the power of the Light of My Blood.

These Chalices, while not drunk nor considered by souls, pour out the Codes of My Passion and of My pain for the world.

This is the sacrifice that I want you to be able to live with Me; something that goes beyond you and your consciousnesses, your knowledge or your intentions.

The Chalices of sacrifice will be what will save the world and grant a spiritual and special reprieve for a large part of humanity, through the consecrated, priestly and missionary lives.

Thus, the more difficult the moment is, the harder the tests are, and the more painful it is for you to know the truth as it is.

This is the time and the great opportunity of giving all for all, as I did for you without thinking for a second of retreating or desisting. Because I knew, companions, what would come after. There was no human pain, feeling or thought that got in the way of Me carrying out My task for the world, just as today I carry out this task for you and with you.

My last Words are being written in the Book of God, and you must be a part of that story, which is being written through My Work.

In this Marathon of Divine Mercy, let us cry out for divine discernment, for universal wisdom, so that everyone may make good decisions in this crucial time in which prayer and service will be the shield that will protect you and the impulse that will unconditionally carry you by My side.

Today I do not come to see your errors, your traumas or your deserts, because I already know them.

I come to give value and power to each Code of Light, of Love and of the Word that I have placed in your hearts, because I believe that you will practice them and take responsibility for that, knowing that I have need of mirrors on Earth, of servers and missionaries on the surface, to heal the pain through the Love that I gave you and which you will always be able to give, without fear.

Dare to love, more than I love you.

Dare to surrender, more than I surrendered.

No one has yet surpassed Me in Love, and I hope that will be accomplished someday.

Today, from the world, I take the suffering that it experiences so that it may be healed and liberated, transmuted and sublimated, and so that, in this Marathon, My disciples, friends and companions may renew their inner vows with Me.

In this month of June, the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, may souls remember that in My Heart there is a place for each one, a place that waits to be occupied by you.

I thank you for praying with Me, for praying for the world, so that the Project of Your Redeemer may be accomplished in humanity. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Dear children,

As the three-dimensional consciousness accesses the truth of the knowledge kept in the Greater Universe, the consciousness much more greatly begins to perceive the vastness of the human condition, which each being of this planet will need to transmute and transcend.

This will place the consciousness before the moment of choosing the path it will decide to follow, be it evolutionary or involutionary.

All of this is something dual, but by becoming aware of all the individual realities and affirming one's faith, the human being is capable of launching into what is true, what feeds their spirit with spiritual values and that which, one day, will change them into a good person.

This moment of definition is called inner and spiritual transition, but it is not the only one. Other stages will come, and these stages will again place the consciousness before the moment of deciding again on their own life.

Those who have the destiny of following the path of God will always receive the impulse to fulfill it above all difficulties and personal situations.

The determination itself allows the server of Christ to be a consciousness determined to detach from all that which ties it to the past.

Prayer will always be the key that will close uncertain doors and also bring the impulse toward constant elevation.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



The universe has and holds a history, that most do not know, but which is visible and real to the Eyes of God.

This history is part of different learnings and experiences that marked the process of evolution forever.

A history through which the great Creator Fathers have worked in order to be able to reverse it from the spiritual plane where it was gestated.

For this reason, the Creator Fathers themselves took charge of finding a solution because, for this life system on Planet Earth, these histories would need to be worked upon further in order to be modified and transformed, because the weight that duality generates makes of this history a state and a process of purification or of resistance, similar to a cosmic or stellar event.

Through this, I want to express to you that this moment has already come and this moment is now, a place and space in which all human beings will truly come to know themselves and will be able to become aware that it will be necessary to experience change, but a change from the consciousness, so that it may then be experienced throughout the rest of the being.

To face this moment and this history is to be facing something that would seem incredible, but that the higher being of each consciousness lives, experiences and remembers all the time.

The only key is to accept that which is beyond comprehension and the capacity to love it or not; in this way, through this attitude, the consciousness will be ready to cross the thresholds of possible errors committed which, once purified, will no longer be in the unconscious of this Universe.

I thank you for understanding the science of My Words!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Atlantis, a civilization that disappeared

In ancient times, long before the birth of Jesus, there existed upon the planet a civilization after Lemuria, that stood out for its intuition, for its inner contact and its contact with the Universe.

Its spiritual and material advancements were greater than those of the humanity of today.

This civilization was concentrated in the Atlantic Ocean, within a geography which, in the times of today, no longer exists because, every certain number of thousands of years, the planet lives its geological transformation.

Atlantis was born from a population that came long before the Vikings, those consciousnesses that, in an evolutionary way, conquered and got to know the seas and the great oceans through experiences that the human being gradually contacted, by means of navigating the oceans.

Atlantis first developed as a village of fishers in one of the various islands of the Atlantic Ocean; some of them, after their geological transformation, are now a  part of the Caribbean Sea.

Atlantis was not in the Caribbean Sea, but rather near the region more toward the center of the Atlantic Ocean and in the horizontal parallel of the African coasts.

Another part of the old Atlantis, which geographically remained of it, is today found in what you know as the Canary Islands, the Great Canary Island, Lanzarote, Tenerife, etc.

In this way, you will be able to understand how the “Great Atlantis” lived a great transformation, from being a minor people to becoming a civilization that rose amidst a chain of exotic and unpopulated islands.

Atlantis developed a material and structural expansion that was very advanced for those times, times that could not count on great or deep knowledge.

It was a civilization similar to the human race that exists today; with the sole difference that, in its splendor, it was surrounded by fewer elements or factors that could compromise it.

Atlantis rose within a group of islands that came from old volcanoes that, at that point, were inactive. Within the project foreseen for Atlantis was the spiritual proposal that the intuitive and spiritual knowledge and development attained by Atlantis should expand to the following generations, without the need for the human beings to begin again in order to learn what they many times did not learn.

In Atlantis, there were consciousnesses with extremely high virtues, which later became concrete as ideas and projects that allowed the civilization to quickly advance.

Among these virtues, there were gifts of Priests, Priestesses, Scientists, Healers, Governors, Mirrors and Warriors, from which the Warriors spontaneously stood out for their intuitive capacity to watch and stand vigil for the sacred, as well as for the islands.

Atlantis was a civilization that fluidly lived contact with the cosmos, being able to know much more than that which today the scientists of the world know and that which the satellites capture.

With this, we can see and understand how Atlantis stood out for its experience in spirituality and the contact with non-material laws, which have always been available for the awakening of humanity.

In this way, the Atlantean civilization gradually grew in spiritual, scientific and healing experiences.

The entire civilization was benefitted by that which a circle of representatives of the people, who were the founders of Atlantis, lived from the first times.

Many have wondered throughout the ages what the reason was for the total disappearance of Atlantis.

In truth, before this event took place, the true beings of contact, during seven different periods of time, before the great disappearance of Atlantis, were informed and warned, as today humanity is warned, that it was urgent to change certain actions and powers that the consciousnesses believed they had.

The spiritual skill that Atlantis had attained as voltage and experience was extremely high. But, in all that, duality and the human desire for power over others came into action.

There was a moment in which only a smaller percentage managed to perceive the urgency of the warnings, and due to this they abandoned the islands of Atlantis, taking refuge in what is today South America.

But the majority became completely blinded by ambition, by power and by the manipulation of energy, which brought to the civilization certain undue practices, and those generated a vortex of great physical, mental and spiritual imbalance.

All this movement activated a chain of all the volcanoes that were inactive. In total, there were seven volcanoes that awoke and, in a surprising way, without much time to act, they generated the known cataclysm of Atlantis.

The islands were swallowed by the ocean and fire, and all that was within them disappeared, without the possibility of doing anything.

A severe Universal Law corrected the entire Atlantean consciousness and those who responded to the warnings were saved, and they later re-created their peoples under new experiences.

From this, the Indigenous peoples were born, who In South America and throughout the times, gradually inhabited the altitudes and the plains.

The example of the civilization of Atlantis demonstrates that no consciousness has power over anything and that, where there is not humility, divestment and love, everything could become dangerous.

For this reason, Christ came to give this message to the whole world, so that souls could always remember the Law of the Hierarchy and, above all, the presence of a non-possessive and non-personal love; of a fraternal love, charitable and just for the experiences of life.

I thank you for attentively reflecting upon this story!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Today, I come from Heaven, uniting the faces of the Rose of Peace and of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, to offer to the world that which is most pure in My Heart, that which God deposited in My Consciousness and in My Essence when He created Me, as a part of His part, emanation and extension of His Divine Spirit.

With this, My children, I prepare your hearts for the times that will come because, in the year that will come, your spirits must be strengthened in humility, made one in service, founded in sacrifice, confirmed in surrender and renewed in love. These are the keys that I bring to you today, so that you may not only support the transition of the times, but that you may triumph in Calvary, a victory in the cross of these times.

Today, beloved children, I open My Heart, and from this Heart I let you know about the purity of the origin, the essence of life, the first Love that gave an impulse to its Creator to manifest life, so that in this way you may be filled with the true essence of the existence, not only of humanity, but of all life.

I tell you today that your stories were already written in the Thought and the Heart of God from the origin. The Creator contemplates, with eyes of compassion and hope, each lesson that you live, each error and each triumph, each step and each retrogression.

All the beings of the Earth have upon their paths dual options to choose, because this is the learning of this planet, as of this Universe. You must learn to choose Divine Light, Love and Divine Will, in spite of all stimuli and impulses that lead you to live the opposite.

All the beings of this Universe, when their essences were created, received from the Archangels the Plan of God, the perfect Plan of the Creator for this new life. And they received from the Lords of the Law and from the Angels of Justice and Universal Evolution the path that represented the opposite of their evolutionary steps, a path that is written not to be lived, but to be overcome.

This is so, My children, because before the existence of material creatures, before your lives, even as essences, in the beginning of Creation, there existed spiritual, universal and solar consciousnesses that, with their errors, manifested duality.

This Universe, as a living consciousness and as a part of Divine Creation, must reverse a very ancient error, which today your small minds cannot understand but, even so, you must be conscious of the triumph that you must generate, by means of the renewal of love in your essences.

Your evolution, My children, is similar to a vast beach, where a mere speck of sand can change the destiny of all life that dwells within it. Mysteriously, human evolution is like this, and in this way you must understand that the mystery that dwells in your essences is so immense, profound and with such a great a potential to reverse the errors of the past, that your hearts get lost within it and do not realize it.

Today, My children, I come to talk to your souls, those which are capable of understanding what I tell you, those which know that, although they are small, hold in themselves a bridge to an Eternal God.

With this, I just want to lead you to an understanding of the vastness of life, so that you do not stay in what is small and superficial in this cycle that comes, but that you enter this definitive year with consciousness, My children, consciousness of the responsibility that you have towards life, not only of this planet, but also in this Universe and beyond it.

It is for this reason that I today deliver to you My Rose of Peace, and I place it in the depths of your hearts. Today, I deliver to you the gifts of My Divine Conception, so that all may awaken to what you were created for, conceived in the depths of Divine Love, and so that you may be consequent with the missions that God gave to you from the beginning.

