When a heart is nourished from the impulses of the world and enters into the spiritual life, responding to an inner call, but it does not open to transformation, children, then the path of inner decline begins.

In this time, very ancient consciousnesses come to the world to overcome the stimuli of this era and become true Christs of the times of transition.

But, bound by mundane foundations and supported by the illusions of the world, the souls that reacquire their commitment to Christ must allow themselves to be transformed by Him because part of overcoming these stimuli is the surrender of all that supports them in the things of the world: one's own aspirations, personal, spiritual and human accomplishments, inner and intellectual concepts of Truth and of the Plan of God, the need for standing out among all others, even if in virtues and in saintliness, the need to supply what is lacking into what is tangible, the need to feel oneself to be loved by what is visible and admired by the world. All this, children, must be transformed within the soul that regains their commitment to Christ. 

In these definitive times, your Lord removes the foundations of sand that support your feet and, having you cross through the desert, places you upon the rock of His Consciousness.

You must unlearn the things of the world, let yourself be defeated by Divine Will, and do not do that through looking around you but rather by looking inward and upward.

The souls that see themselves as weakened, look around in search of greater miseries that will justify their faults and make them small; but this, children, is not the way of rectifying any misery.

The true sense of justifying is to be found in love, in the Love of Christ, in the Love of God, which is capable not only of justifying, but of transforming everything.

Thus, in the face of weaknesses, do not look around, but rather, look inward. Do not support yourself with criticisms but rather through daily confession to God, because the one who yields does not need to defend themselves, they do not need to fear or run away from themselves nor from God, because they will come to know Divine Love.

Lose your fear; do not feed false miseries justified by deeper sins, but rather yield to God and confess. In Him you will find true freedom, the healing and transformation you need in order to be whole and bound to the rock of Divine Will.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear children,

What happens today in some nations of the world is the reflection of what once occurred in the Universe.

Everyone was once a participant in a very ancient history, which transcended the times until the present day. 

Everyone was present and participated in an event within the Universe that changed the Plan of God, in the sense of its realization and its fulfillment.

Everyone comes from a spiritual and universal origin. In these origins, the first learnings began which, in most cases, were learnings and experiences that made you arrive here, to the Earth, to be able to someday attain forgiveness and redemption.

Each one of My children carries within themselves a history, not visible to human eyes but known to the eyes of the spirit.

This is the time in which this history, which occurred in the Universe, will close so that another stage may begin and humanity may be finally liberated from the endless chain of errors.

For this reason, children, there are certain events, still unknown to you, which are kept in the history of your spiritual being. Your spiritual being is what deeply knows all the causes and consequences that were once experienced by you in the Universe.

Everyone comes from a somewhat traumatic experience. Everyone comes from ancient wars in the Universe that only sought the conquest of space and the benefit of personal evolution, for this, having skipped the Law of the Hierarchy and the Law of Love.

This history, which is still recorded in the Universe, remains there, waiting to be purified by each of My children, in the moment and the hour that corresponds to you.

Within each one of you, this history, of great conflicts in the Universe, has greater or smaller intensity according to the experiences lived and the participation of each one within these events.

This is the time to put an end to this history because humanity, throughout the nations and throughout time, has repeated the same errors again, so similar to the most determining facts that were once lived in the Universe.

The higher planes expect that each one of My children, by means of service and of surrender, can help dissolve and repair these past events. Thus, humanity will have the grace of going into a new cycle with greater possibilities of deepening in love and in service.

In this sense, everything that was once experienced in the Universe is not only the result of the conflicts caused by the ambition of knowledge and of power but were also delicate experiences that left indelible marks in the consciousnesses.

Now that everyone can be more aware of this and can help break this chain of errors that humanity still lives and commits, you must know that prayer will be that key that will open the right door so that all of these histories of the Universe can be forgiven and the souls may have the opportunity of beginning to walk with hope.

Coming into contact with this history of the Universe, in which the majority participated in, is to return to the conscious commitment to live forgiveness, healing and redemption, beyond what has happened. 

Therefore, everyone who today becomes conscious that they are not only beings incarnated on Earth, they will receive, in the name of humanity, the possibility to change the destiny of history so that finally all beings may live the great moment of redemption.

This is the time in which the history of the Universe will come to light so that the consciousnesses may also learn to redeem itself.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

The Universe stops to hear the Server of God and in all the inner planes His Word is heard, His Voice emits the essence of the Truth and there is no essence in this Universe that does not recognize the Voice of the Son of God.

Because I am the One Who came to be with you, who is with you and will be until the end of times so that the Purpose of My Father may be fulfilled in the hearts that are consecrated by My Love.

From the Celestial Universe, My Word is pronounced, and It echoes in all planes of manifestation.

Not only you listen, but the Universe also listens.

And everything that is beyond it is permeated by the Word of God and the Spirit fills the hearts, vivifies them, raises them and redeems them before My Presence.

The void must be present in your hearts at this moment so that the Son of God may be able to work and act, bringing to the souls the opportunity of light and of redemption.

Today I not only speak to your physical consciousness, but also to the innermost planes because in the internal planes the opportunity is granted to souls and souls do not lose the chance to find the Truth, to approach it and to be able to live it for these hard times.

Today, the Greater Priest comes to meet you, and He brings between His Hands the Chalice of Redemption; dressed in the stole of purification; barefoot and humble as a servant of God, He is on the right hand of the Almighty and comes from Heaven to meet you, to bless you and to grant you the Love of the Creator; a Love that must multiply and expand in the world, which will heal disease, which will bring peace, which will heal all pain and incomprehension.

It is in this Love that you must live, the Love that I offer to you and the Love that I grant you; because in this Love there will be your liberation from all perdition, from all guilt, from all evil.

In Love, there is the triumph of the Work of God, because the love that you can also give Me and offer to Me is contemplated by the Almighty, as part of the Work of His Wisdom.

May Love, then, be transformed and sublimated.

A Love that is unconditional, able to go beyond limits, able to overcome any difficulty and to surrender before any necessity.

If, in this time, My Love is not in the world, humanity will perish.

I do not grant you self-love, personal or autonomous. I grant you, companions, the Love that once created you as essences. It is this Love that must be regenerated within you, every day. Because Love is the best company.

In the Love of God, the soul can be in the Truth and learn not to move away from it.

You will have to go deeper in Love for the Truth of God to be in your lives, so that you may live it and teach it to your fellow beings, knowing that in this time Love and Truth, as attributes, will be able to walk together in your lives so that you may always have guidance and wisdom.

The times that are coming announce great changes. It will be essential to live in this Love to understand beyond forms, to live beyond the events, to accept beyond the mistakes.

It is this Love that I lived in the Passion and that also raised Me, for the Sacrifice given.

It will be this Love that will always sustain you and thus, you will never lose sight of its presence.

