Sunday, September 2 of 2018

Monthly messages

Second Message

I bless you all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

From the Heart of the Universe comes the Instruction for humanity.

It has always been like this, but today I am inviting you to enter with Me in one special Source of Instruction and of knowledge, which until today has been inexhaustible, which has always remained alive throughout the times.

Today I am talking to you especially from the Pleiades, an inner place from which much knowledge arose before the origins of the Earth, before the manifestation of the first humanity.

From this place many spirits have been sent, wise consciousnesses that have had their formation in knowledge and have given Instruction to the world throughout the times.

Therefore, the Instruction must be considered as the first rule of life, the one which will always lead you to straighten the path and maintain consciousness on High.

Today the Pleiades, as stars, make themselves present and come to meet the self-summoned so that they may feel the impulses of the Universe inside, impulses that will be revealed for the manifestation of the Plan of God in humanity.

For these critical times, the Pleiades keep participating in your humanity, they keep pouring their knowledge over the sphere of the Earth so that, in the spiritual plane, everything may be conceived and later be lived by the human consciousnesses on this surface.

Today may you understand how much sacred knowledge has arisen from this great star of the Pleiades which, time and again, emits impulses for the whole Universe so that the consciousnesses may catch the information that they need to be able to grow internally, and thus be bearers of peace.

Attract toward your consciousnesses this superior consciousness of knowledge and Instruction, thus you will always have in your lives this extended hand that will be the guide of Instruction, which will lead to forge, in your true beings, what you came to fulfill and to live in these final times.

It is time to reignite this commitment in you, this sacred memory with the Universe and all its Instruction.

Instruction is like a wellspring that is never exhausted, it is like the river that never ceases to run to bathe the fields and the forests, to nourish the land with its wealth and minerals.

See, then, this sacred knowledge as something vital, because the last impulses are already coming to humanity, they are being poured for the formation of the New Humanity.

Receive, from this place, all the love of the Instruction, receive in your hearts the impulse of something sacred that comes to unveil the new being and bring the Truth to the consciousness, without allowing it to become confused nor to be deceived by the supposed instructions that will come from other paths.

I told you once that, by your fruits, you will be known. Instruction will be this key that will reveal what is hidden and will leave in evidence what is not true.

For this reason, each word that comes from knowledge and Instruction is vital because it will make your consciousnesses free from themselves, from the constant current of errors of the race of these times.

Because the sacred knowledge will help you reverse the chaos of these times, it will help you to transform and vivify everything, in plentitude, that knowledge and Instruction have because they come from the Source.

May the Sun, that can awaken in your heart, recognize this legacy.

Sacred instructions from the Pleiades are sent to humanity to form the last disciples, to make of each consciousness a teraphim of the new cycle.

I invite you to revive what is sacred in the Universe, what comes from such faraway places of the Cosmos, so you recognize your true identity and thus not be disturbed by the material life, by the human condition, by the errors and the suffering.

May you find this portal of exit to the heart of the Pleiades, in which the first rule of Instruction is the prayer of the wise spirits that have donated themselves throughout the times to serve humanity, to help elevate the consciousness to the true purpose and to the true meaning of existence.

See, then, companions, the importance of knowledge in these times. There are many who are still in the desert, seeking the water of life to quench their thirst, but are not finding it because they are in themselves.

Now that I have opened this Source for you, go and drink, drink of this knowledge as if it were the last water that exists on the planet, to give the most wonderful codes of the Universe and of the Brotherhood, to bring to the consciousness the true memory of their commitment signed in the Universe as original essence, as part of a great Project that has not ended yet.

Commune, then, with the wonders of the Pleiades and of its Constellation.

Feel the love of the Pleiades beat in your hearts and, in this sacred symphony, emit your ray of gratitude to what is superior so that more keys may be given to humanity, so that more inner Christs may awaken and thus show the talents in all beings; talents which will be at the service of your Master and Lord for the end of these times, and that united will be essential for the Work of redemption.

Emit, then, your song of gratitude to the Universe, may your spirits embrace this flame of knowledge and may they welcome it in the depth of your beings in order to awaken the virtues that are necessary to awaken; to remove the majority from spiritual drowsiness and from inertia.

May the treasures of the Pleiades show themselves today to the simple hearts.

May the light of the Pleiades radiate to the humble hearts and may the consciousnesses commune with what truly exists and has always been eternal.

This will safeguard the last Tribes of Israel, which are in the world to fulfill the great prophecy of the return of their Lord.

Be brave and say “yes” in trust.

Receive this encouragement and this hope from the Universe in these critical moments of humanity and of the planet, so that the true attributes and principles of evolutionary life does not get erased from the memory of men, but are present for the most urgent times of humanity.

I embrace and hold My Heart in those who truly hear Me, in those who, above all, understand and adhere to My Purpose.

I also pray for those who do not understand Me and for those who do not follow Me, because everything will be in evidence someday and this is not far from happening.

For this I pray, for this I implore and for this I invoke My Father.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.