From the extensive golden lands of the heart of Asia to the deep and unknown peoples of the desert, I Am the Lady of Mongolia. 

From the heart of the peasant to the pilgrim and nomad, I Am the Lady of Mongolia. 

From the oldest dialect to the most sacred culture, I Am the Lady of Mongolia. 

From the expression of the Sacred Temple of Compassion to the unity among religions and peoples, I Am the Lady of Mongolia. 

From the most arid deserts to the last forests of this country, I Am the Lady of Mongolia. 

From the spirit of the Divine of the ancestors to the peoples that have walked in the most absolute desert, I Am the Lady of Mongolia. 

From the victory of the last warriors to the empathy of the monks of the East, I Am the Lady and Mother of Mongolia.

I Am the Lady and Mother of Mongolia, I Am the Guardian of the legacy of survival and faith of all those who have invoked the Presence of God on these extensive and vast territories of Mongolia.

I Am the Mother of Mongolia because I wear the colors that express what is sacred and blessed of this people, interned in a great desert. 

I Am the Lady of Mongolia because I Am the Steward of the Doors of Shambhala. I Am the Virginal Teraph of a culture that is prior to this current humanity. 

I Am the Lady of Mongolia because I safeguard and protect the keys that open the Doors of Shambhala. 

I Am the Lady of Mongolia because I reflect the golden mirror of a people that has experienced the awakening of the heart and that, due to their purity and anonymity, have lived in union with the universe.

I Am the Lady and Mother of Mongolia so that humanity may not lose the values of sacred spirituality and simplicity. 

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I return to a world in which violence, slavery and annihilation are still lived.

Today I transmit this Message from a place where thought can be elevated through devotion, through the deepest and truest prayer.

Today I transmit this Message from the French Pyrenees, where your Lord is now trying to help France in its process of purification and chaos.

In this way, I also internally help the other European nations that, in these recent times, are living and suffering what they once did in other times.

This is not punishment. Violence, slavery and annihilation is an act of the human being itself.

God thought of very good works for the humanity of the surface of the Earth, but few managed to follow them and fulfill them.

The aspiration of the Heavens is that you live in peace, it is that you practice good, it is that you propagate Mercy and fraternity.

We are at a time when unimaginable things are happening in the world and, as the pandemic advances, humanity is placed, day by day, before the portal of definition, not only of an inner definition, but also of an external definition, of whether or not being adhered to the Plan of God and, above all, to the moment of the Return of your Master and Lord.

Because this moment is approaching, as the end of times is unleashed, also the Consciousness of your Master and Lord, His Solar Consciousness, approaches.

Many will open their eyes when everything has already been already concluded. Many will realize the essence of this Message and of the other Messages when everything has already been concluded. And overnight they will see the Son of God come with His true Face, with His Glorified, Divine and Cosmic Face.

Due to all this, everything you live in these times is not only a definition but also a strengthening of your faith and of your trust in the Eternal Father. Because now I can tell you, companions, that there is no other place where you can look. You can only look toward God and supplicate to Him. Supplicate to Him for this humanity, supplicate for this planet, supplicate for those who are becoming lost, for those who do not believe, for those who suffer, for those who live violence, slavery and annihilation throughout the whole world.

Last month I talked to you about the refugees, it is something you must not forget.

Humanity must be aware that it has to mutually help, because while this does not happen, while there is no inner movement from any of you to serve the other, the fellow being, many situations will not be able to be avoided because the scales of humanity are very imbalanced. Its imbalance is ever greater because greater are the errors, the faults and the omissions, and fewer are the Graces and the Mercies that you can receive at this moment.

My Heart is the Portal for you to be able to reach the Source of God.

France must have resignation and ask for forgiveness for all it has done in other times, just as other European nations. Because still after 500 years, the same consequences are experienced, but with other faces, with other movements that are not just nor evolutionary.

So that blood is no longer shed throughout the cities of the world, they must redeem themselves, they must seek true repentance to be able to find peace and the re-establishment of the balance of humanity.

Each nation in the world knows what it must improve and, again, it is the peoples who pay the consequences of those who decide their future. This is neither a spiritual government nor a material government. We do not speak of justice nor of Mercy.

But you, companions, must not enter this dimension of conflict, of wrath nor of dissatisfaction. Because the destiny of humanity predicts many more events. Humanity wants to force normality, living a common life without responsibilities nor commitments.