I love you, with My Spirit I bless you and with My Heart I thank you for responding to My call.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


In this cycle,  chaos does not want to govern the nations; chaos desires to remain in the heart and in the mind of the people that agree with conflict and power; because, through souls taken by chaos, the plan of My adversary is carried forward, and as it knows that it has little time left, it will try to awaken and generate the greatest possible destruction within peoples and in nations. 

For this reason, the true battle is within everyone, in the duality that must be transcended and overcome in this time so that the soul may triumph.

This cycle is one of many spiritual confrontations and that which is at stake is the next humanity.

If current humanity managed to overcome indifference through the strength and the power of love, the New Earth would already be in the process of being born within hearts.

But now the intelligence that the Holy Spirit provides must be used in order to overcome the attacks and challenges of these times. You will build that intelligence with prayer and with all that you nurture in your inner world.

There will be days of glory, but there will also be nights of battles, and in these moments, My Love will be there to help you, when you allow Me to.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

With the superior silence that permeates the Earth, in this moment we contemplate, as Spiritual Hierarchy, the inner decisions that have been made and we wait, just as all of you, for the result of these decisions.

But what is most important at this moment, My children, is that you do not forget what is kept within the inner world of each one of you. As I have told you, it is the essence of God that will protect you and support you in this time, in spite of what may happen or emerge.

In this time, hold on to the favorite union with the spiritual Hierarchy and thus your steps, consciousnesses and lives will be guided by means of the Greater Purpose.

We are together, near the Earth, within this Solar System. On this day I am not alone, but rather accompanied by many Hierarchies that contemplate, with love, dedication and prayer, this planetary moment, especially this moment of South America.

The time of the planetary transition has arrived, but of a more acute and complex transition; for this reason there is the importance of being in union with the Hierarchy so that not only you can endure it, but also so that you can help your brothers and sisters to endure these difficult times.

The Armageddon is part of a difficult test for humanity, just as the Apocalypse. But I tell you, My children, that this Armageddon and this Apocalypse can be lighter and more short-lived for all, depending on how each consciousness acts and behaves in this time.

The more united you are to God and to His spiritual and universal Hierarchies, the more short-lived and lighter this Armageddon and Apocalypse will be.

We all know that the majority of humanity is completely hypnotized and delluded by many things, and that this situation distances them and separates them from God, day by day.

But, as in other ancient times, the Father will benefit from the small groups of consciousnesses that carry forward His Plan of Love and Redemption, until His Beloved Son can return to Earth.

I need you to understand, My children, that these times are not normal times, these are times that are different from other times and other cycles that different civilizations and different races in humanity have experienced.

This is the time to cross the threshold towards redemption, and to be able to live within yourselves this process of redemption so that humanity and the Earth may have an opportunity.

Today, I am here, My children, accompanying each one of you in the silence and quietude of My Heart. I radiate toward you and give you My Graces so that you can have more strength and  keep moving forward.

You must not be surprised by everything that you will see, although inexplicable and unexpected situations may happen.

The Hierarchy knows that humanity is not conscious of what it has generated and of what it has produced throughout the times in order to today arrive to this moment of a planetary turning point; therefore I tell you again about the importance of being united to God and of placing your consciousness in the Heights, no matter what happens, so that none of My Children, or at least most of them, may not become pulled and dragged by the planetary transition, and by the events that will come and unfold upon the surface of the Earth.

Your only faith must be in the Heights, in the nonmaterial and in the cosmic; in this way, the currents of the universe will come to help you and will lead you to understand all events, beyond the situations that may emerge.

You will be able to accompany the hard times, with more maturity and determination,  and you will know how to help your neighbor.

There is a part that corresponds to humanity; we cannot fulfill this part, nor can we intervene. This is the cycle in which each human being becomes responsible for their actions and their attitudes before the planetary moment, before the transition of humanity.

But now, My Children, it is important to maintain a strong faith and confidence in the Father, because the help from the universe will never lack for you. For some reason and motive, we are here to accompany you, to sustain and guide you.

If your consciousnesses and mainly your minds are positioned in the Heights, you will allow the Mirrors of the universe to reflect to the Earth their attributes, their powerful currents and their codes, so that humanity may be more protected and balanced, although very complex situations may be happening at this moment.

We know that the great populations of the nations will move from their place, seeking hope and an opportunity in other regions of the Earth, as it has already been happening. Therefore, it is also important to maintain your heart open in order to perceive all necessities and all realities, in order to welcome and receive those who are most in need and do not have anything; and who are the result of those who command them, of those who govern them and who lead them to live great and desperate sufferings.

With all these events and other events of the planet that you, up to the present day, do not know, and of which you are not conscious, it is the time for humanity to assume its responsibilities and make a true and clear decision. Upon this decision and this attitude will depend if the universal help can keep descending to you and to the world.

And that regions of the world may remain protected, in spite of the purification and of the transition of the planet, so that  a new humanity can be re-born and re-emerge.

The Plan of the Hierarchy will depend on the attitude of the men and women of the Earth; the Plan will be fulfilled and this will be the the objective of the Universal Hierarchies, although it may be in small groups.

The main cell, which is the family, must remain protected, because in the times of today it is much interfered with and very influenced. Just as in other times and in other civilizations, the family was protected and supported in spite of its tests and sufferings, in such crucial moment as this, the family must remain united to God and to His Divine Consciousness; in this way, nothing external nor internal will disturb it.

My Children, the Human Genetic Project wants to be defeated, and it is high time you perceived and realized this. But your consciousnesses and mainly your hearts must not be submerged in this occurrence but rather in the effort, in the diligence, in the dedication, in the surrender and the fulfillment of this project, day by day, by means of your  acts and your works of charity and prayer to the universe.

Remember that, on this planet and in its innermost worlds, sacred locations are kept that could regenerate and recondition the surface of the Earth; but it just so happens that the moment has not yet arrived. It is important that humanity goes through this transition and, depending on its attitude and on its actions, this transition will be lighter or stronger.

The facts, the events and the consequences that happen are exclusively the responsibility of the human being, of this race that is upon the Surface of the Earth.

Everything was given, everything was donated with love and dedication so that a civilization could emerge in the degrees of love and in the evolution of consciousness.

But duality has not been defeated, duality must still be transmuted, liberated and redeemed so that the balance and harmony may be within the beings and all can be in contact with God and thus fulfill His Plan, His aspirations and His promises.

The moment will come when My Son will return; He will return in a surprising and unexpected way. He will be seen in many places of the world, He will be recognized, although many will also reject Him, because He will come with an unknown aspect, never before revealed to humanity.

But the moment will come after His apparitions, after His Presence, and when He again approaches the human consciousness, this is when He will show who He truly is, just as He ascended to the Heavens and attained His greater degree of evolution of consciousness and of love.

It will be the moment in which the forces of chaos and the adversary will be defeated, and the government of this planet will again be granted to the Universal King, as it was granted when He was born on this Earth and among you, to bring you the good news of redemption and the opportunity to again find the path toward the Light.

We, all the Hierarchies, are contemplating the good events, facts and happenings that humanity experience through the consciousnesses, the souls that offered to live and express Christic Love.

Everyone who has lived this experience throughout the times, the generations, are being contemplated and at this moment helping the human consciousness in the inner planes to know how to make a good decision, and that this decision may have beneficial repercussions throughout the rest of the planet.

Now the moment has come to withdraw into the Heart of God and to seek, above all events, the essence of Peace.

Today I send this special message to the world to be Heard and remembered by all, knowing that the Universe also experiences a transition and that, each day more, we are reaching a culminating moment, when everything will be defined, when everything will become more clear, when uncertain realities will end and, at last, the Kingdom of God will be able to be established.

But for this, many situations must end, My children. The planet must cleanse what weighs on it and all that which hurts in it, all that it has received from humanity of the surface throughout time.

Everything will be reconfigured, re-established and re-ordered so that there may exist a new opportunity and the Plan can return to its origin, to its beginning, to its essence. Therefore, the movements will be strong, will be determining and unexpected.

For this, throughout the last times, we have prepared you, instruction has been your key to live these times of Armageddon, and to be united to the Plan of God and to His divine consciousness by means of the word of the Hierarchy.

In an extraordinary way, I send these words to the world and especially to those who sustain the Islands of Salvation so that the codes, attributes, gifts and virtues may remain present upon the surface of the Earth; and so that those who suffer, who undergo pain and who do not have anything may know someday that Love, the Love of God did not dissolve from the heart of humanity and from some places of the Earth. That Love can rebuild everything, Love can renew everything, that the Love of God can liberate you and save you.

I leave you the Light of My spirit and of My soul so that you may be led and, above all, peace and unity may be established.

In the name of the non-material Source of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit; in the name of the Governments and Councils that guide and lead this and other Universes; in the name of the Confraternity and of the Celestial Brotherhood that has accompanied this race for a long time; in the name of the Voice of the Father that resounds and has repercussions as an echo through His Messengers; I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

And together let us pray so that the Plan of God may be fulfilled, so that His divine Purpose may be established. Pray with Me, My children:

That the advent of the New Race
be fulfilled.
That humanity
be able to express its archetype.
That the word be alive
and build Your Temple.
That Your Mystery expand  in us
and  the true existence be revealed to the world
so that we may gather in Your Name
and glorify the Perfect Unity.
(Repeated three times)

I elevate these prayers, My children, to Heaven, so that the Father may hear them and in response make descend His infinite and incommensurate Mercy.

I thank you for responding to My call.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the beginning, God thought and felt in His merciful Heart that there should be creatures, so similar to Him, that out of love for life they could populate all the spaces of the Universe to experience the happiness of being within His Kingdom.

It was at this point that the Divine Project was born because His children, beings of the Earth and of all the Universe, were the same Project that emerged and was created, through the Archangels, within Sources of Light, which all His children hold within themselves as a divine spark, called the essence.

But when the first disobedience manifested, on the part of one of the Angels of God, evil and darkness emerged, states opposite to the Light and the illumination of the consciousness.

In that time, an intervention in the Divine Project occurred and, so that the Project did not deteriorate, the Celestial Father decided that He Himself would incarnate in different moments of the planet to demonstrate that He deeply loved and loves His creatures, His children, and that He will eternally love them because nobody but the Eternal Father knows who His children essentially are and why today they are here on the surface of the Earth.

But from this disobedience, the first universal errors emerged. An action contrary and opposite to Divine Will was created in the mental Universe and finally took shape in the material Universe through events and facts that led the children of God to step out of the Law countless times, and from this emerged what we know as duality, which is the spiritual, mental and material feeling of finding oneself divided or upset before the spiritual or inner steps that a consciousness is to give to the service of God.

So God incarnated again and, this time, the Eternal Father decided that His Second and Divine Person, the Son, would come to the Earth through a spiritual and cosmic preparation that was capable of reversing the deviation which, in that time, all of humanity was experiencing.

And so great consciousnesses that serve the Universe helped in the preparation of the incarnation of the Son of God and through the supraphysical and non-material action of higher Laws, it was granted that the Most Holy Mother be impregnated by the Holy Spirit, and in the form of a perfect and sublime design, should bring the Second Person of God to Earth.