Because the Love of God always comes from the Source and it never ends, because it is an unconditional Love, able to embrace the error, able to transform the pain, able to understand and accept the impossible.

Love can do everything.

Offer your personal love to the great infinite Love of God so that, someday, your feelings may be the Feelings of God in the spiritual life, in charity and in the unity among creatures.

Love will always transcend borders, overcome obstacles, understand and accept beyond the events.

Because Love does not take over anyone. Love liberates, Love uplifts, Love welcomes the dying in spirit.

If this Love were not in you, nothing would be possible.

This is My great Message to the whole world, on this day, in which a stage between My Heart and your hearts finishes.

This is the moment for this Love in you to be real and not theoretical; to be a living Love, which accepts, which gives itself and which surrenders to others, without anything in return.

It will be Love that will defeat evil.

It will be Love that will dissolve the chaos of the nations.

It will be Love that will strengthen the faith in the hearts.

It will be Love that will ignite in the spirits the trust in God.

Today My ceremony is in the name of this Divine and infinite Love that makes everything possible from what is impossible.

A Love that grants, that yields. The Love that surrenders all the time.

This is what I can convey to you, beyond the miracles, the phenomena or the curiosities.

The one who, in this time, does not live in the Love of God will be like in a desert, alone and empty, with a great thirst that nobody will be able to quench.

Do not lose the opportunity for this Love to bring you to the Truth every day, so that someday you may reach the same Wisdom that I reached on the Cross.

My Love for each one of you, for each being of this world, was with arms wide open on the Cross.

My Love was never closed. The Love of God expanded in each drop of blood, in each suffering, because it is a Love that is able to go beyond all adversity.

And today I bring you within this Chalice, the testimony of the Love of God represented in the Blood of Christ so that each one of your souls may drink of this commitment and remember every day, that Love is what must reign so that it may triumph over all evil.

May your hearts open for this spiritual communion with Me, in which you are called to My Table to unite to the Love of My Heart, the Love that surrenders everything and that forgives everything, at this very moment.

Empty of your faults, absolved of your debts, receive from My Heart the greatest Treasure of God manifested in the symbol of this Sacred Chalice that kept, throughout the times, the most real and alive experience of Love that the Son of the Father granted up to the top of the Cross, until His last breath, until the closing of His Eyes, when he exhaled, commending His Spirit into the Hands of the Creator.

May this Love perpetuate within you until the end of times, and may this Love be capable of making you return to My Path when you remember and perceive that you have stepped out of It for some reason.

What matters the most to God is that His children, His creatures, do not separate from Him, from the Source of Love, because Love will be what will regenerate the world and will bring healing to sick souls.

Today I deposit here what I lived on the Cross and in the inner planes, a scenario similar to the Mount Calvary manifests here to demonstrate to the world, and especially to humanity, the triumph of Love above all pain and all adversity.

Because it was Love that, from the top of the Cross, transformed the pain into Mercy and Grace so that it might reverberate until the end of times within the heart of all those who may recognize the Son of God and feel part of Him, in each moment of life, as in each communion with His Body and with His Blood.

Before the doors of Heaven, open over Aurora, may the Breath of the Spirit of God be ignited within you as a sacred flame, just like in the Apostles, so that you may spread, in this time, the power and the trust that My Love can express for all souls, for all those who are fallen, for those who have lost peace.

May those who live wars persevere.

May families that suffer chaos not lose hope.

May the children who are not born today, cease to cry in the inner planes, because the new Paradise will come for them.

And may the Kingdoms of Nature, which suffer in the silence of their essences, persist, because the day of liberation will come and evil will be defeated by the powerful Sword of Love of Saint Michael Archangel.

And in the hearts, the New Earth will be born again, the light of the last Christs will repopulate humanity and the attributes and Commandments of the Father will return to the planet to build the Plan again in all those who were self-summoned and did not respond.

With those who come with Me until the end of the days, they will lack nothing, they will be blessed by the Grace, filled by the Spirit of God, for the surrender and persistence of each believing and devout heart.

Suffering will be extinguished overnight and the light of the New Aurora will come, so that the souls may celebrate the day of their liberation. Amen.

Let us celebrate this moment with the opportunity of renewing your commitment, through the Sacrament of the Communion, before the Celestial Father.

May the doors of Heaven, at this moment, make the Divine Grace descend to the Earth. So be it.


Lord of the Universe,
giver of life,
untiring Father of Grace,
deposit over these elements,
and especially in the hearts,
the same opportunity You gave Me to love until the end, on top of the Cross. 
May each pain convert into relief, 
may each suffering convert into liberation,
so that all beings of the Earth,
gathered in the name of Your Love,
may participate in the glorious coming of Your Son.


At that time I gave you the bread and offering it to God, He blessed it. And today I repeat again, companions, that this is My Body, which was given for you, for the forgiveness of the faults.

Taking the Chalice and offering it to God, He blessed it. And today I tell you again, take and drink all from it, because this is the Chalice of My Blood, of the New Covenant between the creatures and God, for all eternity.

This is the Body and the Blood of Christ; blessed are those who avail themselves of this mystery of love to participate, someday, in the Eternal Glory. Amen.

I hope this Marathon is a Marathon that attracts hope to the Earth and the opportunity to live in God so that all souls may receive the Supreme Grace.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In fraternity and for peace on the whole planet, you will give one another the greeting of peace.

I thank you.



Within the Superior Universes, the so-called Source of the Creation acts, universally, regenerating the principles and the spaces of manifestation that form part of the spiritual development of the constellations and the planets.

In this current time, the struggle and the effort to be connected with the High will demand dedication, striving and dynamism so that the currents contrary to the Light, which circulate around the planetary life, do not affect nor deliberately deviate the servers.

If some form of deviation or personal abandonment of the purpose takes place in this time, it is a consequence of the lack of inner and spiritual connection with the Source.

On the other hand, the cycle of self-purification is leading the human consciousnesses on the surface of the Earth to face itself and know that which was before unknown and hidden to it. 

We refer to having consciousness and clarity concerning who each being of the surface truly is on a spiritual, mental, soul and material level.

Knowledge of the spiritual, mental and material aspects of the human being is something that used to be overlooked, because it acted in an unconscious way. 

Now, due to the universal crossing of time and space, these aspects, which beforehand acted alone and with great occult power over the consciousnesses, are coming into evidence so that the human being may face them, purify them and liberate themselves from this constant oppression.

What happens nowadays is that the majority of humanity does not know, nor have the consciousness about how to solve a situation that, during long periods of time, has been compromising the possibility of their awakening and their surrender.

So, however much a minority is aligned with the Divine Purpose and has the inner tools it needs to carry forward the manifestation of the Plan, this part, which is the more conscious minority, does not know how to proceed nor act to solve its intensive process of purification.

For this reason, the Supreme Source of the Creation has, at its disposal, great re-transmitters of attributes and codes of light, the so-called "Mirrors".

The Mirrors are the support and fundamental bridge of union for the current planetary transition because the most sublime Mirrors of the Creation will be the indispensable support for the evolution of love within the terrestrial consciousness; just as they will be the pillars that will sustain the bridge that humanity itself must build through prayer, liturgy, Sacraments and service for the neediest.

Without these attributes widely applied in daily life, the human being will not be able to sustain itself.

Up to now, the Kingdoms of Nature, just as the vast oceans and seas, were the spiritual and internal consciousnesses that sustained the human being of the surface. 

However, this cycle has changed, as the degradation, the mistreat and the lack of care for Nature have generated debts that are unpayable by the human race. And this has consequences, again and again, on the planet, reflecting on the changing climatic phenomena, the accelerated melting of the poles, the terrestrial and aerial contaminations and the collapse of all the environments generated by noise and visual contamination.

All of this planetary context drowns the Earth, as consciousness, the Lesser Kingdoms and all of humanity.

The moment has come for each being of the surface to counteract this evil caused to the planet and the Creation.

The moment has come for each soul to assume its own purification and transition, and to not feed on nor depend on anything or anyone.

The instruments to know how to create the spiritual condition have been taught; now it will only depend on the entire human race to be able to reverse and transmute what has been generated.

The Mirrors will be, in these times, the primary spiritual support of alignment and of balance.

The Mirrors will be able to unite with the mirror of the heart of each being so that, little by little, and with determination and consciousness, they may change the vibrations of the planet and the human race.

Within the Mirrors, you will find greater support for the end of times and the key that will open the right door for you to reach the Celestial Brotherhood.

It is time to work consciously.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I write this message with words of light to be able to express, through them, the gratitude and the Love that I have for My dear children, especially for all souls that throughout the times and My Apparitions have made their first vows of consecration to the Mother of God.

For this reason, My children, I come in a special way today to invite and call each Child of Mary to be present with me on March 12, 2019, at the Marian Center of Aurora, the place that will be the venue for the next Annual Meeting of the Children of Mary.

I invite and call you to be in the presence of your Celestial Mother so that you may not only renew the vows of your consecration, which you once made, but also that your souls may receive a spiritual impulse directly from the Mother of God in order that your consciousnesses may prepare for the times of emergencies.

Surrounded by the splendorous Aurora, I invite you to be by My side on this March 12 and also to invite, in this year, a brother or sister to participate in the Meeting so they can see how beautiful it is to live in the Heart of God.

As of now, I announce this invitation so that each child of Mine may get organized to be present.

This Meeting will be globally broadcast through Mercy Mary TV so that the Children of Mary from Central America, North America and Europe can accompany.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Today My Hands are wounded for having come to meet those who were in danger and suffering persecution.

This is a sign, My children, that the time has changed for everyone and that the events have advanced before what was expected, and in a violent way.

The Lady of Coromoto is in vigil and in prayer waiting for injustice to finish, waiting for the power, that men believe they have, to be defeated. But the Divine Light will fight and triumph for the poorest, for the simple in heart, for those who do not want conflicts nor wars.

Venezuela today is the scene of everything that men and women on the surface can generate as they distance themselves from God and believe they can do more than the majority of their siblings.

This is the time when the Armageddon is rapidly being unleashed and the nations most sought after by evil are the focus of the big created conflicts.

It is time, prayerful children, for prayer to increasingly strengthen within you.

It is time for all beings of goodwill not to exclude themselves, but to assume prayer for peace in Venezuela and Syria.

When I asked you to pray for Venezuela and Syria three times a week, it was for you, to assume this commitment with enthusiasm, as it was in this time when more difficult moments would come, to Venezuela especially.

Today, My children, your priority of life is to pray for your brothers and sisters of Venezuela and Central America who have already been singled out by the hands of persecution and the created social upheavals that affect families and entire peoples.

My adversary unleashes his fury over South-America and, through indignation, resentment and suffering, he is gaining more territory and more reign. His most unimaginable beasts now walk over some nations and millions of children of Mine are subjected by the system and by power.

This is the war of everyone against everyone. But you, beloved children, who are more conscious, must make the greater effort to bring celestial peace to the Earth because thus evil will defeat itself when it no longer finds instruments for it to be able to operate through.

I know that, for My children of Venezuela, the captivity has been unbearable and painful. 

Everything that happens today, in My dear Venezuela, is the real demonstration of the systems practiced in the world by those who believe themselves to be powerful. But, just as it was in Fatima, the faith, the devotion and the love of those who seek peace will defeat the kingdom of My adversary.

As never before, your Mother and Lady treads, with Her Feet, on the head of the serpent and presses on it with the Power of God to dissolve, as soon as possible, all pain caused.

It is not time to fight with weapons. It is time to intelligently triumph with the instrument of prayer because nothing is defined yet.

I invite you to reinforce the commitment of prayer for Venezuela, but let this be in truth.

I would no longer want to see disgraces being unleashed in other nations.

Assume this moment today, it is the time of Armageddon.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Coromoto


Dear children,

On this day, when once again we gather to pray, I ask you, children, to place within your prayers all of the spiritual needs that must be supplied through the light column of prayer.

The planet advances itself, entering thus into new tests while humanity is materially distracted by the novelties of these times.

And few are the armies of light who are aware of the worldly need and respond immediately. With these few, the Spiritual Hierarchy does much, stepping up to cover the greatest amount of emergencies possible.

These are not easy moments for humanity, My children, as you already know, but your response in each new prayer meeting helps many graces to descend towards the Earth, although they are not deserved. And mainly, it helps the souls of people, through the spiritual impulse of Grace, not to continue making hasty decisions that do not make sense. 

This whole situation is reflected in the nations, which are the areas most affected by the chaos that prevents the manifestation of the Plan. But that which is possible, in this time, is that the Plan be fulfilled within each one of My children so that afterwards it may be fulfilled on this planet.

Therefore, continue rowing and do not stop rowing because every inner or outer adversity will be overcome and you will find the true refuge in the Heart of the Celestial Father.

I am grateful for all the groups of prayer, for their dedication to carry out the Plan of Love.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Series - Manifestation of Aurora - Part IX

For group co-living and the spiritual awakening of pilgrims, the area of Redención 4 must someday be expressed.

It will be an area for families who have consecrated themselves to the path of the spirit but at the same time, it will be an area that will receive the pilgrims who come to the Marian Center to share the liturgies and the meetings of prayer.

Redención 4 will also, in a part of its area, express co-living with the Plant and Animal Kingdoms. That co-living of families with the Younger Kingdoms will also be an opportunity for serving them and to alleviate their suffering and give them the love of the heart. That area will gather together families who will be applying to live a different life than what is offered by the world.

Redención 4 will also be a welcoming place where children will have the alternative school, Parque Tibetano, as a foundation, an educational experience that, within other Light-Communities, has enriched and formed the spirit of the littlest ones. Redención 4 will also have an area dedicated to sports so that children and families may have a better quality of life.