Spirituality will never be far from the truth because the truth is spirituality. And when human beings understand they must turn towards the life of the spirit, they will help their higher life and enter the great circuit of cosmic life, where the Laws, the Attributes and the currents of the universe wait to be able to help them.

However, if this resignation of heart and soul does not exist, how will help come? How will blood cease to be shed? How will there be an end to the slavery of people, to the trafficking of children, to the living of social injustice among the peoples and among the nations?

Your hearts only must be united to Mine, at this moment, in order to survive. You must not stay anguished, disturbed nor desperate for what will happen. It is time, companions, for My words to become flesh within you and for you to be able to live them because it is in My Word where you will find the strength for overcoming these critical times.

Although the outlook of humanity is hostile, the doors of transmutation of the universe are open to help you.

At this moment, souls fear to cross their deserts, to live the void of self, and they especially fear to be nothing.

But what I promised you, more than 2,000 years ago, is My Love, and in order to be in My Love and to live in My Love, you have to be empty.

You have to attain being nothing and wanting nothing, because it will be the only way, companions, that the Archangels, in the greatest times of tribulation, will recognize you as instruments and not as personal wills.

And if you are empty instruments, you will be depositaries of the Supreme Source and I, as your Commander and Lord, will be able to avail Myself of your consciousnesses to bring relief to the world, to diffuse peace, although you may undergo purification and transformation.

You should not fear to cross the deserts that I offer to you, certain groups of souls are destined to live and go through this path for all of humanity.

It is the only way that I find, companions, to justify the errors and omissions that many companions of yours have made toward me in these latest months, turning their backs to My Plan without even knowing it in depth.

I am the great intercessor between souls and God, but I am still a being in evolution, and you must surpass Me, you must represent Me, you must definitively be a part of Me, of My Mystical Consciousness.

To follow My steps means determination in these times, discipline, transparency, obedience and solidarity. It will be the only way that I will find, through the instruments of God, through My companions, a way to help the world at this crucial moment. Because My shed Blood must not lose the price it has had since it was deposited upon the soil of this planet.

The blood of the innocent and of the martyrs must not keep on being shed, because humanity will enter more each day into that which is uncertain and hostile, the diversity of uncertain doors that the humanity of this time opens are many. If for a moment you think how many human beings live in this world, you will be able to perceive how many doors are open in a matter of seconds, day by day.

Who transmutes this situation? Have you asked yourselves?

The planet must be your true sacred home, not only your common home, but rather your sacred home.

The human being loses the sensitivity for the Kingdoms of Nature, for the dawn, even for the sound of the sea, because it is hypnotized by technologies, by what is artificial.

The scientific robotics of these times is leading the humans of the surface to be operated by machines, in place of them operating the machines.

You have to know how to discern, you have to know how to think in order to have wisdom in these times and not be confounded nor deceived.

You must be propagators of peace, of Mercy and, above all, of simplicity, because in simplicity you will not lose God nor the connection with the Divine Source, which is what humanity loses, day by day, because of its submerging into technological conquest, and in a conquest of the universe that is not real.

And you still want to reach other planets? To do what? The same that you have done to this world and this Creation that God gave you?

But the true time is now descending, the Real Time is uniting to your chronological time and with the passing of the coming months and of the coming years, those who have not believed anything, they will see. And what will they do when they see and feel?

Love is what will give you the strength to understand all that you will see, which will come from the universe and enter the planet. The doors of mystery will open so that everyone can recognize knowledge and that which, in spite of all this, will be arriving as a gift in these critical times, for all of humanity.

I am in prayer in the French Pyrenees, to help the consciousness of this nation that has not yet understood its path of redemption and penitence.

I come to give you inner strength so that you can sustain these times; so that My disciples, apostles and servers can sustain these times.

I will not impede upon the departure of those who do not want to be by My side. Christic Love does not retain nor control anything. Christic Love transcends, elevates, transmutes and liberates those who are just and true before My Heart.

Therefore, do not make hasty decisions. Do not let your human impulses deceive you. Be intelligent and do not let yourselves be dragged by those who do not want to follow Me and who judge My Works, because I will also return for them, to separate the wheat from the straw. And this will not be symbolic, it will be the moment when great Consciousnesses of the universe will appear to rebuild humanity.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



It is necessary, at this time, My children, to grow up spiritually and humanly, to mature in your consciousness all the impulses received and place them at the service of the planet and of all its humanity.

To grow up spiritually is to understand the times in which you live, the urgency for a transformation in human consciousness and the certainty that this transformation begins and ends within each being.

To mature is to take responsibility for your own part within the Plan of God, knowing how to give your all in every instant.

When you pray, do it wholeheartedly, with your mind and spirit present, with whole feelings and words filled with their deepest meaning.

When you serve, do it completely, giving all of yourself, so that the Will of God may be fulfilled, without giving space to childish attitudes that always lead you to human comforts, to a place of inertia and not of sacrifice.

When you relate to your neighbor, know how to love them as they are, observe their miseries in the mirror of your own interior and, before you judge, be silent and look inside. The other is transformed by example and not by judgment.

Humanity is a living, unique consciousness, that sooner or later moves in chains. When a being takes a true step, their surroundings are transformed. Therefore, use the word to open the doors of the Kingdom of God and the example to transform what prevents this Kingdom from manifesting.

To mature humanly, children, is to leave the adolescent posture of being eternally served, cared for and supported, and begin moving to serve, care and support, not only the neighbor, but the Plan of God itself, the planet, life.

Just as an adult is responsible for their home, you are responsible for this world. The time has come to transform this attitude and take back your own home, because the laws are moving and the cycles are advancing into ascension.

To follow the movement of the Universe, you must grow up humanly and spiritually.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Atlantis, a civilization that disappeared

In ancient times, long before the birth of Jesus, there existed upon the planet a civilization after Lemuria, that stood out for its intuition, for its inner contact and its contact with the Universe.

Its spiritual and material advancements were greater than those of the humanity of today.

This civilization was concentrated in the Atlantic Ocean, within a geography which, in the times of today, no longer exists because, every certain number of thousands of years, the planet lives its geological transformation.

Atlantis was born from a population that came long before the Vikings, those consciousnesses that, in an evolutionary way, conquered and got to know the seas and the great oceans through experiences that the human being gradually contacted, by means of navigating the oceans.

Atlantis first developed as a village of fishers in one of the various islands of the Atlantic Ocean; some of them, after their geological transformation, are now a  part of the Caribbean Sea.

Atlantis was not in the Caribbean Sea, but rather near the region more toward the center of the Atlantic Ocean and in the horizontal parallel of the African coasts.

Another part of the old Atlantis, which geographically remained of it, is today found in what you know as the Canary Islands, the Great Canary Island, Lanzarote, Tenerife, etc.

In this way, you will be able to understand how the “Great Atlantis” lived a great transformation, from being a minor people to becoming a civilization that rose amidst a chain of exotic and unpopulated islands.

Atlantis developed a material and structural expansion that was very advanced for those times, times that could not count on great or deep knowledge.

It was a civilization similar to the human race that exists today; with the sole difference that, in its splendor, it was surrounded by fewer elements or factors that could compromise it.

Atlantis rose within a group of islands that came from old volcanoes that, at that point, were inactive. Within the project foreseen for Atlantis was the spiritual proposal that the intuitive and spiritual knowledge and development attained by Atlantis should expand to the following generations, without the need for the human beings to begin again in order to learn what they many times did not learn.

In Atlantis, there were consciousnesses with extremely high virtues, which later became concrete as ideas and projects that allowed the civilization to quickly advance.

Among these virtues, there were gifts of Priests, Priestesses, Scientists, Healers, Governors, Mirrors and Warriors, from which the Warriors spontaneously stood out for their intuitive capacity to watch and stand vigil for the sacred, as well as for the islands.

Atlantis was a civilization that fluidly lived contact with the cosmos, being able to know much more than that which today the scientists of the world know and that which the satellites capture.

With this, we can see and understand how Atlantis stood out for its experience in spirituality and the contact with non-material laws, which have always been available for the awakening of humanity.

In this way, the Atlantean civilization gradually grew in spiritual, scientific and healing experiences.

The entire civilization was benefitted by that which a circle of representatives of the people, who were the founders of Atlantis, lived from the first times.

Many have wondered throughout the ages what the reason was for the total disappearance of Atlantis.

