Within places in nature, where silence is expressed, as governor and regent, the most elevated aspects of God establishes contact and, in this way, humanity may find Him in this silence.

Colombia has spaces very similar to the Amazon in which the sacred attributes of the Father manifest. For this to be possible, those spaces are sustained by universal epicenters of cosmic energy where activity is carried out concurrently with the surface.

Colombia has many treasures that will serve in the development of the New Humanity. For this reason, the spiritual cause of its social or political imbalance is to prevent these relics from coming to light and into the knowledge of all.

Colombia must be in the heart of those who, beyond forms and appearances, believe in the emergence of a new period for the planet, in which the treasures of God will awaken the consciousnesses and cause them to face reality and the reason for being here, in this world.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


When peace begins to reach the hearts of humankind and, through small renunciations, they are able to find meekness and stillness, it is there, children, where God makes Himself present.

God makes Himself present in hearts that know how to be grateful, even in the details of life; they know how to be grateful for being on His path of Love under the mantle of His Divine Mercy.

When you calm your hearts in the spirit of gratitude, your Creator makes Himself present.

Gratitude is more than a feeling of respect and thanksgiving; in spiritual science, gratitude is a Divine Gift by which the consciousness recognizes its smallness and the greatness of God; it recognizes that, in spite of the vastness of Creation, the Father has His Eyes placed on all His children; and it is this certainty, born in the deep spirit of gratitude, that opens the doors for the Creator to be present.

Gratitude heals your cells, atoms and consciousness. Gratitude heals your spirits from selfishness and human indifference. Gratitude grants humanity a new opportunity to find peace, as it becomes worthy to be in God and in His Truth.

Gratitude opens the doors to the deepest sciences, to the most hidden mysteries, because only the one who knows how to be grateful for what they receive from their Creator will know how to value His Divine Treasure, and then, everything can be given to them. 

Gratitude is the key to abundance, the key to free oneself from constant human desires.

Gratitude is the door to communion with the All, it is one of the celestial streams that will make you return to the Heart of God.

Therefore, children, always be grateful, for everything.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monthly Messages

The Universe stops to hear the Server of God and in all the inner planes His Word is heard, His Voice emits the essence of the Truth and there is no essence in this Universe that does not recognize the Voice of the Son of God.

Because I am the One Who came to be with you, who is with you and will be until the end of times so that the Purpose of My Father may be fulfilled in the hearts that are consecrated by My Love.

From the Celestial Universe, My Word is pronounced, and It echoes in all planes of manifestation.

Not only you listen, but the Universe also listens.

And everything that is beyond it is permeated by the Word of God and the Spirit fills the hearts, vivifies them, raises them and redeems them before My Presence.

The void must be present in your hearts at this moment so that the Son of God may be able to work and act, bringing to the souls the opportunity of light and of redemption.

Today I not only speak to your physical consciousness, but also to the innermost planes because in the internal planes the opportunity is granted to souls and souls do not lose the chance to find the Truth, to approach it and to be able to live it for these hard times.

Today, the Greater Priest comes to meet you, and He brings between His Hands the Chalice of Redemption; dressed in the stole of purification; barefoot and humble as a servant of God, He is on the right hand of the Almighty and comes from Heaven to meet you, to bless you and to grant you the Love of the Creator; a Love that must multiply and expand in the world, which will heal disease, which will bring peace, which will heal all pain and incomprehension.

It is in this Love that you must live, the Love that I offer to you and the Love that I grant you; because in this Love there will be your liberation from all perdition, from all guilt, from all evil.

In Love, there is the triumph of the Work of God, because the love that you can also give Me and offer to Me is contemplated by the Almighty, as part of the Work of His Wisdom.

May Love, then, be transformed and sublimated.

A Love that is unconditional, able to go beyond limits, able to overcome any difficulty and to surrender before any necessity.

If, in this time, My Love is not in the world, humanity will perish.

I do not grant you self-love, personal or autonomous. I grant you, companions, the Love that once created you as essences. It is this Love that must be regenerated within you, every day. Because Love is the best company.

In the Love of God, the soul can be in the Truth and learn not to move away from it.

You will have to go deeper in Love for the Truth of God to be in your lives, so that you may live it and teach it to your fellow beings, knowing that in this time Love and Truth, as attributes, will be able to walk together in your lives so that you may always have guidance and wisdom.

The times that are coming announce great changes. It will be essential to live in this Love to understand beyond forms, to live beyond the events, to accept beyond the mistakes.

It is this Love that I lived in the Passion and that also raised Me, for the Sacrifice given.

It will be this Love that will always sustain you and thus, you will never lose sight of its presence.

Because the Love of God always comes from the Source and it never ends, because it is an unconditional Love, able to embrace the error, able to transform the pain, able to understand and accept the impossible.

Love can do everything.

Offer your personal love to the great infinite Love of God so that, someday, your feelings may be the Feelings of God in the spiritual life, in charity and in the unity among creatures.

Love will always transcend borders, overcome obstacles, understand and accept beyond the events.

Because Love does not take over anyone. Love liberates, Love uplifts, Love welcomes the dying in spirit.

If this Love were not in you, nothing would be possible.

This is My great Message to the whole world, on this day, in which a stage between My Heart and your hearts finishes.

This is the moment for this Love in you to be real and not theoretical; to be a living Love, which accepts, which gives itself and which surrenders to others, without anything in return.

It will be Love that will defeat evil.

It will be Love that will dissolve the chaos of the nations.

It will be Love that will strengthen the faith in the hearts.

It will be Love that will ignite in the spirits the trust in God.

Today My ceremony is in the name of this Divine and infinite Love that makes everything possible from what is impossible.

A Love that grants, that yields. The Love that surrenders all the time.

This is what I can convey to you, beyond the miracles, the phenomena or the curiosities.

The one who, in this time, does not live in the Love of God will be like in a desert, alone and empty, with a great thirst that nobody will be able to quench.

Do not lose the opportunity for this Love to bring you to the Truth every day, so that someday you may reach the same Wisdom that I reached on the Cross.

My Love for each one of you, for each being of this world, was with arms wide open on the Cross.

My Love was never closed. The Love of God expanded in each drop of blood, in each suffering, because it is a Love that is able to go beyond all adversity.

And today I bring you within this Chalice, the testimony of the Love of God represented in the Blood of Christ so that each one of your souls may drink of this commitment and remember every day, that Love is what must reign so that it may triumph over all evil.

May your hearts open for this spiritual communion with Me, in which you are called to My Table to unite to the Love of My Heart, the Love that surrenders everything and that forgives everything, at this very moment.

Empty of your faults, absolved of your debts, receive from My Heart the greatest Treasure of God manifested in the symbol of this Sacred Chalice that kept, throughout the times, the most real and alive experience of Love that the Son of the Father granted up to the top of the Cross, until His last breath, until the closing of His Eyes, when he exhaled, commending His Spirit into the Hands of the Creator.

May this Love perpetuate within you until the end of times, and may this Love be capable of making you return to My Path when you remember and perceive that you have stepped out of It for some reason.

What matters the most to God is that His children, His creatures, do not separate from Him, from the Source of Love, because Love will be what will regenerate the world and will bring healing to sick souls.

Today I deposit here what I lived on the Cross and in the inner planes, a scenario similar to the Mount Calvary manifests here to demonstrate to the world, and especially to humanity, the triumph of Love above all pain and all adversity.

Because it was Love that, from the top of the Cross, transformed the pain into Mercy and Grace so that it might reverberate until the end of times within the heart of all those who may recognize the Son of God and feel part of Him, in each moment of life, as in each communion with His Body and with His Blood.

Before the doors of Heaven, open over Aurora, may the Breath of the Spirit of God be ignited within you as a sacred flame, just like in the Apostles, so that you may spread, in this time, the power and the trust that My Love can express for all souls, for all those who are fallen, for those who have lost peace.

May those who live wars persevere.

May families that suffer chaos not lose hope.

May the children who are not born today, cease to cry in the inner planes, because the new Paradise will come for them.

And may the Kingdoms of Nature, which suffer in the silence of their essences, persist, because the day of liberation will come and evil will be defeated by the powerful Sword of Love of Saint Michael Archangel.

And in the hearts, the New Earth will be born again, the light of the last Christs will repopulate humanity and the attributes and Commandments of the Father will return to the planet to build the Plan again in all those who were self-summoned and did not respond.

With those who come with Me until the end of the days, they will lack nothing, they will be blessed by the Grace, filled by the Spirit of God, for the surrender and persistence of each believing and devout heart.

Suffering will be extinguished overnight and the light of the New Aurora will come, so that the souls may celebrate the day of their liberation. Amen.

Let us celebrate this moment with the opportunity of renewing your commitment, through the Sacrament of the Communion, before the Celestial Father.

May the doors of Heaven, at this moment, make the Divine Grace descend to the Earth. So be it.


Lord of the Universe,
giver of life,
untiring Father of Grace,
deposit over these elements,
and especially in the hearts,
the same opportunity You gave Me to love until the end, on top of the Cross. 
May each pain convert into relief, 
may each suffering convert into liberation,
so that all beings of the Earth,
gathered in the name of Your Love,
may participate in the glorious coming of Your Son.


At that time I gave you the bread and offering it to God, He blessed it. And today I repeat again, companions, that this is My Body, which was given for you, for the forgiveness of the faults.

Taking the Chalice and offering it to God, He blessed it. And today I tell you again, take and drink all from it, because this is the Chalice of My Blood, of the New Covenant between the creatures and God, for all eternity.

This is the Body and the Blood of Christ; blessed are those who avail themselves of this mystery of love to participate, someday, in the Eternal Glory. Amen.

