Saturday, February 25 of 2017

Daily messages

With a ray of Light of My Heart I penetrate the Earth with Grace, and moving the Mirrors of the Cosmos towards the planet, souls receive and capture the impulses of the Universe.

The great power plants of the Cosmos retransmit its codes to humanity and the spirits united with the Father receive the gifts that, as from today, will be a part of their evolution.

The Mirrors of the Cosmos emanate infinite impulses and all beings of goodwill find an inner meaning to their lives. And in this way, a deep communion is established between souls that awaken and God.

Everything renews itself. To the point where those who used to be far from the Christic path resume their commitment of yore, and in this way, the Glorious Face of Christ is drawn over the light of the Mirrors, and new sublime codes are introduced in the matrix essence of creatures.

Those souls feel the impulse; those souls feel the call. Nothing is lost.

Hearts manage to quench their age-old thirst and after so many centuries and after so many experiences, the future race, formed by Mirror beings, awaken their main mission.

What is that main mission?

That of radiating the Love from the Source to a planet in darkness.

Each soul receives from the Universe what it needs, and each heart is nourished by new and unknown Laws.

What before seemed impossible to a human consciousness, the acquired spiritual impulse makes redeemable, and their soul places itself on the step that corresponds to it within the Plan.

Everything is transformed and the doors to Cosmic Knowledge are opened so that creatures may rediscover their essences and their original purity.

But the hour indicates that the most conscious beings, the tireless servants, must be attentive to the movement of the Mirrors, for the time has come for illuminating the consciousness and having these impulses be as if they were the last.

Drink of the knowledge and believe that it is this Divine Water that will quench the thirst for knowing who you are in truth and what you have come to fulfill.

It is in this way that the Laws resurrect old collaborators of the Evolutionary Plan, so that the sick planet may be healed by the virtues and the tools that each sun will offer to the Universal Father.

We are in the end times and the sacred Instruction of the Universe will make each soul and each being more conscious and helpful.

A stage closed in the last months and a new one has already begun.

Do not miss the opportunity of unveiling inner mysteries and of bringing them to the surface of your consciousness so that they serve as a cooperation with the Plan.

The material and inner time is precious. You have never crossed such a definite threshold before. You have never known the Portal towards the Real Time of the Universe before this. Because the time has come to penetrate into it through the flow of love of the heart.

Because in this way, no matter what happens, or how much the Earth trembles, you will be in profound brotherhood and the fruit given by the Fig Tree*, as a sacred tree, will serve as aid and as support for those who will have a spiritual hunger for evolutionary matters.

Be attentive, each step you take will mark a fulfillment of new stages. It is time to abandon the individuality of consciousness and to embrace forever the fraternal group life.

Remember, children, the words of Jesus: “Love one another as I have loved you”.

May this be your firm premise and may the Laws of Spiritual Unity among beings be fulfilled, so that indifference, omission, and abandonment may be extirpated from the unconscious of this humanity.

In this way, you will be able to be in communion and service with all the human and planetary needs which will emerge overnight.

I wish, children, that each stage that you live be well taken advantage of and that nobody else, consecrated or non-consecrated, closes the door to the cosmic assistance that is arriving.

So rediscover your true civilization and be part of this Divine Project that must be carried out through the faithful and conscious collaboration of everyone.

May the Islands of Salvation appear after having been built by the hands of all.

May My Children be true caretakers of these Islands, and be guardians of the Grand Portal through which Christ will appear for this world.

Pour your miseries into My Heart, for I will transform them and they will be, in a short while, roses in My Garden of Light.

Believe in the true and the pure which exists within you, and in this way, the Earth will be repopulated by new principles of love and of unity.

Do not cease to capture what the Mirrors are emanating; they indicate to humanity that an end cycle is being lived.

Forward, My warriors of Peace!

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you with the Light of all the Cosmos,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace