Tuesday, March 24 of 2020

Daily messages

When a heart is nourished from the impulses of the world and enters into the spiritual life, responding to an inner call, but it does not open to transformation, children, then the path of inner decline begins.

In this time, very ancient consciousnesses come to the world to overcome the stimuli of this era and become true Christs of the times of transition.

But, bound by mundane foundations and supported by the illusions of the world, the souls that reacquire their commitment to Christ must allow themselves to be transformed by Him because part of overcoming these stimuli is the surrender of all that supports them in the things of the world: one's own aspirations, personal, spiritual and human accomplishments, inner and intellectual concepts of Truth and of the Plan of God, the need for standing out among all others, even if in virtues and in saintliness, the need to supply what is lacking into what is tangible, the need to feel oneself to be loved by what is visible and admired by the world. All this, children, must be transformed within the soul that regains their commitment to Christ. 

In these definitive times, your Lord removes the foundations of sand that support your feet and, having you cross through the desert, places you upon the rock of His Consciousness.

You must unlearn the things of the world, let yourself be defeated by Divine Will, and do not do that through looking around you but rather by looking inward and upward.

The souls that see themselves as weakened, look around in search of greater miseries that will justify their faults and make them small; but this, children, is not the way of rectifying any misery.

The true sense of justifying is to be found in love, in the Love of Christ, in the Love of God, which is capable not only of justifying, but of transforming everything.

Thus, in the face of weaknesses, do not look around, but rather, look inward. Do not support yourself with criticisms but rather through daily confession to God, because the one who yields does not need to defend themselves, they do not need to fear or run away from themselves nor from God, because they will come to know Divine Love.

Lose your fear; do not feed false miseries justified by deeper sins, but rather yield to God and confess. In Him you will find true freedom, the healing and transformation you need in order to be whole and bound to the rock of Divine Will.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph