Tuesday, December 31 of 2019

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Atlantis, a civilization that disappeared

In ancient times, long before the birth of Jesus, there existed upon the planet a civilization after Lemuria, that stood out for its intuition, for its inner contact and its contact with the Universe.

Its spiritual and material advancements were greater than those of the humanity of today.

This civilization was concentrated in the Atlantic Ocean, within a geography which, in the times of today, no longer exists because, every certain number of thousands of years, the planet lives its geological transformation.

Atlantis was born from a population that came long before the Vikings, those consciousnesses that, in an evolutionary way, conquered and got to know the seas and the great oceans through experiences that the human being gradually contacted, by means of navigating the oceans.

Atlantis first developed as a village of fishers in one of the various islands of the Atlantic Ocean; some of them, after their geological transformation, are now a  part of the Caribbean Sea.

Atlantis was not in the Caribbean Sea, but rather near the region more toward the center of the Atlantic Ocean and in the horizontal parallel of the African coasts.

Another part of the old Atlantis, which geographically remained of it, is today found in what you know as the Canary Islands, the Great Canary Island, Lanzarote, Tenerife, etc.

In this way, you will be able to understand how the “Great Atlantis” lived a great transformation, from being a minor people to becoming a civilization that rose amidst a chain of exotic and unpopulated islands.

Atlantis developed a material and structural expansion that was very advanced for those times, times that could not count on great or deep knowledge.

It was a civilization similar to the human race that exists today; with the sole difference that, in its splendor, it was surrounded by fewer elements or factors that could compromise it.

Atlantis rose within a group of islands that came from old volcanoes that, at that point, were inactive. Within the project foreseen for Atlantis was the spiritual proposal that the intuitive and spiritual knowledge and development attained by Atlantis should expand to the following generations, without the need for the human beings to begin again in order to learn what they many times did not learn.

In Atlantis, there were consciousnesses with extremely high virtues, which later became concrete as ideas and projects that allowed the civilization to quickly advance.

Among these virtues, there were gifts of Priests, Priestesses, Scientists, Healers, Governors, Mirrors and Warriors, from which the Warriors spontaneously stood out for their intuitive capacity to watch and stand vigil for the sacred, as well as for the islands.

Atlantis was a civilization that fluidly lived contact with the cosmos, being able to know much more than that which today the scientists of the world know and that which the satellites capture.

With this, we can see and understand how Atlantis stood out for its experience in spirituality and the contact with non-material laws, which have always been available for the awakening of humanity.

In this way, the Atlantean civilization gradually grew in spiritual, scientific and healing experiences.

The entire civilization was benefitted by that which a circle of representatives of the people, who were the founders of Atlantis, lived from the first times.

Many have wondered throughout the ages what the reason was for the total disappearance of Atlantis.

In truth, before this event took place, the true beings of contact, during seven different periods of time, before the great disappearance of Atlantis, were informed and warned, as today humanity is warned, that it was urgent to change certain actions and powers that the consciousnesses believed they had.

The spiritual skill that Atlantis had attained as voltage and experience was extremely high. But, in all that, duality and the human desire for power over others came into action.

There was a moment in which only a smaller percentage managed to perceive the urgency of the warnings, and due to this they abandoned the islands of Atlantis, taking refuge in what is today South America.

But the majority became completely blinded by ambition, by power and by the manipulation of energy, which brought to the civilization certain undue practices, and those generated a vortex of great physical, mental and spiritual imbalance.

All this movement activated a chain of all the volcanoes that were inactive. In total, there were seven volcanoes that awoke and, in a surprising way, without much time to act, they generated the known cataclysm of Atlantis.

The islands were swallowed by the ocean and fire, and all that was within them disappeared, without the possibility of doing anything.

A severe Universal Law corrected the entire Atlantean consciousness and those who responded to the warnings were saved, and they later re-created their peoples under new experiences.

From this, the Indigenous peoples were born, who In South America and throughout the times, gradually inhabited the altitudes and the plains.

The example of the civilization of Atlantis demonstrates that no consciousness has power over anything and that, where there is not humility, divestment and love, everything could become dangerous.

For this reason, Christ came to give this message to the whole world, so that souls could always remember the Law of the Hierarchy and, above all, the presence of a non-possessive and non-personal love; of a fraternal love, charitable and just for the experiences of life.

I thank you for attentively reflecting upon this story!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace