Your first connection with the Universe must be prayer because prayer is what will prepare your consciousness to cross dimensions and to be worthy of finding God and His Universal and Divine Truth.

In order to enter the gates and reveal the most sublime mysteries of the infinite Cosmos, you must first enter the gates of your own consciousness, revealing the muck and mud that you have to transform before reaching God.

To cross both the gates of the Cosmos and the gates of your own inner self, there is something that your consciousness must know; without love, nothing will be revealed to you. Love is what makes you worthy of being with God, and the same love is what allows you to deal with the miseries of your consciousness, transforming them in the correct way.

In prayer, you will learn how to love. Therefore, pray and let God Himself be the one who leads your consciousness to the gates that you are ready to cross. 

Do not fear, child, because both self-knowledge and the knowledge of the Cosmos are sources of wisdom and evolution, they are revelations which complement each other and are necessary for you to fully return to the Heart of the Father, even though you are alive.

Just as when we say that there are living dead people, it is also possible to return to God in consciousness, and continue within this world thus, beings will be in God, in His Thoughts, in His Feeling, in His Mind, in His Heart and, like a pencil in His Hands, they will draw the manifestation of His Plan on Earth.

Everything starts with prayer, but not empty prayer with distractions or by obligation. It all begins when beings learn the true value of praying and they pray with their hearts.

Your Father and Friend

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


From His birth to His adult life, Jesus had full knowledge of universal life and the deep life of each being. Knowing the purpose of humanity on Earth, His Heart was always supported by the hope of the arrival of a new life, of the manifestation of a New Humanity.

The Truth of God lived within Him and during the Calvary it was the basis of the wisdom that awakened Christic Love in His Heart and renewed the Love of God.

Today, child, let the revelations of this time be for you the wisdom that comes as a basis for the calvary of the world and, above all, for the awakening and renewal of Love.

Receive the sciences that you are taught with gratitude, the higher knowledge about which humanity has always been so ignorant to.

Let wisdom awaken the certainty in you of eternity and of the redemption of all souls so that with this Truth, alive in your heart, you are able to make the trials of this end of cycle small.

Ennoble and strengthen your heart with wisdom and knowledge. Let higher Truth draw closer and, with it, what you truly are; in this way, you will have firm foundations on which to walk toward your return to God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The art of being nothing

To be nothing is an inner state that transcends all the sciences and philosophies, all the teachings. 

All beings are always searching to be something, through their profession, education, spiritual lineage, their role within the life on Earth, within families and inserted in the systems of life that the world offers.

To be nothing is not to stop doing things. To be nothing is a greater knowledge of the universal life that gives the heart the certainty that nothing that it seems to be belongs to it. To be nothing is the knowledge of All that God is; the wisdom that all life comes from this All and outside of It, is a mere nothing.

Within the body nothing functions alone. An arm, no matter how important it is in the body, outside of it, it loses its meaning and becomes nothing. So, the being who recognizes the Mystical Body of the Lord, formed by Life, also knows that separated from Him is nothing and together with Him, is everything. 

To be nothing is an art of love and wisdom: it is a divine science, more than the consciousness of humility. A being can be humble and, even so, still be full of ignorance, believing that humility belongs to him, that he himself is the manifestation of humility.

To be nothing is a path of knowledge and of transcendence, it is the finality of everything. To be nothing is a path of love.

Aspire to this, children. To be completely in God and to recognize yourselves as nothing outside of Him.

You have my blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Second Message

The revelation of the mystery is approaching the human consciousness. This is the moment of knowing the Truth deeply and of being able to penetrate this mystery through the revelation of its divine and cosmic knowledge.

Today I come again from the Sun because this is the universal star that rules and illuminates you, day by day.

In spite of what may happen, and before any event, the Sun, as an essence, gives you life, regeneration and healing.

For this reason, today My Message also comes from this place, from this Sun that governs this solar system and that concentrates many universal and cosmic Laws for the evolution of life and consciousness.

The Sun will be the witness of the events of the end of times on this planet and in its humanity, and in it, all the principles will be poured so that the solar system may be regenerated again and everything may start from scratch.

The Sun that rules you is not only a physical, material or cosmic element; it is an energy that has been placed within this system of life so that all could learn from it throughout the cycles and seasons.

Each element, just as each event, has its place and its hour. The Sun that rules you will enter a new state and a new form through its divine self-purification and that of its laws that are part of this Material Universe; laws that are also part of hundreds of Suns in other regions of the vast Cosmos.

In this Sun, you will find power plants for the regeneration of human essences and of their spiritual counterparts that will still have to live their redemption, purification and, lastly, their rehabilitation.

The waves that it will emit for these times will be intense and decisive. A part of humanity will identify this as a punishment, as a global imbalance, or as part of a universal event; although this is true, the intention and purpose is another, the Universe never stops and has never stopped, it lives in a constant dynamism and a permanent acceleration.

You, as humanity and as a planet, are within this system of life and within this system of evolution that reaches the deepest of your bodies, matter, cells and atoms.

The acceleration of these times is part of the acceleration of the Universe and of this solar system that prepares to enter into a new time that, spiritually, will not be so perceptible to all but that it will be visible in the movement of the laws of material life or, even, in the hands of a clock. Time seems to run and not be enough.

The transition of humanity and the apex of its great purification are approaching in order to enter the real time of the Universe, in which only the eternal present exists.

For this reason, the Hierarchies, throughout times and generations, through all ages and decades, have prepared the preamble for the entrance of this new time; otherwise, humanity would have suffered the acceleration of time too much, within its consciousness and spirit.

Universal assistance comes to the aid of all, the approach of the Hierarchy comes to the aid of all. It will only suffice to live the rules in order to fulfill the Plan and carry it out according to the Divine Purpose.

It will be worthless to do much in humanity if the mission is not based on love and truth, on transparency and obedience, fundamental attributes for the current times, when many spiritual and human manifestations will be presented and will convince the majority that they are real and autonomous.

Following the Hierarchy has a single meaning and a single aim, a single purpose, a single goal, which is to achieve the fusion in brotherhood, unity and with faith; attributes that promote the materialization of the Plan on the surface of this planet and in others.

The humanities of this Universe are offering themselves to help this current humanity, this race that comes from the Adams and the Eves and from a continuity of mistakes and faults that have taken place throughout the times and ages; but the end of the Law of Suffering is drawing near so that the doors to healing and relief of pain may be opened.

The more you cry out for My Mercy and for the Piety of God, the more the doors will open.

The more you demonstrate that you are understanding what We say and what We speak, the more the doors to Mercy will open and each one, in spite of where or how they are, will receive what they need. Trust in what I Tell you.

The Sun, for humanity, represents this spiritual fusion between souls and God, a fundamental principle that once had to be lived in the existence of the Adams and the Eves, but that did not succeed due to many different circumstances.

Now history will be recalculated and the Plan will deepen itself in the human consciousness so that every being on the Surface of this planet may keep clearly in mind what the Will of God means.

Do not fail to open your hearts to the mysteries. Drink from this Nonmaterial Fount that I bring you today so that your lives may be renewed and you may never, never be thirsty; because communion with higher life is possible while one lives this lower life on the surface of the Earth.

The School of the New Christs will be ruled by this master, the Sun of the Local Universe; the one who imparts many more energies and principles for human life, for the planet and the Universe.

From this Solar Fount, the New Time will be born and it will fill all Hierarchies and their disciples, all their servers and collaborators.

Now it is the time to take this leap and this step towards the fulfillment of the last part of the Plan, which is a responsibility of all, which is a responsibility of each one with God and the Universe.

The signature of your spirits has been conceived, the permit has been granted and the time is approaching for this event in which all, congregated in love, will internally prepare the emergence of this New Humanity that will cease to be mental so that it may finally be spiritual and divine, just as the Father has thought it since the Origins, since before the Universe and all of its life existed.

This Marathon means the passage into a new time and into a new spiritual energy conceded by the Hierarchy.

The past will remain in yesterday, the present will begin to be part of the future and the doors will open to a new cycle so that human consciousness may participate in the impulses that will come from the great master Sun.

May My Words be converted, in you, into a source of wisdom and clarity, into a source of discernment, healing and love; because the goal of all of this impulse is a greater goal, based on the Love of God and on the unity with the Supreme Source that rules you, since the origin of your essences in the Material Universe.

So that, finally, companions, you may be this spark of light for the world during the time of darkness and tribulation, so that more veils of the consciousness may fall from the faces of beings and the doors to knowledge and awakening may open.

Receive, then, all the assistance from this Solar Fount that will reveal itself to the world in a short while through its principles and signs, through its higher emanations and energies.

Come with Me to the Fount of the great Sun and let us commune, in essence, with the new life that will be free of errors, suffering and pain.

In the essence, the new being will be born, that will become like a Sun to illuminate the new times.

Receive My blessing and My understanding, My Grace and My Mercy for the times that will come.

Under this Sun that governs this part of the universal life, under the stars of this Universe that are witnesses of many experiences and lives, under the existence of the Material Universe and its powerful currents, attributes, rays and energies that are part of the elevation of consciousness and of the unity with God, I bless you for this new cycle, which will be sustained by your love and faith, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Second Message

I bless you all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

From the Heart of the Universe comes the Instruction for humanity.

It has always been like this, but today I am inviting you to enter with Me into one special Source of Instruction and knowledge, which until today has been inexhaustible, which has always remained alive throughout times.

Today I am talking to you especially from the Pleiades, an inner place from which much knowledge arose before the origins of the Earth, before the manifestation of the first humanity.

From this place many spirits were sent, wise consciousnesses that had their formation in knowledge and gave Instruction to the world throughout the times.

Therefore, Instruction must be considered as the first rule of life, the one which will always lead you to straighten the path and maintain your consciousnesses on High.

Today the Pleiades, as stars, make themselves present and come to meet the self-summoned so that they may feel within themselves the impulses of the Universe, impulses that will be revealed for the manifestation of the Plan of God in humanity.

For these critical times, the Pleiades keep participating in your humanity, they keep pouring out their knowledge upon the sphere of the Earth so that, in the spiritual plane, everything may be conceived and later be lived by the human consciousnesses on this surface.

May you understand today how much sacred knowledge has arisen from these great stars of the Pleiades which, time and again, emits impulses to the whole Universe so that the consciousnesses may catch the information that they need to be able to grow internally, and thus be bearers of peace.

Attract toward yourselves this superior consciousness of knowledge and Instruction, thus you will always hold in your lives this extended hand that will be the guide of Instruction, which will lead you to forge, in your true beings, that which you came to fulfill and live in these final times.

It is time to reignite this commitment within you, this sacred memory with the Universe and all its Instruction.

Instruction is like a wellspring that is never exhausted, it is like the river that never ceases to run to bathe the fields and the forests, to nourish the land with its wealth and minerals.

See, then, this sacred knowledge as something vital, because the last impulses are now coming to humanity, they are being poured out for the formation of the New Humanity.

From this place, receive all the love of Instruction. Receive in your hearts the impulse of something sacred that comes to unveil the new being and to bring Truth to the consciousness, without allowing it to become confused nor be deceived by the supposed instructions that will come from other paths.

I told you once that by your fruits you will be known. Instruction will be this key that will reveal that which is hidden and will leave in evidence in what is not true.

For this reason, each word that comes from knowledge and Instruction is vital because it will make of your beings consciousnesses free of themselves, from the constant current of errors of the race of these times.

The sacred knowledge will help you reverse the chaos of these times, it will help you to transform and vivify everything, in the plentitude that knowledge and Instruction have, because they come from the Source.

May the Sun, which can awaken in your heart, recognize this legacy.

Sacred instructions from the Pleiades are sent to humanity to form the last disciples, to make of each consciousness a teraphim of the new cycle.

I invite you to revive what is sacred in the Universe, what comes from such faraway places of the Cosmos so that you recognize your true identity and thus not be disturbed by the material life, by the human condition, by the errors and the suffering.

May you find this portal of exit to the heart of the Pleiades, in which the first rule of Instruction is the prayer of the Wise Spirits that have given of themselves throughout the times to serve humanity, to help elevate the consciousness to the true purpose and to the true meaning of existence.

See, then, companions, the importance of knowledge in these times. There are many who are still in the desert, seeking the water of life to quench their thirst, but cannot find it because they are within themselves.

Now that I have opened this Source for you, go and drink, drink of this knowledge as if it were the last water that existed on the planet, to give the most wonderful codes of the Universe and of the Brotherhood, to bring to your consciousnesses the true memory of their commitments signed in the Universe, as original essences, as part of a great Project, that has not ended yet.