In this sense, Redención 4 will offer a space more akin to the degree of evolution of each human being. The families will have the support of the activities of service to the Kingdoms of Nature, primary and secondary education through the Parque Tibetano school, as well as an area dedicated to physical education to optimize the quality of life through recreation for the children.

This area will be one of temporary residence, and as the families gradually mature and confirm their commitment to the Plan as a family, then as members of the Community they will be able to take on other areas and other sectors of the communal group life.

Redención 4 will also dedicate a section for receiving the journeying pilgrims, who, throughout all of the areas of Aurora, have no place to stay.

It would be a very clear objective for the families of the Light Network to work together with other families to manifest Redención 4, that space within the Work of Love that families need to be able to find a place where to live and also share as members of the Community.

This is another commitment and offering of the Spiritual Hierarchy for the families that have lately demonstrated inner changes and for those which are currently affected by the world as a whole and need to find a space to better serve God.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Series – Manifestation of Aurora – Part III

In this cycle, the Kingdom of Aurora must concretize the expansion of its mirror on the surface; for this reason, no one should be satisfied with what already exists, because Aurora still has to show itself in its splendor.

For this reason, companions, the collaboration and the awareness on the part of everyone for this new stage of the manifestation of Aurora will help your Sacred Center find more spaces where it may be established on the surface.

In this sense, the spiritual expansion of Aurora will depend on the efforts that all members of the Work will make in this year of 2019 so that the previously mentioned needs may be provided and carried out according to the Plan of the Hierarchy.

There is, without a doubt, a responsibility and a commitment on the part of everyone in order for this manifestation to be able to occur.

One way to motivate the concretization of the new spaces of Aurora may be to carry forward campaigns in order to raise the material and financial resources so that everything may take place; just like the inner commitment that each one can make with Aurora, to periodically be present and collaborate, will help.

For this reason, companions, the first campaign will be to concretize the bathrooms of the Marian Center of Aurora. To do this, the solidarity campaign of the 333 Uruguayan pesos will be carried out to begin to build, in the month of February of this year, the architectural bases of the bathrooms of the Marian Center.

This impulse of the 333 Uruguayan pesos will be developed by all members of the Light-Network, who will also promote the programs to gather the donations of material elements, as well as the fraternal workforce, that may help in the building of this first objective. When this need of the Marian Center of Aurora is concretized, the next stage will come about.

It should be emphasized that, if all the necessary help through the campaign of the 333 Uruguayan pesos is not concretized, the Light-Network will receive a notice to collaborate again until this objective, which is a mission for everyone, is fulfilled.

Let us together keep building the foundations for a new and fraternal humanity.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Dear singing and instrument-playing children,

That, for this day, with this new meeting, your voices and instruments may rise to God in order to keep imploring and crying out for the redemption of the planet.

May the Heavens descend to Earth through the inner portal that today your hearts will be able to open.

May the Heavenly Father again hear all of your musical offerings so that, by means of this impulse of love from His children of the Earth, He may pour all of His Infinite Mercy over the humanity in need.

Children, that today, in a simple but profound way, this essential union of your souls with the Creator may be established so that, through this musical meeting, the attributes of peace, harmony, love and fraternity may be present in the consciousness of all human beings.

May, in this gala night, in which your spirits will be able to shine more than hundreds of stars, your souls unite in a single brotherhood, in the same love and in the same fraternity, so that everything, which will be humbly offered today, may radiate throughout the planet, and the spiritual and internal needs of the peoples, races and nations may be supplied.

Dear children, today, once again, I will be accompanying you in unity and in good so that, with the special aid of the angels, the fruits of this special musical meeting may be placed at the feet of the Heavenly Father and the whole world may receive Mercy and atonement.

Beloved children, may your voices vibrate and rise in love before this possibility of being able to sing to God, to life and to all souls that will need to awaken from the deep sleep of this time.

Beloved children, may everything be in your heart as it has been in current times.

May each new gala be an opportunity of renewal and confirmation of your faith for the Work of the Hierarchy.

Today I leave you My Peace, knowing that, from now on, you will wholeheartedly offer everything for the healing and the redemption of this race.

I bless you and wish you a most beautiful musical gala for this special night.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Open your spirit so that the Holy Chalice of the Lord may pour out upon you its codes of life, and so that everything may be transformed and redeemed.

Let the Holy Chalice radiate its spiritual power, inner and immaterial, so that its divine currents may descend into your life through your faith in the powerful Blood of Jesus.

Open yourself to know the mystery of this instrument of God; in this way, you will be reaching the spiritual reality of this powerful tool.

Open yourself so that, through this mystery, you may find the great key that will open all the doors in order for you to soon enter into the Sacred Kingdom of the Holy Chalice, where the angels venerate and honor the most precious Divine Codes, achieved by their Master and Lord.

Participate in this inner communion with the Holy Chalice and renew the commitment and the trust to continue forward, beyond everything, so that purity may break out in your soul like a sacred Sun and you may receive the spiritual blessing of the powerful divine energy.

Before the Holy Chalice of the Lord your life is renewed, again and again. Everything is restored in the depths of your consciousness so that you may reach an inner state of redemption.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear child,

Fully confirm in your heart that I will always be your Mother and that a good mother never forgets her children.

A good mother feels the despair of even her smallest child and she also feels their joy.

A mother who has given birth to her child knows everything and her heart never fails, because in spite of the distance or wherever her child might be, a good mother, through her feminine intuition, feels everything that her child is going through.

So trust that a good mother will always understand you and console you. Because a good mother is capable of giving her life for her children, just as she did when giving birth to a new being.

In the maternal womb it is held the whole story between mother and child. The times of joy, the times of pain, as well as the happiness of bringing a new life into the world.

A good mother waits patiently for the love of her children. She cries, in silence, the sorrows of her heart, because a good mother always wishes good for her children, beyond everything.

A good mother is a tireless warrior of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

From the depths of My Maternal Heart, I thank you for the prayers offered for the triumph of the Love of the Lady of Aparecida.

The definitive hour is drawing closer, a moment for which the Mother of God prays more intensely within Her sacred oratory of light, for manipulation and power are in confrontation; they battle each other to know who, inside chaos, will gain the first position.

For this reason, the angels sent to Brazil by the Mother of God unite in a great chain of light to be able to dissolve, through your prayers, any sign of falseness and fear.

The Mother of God is to be found in a place in Brazil closely following the events that are coming.

The keys of neutrality and faith will be the means by which the peacemakers of Christ will confirm their union with Heaven, drawing to the Earth the principles of the New Humanity, principles that will only be established after the purification of the Earth.

Neutrality and faith will dissolve any sign of inner or spiritual conflict that the peacemakers may face being before the events of chaos.