Since the birth of Christ, all creatures of the Earth would find the perfect key to dissolve and overcome duality on their own; a duality that was generating unpayable debts and that continues to awaken contradiction and opposition to the Divine Plan.

That key, which opened and will always open the doors, is called Love. The Love of God, which is wisdom. The Love that is understanding. The Love that brings science to all that exists.

For this reason, this is the time of transcending that duality again, within each one of you, placing all of the being and all of the consciousness upon God, where you will always find meaning and answers for all that you experience.

Because if more consciousnesses that work every day to overcome that duality or that spiritual inequality exist, you will give impulse to others so that they too experience it and do it, and you can break the chain of suffering and of ancient errors, which only carry humanity into darkness and into confusion.

But if your consciousness is in Christ, nothing will be doubtful or confusing, because in Christ you will be in wisdom, you will be in discernment so that in these very complex times you may not be confused about the path of faith that you have decided to travel.

For this reason, the Sacred Hearts come to meet you as they have in other acute moments of humanity, in which the path of prayer and of service were bridges that led millions of souls into finding their own redemption.

Now is the time to carry nations, for example, Argentina, to not forget God, so that its learning process and school may be beneficial for all who integrate it into this cycle.

Argentina needs to remain protected from assaults through responsible and mature groups of prayer that, like within a spiritual war, do not cease to cry out to the Father and attract His Gifts and Attributes in order to keep peace and inner unity during times of crises, so that nobody should go against their brother or sister, so that a spirit of understanding and of Truth may exist.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I come to a place, to a city and to a country that is experiencing the first critical moments of humanity.

For this reason, I am here to be among My companions, friends and servers.

I come to console the distressed heart. I come to bring healing to the sick heart. I come to bring joy to the heart that has lost hope.

Because these are the crucial times of humanity, they are the result of its life choices and decisions. Our God, our Celestial Father, has nothing to do with any of this. He sends His Son to aid you and assist you because you, companions and servers of Mine, have testified to My Presence in your hearts and in actions of life.

I am here also for that reason, so that, united in faith, you may learn to transcend the end of times, first within yourselves, to then help humanity, all your brothers and sisters and acquaintances.

These are inexplicable times, in which nations are defining their destiny, and in that destiny there are millions of souls, many innocent souls indeed; especially souls that should be within this time and within this humanity, and there are those who do not want them to be here because of the liberty that the woman of humanity today take.

This is also an affliction for God, because the men and women of the Earth do not want to live His Laws but rather alter them. This is to not be aware of the Truth, and of what this means for life on the surface of the Earth.

Thus, these are also times of Mercy, because Mercy will grant miracles, it will lead souls to God and will allow hearts to reconcile with one another, knowing that it is still necessary to heal many wounds in hearts and also in the nations.

That is why our pilgrimage through the nations of the world each day will become more demanding, challenging and I would say, very daring. Because these are times in which retrograde forces of the planet want to stay within humanity to keep it imprisoned and oppressed.

But the Light and the Power of the Scepter of God will come, through the Hand of the Son of Man, to free hearts and souls of the Earth that experience the prisons of life, that experience oppression, that experience perdition.

I cannot, companions, promise times of joy to you, because what humanity is experiencing today is through their own choice. But if you are with Me, I can promise you times of bliss, of miracles, of inner and spiritual conquests, times of transcendence and of healing, moments of forgiveness, of reconciliation, and of peace, although the world on its surface may be in constant battle.

All of Creation is coming to the moment of its Universal Judgment and each day that goes by, that moment draws closer toward the human consciousness. Nobody will be excluded from this event. It will not be a judgment for punishing, rather it will be a judgment for revision, for reflecting and maturing, and especially a judgment for correcting.

But although the Celestial Father has sent Me to Argentina, under this situation and circumstances, He also sends Me throughout the whole world, for all souls, all peoples and all cultures, for all religions, so that I may announce to you the good news that in your hearts you must awaken to the opportunity of returning to God and of being in His Presence; knowing that the Celestial Father waits to give you His Love and His Goodness, His Mercy and His Forgiveness so that you, My companions, may truly learn to be happy in the spiritual and material life, uniting with the Source of God every day and knowing how to maintain the inner contact within yourselves.

But what moves Me to come to the nations of the world is the adherence of My companions, servers and collaborators, of the pilgrims, of those who try to faithfully follow the Path of Christ.

That is what motivates Me to come here, especially to Argentina, because I know that there is the potential to generate, in each Argentine heart, a process of redemption and of forgiveness so that they may again be, as in past times, the apostles of Christ.

Inside each one of you, inside each one of My children of Argentina, exists an unknown light that you still have not discovered. Argentina has an important task as a country and as a people, as a part of this humanity that, through their commitment, will prepare for the Return of Christ.

And this will help, will benefit, and favor the rest of the nations of the world, such as for example, Uruguay, which is not opening to listen to the Voice of the Eternal Father.

This is the time, companions, to know how to fight through love and without swords, because the triumph of My heart will occur in the concretization of the Divine Plan in your lives, in your examples, in your faithfulness to Me.

That is what I need, something so simple but profound, something that is born of the heart of somebody who understands, beyond My Words, the Purpose of your Master and Lord.

I come to place a balm of peace and of reconciliation in Argentina, knowing that God, your Celestial Father, cannot be absent from the consciousness of Argentina and cannot be replaced by the forms of life and by the choices, so unconscious, of the men and women of this country. 

You cannot, companions, enter into the same stream of conflict, of adversity or of chaos. Through prayer, activate the Ray of intelligence, of discernment and of science; and you will have the faith and knowledge to be able to overcome the end of times, and thus be able to help your brothers and sisters, those most ignorant, those most lost, those who do not have God and those who deny Him completely.