I hope this Marathon is a Marathon that attracts hope to the Earth and the opportunity to live in God so that all souls may receive the Supreme Grace.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In fraternity and for peace on the whole planet, you will give one another the greeting of peace.

I thank you.



Series - Manifestation of Aurora - Part X

If all the previous stages are fulfilled, Aurora will be in a condition to express its task on the surface and, especially, its work with the principles of healing will be possible.

Each stage that is carried forward, within this project of the finalizing and manifestation of Aurora, will not only demonstrate to the Universe that the servers and the followers of the Work understand what the Hierarchy is talking about and requesting, but that there will also be different opportunities for Uruguay as a country, and for the region.

In this sense, it will be important that all collaborate in each one of the phases of the new manifestation of Aurora, regardless of whether they are part of a sustaining group or not. In this way, consciousnesses will be able to verify that when there is unity of purpose, it is possible to follow through with any request of the Hierarchy.

If that immediate and precise response exists, without leaving anything behind, the greater will be the awareness of the group purpose that will be built for the New Aurora.

I hope that each worker of the Plan knows the importance of building Aurora, day by day, until the purpose is accomplished, and of not ceasing to collaborate in all senses until everyone can see the Aurora Center manifested in its maximum splendor. 

For this, the organization of the group through a monthly schedule that presents details, stage by stage, will help the whole Work become aware of the possible delays, as well as the different goals.

In this monthly chart, which will be attended to by an architect and by a builder, all of the Work will be up to date on what is lacking for finalizing each stage.

It is important that each server of the Work knows that, as the different phases of the manifestation of Aurora are completed, the treasures of the Hierarchy will also be established so that they may be active, helping humanity.

Each step in the manifestation of Aurora, the accompaniment and the sincere effort of the group toward the Hierarchy will grant that awaited opportunity for Uruguay and South America, something spiritual that Aurora has to offer to souls.

In this attitude of readiness, of immediate and prompt response; in this attitude that is truly fraternal toward Aurora, I invite you to be constant, without hesitation. 

I thank all those who will make the new stage of Aurora possible!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus

Message for the Apparition of Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

From the deepest Love of God, emanated the Fount of Healing.

From His purest aspiration that each being may attain Perfection, the Fount of Redemption was born.

From His purest aspiration, that beings may be liberated from their errors and from the duality that they live on this planet and in this Universe, the Fount of Liberation was born.

And as the union of this Divine Purpose, for all beings, the Consciousness of Aurora was born in the Heart of God, as an emanation of His Feminine Principle.

Aurora was born as a state of consciousness, which concentrates within itself the maternal energy which comes from God, united with His profound Love for creatures. Because it was thus, within this consciousness of maternity and of Love, that the Principles could gather: the Principle of Healing for all spiritual and material infirmities; the Principle of Redemption for all errors and mistakes lived by beings; and the Principle of Liberation, so that, regardless of the degree of the bonds to which a consciousness was submitted, everything could be liberated.

This state of consciousness, called Aurora, brought new hope for the Universe. Aurora is the Light that emerges resplendent after a cycle of darkness. Aurora is the possibility, that all beings receive, of returning to God in this Universe and in all others. Aurora is the expression of the Love of God for life.

So incommensurate is the Love of the Father, that He, placing His Eyes over the planet and contemplating the human errors and deviations, delivered to humanity one of His most beloved treasures: the Consciousness of Aurora.

This cosmic and universal Principle of God, created to help Him in the evolution of all beings, was projected and placed within the planet, in spaces that safeguarded its presence and that became sacred by Aurora.

This Aurora, sometimes explosive, sometimes silent, has never been understood by human beings.

This state of divine consciousness, after welcoming within it the principles that emerged from the Heart of God, also concentrated in itself rays and emanations that came from the heart of the Archangels, called Elohim, and the Sublime Mirrors of God, called Emerald Mirrors, because they concentrated within themselves the necessary vibrations of Healing so that all beings, born of the Divine Source, could return to it.

The Emerald Mirrors that concentrated within the Consciousness of Aurora hold in themselves the registers of the Origin of each being, of each race, of each essence, of each planet, of each star, of each Kingdom of Nature. They hold within themselves the records of the Origin of Life. Because it is through them that Healing takes place: when those who have deviated from Divine Purpose receive, from the emanations of the Emerald Mirrors, the purest Thought of God for themselves, the original vibration of His creation. And thus, they can convert their errors and return to the Father.

Aurora is not only the Healing for the planet, but Aurora is also the Healing for all Life; however, so great is the Love of the Father, that part of this Consciousness was given to the Earth, as a symbol of the importance of the planet for all universal and cosmic evolution.

The time has come for Aurora to be profoundly known and revered by the beings who recognize the Truth in the divine revelations, and who understand with the heart the grace of being within the Consciousness of Aurora.

Live in Aurora, My children, with the reverence of the archangels. Feel yourselves within the Divine Consciousness and as participants of God's purest Love for life. Because this is Aurora.

May all beings recognize in Aurora this Divine Grace because, through gratitude, they will cross its portals and receive Its Healing.

Aurora is the manifested Love of God. And today you are invited, My children, to awaken to this Love.

Through you, may the Graces of Aurora finally arrive in this wounded world because the planet needs it and, more than that, the Creation needs it.

I bless you and thank you for loving the Divine and Cosmic Consciousness of Aurora. Its mystery is revealed so that you can awaken.

I love you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Welcome into your heart all the revelations of God and let your consciousness expand to other planes and realities.

Receive these impulse as if they were the last and make an inner synthesis of all the revelations that have already been announced throughout time.

Nurture your consciousness with sacred knowledge and make your life even simpler so that the Treasures of God may reflect in your actions, and every space and place may be transformed and elevated according to Divine Will.

Thus, let the revelations of God bring you closer to His Divine Simplicity so that sufficient humility  may be incarnated in you to help you understand and experience the forms that come from the Universe and give impulse to cosmic life.

Let spirits be ennobled by all the knowledge received, as from the Supreme Source, sacred impulses are emanated that will simply cause the consciousness of humanity to elevate in plane.

Any revelation is always full of the Love of God.

I thank you for responding to My call and for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Your inner world is crystalline and visible before the Gaze of God; in it is kept the story that God created before the origin of your existence.

The inner world is capable of recognizing and capturing the luminous impulses that come from the Creator Source that manifested it.

For this reason, the inner world can reacquire the principles and attributes that it may have lost through influences of the material world and its tendencies.

At this critical time, in which everything is being defined within the inner worlds of beings, it will be necessary to turn inward to connect with the Origin and thus be able to recover the impulses that, for different reasons, may have disappeared from the spiritual consciousness of the being.

The inner world, which is that space where the sacred treasure of each soul is found, serves as a bridge of contact with higher realities, and this allows that, the surface being, through it, can be in contact with higher levels of consciousness.

In this way, the inner world can reintegrate a being who may have lost the path of love and of light and have them live a great change that, being strong and radical, will cause them to transform their life forever.

In this time, the inner world waits for a conscious connection from the creatures so that inner contact may be established, that which will surpass all limits and tests.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


While souls pilgrimage within the Marian Centers, they comfort the Heart of God and relieve the wounds that human indifference causes in the depth of this Sacred Heart.

The souls that peregrinate at the Marian Centers are also restorative because they are not only healing and repairing their own being and spirit, but they are healing and repairing human consciousness, so often distant from the Heart of the Father.

To peregrinate to the Marian Centers is like walking to the House of the Lord, climbing the steps to His Celestial Church and being before His Divine Altar, to live redemption and thus open the doors for others to also be able to live it.

In these times of chaos and of indifference in the world, the Heart of God finds His encouragement and joy in the souls that peregrinate to the Marian Centers, because, in spite of their lives and responsibilities, they recognize the importance and urgency to create a real bond with God withinin their interior.

This world, children, needs restorative souls that peregrinate to the Marian Centers not only to find Peace, but also to open the Fountain of Peace to the world.

The souls that peregrinate to the Marian Centers are also seeding beings because, like birds of light, they seek the seeds of the new life in the Source and take them to their homes, cities, nations, fertilizing this principle of newness in the human consciousness.

The pilgrims who arrive in the Marian Centers receive from the Father His Grace and bring it to multiply in the world, wherever they are.

The importance of peregrinating to the Marian Center is still unknown to many, because the mysteries that are kept as spiritual treasures in the inner counterpart of the Marian Centers have not yet been revealed to the human beings.

Happy are those who pilgrimage to the Marian Centers because they become instruments of the Lord and bearers of the new life over the Earth, even though they do not know it.

Today, children, I thank you for being pilgrims and for having come to the Marian Centers in search of peace.

Joyous are those who receive with love and shelter in their hearts, the Love of the Hierarchy. Multiply what you have received. Be peace-makers in this world.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


With the heart wanting to be in God, close your eyes, child, and learn to thank the Father for life; thank, because the Creator chose you among so many beings in His Creation, to be on Earth learning to love as He loves.

Learn to thank God because, throughout your life,  He has led you by your hand, that you might err enough to be humble and to grow, but he removed you from the errors at the right point of your salvation so that you would not lose your way.

Learn to thank God because patiently He observes you entangled in small things of the human life and distracted from the superior Purpose, for which you came to the world. With eyes of compassion, the Creator follows your steps and waits, because He knows that at some moment you lost sight and you will turn to the highest, and finally find the Heart of the Father.

Learn to thank God because He created a perfect project and placed this hidden perfection inside of you. The Lord is so perfect that, in order for you to open this door inside of you and find this divine treasure, you must be simple, humble and, above all, thank God for life and for the constant gifts He hands you.

Learn, My child, to thank the Father every day, even if you do not have a reason for this. Be thankful and already you will see how many reasons your heart has to thank the Father.