I thank you for continuing to pray with Me for the good and for justice in Brazil!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The eternal life is the greatest treasure that souls receive for having served God, on this planet and inside this humanity.

The eternal life is the triumph of the server of God, the one who has learned to transcend the limits of matter and their own inner limits, fully seeking, in each stage of their life, to accomplish the grandiose Will of God.

The eternal life is for all, therefore you must always aspire for it.

Each moment of service, of prayer and of unconditional surrender for the neighbor is an opportunity of deepening in the aspiration of finding, someday, this eternal life, in order to merge with God in His most mysterious Essence, in the depth of the Temple of His Heart. 

You must learn with this example, companions, to overcome the limits of matter and to find the meaning in what is infinite and eternal.

Material life does not end here, your spirits are the ones that will forge new schools and new learning experiences, which will reach new spheres and will embrace new pieces of knowledge to be able to keep recreating this Creation.

Each time a server reaches this self-transcendence, the confirmation of the Plan of God is fulfilled.

But if more souls in the world encourage themselves to do it, this will enrich the Work of God and the Graces that come from His Heart will not cease to descend to humanity, because their lives will be this Mirror that God needs in order to retract His Attributes in these critical times.

The origin of your existence, and everything you have lived throughout the times, is a precious inner legacy that will constitute the New Humanity when it begins to form itself spiritually.

Each effort that you make in your lives, however small it seems, will help God and the manifestation of His Divine Plan in the whole sphere of the Earth.

You must apply the Attributes of God in your lives, little by little.

It will be worthless, companions, that you risk to live all the Attributes at once, because in a parallel way will be your transformation and redemption; and you must rediscover in you, all the time, the reason and the purpose that has brought you here, to this awakening of the profound consciousness to be able to serve God, just as He thought for each one of you.

What I tell you today, companions, is nothing new. Eternal life pulses in the Universe, it is part of all the Universal Life, which recreates itself, time and again, in order to strengthen the degrees of love in all consciousnesses that are part of this Creation, within the different planes, within the different dimensions.

I want you to encourage yourselves to practice the legacy that has been delivered to you.

It is time for new servers to emerge in this humanity.

It is time to open the doors to knowledge even more so that the mysteries may cease to be mysteries and this humanity of the surface may be conscious of the true reality that goes beyond this planet and this local Universe.

If your lives aspire to this eternal life, living each test with gratitude, living each learning experience with joy, you will allow new principles to come to your lives and to be an example for many more that will need the inner Source of Love to be able to endure these times and these great definitions that are approaching humanity.

The last August 8th was already the beginning of a new cycle. September confirms this moment again.

It is time to pay attention to the events of humanity and to apply the superior Laws, not only in your consciousnesses, but also in external life so that more souls can be saved and live this inner joy of having been able to serve God, just as He thought from the beginning, from the beginning of your origins, since before you were an existence or a molecule of light.

The Work will continue with the trajectory ahead, there is still much to do, to rescue, to redeem and especially to forgive.

Your response on this day is the example of your understanding, that you are little by little opening yourselves to be able to understand the Hierarchy that is the one that guides all this from the beginning of Creation.

You know, companions, that your first Hierarchy is the Creator Father and then all those who are below Him, until the Instructors of the surface, who are sent to the world throughout the times so that humanity may not forget the essence of its origin, the main reason of its purpose, which the forces of chaos manage to distract and dispel from the consciousnesses.

But you, companions, who have more tools than the majority of humanity, will have greater responsibility than your neighbor.

Everything you do in this time will have repercussions in good.

Therefore, it is important that you have the principles clear within you in order to know how to proceed correctly, to open yourself correctly to what must continue being transformed.

The evolution of humanity must continue ahead.

Today a new school begins for the disciples that have opened to My call, for all those who knew how to welcome Me here, as well as in their hearts, knowing that the Hierarchy does not lose time before the events that are unleashed in humanity.

There is still time to be able to revert the errors of the world and this will first begin with your examples, living a worthy life, living a true commitment, far from illusion or any fantasy, being conscious of the importance of the change, of the transformation of times, and of the upliftment of the consciousness.

Today you have climbed another step inside of the Plan of the Hierarchy. Do not descend from it, keep elevating so that the Hierarchy may trust and work.

Each one has their part in all of this. What is firmed in the Universe is not erased, even if the consciousness is no longer present here.

Those who have commitments with the Hierarchy and have not understood them will not be able to think they have never had them, because it is a spiritual commitment, signed before the Lords of the Law. Even if the consciousness carries another life, it will never be able to separate from this commitment. Even if it does not fulfill it, this commitment will again present itself somehow to remind the consciousness of what it owes to God.

Therefore, those who are not here are suffering and those who remain can feel peace, beyond their purification, because the Plan is built with the consciousnesses and it is fulfilled with the “yes” of everyone.

The Hierarchy does not expect the suffering of anybody else nor the incomprehension of the fellow being.

The Hierarchy expects the ardent devotion of each heart that knows how to respond to the breath of the spirit, which will open to hear and to understand beyond the forms.

The Work is not a person, it is the manifestation of a Divine Will, it is one of the great branches of the Tree of the Purpose; if you take care of it, it will always sprout and give new fruits.

The fruits that you have received have been the Graces that we have delivered to you.

Now you will have to keep plowing the land to sow again in this new cycle and so that you can harvest in the future what God will give you by means of your trust and the fidelity of all.

You will build fidelity by being true of heart and word. This will make you free so that you can serve more and more and so that, in spite of any circumstance, you never feel tiredness of waiting for God, until He decides to come, as today. 

The memory of love is never erased. The experience of love that you can live with the God of the Universe Himself will enrich your lives and will give you the inner strength that you will need in order to face the last times.

But you must fulfill the attributes so that the inner hope never lacks in you, in spite of how the times the purifications may be unleashed.

Through this new step that you have climbed, a new school will open, which will deepen in the one that has existed and which will bring to all the greater consciousness of what God needs to reveal to you so that you may keep learning and thus, be renewed, as you are being renewed today.

Your Instructor went to a new school. He is opening the path for you to be able to arrive there; for your spirits, your true superior beings, be able to bring from these spheres what the world needs today, aligned with the Hierarchy and obedient to sacred knowledge.

It is time for you to be conscious with what you have come to live and of what you have come to accomplish in this cycle and in this time.

It is not about just listening to the Hierarchy, it is about working together with the Hierarchy, it is about assuming, with joy, each new summoning. This will allow the planet not to sink and humanity not to be crystallized with its own errors, with its own actions, with all deeds, which lead souls to lose the sense of their existence in this world.

The door of My Mercy has opened the space to this new school, in which your Instructor is to be found today with ancient brothers from other stars who on this day meet him again to keep living this trajectory towards Infinity, to keep emitting the impulses of light that all disciples who have remained here, on Earth, need, in order to keep transforming themselves until they achieve to be New Christs.

