Dear child,

Each soul that surrenders to God in order to live the divine life, while still being on the Earth, needs to learn to transcend inner duality.

It is like an unconscious and autonomous matrix that, in many cases, leads to a spiritual condemnation for souls because duality is imbued with personal will.

This generates that the souls of the Earth, after some time, suffer the consequences of decisions made.

On the spiritual path it is similar. But it is much more difficult to transcend duality within the human being, since overcoming the infinite aspects of duality is a victory for the soul that ventures on that mission because, in reality, the aspects of life that play against true love are defeated, and the spirit finds the freedom that God wants it to live; a freedom that only the Universe can grant the soul that seeks union with the divine.

In this practice of transcendence of duality there are inner battles, crossroads and challenges that are only moved beyond with determination and faith in the heart.

After all of this, the consciousness finds the inner paradise.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


May nothing move you from space or place.

May nothing occupy the dimension nor the temple of your heart; nothing that is contrary to love and truth.

Pray for your enemies, just as Christ taught.

Pray for those who were with you before and are now in the world, absorbed by the lie and the lack of transparency.

Pray for those who have despised Divine Will and chose to live their own will as a means to lead their lives.

That the indifferent ones do not take your heart nor wear out your vitality and your energy.

To those who received treasures from Heaven and wasted them, to those who oppose the Work of My Son and now speculate and lie, the Divine Justice will come.

The Cosmic Plan is not a passing well-being.

That is why, one should pray for those who believe they are under My Mantle and are under the storm of these times.

Pray for those who are not true, for those who have lost the spiritual dignity due to their perverse and petty attitudes and today they no longer have the essential, they do not have God.

The choice of the human being is a double-edged sword that can condemn and destroy the life of one's own being.

Therefore, humility, resignation and obedience are what will always protect the path of the disciple, from himself and from the adversities of these times.

Whom truly loves the Will of God does not commit incoherent actions with the Greater Purpose.

I thank you for keeping My words with attention and consideration!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


In truth, children, few will have the Grace, in this time, of recognizing the Wonders of God even in the smallest details of life; few will have the capacity to understand that behind each request or intention, there the Will of God is to be found.

For this reason, only those who have a simple heart and a humble mind will not doubt nor fail in their faith, because being empty of self, they will be free of themselves.

You should never, children, put your faith into play, and even less the Designs of the Father through His Hierarchies, since behind everything a Purpose exists that is intangible to the prideful and the owners of themselves.

In this time, children, you must learn to differentiate between the Will of the Father and your own will; you must stop underestimating what you do not like and seems false to you in comparison with that which you fancy and makes you feel good.

On a spiritual path, you should never judge with the same measuring stick what you like and what you do not like; you must keep in mind that your inner wavering or your unreal doubts must not destabilize the Work, and above all, your sibling consciousnesses, as others have already done after having shared everything with them.

One should not small-mindedly judge the Work of God.

Be mindful and watch over the Supreme Truth rather than what is convenient to you.

I will be thankful if you are more mature in evolution.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Not to want your own will, and to love the Divine Will

This race in the beginning was designed by God to obey and to follow one only Purpose. But since My adversary, in antiquity, awoke the temptation and the free will in the humankind of surface, the original Project was distorted, straying from the path of the Divine Will.

There duality entered into the primitive consciousness of humanity, the free election and the disobedience to all higher Laws that would rule humanity in times to come until it would be a sacred humanity.

From the moment in which Adam and Eve were tempted in Eden to decide on their own life and thus part from the Hand of the Creator, what we call own will entered into the essence of the human being.

This will, lacking of spiritual principles and impregnated with codes of corruptibility, was the action that strayed the new humanity from the path; in the beginning of everything, the first race was the wise Project of a new humanity for the surface.

At the moment in which the first Adam decided to survive on the planet transgressing the natural Laws, Eve awoke the first signs of the capital sins.

My adversary obtained what he wanted so much: to make this an inert humanity and without self-consciousness.

After so many eras gone by, the culminating moment has arrived in which the first stage would end the decadence of humanity, and it would be through the apparition of Christ in the world, as the Firstborn Son of God, incarnated to rescue the essence of this thought human project.

Later on, when Christ was present, the whole race, which was already in the abyss of its perdition, was deviated from its own hell through the Passion of Jesus.

The coming of the Messiah of Israel was delicately prepared by the Creating Fathers, by the Holy Archangels. Each one brought and bore in the most pure womb of the Virgin Mother the light cells of transubstantiation and redemption, higher Laws that later on allowed to liberate humanity from evil.


Such as the rain that touches the earth and makes the fruits grow in the arid deserts, My Graces touch your hearts in order to convert them into the perfect model that God planned since the beginning.

Children, I know what still has to die and be transcended inside of you, so that someday there might be manifested the true apostle of redemption.

Dear children, we are in the time of the spiritual battle and many of My children do not want to be aware of it; for this I come to ask you for prayer, in order for you to realize how distracted the world is and how it affirms before the Universe that it is doing everything fine.

I come to demystify what you believe about your lives, so that you may recognize the Will of the Celestial Father and so that your own might die.  It will be thus, children, that you will be worthy of understanding all things.

Now the Universe allows certain events in order for all to learn and to not repeat the same mistakes.

Children, I am constant with you and I will touch you with My Grace as many times as necessary, because My true purpose is to convert you into that which you yet are not.  Be patient and love the transformation, thus it will be less tough for those who are willing to get to know their own selves; when that happens, you will be able to be conscious that your very little problems in life are light when compared to the great sin of humanity.

Search for fidelity through Christ; do not despair over what you live; there are greater planetary problems that encompass regions, peoples and, above all, a project of spiritual evolution.

Purge that which is old, empty yourselves all the time and thus you will be the new wineskins that will be filled with the Precious Blood of Christ.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who purifies, heals and elevates you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


In order for you to work upon the maturity and the consecration to the Plan of God, I give you the Seven Precious Stones of Salvation:

       - To not be ungrateful towards the universe or towards your fellow human

- To believe that everything is possible through Mercy

- To not destroy the Divine Plan by means of fake actions

- To be reverent towards the others

 - To love the Divine Plan more than your own comfort


Listen to My voice in the silence of your heart and recognize with Me how much you still have to chance.  This is not going to be a limitation to reach the goal; this is the first step to a consciousness that matures in the chosen path.

You are not going to sanctify yourself overnight, but you will find the barriers that leave the soul of each being trapped.  These barriers are the superficial and mental life that does no lead to any result.

If your aspiration to surrender to My Son is faithful and constant, I assure you that great will be the test, but there will be nothing that may dissolve the sincere union that you have built.  For this I indicate to you new paths for you to traverse in obedience and joy.

When you say no to My plans, I can do nothing, but only look at you and pray.  The Universe always search for the best option to help you, but when the proposed path is not accepted, it will be in the next round of the universal cycle that something will be able to be resolved.

When there is no correspondence with what is indicated, the instruction of the hierarchy is wasted.  Although it is time of your purification, certain own wills or personal decisions, can change the spiritual destiny of a consciousness.

What to do?

Just wait, God never fails to show the real meaning and reason of His Will, and His Infinite Mercy rearranges all the things and put them in the necessary balance so that His Holly Aspirations can be accomplished.

There is no longer time to rethink the things; the divine impulse descends to mobilize and liberate structures.  When someone stops this impulse, it is like trying to sustain with the hands a flood of light.

The Divine Will is not an imposition but it is the spirit of materialization of a Plan that must achieve the highest experience of love and forgiveness.  When a soul opposes this to happen, the same universal science repositions the consciousness on the step of learning it had before being elevated to the Mayor Kingdom.

No one loses their place in the Heart of God, God is Compassion and Justice; and this Justice at this time will be severe, not for being Justice, but because the Law of Divinity Itself will find resistance in many areas of the consciousness.