In truth, before this event took place, the true beings of contact, during seven different periods of time, before the great disappearance of Atlantis, were informed and warned, as today humanity is warned, that it was urgent to change certain actions and powers that the consciousnesses believed they had.

The spiritual skill that Atlantis had attained as voltage and experience was extremely high. But, in all that, duality and the human desire for power over others came into action.

There was a moment in which only a smaller percentage managed to perceive the urgency of the warnings, and due to this they abandoned the islands of Atlantis, taking refuge in what is today South America.

But the majority became completely blinded by ambition, by power and by the manipulation of energy, which brought to the civilization certain undue practices, and those generated a vortex of great physical, mental and spiritual imbalance.

All this movement activated a chain of all the volcanoes that were inactive. In total, there were seven volcanoes that awoke and, in a surprising way, without much time to act, they generated the known cataclysm of Atlantis.

The islands were swallowed by the ocean and fire, and all that was within them disappeared, without the possibility of doing anything.

A severe Universal Law corrected the entire Atlantean consciousness and those who responded to the warnings were saved, and they later re-created their peoples under new experiences.

From this, the Indigenous peoples were born, who In South America and throughout the times, gradually inhabited the altitudes and the plains.

The example of the civilization of Atlantis demonstrates that no consciousness has power over anything and that, where there is not humility, divestment and love, everything could become dangerous.

For this reason, Christ came to give this message to the whole world, so that souls could always remember the Law of the Hierarchy and, above all, the presence of a non-possessive and non-personal love; of a fraternal love, charitable and just for the experiences of life.

I thank you for attentively reflecting upon this story!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I return to Colombia with the intention that your spiritual and cultural values may be recognized, not only by the people that dwell here, but also by all those who once, or over the course of the history of humanity, learned about the sacred, which is to be found here.

I do not come back to cause you to re-live a historic past; I come to re-ignite the cultural and spiritual values that made Colombia a special place within the spiritual purpose, because these values are what will allow the dignity and the authenticity of this people to emerge, who like many others were a slave of the conquest of the white man.

Colombia is this Eden of the sacred and of the reverent for humanity, and all that was once experienced of the sacred here, in this current time, will help the rest of the peoples, beyond the Andes, to remind them of the importance of keeping their roots fertile and alive so that nothing nor nobody may cause the pure and the sacred to be lost, which the original peoples lived as a foundation of experience for the New Humanity.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Special Message for the 75th Marathon of the Divine Mercy, received on October 3, 2019, in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Like this sunny afternoon that illuminates you, My Mercy descends upon the world and especially in this sacred place, where God could manifest the expression of His most deep Love for humanity.

The Amazon must be a place revered, loved and respected by all.

There is nobody on the surface of the Earth that understands what exists here, because it is not only natural but also spiritual.

What God deposited for South America through the Amazon is something very important; a revelation that will come during the end of times, something that will manifest overnight, without any person, population or government being able to control it.

Therefore, your consciousness must be in the preservation of what you have, not as an ecological nor as an activist measure.

You should love the Creation because for some reason, you are here, on this school planet. For some reason you came here to learn and to be redeemed, to be able to experience the love and forgiveness that you need for this crucial moment.

You know that the world in imbalanced and also that the human consciousness is also imbalanced. For this reason, I have gathered you here, all of you, those present and not present. I have gathered you here in the Amazon, in spirit, not only to pray for peace but also for Divine Grace to protect and support the Lower Kingdoms of Nature.

If you could feel their suffering or their agony, humanity would feel it miles away, because what the Lower Kingdoms experience here, only the Kingdoms through their group consciousness understand and grasp.

Humanity of the surface was not made to subject that which God created in His image and likeness. Not only the Universal Laws must be respected, but also the Laws of Nature.

This is the time to take emergency measures, because otherwise all of humanity will regret it and I Know that those who believe to be more powerful, those who believe to be above the others, those who believe to have more freedom and action about things, they do not care.

But no one knows the coming of the Universal Judgment. No one can boast the Law because it does not belong to them.

All existence was made with a perfect equilibrium and harmony. Therefore, it must be respected and loved so that you also may be respected and loved by your neighbor and even by the Kingdoms of Nature.

The Amazon is a treasure that must not extinguish, it is a gift of God that must not disappear due to ignorance or to the power of those who place their hands in that which they believe they own.