We will keep rebuilding the Plan by means of the servers, of those who have self-summoned.

We will restore this humanity by means of all the superior beings that, in spite of living the school of love and forgiveness, are offering themselves to follow the steps of the Hierarchy and help to elevate the consciousness of humanity, of dimension and plane.

May My Words be able to resonate beyond your ears.

May the Instruction of the Hierarchy and the word of those who instruct, and have offered themselves to God to live it in the name of many more, keep being sacred.

May there no longer exist resistance to changes.

The Glory of God has been given to you, now you must glorify your lives so that this Glory may return to God and the Universe may be recreated once again.

This will begin with the practice of your responsibility, of your adhesion and your union with the Plan, in spite of any circumstance.

Those who have left here, some time ago, are welcome today, because they have always had a place in My Heart, otherwise I would not be here, it would not make sense.

But it is time to correctly live what the Hierarchy asks for, divesting yourselves of your own will and even your own beliefs, otherwise you will not be able to live the new cycle. No one can be left behind.

Therefore, I am extending My Hand to you today, as a Master among the Masters, as an Instructor among the Instructors of the Universe.

I still have My Hand extended to humanity, because I know it needs help and that it will not be able to do it by itself.

Receive, then, the encouragement of the Instructor of the Universe, of the Humble Lord among the Humble Lords, of the Bearer of Peace among the Bearers of Peace, of the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

I will always come to give you everything I have, because I was born to be able to be the Word Incarnate and thus be able to be the Example for all My companions and friends who, throughout the times, must follow the footprints of the Lord.

Today your spirits finish an inner academy because your Instructor has left to new schools to be able to instruct new disciples who need the same grace that you have received.

Today I leave you the Instructors that are here today so that you may live the new school, which I need you to live, with your hearts open, in communion with your souls and in gratitude to the Universe.

Thus, there will be more time for the planetary rescue so that many more can enter My Boat before the deluge of Justice comes.

I give you an example, but I tell you truths.

Offer, then, your heart to God, so that your commitment may be reconfirmed and nothing be wasted. Thus you will please your Redeemer and I will come to bring you more Good News, as today.

Bring to Me the Communion here to bless it.

Incense and water to bless.

We stand up.

And at the request of the Master, in this consecration and in this inner confirmation of each one of us, we will live at the request of the Master a profound work of detachment, but also a profound work of gratitude to Trigueirinho and we will bless these elements together with the Universal King, the ashes of the Master Trigueirinho and through the song “Blow of the Spirit” we will raise our offering to God emitting all of our love and our gratitude for having met the Master Trigueirinho in our lives.

You can give hands to one another.

In homage to Trigueirinho, we will sing the song number twelve of the twelve songs that were composed by José Trigueirinho called “With your permission.”

We will sing now the song “Primordial Source.”

Let us inhale.

That the advent of the New Race
be fulfilled.
That humanity
be able to express its archetype.
That the word be alive
and build Your Temple.
That Your Mystery expand itself in us
and that the true existence be revealed to the world,
so that we may gather in Your Name
and glorify the Perfect Unity.

In the name of the Universe, I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Thank you, Lord, for all that You give us! 

In this meeting, we honor You, Lord.


Second Message

I bless you all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

From the Heart of the Universe comes the Instruction for humanity.

It has always been like this, but today I am inviting you to enter with Me into one special Source of Instruction and knowledge, which until today has been inexhaustible, which has always remained alive throughout times.

Today I am talking to you especially from the Pleiades, an inner place from which much knowledge arose before the origins of the Earth, before the manifestation of the first humanity.

From this place many spirits were sent, wise consciousnesses that had their formation in knowledge and gave Instruction to the world throughout the times.

Therefore, Instruction must be considered as the first rule of life, the one which will always lead you to straighten the path and maintain your consciousnesses on High.

Today the Pleiades, as stars, make themselves present and come to meet the self-summoned so that they may feel within themselves the impulses of the Universe, impulses that will be revealed for the manifestation of the Plan of God in humanity.

For these critical times, the Pleiades keep participating in your humanity, they keep pouring out their knowledge upon the sphere of the Earth so that, in the spiritual plane, everything may be conceived and later be lived by the human consciousnesses on this surface.

May you understand today how much sacred knowledge has arisen from these great stars of the Pleiades which, time and again, emits impulses to the whole Universe so that the consciousnesses may catch the information that they need to be able to grow internally, and thus be bearers of peace.

Attract toward yourselves this superior consciousness of knowledge and Instruction, thus you will always hold in your lives this extended hand that will be the guide of Instruction, which will lead you to forge, in your true beings, that which you came to fulfill and live in these final times.

It is time to reignite this commitment within you, this sacred memory with the Universe and all its Instruction.

Instruction is like a wellspring that is never exhausted, it is like the river that never ceases to run to bathe the fields and the forests, to nourish the land with its wealth and minerals.

See, then, this sacred knowledge as something vital, because the last impulses are now coming to humanity, they are being poured out for the formation of the New Humanity.

From this place, receive all the love of Instruction. Receive in your hearts the impulse of something sacred that comes to unveil the new being and to bring Truth to the consciousness, without allowing it to become confused nor be deceived by the supposed instructions that will come from other paths.

I told you once that by your fruits you will be known. Instruction will be this key that will reveal that which is hidden and will leave in evidence in what is not true.

For this reason, each word that comes from knowledge and Instruction is vital because it will make of your beings consciousnesses free of themselves, from the constant current of errors of the race of these times.

The sacred knowledge will help you reverse the chaos of these times, it will help you to transform and vivify everything, in the plentitude that knowledge and Instruction have, because they come from the Source.

May the Sun, which can awaken in your heart, recognize this legacy.

Sacred instructions from the Pleiades are sent to humanity to form the last disciples, to make of each consciousness a teraphim of the new cycle.

I invite you to revive what is sacred in the Universe, what comes from such faraway places of the Cosmos so that you recognize your true identity and thus not be disturbed by the material life, by the human condition, by the errors and the suffering.

May you find this portal of exit to the heart of the Pleiades, in which the first rule of Instruction is the prayer of the Wise Spirits that have given of themselves throughout the times to serve humanity, to help elevate the consciousness to the true purpose and to the true meaning of existence.

See, then, companions, the importance of knowledge in these times. There are many who are still in the desert, seeking the water of life to quench their thirst, but cannot find it because they are within themselves.

Now that I have opened this Source for you, go and drink, drink of this knowledge as if it were the last water that existed on the planet, to give the most wonderful codes of the Universe and of the Brotherhood, to bring to your consciousnesses the true memory of their commitments signed in the Universe, as original essences, as part of a great Project, that has not ended yet.

Commune, then, with the wonders of the Pleiades and of its Constellation.