Dear children,

It is the repentance from the heart that will take you to the healing and to the redemption of your own aspects, those that are part of the earthly life.

My main call in Kibeho was to make humanity rethink through the recognition of its sins and the conscious repentance; this was not possible in Rwanda because pride and the considering the culture of that place as their own, led the whole nation to a bloody destiny.

I went to Kibeho trying to avoid this serious tragedy, which is already history, but still has not been healed in the heart of My Rwandese children.  They did not live love, they forgot about it and only headed to defend the culture and the realization of their personal works.  Here is the great failure of this humanity, to carry forward its own ideas and modern principles and afterwards, end up in the abysses, leading millions of souls to desperation and sorrow.

For this, children, in Kibeho, the Lady of the Word, tried to make us understand that in the existence of the One and Only God, all should obey the Divine Will so that chaos would not reign and the spirit of peace would be manifested.  But in those moments it was quite the opposite and the humanity of that place preferred to turn a deaf ear to the urgent call that was coming directly from the Queen of Heaven. 

Today, My children, I teach you to get to know the devious and confusing paths that our humanity traverses, and how the pride and the lack of internal humility before the Will of God, modifies the destiny and the spiritual futurity of a whole nation.

Even though the revelations transmitted in Kibeho were very clear and precise, only a small group accompanied in fidelity the call to conversion, to prayer and to repentance.   In this era, in which serious actions by humanity continues to occur, and the life of a brother is taken away by the own hands of another brother, the world goes off and loses its innocence without giving rise to receive a greater help.

For this My Son sends Me to be among you, so that you may start living consciously the time of your purification and so that all the self summed by the Merciful Universe of God may prepare themselves to face the end of a time.


My children,

Before the beginning of a war between chaos and the worldly forces you must strengthen your spirits with the power of prayer.

I prepare you in this time, as I prepared the apostles of Christ in a past time, to proclaim without fear the Good News of the Kingdom of the Heavens in any type of darkness.

The life of the apostles of Christ was worth the salvation of many souls and it gestated in that time the possibility of the awakening of many who live today.

For this I come today to the world to prepare those who will offer the possibility of life to others and who will sacrifice their own existence so that others may be able to awaken to the Truths of God.

My children, My offer is clear, sincere and it comes from the Heart of God.  I know that for many it will seem to be something painful, but for the heart that summons itself there will  be no greater merit than the sacrifice for others and there will be no greater victory than the defeat of its own will to definitively surrender itself in the hands of the Creator.

Many will think they are ready to live this surrender and millions will put their feet on this path but few will be the ones who will persist after the first step, after recognizing that to live the Plans of God they will have to totally leave their own plans, including the aspiration to live in order to materialize the Divine Will.

My beloveds, My words will not be encouraging for many but they will bring many others to the strength that they need in order to go ahead, because the brave spirits are strengthened in the adversities and they grow in the tests that are sent to them.

My children,

Time rushes through the lives of all souls and today once again I invite you to be in My Peace.

Dear children, to remain in this Kingdom I invite you to live in prayer.

Today again I ask you by the necessity of love and unity among the hearts of all of My children. When in truth you accept to be in the Celestial Kingdom of Peace, your lives will reach harmony and peace in the heart.

When I tell you that time is rushing in the lives of My children it is because very few stop to look and to pray to the Heart of My Son. The souls, without noticing, distance themselves from the fountain of life, even more so when many hearts confirm their own truth.

As the Helpful Mother of all Christians and as the Queen of Peace, of Love and of Salvation, I ask you to never forget to live in the presence of Jesus. In this way, with a loving gesture towards your neighbor coming from your hearts, you will help to convert the lack of consciousness and the lack of aspiration to search Jesus.

As I have said to you before, dear children, He awaits for you in the silence of the heart; for this reason do not detain yourself in time, and start to pray at each moment of your lives, in this way, the Lord of the Universe will be thankful for your collaboration.

Dear children, for this, today I tell you to remain in the love of God, because the love of God will be the shield for your protection,  and this Divine Love will be the help for your decisions in life.