Place your heart in Truth and in the Infinite, in the love of God for you, and today just give thanks, because, among so many beings in the world, you listen to God in the echo of His Messengers who teach you to love and awaken to what it really is to be a human being.

Thank the Father and give thanks to the Heavens. Offer your heart as a shelter for gratitude and so you will take sure steps of love, because by thanking everything, you will find the possibility of love in all things.

Your Father and Friend,

The most Chaste Saint Joseph


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The eternal life is the greatest treasure that souls receive for having served God, on this planet and inside this humanity.

The eternal life is the triumph of the server of God, the one who has learned to transcend the limits of matter and their own inner limits, fully seeking, in each stage of their life, to accomplish the grandiose Will of God.

The eternal life is for all, therefore you must always aspire for it.

Each moment of service, of prayer and of unconditional surrender for the neighbor is an opportunity of deepening in the aspiration of finding, someday, this eternal life, in order to merge with God in His most mysterious Essence, in the depth of the Temple of His Heart. 

You must learn with this example, companions, to overcome the limits of matter and to find the meaning in what is infinite and eternal.

Material life does not end here, your spirits are the ones that will forge new schools and new learning experiences, which will reach new spheres and will embrace new pieces of knowledge to be able to keep recreating this Creation.

Each time a server reaches this self-transcendence, the confirmation of the Plan of God is fulfilled.

But if more souls in the world encourage themselves to do it, this will enrich the Work of God and the Graces that come from His Heart will not cease to descend to humanity, because their lives will be this Mirror that God needs in order to retract His Attributes in these critical times.

The origin of your existence, and everything you have lived throughout the times, is a precious inner legacy that will constitute the New Humanity when it begins to form itself spiritually.

Each effort that you make in your lives, however small it seems, will help God and the manifestation of His Divine Plan in the whole sphere of the Earth.

You must apply the Attributes of God in your lives, little by little.

It will be worthless, companions, that you risk to live all the Attributes at once, because in a parallel way will be your transformation and redemption; and you must rediscover in you, all the time, the reason and the purpose that has brought you here, to this awakening of the profound consciousness to be able to serve God, just as He thought for each one of you.

What I tell you today, companions, is nothing new. Eternal life pulses in the Universe, it is part of all the Universal Life, which recreates itself, time and again, in order to strengthen the degrees of love in all consciousnesses that are part of this Creation, within the different planes, within the different dimensions.

I want you to encourage yourselves to practice the legacy that has been delivered to you.

It is time for new servers to emerge in this humanity.

It is time to open the doors to knowledge even more so that the mysteries may cease to be mysteries and this humanity of the surface may be conscious of the true reality that goes beyond this planet and this local Universe.

If your lives aspire to this eternal life, living each test with gratitude, living each learning experience with joy, you will allow new principles to come to your lives and to be an example for many more that will need the inner Source of Love to be able to endure these times and these great definitions that are approaching humanity.

The last August 8th was already the beginning of a new cycle. September confirms this moment again.

It is time to pay attention to the events of humanity and to apply the superior Laws, not only in your consciousnesses, but also in external life so that more souls can be saved and live this inner joy of having been able to serve God, just as He thought from the beginning, from the beginning of your origins, since before you were an existence or a molecule of light.

The Work will continue with the trajectory ahead, there is still much to do, to rescue, to redeem and especially to forgive.

Your response on this day is the example of your understanding, that you are little by little opening yourselves to be able to understand the Hierarchy that is the one that guides all this from the beginning of Creation.

You know, companions, that your first Hierarchy is the Creator Father and then all those who are below Him, until the Instructors of the surface, who are sent to the world throughout the times so that humanity may not forget the essence of its origin, the main reason of its purpose, which the forces of chaos manage to distract and dispel from the consciousnesses.

But you, companions, who have more tools than the majority of humanity, will have greater responsibility than your neighbor.

Everything you do in this time will have repercussions in good.

Therefore, it is important that you have the principles clear within you in order to know how to proceed correctly, to open yourself correctly to what must continue being transformed.

The evolution of humanity must continue ahead.

Today a new school begins for the disciples that have opened to My call, for all those who knew how to welcome Me here, as well as in their hearts, knowing that the Hierarchy does not lose time before the events that are unleashed in humanity.

There is still time to be able to revert the errors of the world and this will first begin with your examples, living a worthy life, living a true commitment, far from illusion or any fantasy, being conscious of the importance of the change, of the transformation of times, and of the upliftment of the consciousness.

Today you have climbed another step inside of the Plan of the Hierarchy. Do not descend from it, keep elevating so that the Hierarchy may trust and work.

Each one has their part in all of this. What is firmed in the Universe is not erased, even if the consciousness is no longer present here.

Those who have commitments with the Hierarchy and have not understood them will not be able to think they have never had them, because it is a spiritual commitment, signed before the Lords of the Law. Even if the consciousness carries another life, it will never be able to separate from this commitment. Even if it does not fulfill it, this commitment will again present itself somehow to remind the consciousness of what it owes to God.

Therefore, those who are not here are suffering and those who remain can feel peace, beyond their purification, because the Plan is built with the consciousnesses and it is fulfilled with the “yes” of everyone.

The Hierarchy does not expect the suffering of anybody else nor the incomprehension of the fellow being.

The Hierarchy expects the ardent devotion of each heart that knows how to respond to the breath of the spirit, which will open to hear and to understand beyond the forms.

The Work is not a person, it is the manifestation of a Divine Will, it is one of the great branches of the Tree of the Purpose; if you take care of it, it will always sprout and give new fruits.

The fruits that you have received have been the Graces that we have delivered to you.

Now you will have to keep plowing the land to sow again in this new cycle and so that you can harvest in the future what God will give you by means of your trust and the fidelity of all.

You will build fidelity by being true of heart and word. This will make you free so that you can serve more and more and so that, in spite of any circumstance, you never feel tiredness of waiting for God, until He decides to come, as today. 

The memory of love is never erased. The experience of love that you can live with the God of the Universe Himself will enrich your lives and will give you the inner strength that you will need in order to face the last times.

But you must fulfill the attributes so that the inner hope never lacks in you, in spite of how the times the purifications may be unleashed.

Through this new step that you have climbed, a new school will open, which will deepen in the one that has existed and which will bring to all the greater consciousness of what God needs to reveal to you so that you may keep learning and thus, be renewed, as you are being renewed today.

Your Instructor went to a new school. He is opening the path for you to be able to arrive there; for your spirits, your true superior beings, be able to bring from these spheres what the world needs today, aligned with the Hierarchy and obedient to sacred knowledge.

It is time for you to be conscious with what you have come to live and of what you have come to accomplish in this cycle and in this time.

It is not about just listening to the Hierarchy, it is about working together with the Hierarchy, it is about assuming, with joy, each new summoning. This will allow the planet not to sink and humanity not to be crystallized with its own errors, with its own actions, with all deeds, which lead souls to lose the sense of their existence in this world.

The door of My Mercy has opened the space to this new school, in which your Instructor is to be found today with ancient brothers from other stars who on this day meet him again to keep living this trajectory towards Infinity, to keep emitting the impulses of light that all disciples who have remained here, on Earth, need, in order to keep transforming themselves until they achieve to be New Christs.

We will keep rebuilding the Plan by means of the servers, of those who have self-summoned.

We will restore this humanity by means of all the superior beings that, in spite of living the school of love and forgiveness, are offering themselves to follow the steps of the Hierarchy and help to elevate the consciousness of humanity, of dimension and plane.

May My Words be able to resonate beyond your ears.

May the Instruction of the Hierarchy and the word of those who instruct, and have offered themselves to God to live it in the name of many more, keep being sacred.

May there no longer exist resistance to changes.

The Glory of God has been given to you, now you must glorify your lives so that this Glory may return to God and the Universe may be recreated once again.

This will begin with the practice of your responsibility, of your adhesion and your union with the Plan, in spite of any circumstance.

Those who have left here, some time ago, are welcome today, because they have always had a place in My Heart, otherwise I would not be here, it would not make sense.

But it is time to correctly live what the Hierarchy asks for, divesting yourselves of your own will and even your own beliefs, otherwise you will not be able to live the new cycle. No one can be left behind.

Therefore, I am extending My Hand to you today, as a Master among the Masters, as an Instructor among the Instructors of the Universe.

I still have My Hand extended to humanity, because I know it needs help and that it will not be able to do it by itself.

Receive, then, the encouragement of the Instructor of the Universe, of the Humble Lord among the Humble Lords, of the Bearer of Peace among the Bearers of Peace, of the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

I will always come to give you everything I have, because I was born to be able to be the Word Incarnate and thus be able to be the Example for all My companions and friends who, throughout the times, must follow the footprints of the Lord.

Today your spirits finish an inner academy because your Instructor has left to new schools to be able to instruct new disciples who need the same grace that you have received.

Today I leave you the Instructors that are here today so that you may live the new school, which I need you to live, with your hearts open, in communion with your souls and in gratitude to the Universe.

Thus, there will be more time for the planetary rescue so that many more can enter My Boat before the deluge of Justice comes.

I give you an example, but I tell you truths.

Offer, then, your heart to God, so that your commitment may be reconfirmed and nothing be wasted. Thus you will please your Redeemer and I will come to bring you more Good News, as today.

Bring to Me the Communion here to bless it.

Incense and water to bless.

We stand up.

And at the request of the Master, in this consecration and in this inner confirmation of each one of us, we will live at the request of the Master a profound work of detachment, but also a profound work of gratitude to Trigueirinho and we will bless these elements together with the Universal King, the ashes of the Master Trigueirinho and through the song “Blow of the Spirit” we will raise our offering to God emitting all of our love and our gratitude for having met the Master Trigueirinho in our lives.