Feel the love of the Pleiades beat in your hearts and, in this sacred symphony, emit your ray of gratitude to that which is superior so that more keys may be given to humanity, so that more inner Christs may awaken and thus the talents in all beings may be shown; talents which will be at the service of your Master and Lord for the end of these times, and that, united, will be essential for the Work of redemption.

Emit, then, your song of gratitude to the Universe, may your spirits embrace this flame of knowledge and may it be welcomed in the depths of your beings in order to awaken the virtues that are necessary to remove the majority from spiritual drowsiness and inertia.

May the treasures of the Pleiades show themselves today to the simple hearts.

May the light of the Pleiades radiate to the humble hearts and may the consciousnesses commune with that which truly exists and has always been eternal.

This will safeguard the last Tribes of Israel, which are in the world to fulfill the great prophecy of the return of your Lord.

Be brave and say “yes” in trust.

Receive this encouragement and this hope from the Universe in these critical moments of humanity and the planet so that the true attributes and principles of evolutionary life are not erased from the memory of humanity, but are present for the most urgent times of humanity.

I embrace and hold My Heart in those who truly hear Me, in those who, above all, understand and adhere to My Purpose.

I also pray for those who do not understand Me and for those who do not follow Me, because everything will be in evidence someday, and this is not far away from happening.

For this, I pray, for this I implore, and for this I invoke My Father.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



After everything defines, some will think that I was never here nor will they believe that in these last years I have been talking to you directly so, in spite of your miseries and imperfections, you should let the world know that I am already returning.

For this reason, stay firm without hesitating and trust in Me, because from My Heart will come the correct words when you and some of your companions may have to testify because of My cause. But in that moment, and in that hour, everything will already have been said and the world will be at the apex of its great and last purification.

Thus, as from now, do not feel regret or distress. All who serve Me for some reason, must be tested in their faithfulness, obedience and love, so that, in My servers, in those whom I have chosen, the transformation that My Word brings about and the miracle that My Message produces, may be represented.

Keep on as you have been until now, close to Me, in simplicity and love, and tell your companions to do the same, because the time to protect the Work from the enemies will come.

Those who oppose will come to know the greater heat of My Fire.

Those who unconditionally adhere will come to know the celestial marvel of My Love.

Thus, continue forward for Me and for no one else; the world is full of personalities, and to all of them the moment to disappear for being full of fantasies and illusions will come.

But you, who are with Me and that, for My Mercy, I have taught you to be so, never cease to make Me known.

Imitate Me, even though you may not manage to do so; seek Me, even though I may not call you, because, from that spiritual communion with Me, you will receive the strength you need in order to defend My Word and My Message from those who will try to deny them.

Accept the cycles that are coming and never, not for a second, stop surpassing Me in love. Thus, for your service, you will allow Me to win over the obedience that I expect from many more hearts that are disobedient to Me.

Today I do not make you shine like gold nor diamonds; you are the most imperfect stone that has been molded by Me. Let Me continue to penetrate in the depths of your spirit, for that is where the Supreme Will will be done.

Be an example of constancy, just like some of Mine are.

Believe, above all things, in what My Love can do, in this way everything will be transformed.

I will be your breath in the moments of test. I will be your hope on the days of great planetary darkness.

I Am what I Am.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


First Message

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

By express Will of My Father, today I Am here to announce you that I Am the Lord of the Eclipse, the One who, through the phenomena of the end of times, announces the definitive times for humanity.

I have come especially to bring you this announcement.

I have descended here from the House of My Father to share with you My Word and My Message of the end of times.

By means of My Heart, I announce you the Truth and I open the ears of the consciousness for those who want to listen.

The last phenomenon that happened was not only physical, but also spiritual and universal; and although not everyone participated in it, the planet is inside of that context and that reality.

What the eclipse announces is the change of a cycle, the passage to a new state of consciousness and to a new time of purification.

The last eclipse announces the end of the end of times. There will be nothing more to expect, everything will unleash quickly.

This is why I come tonight to announce it to you, because at night the Celestial Governments act more deeply and the Spiritual Universe approaches to give this revelation.

I do not want you to feel disquiet about what I am revealing to you.

Each announcement that I make is to strengthen your commitment with Me and to testify to the return of the Lord to the world, for the second time.

The phenomena of the Universe are reflected in the inner phenomena.

Everything that happens in the Universe also happens inside of beings. There is nothing disconnected.

It is time to cross this doorway towards the new cycle. Because the commitments will transform into responsibilitie,s and if your responsibility is firm, the Master and the Lord of the Eclipse will be able to count on you in an unconditionally way.

After the eclipse comes a new time, a new reality, and the Universe expects that humanity realizes what that means.

The events no longer will be abstract, neither for only a few consciousnesses.

The last eclipse announces global events that will impact all over the Earth and specially in its humanity.

Thus, for this special Marathon in Aurora, the moment has come for each server to make his synthesis, meditate, contemplate and reflect about everything that they have received during the previous sixty meetings.

I have given, in each moment, a special key for each being, for each server, so that each one may learn to open the correct door and find the meaning of evolution in the end of these times.

Now the moment has come to give everything for the planet; this is why the first impulse of this cycle of purification will be the definition and the absolute union with My Divine Consciousness.

By means of My Sacred Heart, I offer you the perfect refuge for the difficult and acute moments of humanity; in this place that I offer you, only God and My Mother will find you.

In My Heart there is no fear, but rather the trust that God fulfils His Will,  time and again.

Unite to this Principle and make it part of your lives, thus you will be able to accompany My steps, thus you will be able to follow My commands, thus you will be able to help to carry out the Plan, from the place that corresponds to each one and within the duty that each one must live, because what I need is something very simple. All this will help to prepare My Return.

I need that you write, with Me, a new history, which is the beginning of a New Humanity.

For this reason, the events of the end of times will be very intense, inside and outside of the beings, and will take to the souls to give big steps in their awakening.

But who does not manage to take these steps will move backwards, and I need everyone to walk by My side.

Because the Lord of the East is approaching by means of the announcement of the eclipse, where universal conjunctures have congregated and astronomic movements have united, to announce to humanity that the hour and the moment has come to redeem humanity and to restore the planet, after its time of purification and its transition.

May no one be surprised by what they will see.

May no one focus on the events, but rather in the need to love more and more, carrying in heart the Trust of God and the daily work of communion with Me, which will be important bases for learning how to survive in these times.

But today My Hand extends to you and to the world.

Today My Arms are open to embrace humanity and the planet.

The phenomena of the end of times are sudden changes for consciousnesses, because they will come, little by little, but they will be fast and they will demand a total change in humanity.

Who stays inside of the cosmic movements will be inside of the Law.

It is to follow the movements, unite to them and understand them, even though there is not full knowledge of what this means, for this final time.

The Lord of the Eclipse announces a very sudden change in the humanity that everybody will feel and that, from the next 8th of August, will be finally concretized.