Commune, then, with the wonders of the Pleiades and of its Constellation.

Feel the love of the Pleiades beat in your hearts and, in this sacred symphony, emit your ray of gratitude to that which is superior so that more keys may be given to humanity, so that more inner Christs may awaken and thus the talents in all beings may be shown; talents which will be at the service of your Master and Lord for the end of these times, and that, united, will be essential for the Work of redemption.

Emit, then, your song of gratitude to the Universe, may your spirits embrace this flame of knowledge and may it be welcomed in the depths of your beings in order to awaken the virtues that are necessary to remove the majority from spiritual drowsiness and inertia.

May the treasures of the Pleiades show themselves today to the simple hearts.

May the light of the Pleiades radiate to the humble hearts and may the consciousnesses commune with that which truly exists and has always been eternal.

This will safeguard the last Tribes of Israel, which are in the world to fulfill the great prophecy of the return of your Lord.

Be brave and say “yes” in trust.

Receive this encouragement and this hope from the Universe in these critical moments of humanity and the planet so that the true attributes and principles of evolutionary life are not erased from the memory of humanity, but are present for the most urgent times of humanity.

I embrace and hold My Heart in those who truly hear Me, in those who, above all, understand and adhere to My Purpose.

I also pray for those who do not understand Me and for those who do not follow Me, because everything will be in evidence someday, and this is not far away from happening.

For this, I pray, for this I implore, and for this I invoke My Father.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the same way that chaos grows on Earth, the minds destabilize and the souls get lost, Heaven also opens before the eyes and hearts of men, bringing to Earth inexplicable Graces.

In the measure of humanity's ignorance, God offers His Wisdom to those who know how to seek it.

While many sink deep into the abyss of their ignorance and the sciences move farther from God, others receive from the Father teachings that overflow beyond their merits and, with the little openness of their hearts, the Creator and Lord of all Knowledge and true Science gives them everything.

The ignorant see the simple of heart listening to God and think their teachings are false, because their own ignorance separated them from God and filled them with themselves, giving no possibility that the Wisdom that transcends their minds might be accessible or even acceptable.

Choose, children, at this time, the path of simplicity and self-emptyness, so you do not run the risk of not having, within yourself, space for the Divine Wisdom.

Recognize, each day more, in humility, that you know nothing and receive, with love, all the Knowledge that comes from God as something new and unique.

May all Wisdom find its place within your consciousnesses and that it not be to fill your minds, but yes to fill your being and become part of you, so that there is always a new space, a new place for what God wants to teach you.

In this revelation cycle, your spirits must always be empty.

Never underestimate the simplicity of God, because His Wisdom is not restricted to the far-fetched words of men or to that which for you is considered elevated and superior. A great Divine Instruction can come through the simple Words of His Messengers, in the maternal love of His Heavenly Mother, who overthrows the power of the proud and delivers the Keys of Heaven to the humble.

Those who really open to the Divine Wisdom will live all teaching with gratitude, whatever it may be. In that way, they will be able to grow in spirit and be ready for the coming times, to be called "Precursors of the New Life", "Seeds of the New Race".

Your Father and Friend,

Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Second Series of Poems
Second Poem of a Soul to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus

I wish that, like You, beloved Lord,
I could understand the Divine Will
with absolute clarity,
as well as all the mysteries
that Your merciful Heart holds
about the infinite existence of this Universe
and of this Creation.

I wish, dear Jesus,
that I could surpass the limits of human consciousness
so that, within me, I might recognize
the inner universe and the spiritual riches
that God placed within each creature.

I wish, Lord,
that I were aware of this whole reality
beyond that which is concrete
so that even my cells
might awaken to the intelligence
and the knowledge that the Universe holds.

I wish, my Lord,
that I could receive this Grace
so that I might offer myself more consciously
as Your redeemed instrument
within the sublime Project of Your Mercy.

I ask You, Divine Jesus,
to empty me of myself
so that there may be a place, within me,
for the humility of Heaven,
which will make me simple and self-given
so that, perceptible to all of
Your Commands and Designs,
I may serve You.

Expand my consciousness
according to that which You have thought of.

I do not wish to flaunt
universal knowledge
but rather make it part of this consciousness
that implores You so that it may only
rise to the occasion.
I thank that You listen to me, Jesus,
and that You fulfill

Your Sacred Will within me.



I thank you for keeping the words of this Soul in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus



The Sacred Lines of Nazca

Nazca is a place considered sacred by Heaven, due to the spiritual and inner wealth that the ancient civilization who lived there left as a message for the future humanity.

That civilization was one of the many Peoples of the Sun that attracted to the planet the attribute of reverence and of the sacred.

Nazca is a place in the world that should be spiritually reverenced, since in this place a humanity advanced in the cosmic and divine knowledge and in its spontaneous relationship with the Universe and with Creation developed.

The Lines of Nazca represent to the Father this inner message of union of the previous humanity to the Divine Source and, in this way, of its most important inner communication with the Cosmos.

The Lines of Nazca leave over the desert the message to the Universe that, in remote times, there was a humanity that could mirror, through these symbols, its union with the Eternal Father and all its cosmovision related to the Solar System that rules this planet.

Thus, the Lines of Nazca not only left an eternal message for the future civilizations, but they also served as Mirrors to establish this system of spiritual communication between the Mirror of the heart of each being with the Mirrors of the Universe.

This demonstrates, in current times, that humanity has spiritual and inner conditions to be able to come into contact with its true inner reality and that life on this planet is not only physical or material.

The Lines of Nazca left for the current world the message of a renewed and permanent union with the Universe that exists within every being and demonstrate to us that we can get in touch with the higher and divine.

The Lines of Nazca left a message of Love for the Kingdoms and the consciousness of reverence and devotion that every human being can conceive for the Kingdoms of Nature.

Nazca is the symbol of awakening for this part of the Americas, just as others sacred places where civilizations before this one taught the universal and divine knowledge to all its people.

In this sense, the consciousness of the Peruvian nation holds one of the most important spiritual legacies, from a human and internal point of view, since the civilization that once lived in this place achieved a state of Love and Wisdom that no other race, in no other age, has lived.

This is the reason why the culture of Peru and its intimate relation with the native peoples will facilitate, in this time, that the sacred values of brotherhood, equality of conditions and love may help the physical and spiritual rebuilding of a country that is permanently submitted by the social and human exploitation of other non-evolutionary cultures.

It will depend on the very consciousness and culture of Peru to be the spiritual and inner bridge so that the sacred values of loyalty and unity with the Universe may manifest again on souls and that these same values elevate the consciousness of their people.

The Sacred Lines of Nazca are also registered on the Book of God as one of the major legacies of spirituality of the human race to present day.

It is time to return to our origins and to the roots that were the cradle to gestate a new humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of all Peoples


Before the Light of the Sacred Centers of the planet, humanity receives the keys that open the doors to ancient knowledge, and the mysteries are unveiled for everyone.

The consciousness sets aside ignorance and the inner worlds of the creatures of God awaken under the principles of new codes.

All the secrets of yore are unveiled so that the terrestrial consciousness is able to take the step, and in this way, achieve freedom from its spiritual captivity.

The Sacred Centers of the planet, places in which Divine Wisdom circles and dwells, unconditionally offer themselves so that this surface humanity may abandon its precarious lifestyle and awaken to its true inner reality.

For this, all the tools of God manifest themselves from the invisible Creative Universe, in order that open hearts may perceive that the time has changed.

The most critical moment of purification is approaching in order that this humanity abandon the path that has always led to its downfall.

The Light of the Sacred Centers is ignited and souls feel themselves called to enter into a greater experience.

Thus, the consciousness, which before was imprisoned in its forms, finds the sense in being here, on this planet and in this humanity.

What before was hidden from the arrogant, is now revealed to the simple of heart, and in this way, the Plan of the Creator fulfills all its stages.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Mapuche community of Valparaíso, Chile, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

As Mother Earth and Mother Universe, I come on this day to unite the essences of all My children of the original peoples through the Universal Father, so that through their sacred knowledge, they may continue protecting and safeguarding life, tradition, and culture.

As Mother Earth, I come to speak to you in the name of all the beings of Nature, so that not only the peoples listen to Me, but also all of humanity that does not look at the suffering that, day after day, the elements of this Creation experience.

Through the original peoples, humanity could recover its spiritual dignity, if it knew how to protect and take care of everything the Universe and Life has given it.

I would like the sacred Principles, which were gestated in the consciousness of My children from the original peoples, to make you understand the importance of a change of consciousness, since present humanity destroys and dissipates all it will need from the Kingdoms of Nature in order to survive.

As Queen of Nature, as Sacred Spirit of the Peace of the universe, I come to tell you that I will always be with you, in the silence of nature, as well as in the presence of each Kingdom. My Sacred Spirit will make it possible to have each one of you be a sacred essence that shines before the Creator in these times.

On this day, I leave you My maternal blessing so that everything can be healed and renewed in you, so that the traces of suffering may be erased from your paths, so that each story experienced may be repaired and bathed in the love of the wise Spirits of the universe.

I leave you My Peace and I renew you in the faith and in the Wisdom of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The day will come when the mysteries of the Earth will be revealed, and it will not first be to the avid seekers of that Truth. It will be to the simple, to the humble, and to those who seek nothing for themselves that the doors of the Infinite will open, of the universal macrocosm and of their own inner microcosm.

That which today is hidden even for the most advanced of the sciences and technologies will be revealed as an understanding, an experience, and a wisdom that cannot be explained and cannot be measured with the mathematics of the Earth.

The simple will understand in silence, and with that same silence they will transmit it, because they will be the only ones to be impassive when the Truth emerges on the surface of the planet. Only they will be able to approach the Superior Life visible to the human eyes, because they know it and do not fear it.

I come to form simple hearts, will break down the walls of their arrogance with much effort, and will awaken humility by recognizing that the human arrogance destroyed the Earth, and does not make the Plan of God triumph; by recognizing that it is by being nothing that they become able to receive all and to be in the All, which is God.

In the beginning of the Human Project, the Creator already knew the unpredictability and the difficulties of His children that would incarnate in humanity. For this reason, throughout all human existence, God sent to the interior of the Earth, to sacred spaces invisible to human eyes, blessed consciousnesses who are not angels, but beings in evolution who, coming from Eternity, remained on the Earth, invisible, serving humanity with the simple fact of living evolutionary principles, in the depths of the planet, that awaken the Love in the planetary consciousness, and as a result, in the human hearts that open to feel it.

In spite of being on Earth since the beginning, few could see them and almost none truly understood the meaning of their mission on the planet, how they carried on with their lives, and until when they will remain on Earth.

Those spaces are sacred, they were thought of and created by God and His Archangels, and there life is lived according to what His Thought dictates. They remain in silence and almost always serve anonymously, because their foundation is the Humility that comes from the Heart of God.

But in these final times, when everything will be allowed and when all will be revealed, their presence will also be revealed; first to the simple and to the humble, that correspond to the Laws that govern these spaces. Then, children, before human eyes, whether they be blind or ignorant, the Light will emerge and wil awaken them.

Maybe for some it is already too late to repent from their ignorance, but before the profound Love that will emerge from this hidden Work of God, everyone will receive an opportunity.

This secret will come with the Son of Man, and before everything happens, only the pure will know it. That is why I say to you that in order to be in this fortress and be a part of this mystery that will silently sustain you during the purification of the Earth, first purify your hearts, your arrogance, and your pride; free yourselves from the vanities of this world and walk tirelessly toward this destiny. Because if today you hear the Voice of God that speaks to you, it is because you were elected for this purpose. It is up to each being to live, or not, under the Will of God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the district of Los Cocos, Cordoba, Argentina to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

Today I take you with Me to Mount Tabor so that on this day we may remember the sublime Transfiguration of Jesus, a divine and at the same time cosmic revelation that the Sacred Son brought to the Apostles.

The Transfiguration of Jesus was the perfect and cosmic symbol that, on experiencing changes in consciousness, it is possible to reach very high states of illumination. 

Through the Transfiguration of His Divine Person, Jesus not only showed the spiritual reality that the human beings of this surface have in them, but He also brought continuity to the previous illumination of the Master Siddhartha.

It is thus that Siddhartha, in the past and by means of His illumination, demonstrated to the world the first step for transcending suffering. Jesus, the Christ, by means of the Transfiguration, brought to the world the divine knowledge that it is possible to transcend the state of suffering and reach a sublime elevation of the consciousness through a perfect communion and integration with the Divine Source.

On Mount Tabor, My Beloved Son revealed the knowledge of the non-material Laws that vibrate and are active in this Material Universe.

It was in this way that Jesus taught His Apostles about the true spiritual consciousness that we acquire at the moment of our conception in the sacred Reservoirs of the Source, and how from there the first steps of the experiences of love and of redemption, which this Material Universe offers us, begin to be cultivated in our essences.

But on Mount Tabor, Jesus also taught how to place oneself above all suffering or experience, focusing the consciousness within an objective state and with the gaze constantly on the Divine Purpose.

Through the Transfiguration of Jesus, My Son gave the human race the possibility of walking above suffering without entering into it, through the awareness of the love that opens the door to the healing of consciousnesses.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


In order for you to follow the steps of Christ, I tell you: you must renounce all personal paths. The Lord will come and dictate your steps and they will not be those that you want to follow, because those, children, aggrandize your human condition and do not lead you to the Truth.

In order for you to follow the steps of Christ, I tell you: you must leave behind your aspirations, human “dreams” and human desires, to find in this way His Divine, Perfect and unique Will for your lives.

In order for you to find the Path of Christ, I tell you: you must close your eyes to the covetousness of the life of others, and you will no longer wish to live as “this one” or “that one”, because for each being, the Divine Thought is unique, and each of His children must seek what belongs to them and long for nothing else but the Divine Will for themselves.

In order for you to find the Truth of Christ, I tell you: you must renounce all vain knowledge, all unmeasured searches to aggrandize your minds and spiritual egos with half-truths and many vanities. A large part of humanity, children, would need “the science of knowing nothing” to reach the true essence of Divine Knowledge. While they seek and seek, drink and feast at false sources, they will never give space within for what is True and Pure, and that quenches and ceases this unmeasured thirst for what is not real.

In order for you to be in the Love of Christ, I tell you: you must renounce all vain love, especially of yourselves; that which you called love, and that I call vanity and zeal for ignorance and for illusion. Because that one who feeds the love of their own image and the things of this world does nothing but watch over their condition of ignorance.

In order for you to find the Silence of Christ, I tell you: you must become silent within, in the depths of the heart, and seek that union more in solitude than in appearance; more in actions than in words; more in Truth than in spiritual ignorance.

If you are tired of yourselves and want to the point at which you are at, I tell you: love and in all things seek to love. Have your actions be moved by love, corrected by love, and reflected with love when you make a mistake. Have your word and thought be born from love, and even though you feel that you do not have what to love, love God, His Plan and in Him you will love all things.

Human lack, children, is not of knowledge, of Graces, of opportunities, of possibilities, of open paths...What is lacking is the will, the will to love, and true love that multiplies and never ceases in the heart that loves.

Your healing is to be found in the art of loving and giving love. In this way, you will find the steps of Christ, the Truth of Christ, the Path of Christ, the Doorway to Christ, the Eyes of Christ, when He returns to the world, and His Word which will say to you, with Truth and Power: “My companions”.

Your Father and Friend

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


With a ray of Light of My Heart I penetrate the Earth with Grace, and moving the Mirrors of the Cosmos towards the planet, souls receive and capture the impulses of the Universe.

The great power plants of the Cosmos retransmit its codes to humanity and the spirits united with the Father receive the gifts that, as from today, will be a part of their evolution.

The Mirrors of the Cosmos emanate infinite impulses and all beings of goodwill find an inner meaning to their lives. And in this way, a deep communion is established between souls that awaken and God.

Everything renews itself. To the point where those who used to be far from the Christic path resume their commitment of yore, and in this way, the Glorious Face of Christ is drawn over the light of the Mirrors, and new sublime codes are introduced in the matrix essence of creatures.

Those souls feel the impulse; those souls feel the call. Nothing is lost.

Hearts manage to quench their age-old thirst and after so many centuries and after so many experiences, the future race, formed by Mirror beings, awaken their main mission.

What is that main mission?

That of radiating the Love from the Source to a planet in darkness.

Each soul receives from the Universe what it needs, and each heart is nourished by new and unknown Laws.