No one upon this planet knows the force of the elements or the power that they have. Everything that has been manifested is for living in the good and in peace. But many laws were trespassed throughout the times and the years, this is why I have decided to gather you here and come here to support and protect what is spiritually within this place, as well as the Lower Kingdoms, which are part of the life of each human being, although it may not seem so.

If the Kingdoms of Nature were not in this ecosystem, on this planet and in this humanity, the Creation would be incomplete and the evolution of the human beings would not be fulfilled. There can be no spiritual or material advancements without the presence of the Kingdoms of Nature. It is like skipping learning schools.

You must learn to perceive reality. You must love all that you have, all that God has given you in His great and infinite sacrifice.

What is left in this moment is only to pray, pray from the heart, not to pray out of duty nor out of obligation. Prayer must abound in all spaces so that at least an Island of Salvation may remain protected and supported by the Universe. An Island of Salvation that encompasses all the Kingdoms of Nature, a part of humanity, the life of God expressed in each element and in each Kingdom, as in the human being itself.

But I know that the laws keep being altered, only the Divine Mercy of My Heart and the supplications of My companions sustain the movement of the pendulum, the pendulum of the Law, because if the pendulum of the Law moved, many things would already have ended.

Only love will place you above the lower realities that the human being itself commits, day by day, oftentimes without thinking nor perceiving it.

This is the time to put the planetary situation in the heart and to do something for this situation, not only for the Kingdoms of Nature but also for humanity, for the existence and continuity of this race so that the Project does not become a failure. No being on the surface of this planet knows what a failed or aborted project means.

These are times in which spirituality must be protected and where this spirituality must be true in each being, free from alliances with other currents that are not of the light so that the true culture of the humanity of the surface may be safeguarded, like the spirituality that is lived by the native peoples, who have been a culture and a civilization hurt and exploited.

Humanity by itself is dissolving its own roots and the roots of the native peoples who still guard the essence of contact with the Hierarchy, of a contact that has kept them united and firm to express the Plan of God.

The roots of wisdom,  understanding, intelligence and of good cannot dissolve from the consciousness of the human being because this is happening and you know it, companions.

Now is the moment to place upon the scales that which really matters. It is time to place in first place that which is really important for all of humanity and the planet. An example of this is the Amazon. Humanity could never live without nature, although those who govern think otherwise.

No one can challenge the Law because they do not know it, it is so far from the human reality that humanity of surface does not even know what the Law means. This is why you should respect it, love it and revere it, although it is unknown, because the Law exists for a reason, for a motive and an end, which is to maintain Universal Order among all planes and all consciousnesses.

But if the consciousness of the Kingdoms of Nature is transgressed, this Law is interfered with, unity is broken and souls begin to suffer the consequences of what they decide and what they do.

I tell the whole world to no longer blame God, and become responsible for your decisions.

Just as you must learn to evolve, you must learn to not deceive yourselves. You must be real with yourselves, true, you must be simple because in this way you will understand life, manifestation, and you will be under the order of the Law and of its powerful currents that direct this Universe and others, and in this way you will be in brotherhood, not only with the life of your neighbor, but also with the Kingdoms of Nature.

What happens today here in the Amazon is a consequence of human corruption, of a social vulnerability that can no longer hide from everyone's eyes. Therefore, think and meditate upon who you elect, because the promises of men are made with castles of sand.

The promises of God have their foundations in spiritual and non-material treasures that are eternal and that will always give you an impulse toward change.

Therefore, this Marathon of Divine Mercy is very important, it will not be just another meeting of prayer, it will be an opportunity to make an internal decision, between yourselves with God, and with His Plan.

Knowing that it is necessary to assume the situation of the planet and of its humanity, and not to ignore it nor reject it; to be willing in an unconditional way to serve and assist where it is necessary.

It is no longer you who must live upon the surface of the Earth, it must be Me who must live within you so that you may know how to represent and express Me as Christic Love.

May the power of your prayers reach the Heart of the Father and open the doors of the Heavens, not only for the Kingdoms of Nature of the Amazon, but also for those souls that are lost and obsessed by the riches of this place, may they also be considered by the Mercy of the Father so that hearts may be redeemed and receive forgiveness, so that all of humanity may be rebuilt and the force of Light and of Peace may triumph over evil.