Surrender your very little willingness, so that the Living Christ may find his rest in your dwelling. The Light must into enter the hearts of all of My children, more so, in those that must initiate the path of the conversion of the heart.

Let's pray for all of them.

I thank you!

Do live in the humility of Jesus.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

First, dear children, I want to thank this entire Marian group for your sincere dedication, especially in the last few hours during the trip from the town of Montevideo to Brazil.

To all My other children, today I want to give you this example, the example of the constant abnegate donation to that which you understand as the Will of the Lord.

Dear children, I invite you to walk in prayer in the purpose of God because this purpose is a celestial idea that the Father wants for each soul which decides to be in the arms of the Creator so as to be accompanied and guided for all eternity.

My children, as a Pilgrim Mother in this world who has been following humanity step by step for many centuries, today I invite you to imitate the path of the pilgrim so that your life will reveal the Love of God. A pilgrim who is consecrated to My Immaculate Heart is a soul dedicated to a life of prayer for the world. A pilgrim who is consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a spirit in harmony at the feet of the Redeemer. A pilgrim who is consecrated to God is a soul that is whole, willing to stop living according to its own will and to remain in the unknown, in Heaven.

Dear children, through the prayer of the heart every day your souls may consecrate themselves to the Will of God. As humanity this will allow you to find the peace that is lacking in the lives of many of My children and in this way you will find the essence of the true Love of God in your hearts, because the soul that prays through the voice of its heart is living in the love of the Father.

Today I thank all the brave ones for answering My call in the blessing of Jesus, Only Son, I give you My Peace.

Thank you for complying with My requests.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 

The arms of God, the Highest are open for all of you to enter into the Pure Heart of love. With this I want to tell you that the universe is waiting, daily the venue of more souls towards the Kingdom of the Creator.

My children, a path to this meeting with the universe of God is the Light-Star of My Son. In Jesus you will lose the fear for consecrating your life to the Will of the Creator.

Many souls lack the presence of the  love of God love, because they put first their personal will. My Son teaches you how to be participants of that Greater Will, the one you could find through the prayer of the heart. Is through the prayer that you will find the truly essence of the Will of God because your hearts are donated to the Universe during prayer.

Dear children, today I ask you to pray for those who live their own will and that are far away of the true purpose of God, that is the eternal life through His Mercy Love. The world will be able to be better, from the moment it accepts that God is the Only path for the life of every soul because is in God that all life can be conducted towards light.

My children, acknowledge that it came the time to the world to recognize the existence of the Creator. That’s why, one of the reasons for so much prayer is the great need for salvation of many of My Children.

As Co-Redeemer I ask you to contemplate every day the lovely Heart of God. Every time your hearts are in God, the world will be safer.

I thank you!

Thank you for considering My Call in your lives.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children, for the Lord it is important that your hearts be converted into flames of Peace. To convert the heart it is necessary to pray in the name of My Immaculate Heart of Peace; thus, I will guide you as the Mother of all the hearts.

Today I invite you, My little ones, to pray with Me without expecting anything else; in this way your little hearts will be invaded by the Supreme Will of the Lord. Today I call you to internalize the exercise of prayer as a praise to God. He wants to see His children surrendered and pure as the crystalline water of the rivers.

When your hearts become crystalline through prayer, I assure you that in each one of your lives the path of purity will begin. Purity will protect your hearts so that they will not unite with all the human actions that in this world, have distanced humanity from the beloved Heart of God.

For this, in each Apparition I come to radiate to you, from the Heavens, My hope for the true transformation and conversion of all the hearts that in this ultimate hour will defy your steps, and direct them to the consecration to the Lord. But if your hearts are in Me and are not in your own selves, you will be able, My little ones, to recognize the Divine Love of My Heart, and you will have thus the adoration that I have towards each one of you.