You can give hands to one another.

In homage to Trigueirinho, we will sing the song number twelve of the twelve songs that were composed by José Trigueirinho called “With your permission.”

We will sing now the song “Primordial Source.”

Let us inhale.

That the advent of the New Race
be fulfilled.
That humanity
be able to express its archetype.
That the word be alive
and build Your Temple.
That Your Mystery expand itself in us
and that the true existence be revealed to the world,
so that we may gather in Your Name
and glorify the Perfect Unity.

In the name of the Universe, I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Thank you, Lord, for all that You give us! 

In this meeting, we honor You, Lord.


A Good Mother - Part II


I wish you could remember the moment when you were in the arms of your earthly mother in an act so similar, like when the little Jesus was in My Arms.

What a treasure God gives us through you, when once when you were little, you could be in the arms of your mother!

What a special and intimate moment God granted us, that you could feel the maternal warmth of your mother, and your mother could feel the unconditional surrender of her little child!

In this relationship, of mother and child, is built the true spirit of the family and it is this spirit that allows, in later experiences, to build love and solidarity among beings.

Today, as Mother of all mothers, I come with this example because we are facing a humanity that completely lost the spiritual values of motherhood.

But if by means of prayer, today and the days to come, all the mothers of the world unite to Me, under the feminine spirit of the Holy Motherhood, they will allow the great Mother, among all the mothers, to intercede for the young mothers who today gestate their children and are tempted by the adversary to get rid of life.

If together, as spiritual mothers and mothers of all our children, we unite in this perfect alliance of mothers of God, one day we will generate that consciousness so necessary to respect, love and protect the new life that is arriving.

Today I only ask for mothers to remember their first delivery and the preparation for that moment.

How important it is for the Creation to bring life to the world, just as I brought Jesus as a light for humanity!

May today, be born again, that blessed spirit of motherhood that God conceived in each feminine being and that in these crucial times will be indispensable, because many more hearts will seek the comfort and affection of a mother on Earth.

I invite you, dear mothers, to the renewal of that intimate feminine principle of Creation.

A good mother keeps in her interior the purpose of the life she once gestated, and she is the keeper and guardian for this purpose to be fulfilled in the soul that she once brought into the world.

The spiritual mission of mothers, united to God, is a broad mission, more than it seems, because a good mother is that intermediary consciousness between her children and God. God granted that authority to the Virgin Mary and, consequently, to all mothers who are sincerely united to Her Maternal Heart.

In these times, all children of God must remember the mission that each earthly mother has fulfilled before the Universe when she brought her own child into the world.

This is reason to rekindle in souls the spirit of Motherhood, which will protect the children from the attacks of the adversary.

I want to leave you, to finish, the words that little Jesus once expressed to Me in His first years of life, words that affirmed in My interior that I should, as Mother of all, do what is possible and impossible to save My children from perdition.

And Jesus, once, being a child declared to Me the following words as a simple prayer:

Oh sweet Mother!
tender Comforter of those who are afflicted.
Tireless servant who donated and delivered
Your Most Pure Virgin Womb to Creation.

Oh kind Mother!
Who welcomes those who suffer,
Who perseveres in Your pure Faith,
Who does not rest until You can have
the last of Your children in your arms.

Oh Mother of charity!
Who does good wherever You go,
Who performs miracles and grants
graces to all of Your children.

From now, Purest Mother,
You will be the Queen and the Lady of all mothers,
so that in this humanity
all learn, one day,
for the work of Your Grace, to truly love,
just as You love us unconditionally.

With these words I thank you for responding to My maternal call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


A Good Mother - Part I

A true mother is able to give everything to her children, no matter if her children correspond to her or not.

A true mother does everything in silence, and in this silence many times she is silent in order not to challenge the contrariness of these times.

A true mother shelters the suffering of the others and makes it part of herself.

A true mother knows the immaturity and stubbornness of her children, and even so, a true mother will always show the reality and the good side of the history and of the whole experience.

A good mother does not complain, but yes she indicates; she does not submit nor control, but warns, suggests and guides, because her maternal and feminine heart will always dictate many things.

A good mother will always give good to her children, and a little more.

A good mother is one who always says yes and who cries in her solitude. 

She waits for her children will find the way to maturity, kindness, and transparency.

A good and true mother fears for the perdition of her children, and when her children do not listen to her, it grieves her heart.

That is why the Father gave you a mother, no matter if she is right or wrong. God gave you an earthly mother and a Spiritual Mother.

These mothers expect that their children never forget them, to carry them engraved with fire in their hearts, because a mother is the intermediate thread that will unite them to God, in Her feminine aspect.

All those who, in the consecrated life, had the grace of having a spiritual mother, is to recognize her, especially the youth. Because in these moments to be on the lap of a mother will be like being in the Arms of God.

A lot of humility and confidence is necessary to understand, feel, and realize what a good mother feels for her children.

I invite you to relive the hearts of mothers, for all the mothers of the world who agonize day and night because they cannot help their children. 

God gave you His greatest universal treasure: to have a mother close to you, just as Jesus had Me, so that in the most difficult and arid moments I would support Him.

A true mother always has a place for her children, because her children are the first reason for her existence.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace 


Beyond the Universes – Part II 

Within spacetime we find various realities, according to how we contemplate the immensity of the Universe.

We know that the Universe is not only physical, but also internal and spiritual.

We know that beyond the physical there is a Principle that still has not reached its end, because this Principle is evolving and developing.

In all of this existence of the Material, Internal, and Spiritual Universe is God, Who is the great Manager of the Creation within the systems of life that we know, that is, of material, mental and spiritual life.

God is present and manifested in all that has been created. We depend on Him to be able to truly live the Principle that created us.

Even if there are non-believing creatures, and even though this happens in most cases, in some place within them, God, as the Father and Dweller of the life of the spirit, is at the great expectation that His children become aware that life is not only material and that we are not only born, grow and die.

The Creative Universe itself, which is God expressed in an infinity of Names and of cosmic manifestations, expects that, in His Superior Love, His children recognize someday, that they have come to life for a Purpose.

In the Material Universe, also called vast Cosmos, we find infinite forms to understand the Existence of God in all spaces and planes of consciousness.

But God, in His most pure Intelligence, held and protected Himself in a place where every creature could find Him, beyond everything that is external.

The Eternal Father, in His great Humility, has placed Himself within each creature so that His children could learn to find Him and to feel Him very close.

If the Celestial Father is within us it is because within each soul there is a universe created by God, so similar to the Universe that we can know.

But more than hundreds of Suns, stars, nebulae, galaxies and vast Universes, God thought, in His Mercy, that His children should know what is unknown and is well kept within the beings: the true and autonomous potential of being able to love and develop through the degrees of love.

Throughout the times, the different humanities lost the path and the feeling of loving in an unconditional way and before the race destroyed itself, the Father of Love and of Infinite Unity decided to present Himself and incarnate through His Divine Son so that, by means of His Sacrifice, the creatures could remember how they should love and how much they should love.

If within the Children of God is this Grace of developing and of expressing themselves through the virtue of love, why does evil still exist?

Because evil is the opposite of the love that creatures can feel, show and reflect.

Evil is the result of a disobedience that was lived by one of the main angels when it moved away from love, as the disobedience blinded him completely.

If within us dwells and vibrates a universe that is so similar to the one that exists above us, why are the creatures of God sometimes incapable to unite to the Great Existence?

When we truly love, the barriers and obstacles dissolve from the paths. Christ came to teach the way through which the creatures would attain true freedom.

Again, God revealed Himself to humanity, from very close, so that they could recognize and love Him.

In all the existing Universes, within the human beings, is the great potential of awakening and of growing through the degrees of love.

Love which the Eternal Father Himself placed within His children, allows us to be in perfect communion with Him and with the Universe.

The infinite and divine Love that can awaken in each human being has the capacity of forgiving and of transcending any error committed.

When the souls cannot forgive nor reconcile with themselves, nor with their fellow beings, it is because fear prevails instead of love, and thus the door is closed to Truth.

Love is one of the great spiritual and physical revelations that the Eternal Father sowed with all of His Intelligence in His creatures.

The hour has come to submerge in the inner universe to find the treasures that the Highest left manifested in His children since the origins; because if we are in the origins, we will know how to remember our principle, which is to be in eternal communion with the Greater Universe.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Second Series of Poems
Second Poem of a Soul to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus

I wish that, like You, beloved Lord,
I could understand the Divine Will
with absolute clarity,
as well as all the mysteries
that Your merciful Heart holds
about the infinite existence of this Universe
and of this Creation.

I wish, dear Jesus,
that I could surpass the limits of human consciousness
so that, within me, I might recognize
the inner universe and the spiritual riches
that God placed within each creature.

I wish, Lord,
that I were aware of this whole reality
beyond that which is concrete
so that even my cells
might awaken to the intelligence
and the knowledge that the Universe holds.

I wish, my Lord,
that I could receive this Grace
so that I might offer myself more consciously
as Your redeemed instrument
within the sublime Project of Your Mercy.

I ask You, Divine Jesus,
to empty me of myself
so that there may be a place, within me,
for the humility of Heaven,
which will make me simple and self-given
so that, perceptible to all of
Your Commands and Designs,
I may serve You.

Expand my consciousness
according to that which You have thought of.

I do not wish to flaunt
universal knowledge
but rather make it part of this consciousness
that implores You so that it may only
rise to the occasion.
I thank that You listen to me, Jesus,
and that You fulfill

Your Sacred Will within me.



I thank you for keeping the words of this Soul in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Who are we?

Association Mary
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