Be consequent with what I ask of you and you will always know where to walk, because the time will come in which your love for Me will be the direction, the path and the guide that will lead you  towards My Heart, during the times of Armageddon.

I thank you for listening to Me and for making the Plan of God a part of yourselves.

May the suns shine above darkness so that the Divine Light may expand in the world. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


The primary purpose of My Heart, while returning to Argentina, will be so that souls do not lose their faith and trust in God, and that in spite of the material plane being corruptly manipulated by the hands of those who direct the nation, that prayerful hearts only place their love and their trust in the Celestial Father, because this will free many consciousnesses from remaining imprisoned by possible social events and by human revolutions that place the spirituality and the faith of the children of God at risk.

For this reason, before everything unexpectedly appears, I will go to Argentina so that, as from August and during the next six months, you may offer your country and your population to be consecrated to My Sacred Heart again, just as Brazil was consecrated through the perseverance and the effort of the praying beings.

Thus, I will go to Argentina so that, as from the next Marathon of Divine Mercy and during six continuous months, you devotedly offer the Chaplet of Divine Mercy in Spanish, so that the rays of Grace and of the Love of God may descend upon Argentina and appease any indication of revolution and injustice in the protesting and innocent souls.

With all the Faith of My Heart, I will welcome the prayers of all the Argentines and the other sister nations.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus 


Pray for a true religiosity, so that human hearts incline to the spirituality of being in God and of consciously being part of the Creator.

Cry out for souls to receive an opportunity of awakening and of deepening into their awakening, when they already feel awakened. 

Beg to the Father for those souls that have offered to be His representatives in the world, regardless of their creed, to be true and sincere in the love for God, because the love for God will lead them to the correct path, to the Narrow Door of the Heart of the Lord.

Trust that, despite the differences, the one that lives to express, multiply, experience and give the love of God will find the path to unity with the Father, and it is there where religions will understand one another; it is there where philosophies will be freed from their ignorance and will find the Truth.

Throughout this time, children, the Truth of God and life, revealed in parts to human beings and hidden in its fullness within the essence of Christic Love, will be completely revealed to you. And you will understand that inside of true love there was no wrong religion but, in truth, a true one that was not completely revealed but shared between the children of God so that, when each one would follow His precepts and path of Love, they could meet one another, and all with the Light of the Divine Truth.

Just pray for the sanctity and purity of religions.

Pray so that you do not confuse the ways of God with the ways of humans.

Pray so that beings may reconnect with their Creator, wherever they are, through love.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Today, My descent to the world contemplates a Venezuela outraged by extreme marginalization, wounded by the infidelity of its laws, imprisoned by the captivity generated by a few, violated by an obsessive oppression.

Oh, My dear and joyful Venezuela! May impunity no longer awaken battles, may the power that some believe they have not block your sincere spirituality.

My dear Venezuela, the justice you seek is not on the Earth; the hope you expect, you will not see in the heart of any representative.

Liberate yourself, Venezuela, from your constant pain; forgive all the evil that has been done to you; reconcile, within you, everything that was hurt and transgressed.

My dear Venezuela, do not lose the aspiration of fulfilling yourself as a people in freedom. No longer fight with weapons, for evil defeats itself.

Pray, Venezuela, pray without delay and without rest because you will see, with your own eyes, the idols 

who have been erected, fall.

Pray, Venezuela, so that you may always be within the Kingdom of God. Your escape and your freedom will not be in war nor in conflicts. Your rebirth and your liberation, you will find in the power of your faith.

Venezuela, I know that you hope for a quick end to this captivity; only choose God as your Governor; only seek the greater good above all adversity, and thus you will triumph.

Venezuela, your joy will reflect again on the face of your people and the indelible love of your population will make them return to the purpose of their creation.

Venezuela, it is the time of your profound awakening.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


I do not search for transcended nor realized souls. I search for imperfect, true and simple souls, because in them I will be able to realize My Plan, as their lives are transformed into the perfect model of the Creator.

That is why, all the imperfect souls, in redemption, have a place in My Heart, because their effort and dedication to follow My principles allows them to take forward the Will of God.

I come in search of imperfect souls that do not fear to follow and realize My Will within this material plane.

The moment has come to know deeply the spirituality of the Universe in order to be in tune with the cosmic life and thus manifest it on the surface, in the sacred spaces where the Hierarchy will perform the great part of the Plan that corresponds to it, with the immediate collaboration of all.