What before seemed impossible to a human consciousness, the acquired spiritual impulse makes redeemable, and their soul places itself on the step that corresponds to it within the Plan.

Everything is transformed and the doors to Cosmic Knowledge are opened so that creatures may rediscover their essences and their original purity.

But the hour indicates that the most conscious beings, the tireless servants, must be attentive to the movement of the Mirrors, for the time has come for illuminating the consciousness and having these impulses be as if they were the last.

Drink of the knowledge and believe that it is this Divine Water that will quench the thirst for knowing who you are in truth and what you have come to fulfill.

It is in this way that the Laws resurrect old collaborators of the Evolutionary Plan, so that the sick planet may be healed by the virtues and the tools that each sun will offer to the Universal Father.

We are in the end times and the sacred Instruction of the Universe will make each soul and each being more conscious and helpful.

A stage closed in the last months and a new one has already begun.

Do not miss the opportunity of unveiling inner mysteries and of bringing them to the surface of your consciousness so that they serve as a cooperation with the Plan.

The material and inner time is precious. You have never crossed such a definite threshold before. You have never known the Portal towards the Real Time of the Universe before this. Because the time has come to penetrate into it through the flow of love of the heart.

Because in this way, no matter what happens, or how much the Earth trembles, you will be in profound brotherhood and the fruit given by the Fig Tree*, as a sacred tree, will serve as aid and as support for those who will have a spiritual hunger for evolutionary matters.

Be attentive, each step you take will mark a fulfillment of new stages. It is time to abandon the individuality of consciousness and to embrace forever the fraternal group life.

Remember, children, the words of Jesus: “Love one another as I have loved you”.

May this be your firm premise and may the Laws of Spiritual Unity among beings be fulfilled, so that indifference, omission, and abandonment may be extirpated from the unconscious of this humanity.

In this way, you will be able to be in communion and service with all the human and planetary needs which will emerge overnight.

I wish, children, that each stage that you live be well taken advantage of and that nobody else, consecrated or non-consecrated, closes the door to the cosmic assistance that is arriving.

So rediscover your true civilization and be part of this Divine Project that must be carried out through the faithful and conscious collaboration of everyone.

May the Islands of Salvation appear after having been built by the hands of all.

May My Children be true caretakers of these Islands, and be guardians of the Grand Portal through which Christ will appear for this world.

Pour your miseries into My Heart, for I will transform them and they will be, in a short while, roses in My Garden of Light.

Believe in the true and the pure which exists within you, and in this way, the Earth will be repopulated by new principles of love and of unity.

Do not cease to capture what the Mirrors are emanating; they indicate to humanity that an end cycle is being lived.

Forward, My warriors of Peace!

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you with the Light of all the Cosmos,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

The Laws of the universe define all of planetary life, as well as the events foreseen for these times.

The life of permanent prayer could change those events and thus, souls would not have to suffer. But the response should be much greater in the face of all that is happening in this time.

Concordance with and adherence to the Plan will be fundamental for creatures; it will be in this way that souls will respond to the call and will not be able to say they did not know.

The opportunity for change and forgiveness will be granted to everyone, in the hope that hearts respond to the Greater Call.

We are at a critical moment for humanity, in which indifference, pride and false ownership conquer the minds of humankind through the actions of My adversary. It is in this way that consciousnesses are hypnotized, even though they live a spiritual life; their own ego draws them away from the true path that was thought of by the universe, and which it was proposed they travel.

When that path is not lived, the consciousness is in its own illusion and makes no effort to leave that human condition, even when knowing that this causes it to miss the opportunities provided to it by the universe.

In this hour, dear children, everything is at stake, and the consciousnesses most committed to the Plan, as well as those not so committed, are at the doorway of a great inner definition which will  depend only on each one, without anyone's influence. For this reason, children, the moment has come for observing everything with more awareness and earnestness; this will place you on the correct path and you will be able to make the correct decision.

The time has come to give all for the Plan, because the tools are now in your hands so that you may work. It would be better if you asked yourselves how to use the knowledge received before applying it according to your own will. Those who have the tools in their hands and do not make them available to be used will find it more difficult to give of themselves and truly live the Plan.

Everything begins with the decision and with the awareness held about the true need of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who wakes you up to the Greater Consciousness,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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