I only ask you, My dear children, that you put your hearts and your sentiments in the universal prayer to My Immaculate Heart. In this way and in this exercise, you, My Little ones, will be dedicating life to love and to the redemption of the world. Remember My little ones, that all are inside My Heart, and that I wait, at each new day, that yours may radiate peace and purity.

Many hearts and souls lack purity from having been invaded by the will of people; thus they have been distanced from the Divine Will. For this, My little children , to be able to assist the world and the spiritual conversion, I invite you to turn to My Heart as little children. In this way, in prayer and love, the Celestial Father will pour His Mercy over the world. Your hearts shall be that which they have never been, in order to be able to live in another law, and under an Infinite Will.

Let us pray for the peace in each heart.

Who guides you eternally,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 

A humble heart donated to the Divine purpose of the Lord, is a heart that is in the Great Flock of souls of Christ, because it is a heart that does not decide by itself, but is a heart that is permeated by a Divine Will.  This is the same Will that radiates in the depths of My Heart that has come to Earth.

My dears, to follow the purpose, you must love the Divine Will beyond the human will. This human Will that is not melted with God has provoked in humanity miseries, wars, separation, loss of precious souls, and loss of hearts.

For this My little ones, I come from Heaven in order to give you to know the Kingdom of My Peace, that is radiated by an Infinite Will. So that the heart may be redeemed, it is necessary to love the transformation of soul that the Infinite Will is sending for each life.

The first step of the pilgrim soul is to renounce to itself; this will free it of relating to the will that between people has caused the loss of light in the world. Imitate loving the unknown Will, so that the doors of the Heavens may show the next path to travel in the pathway of life. For this My dears, remember that everything is achieved through the prayer that is done with love and for love of the souls that need the Light of God.

Today I invite you to remember the moment in which My Son, Christ, lived the Will of the Lord, accepting to drink from the chalice of sacrifice, that the Lord of the Heights entrusted to Him.

What allowed for the Purpose of God to be fulfilled in the Master?

It was the complete confidence in Love that our Lord has for every creature. For this, little ones, convert your hearts in Faith, so that the paths may be invaded by the fathomless Mercy of God.

God loves you.

God guides you.

God shows you the exit.

In the Immaculate Love,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of Trinity.

Daily Message received in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

To separate from Me means to separate from the Truth. It is the same as breaking the consecration with Me, it is to lose the closeness of My Heart to the life of the being.

There are souls that have come to the Earth with a spiritual commitment which is undeniable and goes beyond every human moral or internal situation.

When this alliance between the soul and My Heart is broken, everything which surrounds the world, its most inexplicable fears, frustrations and deceptions of an apparent well-being, come toward the life of whom, by their own free will, has separated from Me.

In truth, to have the courage in this time to take such action forward means to have not accepted, experienced nor participated even once in the codes that I had once poured out and gave to those who before followed Me.

In this sense, it is the action of the soul itself that prevents the intervention of My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy.

There is no being on the surface of the Earth that, after having abandoned Me and after having blatantly abandoned their brothers and sisters, can have peace or joy in such a crucial moment like this one.

This is the time of giving all or retaining all. It is the time when souls easily put their spiritual path at stake for feeling misfit.

Those who in truth drink from My Fount shall never thirst, even if they are purifying.

This is My declaration of transparency for those who have decided to live in the Truth.

I thank you for considering My Instructions!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus



First Message 

Children, in the silence of My Heart is heard the introspection of God, a moment in which the Universe reflects upon the coming times. 

This is why My announcement is precise and cogent. My Word is clear to bring wisdom to the hearts. 

We have no time to lose, there is much more to mature and grow internally. 

I need you to know that the Universe contemplates this moment, above all, the beginning of this Pilgrimage in which the gathered Hierarchy will establish the new guidelines and the new principles for all those who want to adhere and be ruled by the Hierarchy. 

The Universe will not stop the steps of those who may want to continue to be free, because the Father has given them freedom, has given them the conception of life, has given them the opportunity and the joy of being able to live the Creation. 

The Universe contemplates the steps that the nations and all of their representatives take. This restricts the awakening of the Plan of God in the consciousness of humanity and the responsiveness of all creatures. 

It is time to see duality manifest and how everything is at stake. 

It is time to overcome this duality and to transcend it by means of love, a love that you have never lived, a love that you have never achieved, a love that you have not yet discovered and that you are on the way of being able to live. 

While I am here, I am with this part of humanity that needs much of the Mercy of God to be able to have an opportunity of redemption so that a door may open to the conversion of hearts and the transmutation of many lives. 

The Silence of My Heart represents the Silence of God, Who contemplates the whole Universe and especially this planet, which He created with so much love through the archangels and the angels as well as the great devas that today are banished by humanity through its actions and a great ignorance that corrodes the Kingdoms of Nature. 

But, although all these situations occur, the Kingdoms of Nature do not fail to express themselves and demonstrate what they truly are. 

When all of humanity values the Kingdoms of Nature, it will be able to find in them the regeneration of life and the healing for many illnesses. 


The Faith of Jesus was not based on spiritual arguments or justifications.

The Faith of Jesus came from a true conviction that knowledge arose and was born of the Love granted by God to each inner core; that made His Faith simple, humble, and true as knowledge.

This Faith was given impulse by an absolute trust in the Celestial Father, this strengthened it in and of itself. It was not a Faith that would appropriate anything, not even spiritual or non-material.

Jesus fed His Faith through the Love that His own Heart had for the Divine Will. It was that Love what strengthened His Faith and granted everybody the revelation of the divine and cosmic mystery.

Through His Faith, Jesus brought the realization of the divine mandate, which allowed a change in the course of events and straightened the inner deviation of consciousnesses.

The Love and the Faith in Jesus were inseparable, one could not prevail without the other; since those inner virtues, in perfect equilibrium and harmony, were what granted the miracles.

The Faith of Jesus had nothing rational or even scientific about it. Although it was based on the lines of knowledge of the Supreme Law, His Faith was completely filled by Love, which made of Him a Being full of wisdom and understanding.

This Faith that lived in Jesus is the same Faith that Christ tried to awaken and place in the depths of the hearts of humankind.

Because, in essence, the Faith of Jesus demonstrates to surface beings that they are capable of moving beyond themselves, in order to live and to experience the reason for their existence, their purpose, and their goal, captured in the inviolable mystery of the Divine Will.

If souls imitated the Faith of Jesus, the tests that the Universe grants them would not be problems or obstacles.

To imitate the Faith of Jesus is to not be self-willed, it is to have a heart available to love any consciousness, in any situation; it is to say "yes" when one is called upon to give more of oneself than one could.

To imitate the Faith of Jesus is to not be afraid of recognizing mistakes and of trying and amend them with transparency so as to not make them again.


Those who offend and embarrass My Heart by their sins, faults or omissions are not those who are beside Me and who persist; they are those who for different reasons have distanced themselves from the guidance of My Hand and of My Will in order to carry out their own.

That hurts Me more than all the sins that souls who are by My side can generate.

In truth, My Mercy expands to those most miserable and imperfect; but it is not poured out upon the traitors or the unjust because everything begins with a Law that is unchangeable and autonomous, and as all righteousness and the good comes from that Law, your Master and Lord is governed by it and cannot alter it.

The shame that My Heart feels is for those who once were with Me and now turn their backs to Me, not believing in My Words and even less in My actions.

And even though your Master already knew the destiny of those who are ungrateful, the Love of My meek Heart did not stop loving them for a moment so that some space of their consciousness may be moved to awaken and learn to truly love.

But now they are faces of clay, about to fall from their own weight.

I ask you, companions, to quickly learn from all of this so that at the most critical time nothing surprises you.

If in truth and wholeheartedly you surrender to Me, nothing will happen to you.

Do not even think about acting or doing everything like the clay-faced ones did, who left, dismissed by themselves, who cannot find a place or even manage to return.

Today I speak to you clearly because I hope this is not repeated in any of you.