I thank you for keeping My words in the heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Dear children:

You know that in these times, the spirituality of humanity is being corrupted due to the influences of the material life and of the pleasures that millions of souls experience.

This is the reason why the spiritual connection with what is real is being interfered with; this interference is generated by unelevated spiritual forces that awaken in souls the need for having power or prestige, both in spiritual life and in society.

Thus, consciousnesses believe they are well connected, while in reality, they are being influenced. This is what leads millions of souls into making impulsive decisions and, in many cases, destroying their own spirituality.

The Law of Divine Justice will come to reveal and to correct this deviation of most of humanity, just as the Law of Liberation will also come, which will be applied to unblock the psychic plane of the planet from all the interferences experienced throughout time.

Thus, there will be much to liberate in these times and, in this way, cut the roots that the adversary caused to grow in thousands of consciousnesses which are in the illusion of being uplifted.

The angelic consciousness will be entrusted to reveal and bring into evidence these parallel realities that only feed on the dreams of people.

Everything will be exorcized.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Even though My Presence as the Patroness of Argentina is rejected, My Love remains in simple hearts. It will be there where the New Humanity will be erected, where the Plan of God will be accomplished.

For this reason, children, your Mother returns to Argentina for the hearts that do accept Her, for the souls that do live Her, for the lives that do welcome Her as the Mother of humanity.

I return to a country divided by deceit and corruption.

Among the abysses is the Mother of Heaven, the Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolás, to help Her children, those who still support the Purpose of God for this country.

Even though religion may be the justification for not wanting to live Her and decide on the new changes, and although it may be the cause of eradicating all forms of spirituality in the country, your Heavenly Mother will go to meet the hearts that do maintain their faith in the divine and know that without that faith, nothing would be possible.

Thus, your Heavenly Mother comes to gather the last soldiers of prayer from Argentina, who will battle with their rosary to protect the purpose of a new and correct humanity.

The scenario of the end of times will show ever more situations without common sense and discernment. For this reason, daily prayer will be the torch of all Argentines, My beloved children.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and virginal Wife of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, transmitted in the city of Lisbon, Portugal, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

My dear children,

In the chaste presence of Saint Joseph the Laborer, we unite with the divine Original Purity present in the human heart, which in these times has lost the meaning of spirituality and supreme wisdom.

It is for this divine cause that today, the Sacred Hearts of Mary and of Saint Joseph present Themselves to humanity, for the purpose of it renewing its inner vows of service and of surrender to the Heart of the Celestial Father.

Today, the Sacred Family, on this 19th of May, comes to your hearts and souls to remove them from the planetary inertia and indifference, so that in leaving this point in consciousness, your eyes may open to the infinite and supreme love of the heart, capable of transforming and of transmuting all things on the planet.

We come to humanity to let you know of the importance and the urgency of waking up inwardly to what you are; to finally manage to set aside world indifference.

Our aspiration is that through your simple and prayerful lives, you are able to reflect what the human race has lost, thus helping to restore the mind of humanity, permeating it with codes of love, of simplicity and of surrender.

God wishes Europe to have a more fraternal consciousness, that is able to rise above material life to the celestial designs that, through the Center of Love of Fatima, wait to descend from the universe and be revealed as a great inner treasure for your hearts.

In this time, when everything is allowed, the Sacred Hearts, the Celestial Messengers, come again to the world to remove it from the world hypnotism, for the planetary need is very great, from the spiritual levels to physical life.

It is for this reason that we invite you, just as some of the pilgrims present here are doing, to live the ministry of these times in Europe, without resistance and without fear. Because it will depend on the more conscious Europeans, on their spiritual path and their universal life, that all the Work of the Sacred Hearts is able to come, in a following stage, not only to Asia, but also to Africa, where My maternal promise of visiting some nations must be accomplished.

Your Messenger and Servant of God needs to reach the hearts of My beloved Africa, for I ardently desire that the Mercy and universal Healing of God reach each one of them.

That will be one of My last missions of peace on the planet, because after Asia and Africa, humanity will enter into its final stage, before the Return of My Son to humanity.

United, let us continue to fulfill the Designs of God, which are preventing the activation of nuclear wars and bombs.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you and once again thanks you for concretizing this mission.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and virginal Wife of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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