But the most difficult times will come and it would not be necessary for you to experience them. You still have some time to reconsider and reconcile with God, just as My Mother had once requested in Fatima for all of Europe, after Europe was completely destroyed by adversity and chaos.

But in Argentina, in spite of its difficult times, there has existed a purity still unknown, a special purity that God has given to you so that through your Ray of Willpower you may learn to align with the Purpose and manifest His Will.

I know that you have not achieved this yet, but keep your aspirations firm in being able to gestate a true spiritual family on the surface of the Earth that is part of the Divine Brotherhood of Our Hearts and that, beyond all and any event, unites with God in heart and in faithfulness.

I speak so much about fidelity, companions, because it is what will protect you from yourselves, not only My companions of Argentina, but all My followers, servers, collaborators and the consecrated.

Evil does not know fidelity, the fidelity to God, to His Purpose, to His infinite Will and Wisdom. If you know fidelity, you will truly become free from the chains, from the ties, from the oppression of life and of the planetary chaos; because fidelity will always be able to bring you into peace, trust and the absolute certainty that God is in you and in everything.

Argentina is the prelude to great events that are drawing close and approaching. The adherence of hearts, as little as it may seem, is representing a great deal for God. Thus, His approximation to the consciousness of the Argentines will occur in this month of August and September in a special way, because it will be the preparation for a new stage of challenges, requirements and of an even deeper and more definitive surrender.

I know that many may feel unprepared, ill-suited, or not available for what I am telling you and requesting of you, but believe and trust that if you are always with Me and you call upon Me, you will be able to do so, because I know your persona, souls, spirits and your entire inner life. I would not ask for something that you could not achieve, but there is a part that now corresponds to each one of My companions, servers, collaborators and consecrated.

Each one will have their moment of surrender and of a profound definition, which will be between the soul and God, so that Divine Grace may continue to descend upon the planet and humanity. And in spite of nothing upon the surface of the Earth making any sense or any longer having reason, there will be a reason for continuing to be here, on this blue planet, for this creation and for this sacred nature that the Celestial Father has given to you so that you might learn to contemplate Him, to adore Him, and to love Him in all that lives and vibrates.

I know that you would like to listen to precious, agreeable words that console your hearts, but I was born on the surface of this planet not only to announce to you the good news, but also to always tell you the truth that will cause you to inwardly mature and grow.

May this Marathon, so important for Me, be a Marathon of maturity and of growth in the consciousness and in actions, so that new responsibilities can be given into your hands and you can continue to represent Me in this critical time, in which the great majority of souls do not want to see God.

I ask the whole world to no longer blame the Celestial Father for what is happening to it, but rather to assume responsibility for what you do, day after day, knowing that the Universe gave you laws and commandments for you to be aligned with the Purpose, and know how to follow it without the need of becoming lost or confused.

Place your consciousness on what is vertical, on what goes toward the Heights, on what unites you with the Universe, and in this way, you will find the inner peace and strength to continue forward, to follow in My footsteps, barefoot and humble, that will take you into an encounter with Christic Live.

Let this Marathon be a reason for renewal, for commemoration, because it has been more than six years since I asked you, companions, to offer the Marathon of Divine Mercy for these difficult times, to sustain the Plan of God in humanity, and to bear the current of adversity and of chaos, learning to transmute them and free them with the strength and the power that the word of prayer has.

In the confidence of God, I give you infinite peace and gratitude for having prepared each detail with love, awareness and surrender for your Lord, your Master and Redeemer.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


I reflect Myself, widely, by means of the Sacraments.

The Sacraments and their forms are the extensions of the Attributes and of the Graces that come from Heaven.

When the soul comes into contact with some of the Sacred Sacraments, it has the opportunity of going through the divine mystery and of uniting, essentially, to the Supreme Truth.

The Sacraments and their forms are like spiritual bridges of Light that conduct the soul toward the fulfillment of its purpose and of its mission on Earth.

The Sacraments put us in contact with the diverse Designs of God and they provide wisdom, reverence and devotion to those who live them and adopt them as standards of inner conduct.

In this sense, the Sacraments are still pouring blessings and graces on the souls so that the human beings may learn, through them, to overcome the inner duality, to live their individual and group purpose and, mainly, for all to learn to share and to live the Christian ecumenism and human fraternity.

The Sacraments are gifts, but they are also a means to live redemption. Their practice in daily life and the devotional and ardent value that we place before each one of them will allow the human being to receive the necessary protection to transit the end of times, in this moment of planetary chaos.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Message for the Apparition of Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

From the deepest Love of God, emanated the Fount of Healing.

From His purest aspiration that each being may attain Perfection, the Fount of Redemption was born.

From His purest aspiration, that beings may be liberated from their errors and from the duality that they live on this planet and in this Universe, the Fount of Liberation was born.

And as the union of this Divine Purpose, for all beings, the Consciousness of Aurora was born in the Heart of God, as an emanation of His Feminine Principle.

Aurora was born as a state of consciousness, which concentrates within itself the maternal energy which comes from God, united with His profound Love for creatures. Because it was thus, within this consciousness of maternity and of Love, that the Principles could gather: the Principle of Healing for all spiritual and material infirmities; the Principle of Redemption for all errors and mistakes lived by beings; and the Principle of Liberation, so that, regardless of the degree of the bonds to which a consciousness was submitted, everything could be liberated.

This state of consciousness, called Aurora, brought new hope for the Universe. Aurora is the Light that emerges resplendent after a cycle of darkness. Aurora is the possibility, that all beings receive, of returning to God in this Universe and in all others. Aurora is the expression of the Love of God for life.

So incommensurate is the Love of the Father, that He, placing His Eyes over the planet and contemplating the human errors and deviations, delivered to humanity one of His most beloved treasures: the Consciousness of Aurora.

This cosmic and universal Principle of God, created to help Him in the evolution of all beings, was projected and placed within the planet, in spaces that safeguarded its presence and that became sacred by Aurora.

This Aurora, sometimes explosive, sometimes silent, has never been understood by human beings.

This state of divine consciousness, after welcoming within it the principles that emerged from the Heart of God, also concentrated in itself rays and emanations that came from the heart of the Archangels, called Elohim, and the Sublime Mirrors of God, called Emerald Mirrors, because they concentrated within themselves the necessary vibrations of Healing so that all beings, born of the Divine Source, could return to it.

The Emerald Mirrors that concentrated within the Consciousness of Aurora hold in themselves the registers of the Origin of each being, of each race, of each essence, of each planet, of each star, of each Kingdom of Nature. They hold within themselves the records of the Origin of Life. Because it is through them that Healing takes place: when those who have deviated from Divine Purpose receive, from the emanations of the Emerald Mirrors, the purest Thought of God for themselves, the original vibration of His creation. And thus, they can convert their errors and return to the Father.

Aurora is not only the Healing for the planet, but Aurora is also the Healing for all Life; however, so great is the Love of the Father, that part of this Consciousness was given to the Earth, as a symbol of the importance of the planet for all universal and cosmic evolution.

The time has come for Aurora to be profoundly known and revered by the beings who recognize the Truth in the divine revelations, and who understand with the heart the grace of being within the Consciousness of Aurora.

Live in Aurora, My children, with the reverence of the archangels. Feel yourselves within the Divine Consciousness and as participants of God's purest Love for life. Because this is Aurora.

May all beings recognize in Aurora this Divine Grace because, through gratitude, they will cross its portals and receive Its Healing.

Aurora is the manifested Love of God. And today you are invited, My children, to awaken to this Love.

Through you, may the Graces of Aurora finally arrive in this wounded world because the planet needs it and, more than that, the Creation needs it.

I bless you and thank you for loving the Divine and Cosmic Consciousness of Aurora. Its mystery is revealed so that you can awaken.

I love you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Dear child,

Every soul that surrenders to God in order to live the divine life, while still being on Earth, needs to learn to transcend inner duality.

It is like an unconscious and autonomous matrix that in many cases leads toward a spiritual condemnation for souls because duality is imbued with personal will.

This generates that the souls of the Earth, after some time, suffer the consequences of decisions made.

On the spiritual path, it is similar. But it is much more difficult to transcend duality within the human being, since overcoming the infinite aspects of duality is a victory for the soul that ventures into that mission because in reality the aspects of life that play against true love are defeated, and the spirit finds the freedom that God wants it to live: freedom that only the Universe can grant the soul that seeks union with the divine.

In this exercise of transcending duality, there are inner battles, crossroads and challenges that can only be overcome with determination and faith in the heart.

After all of this, the consciousness finds the inner paradise.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Contemplate, within your prayers, the feeling of Love from God who, comprehending the duality of the universe, manifested to His creatures the Sources of Grace, healing and love from the cosmos.

Contemplate the feeling of Love from God who, knowing human fragility, created within the Earth sacred enclosures, receptacles of the records of the purest experiences lived by beings, in Heaven as on Earth, receptacles of the most sublime energies that circulate within Creation, receptacles that attract to the planet the spring that comes from the Divine Sources of the cosmos and which is shed upon Earth for the souls who need it most.

Learn, in your prayers, that all these Graces are available to the beings who acknowledge needing them and who, aware of their miseries, clamor to the Father for His Mercy. And this Mercy descends carrying all the divine assets manifested by the Lord, for the evolution of His creatures. 

Learn that the feeling of Love from God is not extinguishable and It only grows, multiplies and renews itself. Therefore, never forget, in your prayers, that the Father expects you to ask, so that all may be given to you.

Thus, raise your word and your heart, and ask for healing for the diseased, ask for Grace for the forsaken, ask for Love for all beings, ask for Mercy for this planet.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Giving birth to a new humanity is allowing your souls to express what they truly are, letting the similarity with God emerge from within and be revealed to the world and, above all, to yourselves. 

Giving birth to the new humanity is loving the things of Heaven more than the things of Earth, and knowing that life in this world is just a moment in time and space and that, in order to be here, you have hidden within your spirits a story and a reality that reveals the true motive for the chaos on Earth, of duality and, above all, of the great need for love. 

Contemplate this life as a moment of transition, as a school that helps you take an evolutionary leap, forgiving and healing unknown mistakes with the power of love. 

The new humanity will be born to renew the genetics of all life, from a new race generated in love, and that will express this love, even with its breath. With the new humanity, life in the cosmos as on Earth will never be the same. Everything will be renewed. 

The new humanity within yourselves invites you to a battle against retrograde human tendencies, against the condition of egoism and lack of love. A battle that is fought in the consciousness, mind, emotions, hearts, and even within your cells so that they give space for a new archetype of life, and comprehend that this degenerated condition of humanity must come to an end. 

The new humanity within yourselves brings e new time and a new meaning for life. Embrace this transformation with gratitude and without resistance, and you will see that, where love rules, peace rules, and there lies no fear or anguish. It does not matter what happens in this world, your fortress will be sustained in the Heavens.

If you wish to open space to the new humanity, love wholly. If you do not know how to love, serve and help your fellow beings, thus, you will awaken love.