I repeat to you again, do not stay in the events, perceive in your inner worlds what this will mean and the expansion of consciousness that this will bring.

Because these are the last Rays of the Universe that will descend to the Earth, by means of immaterial and cosmic Laws, with the aim of preparing humanity for the coming final time that is very close.

Everything will be visible, everything. Inside and outside of the beings.

There will be no more deceit, because the deceit will be seen.

There will be no more lies, because the lies will be revealed.

There will be no more secrets, because the secrets will be unveiled.

It is time to internally absorb the strength that comes from the Universe, by means of the luminous currents that come to the planet through astronomic and cosmic phenomena.

The planet has changed state after the last eclipse and the planet of Mars has been the governor in all this. Humanities of other times have participated in this and the Universe has contemplated this phenomenon, beyond the physical, within the spiritual plane.

And after this event, that has been seen in the world, today the Lord of the Eclipse, the Lord of the East, comes to you.

Because His Greater Fire is coming in large electrical waves of light to remove the dust of the lost humanity and to bring the last impulse of the Light of the Universe, which will open the portal toward the new time.

I will not be able to tell you everything that this event meant, but believe that it was very important.

Today you have conscience of one part of what has happened, but when everything unchains in humanity, you will understand it better and you will remember this day, because what I say is not wasted.

The Word of God is alive and eternal.

The Verb of God, through His Son, is unalterable and inextinguishable, it reverberates time and again by means of vibration and sound.

Commune of this moment and receive the macrocosm in your inner worlds so that it resonates in the depths of the consciousness and does its work in all souls.

May this Marathon represent the definite fusion with the Brotherhood and that, finally, its foundations of love be manifested on the surface.

After everyone has understood the meaning of the Hierarchy, receive My solar impulse for this meeting and may the first glimpses of the Light of Aurora emerge from your spirits so that you become like Mirrors that reflect the Love of the Universe to humanity.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


First Series of Poems
Sixth Poem of a Soul to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus

may there be no time,
moment or preference
for me to want to look for You.

May I not exchange You, Lord, for anything or anyone.

I also ask You for this Grace,
because I know that You, beloved Lord,
know my weaknesses and uncertainties.

Fill me, Jesus,
with the most pure Source of Your truth and of Your transparency
so that some day I may learn to be so similar to You
in word, action and feeling.

Tear out from within me everything that may offend You
and, although it may hurt within,
do what You have to do, Lord,
and do not delay.

Take Your time
to project within me
Your most sacred designs.

Help me in the hours of great inner tempest.

Enlighten me in the moments of great tribulation.

Because I know, dear Jesus,
that in everything You are present
and that You will never abandon us,
in both the hardest moments of the desert
and the coldest tests of the inner winter.

Ignite in my chest, beloved Jesus,
the sacred flame of Your invincible Love
so that in the hour of the great inner battle
I may have absolute and full confidence
that You, Lord, will win.

Participate more and more
in this imperfect life.

Show me with clarity
and without self-illusions
what it is that I still have to change.

May I not drown within my own indifference.

On the contrary, Lord,
make me worthy of the atonement of Your Grace
so that I may transform everything
according to Your projects.


I thank you for keeping the words of this Soul in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


First Series of Poems
Second Poem of a Soul to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus

Make me love the Divine Purpose, Lord,
as You have loved it since the beginning
while You were among us as a Child,
while You preached and taught the Word of Life,
while You worked and did wonders in the most closed hearts.

Beloved Jesus,
faithful Master and Celestial Spouse,
commit my life more and more to You.

During the cold night, may I feel the warmth of Your embrace,
may I always take refuge in Your Heart
when I cross the desert of the soul,
may I be absolutely empty
each time You call me to serve.

Venerable and noble Heart of Jesus,
participate entirely in my life,
because my life is Your life,
my breath is part of Your breath,
my dreams are part of Your magnificent Projects.

Dear Jesus,
convert my aspirations into Your Designs,
my longings into part of Your Work,
so that I may make You known to the world
just as You, my Lord,
have let humankind know
the Greater Love of God.

May Your Kingdom, Lord, descend to Earth
so that each aspect of my consciousness
may be ennobled and transformed,
according to Your Word and Your infinite Mercy.

Keep me beside You, Jesus,
because in the dark night of the soul
I need to feel confidence and strength
in being able to be near You.

Allow me, Lord,
to empty myself completely by Your intervention
so that You may deposit in this small heart
the Work of Your Kingdom and Your whole Legacy
and thus the higher design of Your Spirit
may be fulfilled in this humanity.

Make me see with clarity and wisdom
the steps that today I must take towards You.

Sustain me with Your Hands
so that, with confidence, I may cross
the inner abysses that separate me from You.

make me recognize Your powerful Light,
make me recognize the sublime Fire of Your Heart,
so that You may be able to fulfill Your Divine Will in my life



I thank you for keeping these words of a Soul in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


The Cathedral of Peace

Dear children,

Today I approach you to present, from the inner planes, the Cathedral of Peace, a divine space that was conceived by God Himself in honor to the Divine Lady of Heaven, in order to generate an enclosure for the elevation of souls and the continuity of Her service for humanity.

The Cathedral of Peace rises within the Consciousness of Fatima and as a spiritual counterpart it acts on the inner levels of the essences, bringing to them the essence of the Original Purity.

The Cathedral of Peace receive the great souls that were victims and witnesses of the Love of Jesus, through their holiness, dedication and unconditional service.

Inside of the Cathedral of Peace the angelic presence, in its different levels of hierarchy, sustain and raise the Consciousness of Light of the Cathedral of Peace.

This sacred space, which is present in the inner planes of Fatima, awakens in every human being who visits the Sanctuary of Fatima, an aspiration to find their inner truth and, above all, their state of purity.

The Cathedral of Peace is nourished by the Source of Creation and, consequently, the other levels of consciousness that are below it also receive spiritual and internal assistance.

The Cathedral of Peace itself attracts the Principles of Creation to the center of its celestial vault, which might be understood as Gifts that awaken virtues and foster the inner manifestation of talents in the souls.

In this sense, the Cathedral of Peace, which was elevated in honor to Our Lady, is the spiritual magnet that attracts to itself the divine attributes that humanity will need to go through the final stage of its transition.

From the Cathedral of Peace emanates the sacred impulses of the Mother of the World for all of humanity, and the angelic and human consciousnesses that accompany the mission of this Cathedral are intermediaries so that everything that the Celestial Mother radiates can reach the souls, regardless of their degree of awakening and commitment.

The Cathedral of Peace reminds humanity, from the inner planes, that it must return to the House of the Heavenly Father and find in it the spiritual values ​​that will make all consciousnesses worthy.

The Cathedral of Peace is a bridge that leads us to Ascension and to the encounter with our infinite inner universe, a place where God is present so that we may commune with His Divine and Paternal Presence.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Bless you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the Cathedral of Peace


Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more