Thanks to the Father, the nest of snakes have already been expelled to its own abyss since, in truth, in a proud way, they love to be there more than with Me.

I thank you for making My Words flesh in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


My Light will always liberate the world from sin but it will be necessary that day and night you remember Me, that you guard Me in your hearts and in your memories.  It will only be through the constant Eucharistic union with Me that your souls will celebrate to be within the Temple of My Heart.

Those who condemn themselves day by day through the actions of life are still deeply subjected to sins.  Pray for your familiars by means of the merciful prayer and permit that the Light of My Kingdom approach to each one of them.

I leave to you the commitment of making to decide for yourself if you want to be with Me in the face of any circumstance, or only when your little will may decide.  In this time of definitions I will separate the wheat from the straw and this will not be done with My Blessed Hands, but it will be done by the souls that in this time are placing themselves on one side or the other side of the bridge.

Now the laws circulate on the Earth to realign the spaces that need much harmony.  Only dedicate your time to be with Me including before “the great responsibilities,” as you call them, because only in Me can you take the steps towards redemption.

Today I define you, today I gather you in My Operative Mission for the Great Plan.

Under the Love of God be blessed.

Thank you for meditating on My teachings with the heart.

Christ Jesus, Your Lord.


My dears:

An important universal and celestial movement is happening today because  six consecutive months are completed in which My Sacerdotal Consciousness has descended from the Heaven of My Father to daily encounter with you, My little and beloved flock in redemption.

For this reason today I am mercifully present together with My first representative on the Earth and the ambassador of Peace: the Apostle Saint Peter. Today I want that, after these six months of infinite mercies each one of My companions meditate and reflect from the consciousness on the mature steps of surrender and faith that you have been able to take towards My Sacred Heart. I want that you meditate on your beloved interest for My daily Instructions. Within the six next months, during which you will once again see My Beloved Presence, this last cycle will be fulfilled.

After your inner study of consciousness I want that you comprehend and perceive what is it that has happened in each one of you and what were the true fruits that were born in your hearts. Today I do not call your attention but I call you to the awakening of spiritual maturity.

You know, My friends, that the world is going through a grave spiritual crisis; that each day that passes has repercussions in all of the beings and in the definitive decisions of life. It is a path to the great Universal Judgment that will come for all humanity. A judgment is Mercy and Grace because through the cause of pity and service for which you work, many will achieve Mercy.

In this way today I reveal to you My Heart in pain for the great sins of the world, those which grow more rapidly than the quantity of prayers that are offered.

After these six months of daily messages I am removing My children from the garden and I am bringing them to the firsts steps of maturity and of the true wisdom for your spirits.

On this day may your consciousness detain itself to meditate on this important Christic call to cross the portal with maturity towards My Sacred Heart.  God hopes that His children grow up in faith, in hope, so that you may awake reverence in your beings each time that you pray together with Me at three in the afternoon. 


As part of the school of spiritual lessons and of consciousness, I allow the soul to say all that it thinks and feels with the aim that it may quickly purify the inner issues that afflict it. After this My Heart of Light emerges as a unique voice from Heaven to be able to correct the paths that the soul may incorrectly take through self-will.

Liberating the burdens of the consciousness, My Rays intercept levels and states of the personality so that through My Love and Redemption it may be transformed.

But for all of this to happen permission is necessary. The permission of the consciousness allows you to discover the degree of love in which you are found and which you have constructed.

For this I ask you to merge yourselves in the foundations of the school of basic instruction that My Heart has universally imparted through the parables.

Be joyful until the moment in which your consciousness may become exposed before the false reality that you have constructed with ideas and feelings. The Kingdom of the Love of God and your search is powerful because the soul does not know the greatness of the Love of God and His Celestial Work, a non-transferable love that heals you and liberates you, that will never abandon you.

As the quicksand causes the steps slow towards Me, even though the structures of your personas may be moved,  I will sustain you and I will guide you because it is already time to elect, from love, the Plan of God.

Under the One Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding and valuing My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus, who eternally loves you. 


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.