Above all, beyond loving and serving, pray, because this is the dialogue with God, and only the Father keeps you firm at this time. 

Your Father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


While the Sacred Book of God opens to reveal the true history of the Creation, the Universal Son listens attentively the words of the Sweet Mother, and, after Her Message has been propagated, the Redeemer gives continuity to the history written in the Greater Universe.

The “degrees of love” were the most direct path for Adam and Eve to be able to transcend and overcome duality.

It was thus that sometime later the Universal Project, which had begun on Earth with the first settlers of humanity, had to transit different schools of learning that began to arrive in the form of experiences and processes of life.

The place called Eden was the location within the Earth that was put to test.

The next generations of Adams and Eves,  aware of duality and free will, began to define within themselves the importance of giving continuity to the Greater Will that had brought them to the Earth.

They knew they were Children of God, that they had a Higher Father Who had given them everything He had so that they might be happy. They knew He was a Father of pure love that had created everything that exists in Heaven and on Earth so that the Adams and the Eves would love Him and recognize Him.

In this scene of Eden, as the Bible expresses, the tempting presence of the symbol of the serpent was not absent; a parallel movement that the adversary articulated to convince the Children of God that they, by having more freedom, could choose more, and thus satisfy themselves.

This whole plan of the fallen angel tried to boycott the Original Project that, in the end, was interfered with.

But the other Archangels of the Mental Universe helped the following generations of the Adams and the Eves to continue ahead and fulfill this yearned for Project of God, which holds planet Earth as the scene.

In that time, the Archangels made the Adams and Eves become aware that they had not been faithful, that by the error of their first parents, Adam and Eve, they had acquired duality and, as a result, they acquired original sin, which means to be born with a spiritual stain of impurity, due to what had happened in the past.

But within the aspiration of God, this Project of His first children began to be accomplished when they themselves discovered within that they could live a love as great and similar to the one the Father expressed for all through the manifestation of Creation.

For this reason, the Archangels made the Faithful Children of God become aware that they could overcome their choices and differences if, in truth, they loved life and everything that exists.

It was thus, some generations after Adam and Eve were capable, with their limited knowledge, of loving Creation, just as the Heavenly Father loves it.

In this school of being able to experience the first steps of Christic Love, there has been no shortage of temptations and tests, which lead to defining the future continuity of the first settlers of Earth.

The Archangels gave an infinity of impulses, spiritual and practical keys for the Adams and Eves to keep the principles that had brought them to the Earth alive so that later they might represent and be the reflection of a first terrestrial Brotherhood, which would faithfully follow the attributes of God.

In that time, these first people of the Earth attained this aspiration of God and managed to live very civilized patterns of behavior, which led them later to express, as states of consciousness, Christic codes in personal and family life.

In this way, God, as the Father of all that was created, testified in the origins of the Earth that, in spite of the plan of duality, of the fallen angel, the first human beings were able to overcome all barriers of consciousness through the unconditional surrender to the Designs of God and, especially, through the primary living of Christic Love.

The passage of the first settlers of the Earth and the result reached by the intervention and the work of the Archangels gave, as a result, the continuity of humanity so that it could be increasingly close to God.

We will continue these revelations in the internal Books of God.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus



To concretize the Work of God is not what is difficult; what is most difficult is to keep all united under the same purpose as the Work gradually develops and expands according to Divine Will.

But, while in the walking toward this purpose tests and challenges are undertaken, creatures have the duty to overcome them with love rather than with indifference.

For this reason, every test that comes is an opportunity for liberation and transcendence, in order to defeat the duality that exists within each being.

Each stage is an opportunity for maturity and growth, since in all things there is a why and a reason defined by God, as a Will for each one of the souls of this beloved planet.

In this sense, the Work of God is based on love and on the experience of each being, and each life story is related to God through the different manifestations of Divine Will.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Believe in the power of love and of renunciation that God has given you.

Believe in the realization of His Projects in your life and in planetary life and, from that point on, continuously express the absolute faith of your heart; a faith that will allow you to defeat the duality within you, to then defeat it in humanity.

Let the belief in the realization of the Plan within your life be kept alive; thus, you will allow the currents of the Universe that foster the concretization of the Plan to also come to your aid, just like those currents which come to meet you today.

All errors made exist to learn about love and compassion. They are the most immediate and painful method that humanity chose for being able to realize their mistakes. But the Father, who is full in Wisdom, offers His infinite Mercy so that His children may abandon this vicious chain of errors and thus achieve freedom of spirit and of soul.

Trust that it is possible to change the cycle you are in, and, through the Universe, receive all the help you need.

Because the ardent desire of God is that His smallest children may surpass Him in love so that, once again, evil may be defeated and Creation recreated.

Follow the path to the Heart of My Son because there, everything will be healed.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


For Me, what prevails in you is not your imperfection but indeed your truth is important to Me; because in the truth of your heart you will learn, with comings and goings, to reach that truth towards inner freedom, where nothing remains imprisoned or bound.

This is how the truth of your consciousness before the Universe will allow your being to approach the Laws and, although they are unknown to human consciousness, you will be able to unite, in essence, to this great universal mystery.

Let this truth, that can be born from your being, help you radiate the essence and the Truth, beyond imperfection, because in this way you will attain Truth through transparency and you will be able to live a real life without illusions.

Through the Truth, you will be within universal balance, although you will still have to keep overcoming duality.

Then, serve yourself from the Truth so that It may take the first place within your consciousness; thus you will remain in the Father, and in the Heavenly Father you will live the Greater Will that brought you to this life.

Truth is based on the sincere love of the surrendered heart.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


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