My dear children,

So that hate, impunity and revenge do not end the world, and especially with some unprotected nations, I come to ask that you unite with the Mother Untier of Knots through a special novena important to Me, to be done from October 30th to November 7th of 2023, so that the Most Holy Mother is able to untie the nine main knots that bind humanity.

For this, My children, through praying seven times during nine days, the prayer of the Lady Untier of Knots, you will unite with Me and you will take up the heavy rope of the human condition, so that through the fervor and the love of your prayers, the world may free itself of the nine main knots about which you will be praying with Me:

  1. The knot of impunity.
  2. The knot of injustice.
  3. The knot of negligence.
  4. The knot of arrogance.
  5. The knot of the unborn and aborted.
  6. The knot of indifference.
  7. The knot of human cruelty.
  8. The knot of wars.
  9. The knot of evil.

Praying with Me during those nine days, you will allow your Heavenly Mother to safeguard, protect and intercede for the helpless and innocent, so that the wrath of God does not descend over the regions of the world and over the consciousnesses that are outside of the Law. For this reason, My dear children, I come out of love to ask you this favor.

Once again I will be attentive to the voice of those who pray.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the helpless


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

If you untie the knots you have on Earth, in Heaven the knots will also be untied.

Thus, a Law is fulfilled, the Law of Impermanence, of that which is neither fixed nor static.

Untying the knots of consciousness means liberation in this time, an opportunity that you are giving the universe so that it can regenerate and recreate.

When you untie the knots on the Earth, the universe is in charge of untying the knots in Heaven and everything reaches a liberation that is unknown, that can neither be measured with thought nor with the intellect.

It is a liberation that comes from the heart that trusts in the universe and in the possibilities offered by the universal Laws and the material Rays.

When the knots in Heaven are untied, the doors are opened to other perspectives, the doors are opened to other learnings and schools that you were never able to live before for different reasons and motives.

At this time, it is very necessary to untie the knots of consciousness, not only those that are on Earth, but also those that are in Heaven, because you will allow the angelic consciousness to intervene and intercede for you. There is no way to generate that movement, there is neither an attitude nor a thought.

Untying the knots on Earth and in Heaven is a possibility that you offer to your soul and, consequently, to your spirit and that which is beyond. Thus, an endless story begins to close.

The doors of the past, of mistakes, are closed, and the consciousness that unties the knots here, on Earth, receives a Grace, receives an opportunity that cannot be measured by movement nor thought, it can only be felt with the heart, with the opportunity to love and recognize Divine Mercy.

If every human being on this planet learned to untie the knots that he possesses here on Earth, imagine, for a moment, how many things would happen! How many opportunities would be offered! What benefit the consciousness of the planet, that lives in a constant suffering, would receive!

As the end of time approaches, greater are the events within the human beings. Not only will they be able to recognize the dwellings that God has given them so that one day they would turn them into sacred temples of elevation and surrender, but also that the same human beings will recognize and know everything they have done in other times.

 Is there no meaning in knowing the Truth?

This does not mean retrogressing, nor does it mean staying in the past. It means consciously amending that which has never been amended, that which has never been forgiven or reconciled within, neither with existence nor with the universe.

There are many consciences that need to untie these knots, in these times, to be able to take their steps, the safe steps toward My Heart and toward My Consciousness, the steps that I expect you will take, day by day, with determination, free from mediocrity, from neglect, from what is small, from what is poor; because God, since your origins, has given you everything, and you still do not know it.

You need to amend that which has happened so that you reach reality and learn, like your brothers and sisters, to get out of the illusion of the world, learn to immerse yourselves in Our Higher Life.

If you were not here, next to Me, you could not live that which you live today nor that which you learn today. The schools that I offer are unique, they are unrepeatable, they are non-transferable, because I know what each soul and each spirit need in order to evolve.

Everything that I give you and everything that My Father has given you throughout time and, above all, since your origins, since the Source, cannot be offered with a small amount. Your self-giving must be ample, infinite and immeasurable, just as I did for you until the last minute, in the final second of My expiration.

And even at that moment, I did not stop, I showed you through the Resurrection how to achieve the reemergence of the spirit, from the ashes of the past, to be driven by the fire of the Divine Source and thus be able to heal everything, thus be able to redeem everything, thus being able to enter the Kingdom of My Peace.

Your structures must be removed from their places, My treasures cannot be deposited in internal universes that are empty and poor.

True poverty of spirit is achieved with a given heart, the donation of life, with selflessness. That is what I need from you, it is what I need from every human heart.

Each one knows what to give me, what to present to me, what to offer me.

These are not times to measure what one should give or how far one can go. If you say you live in My Heart, can you not do everything?

The alliance with Me must not be built on tepid principles. The alliance with Me must be strengthened in Christification and in permanently giving thanks for the opportunity that presents itself within your lives, day by day; the opportunity that the universe gives you in each new step.

Because everyone must be an important piece of this great puzzle of the Plan, the pieces can be replaced, the pieces can change places according to the need and the Will of My Father. But My precious pieces cannot be lost as if nothing ever happened.

You have very close examples of pieces that I have lost because they are in the hands of My enemy. Have you ever felt what that means for Me? And how must I look at the Father so that He intercedes for them?

Nobody has the capacity to understand what their stay on this planet means, in this school that I have instituted through the Cross, so that you live redemption.

God Himself incarnated among you and gave you His Word, gave you His testimony and His Good News, offered you miracles, conversions and the liberation of souls. He became a Body through bread and gave His Blood through wine.

He is constantly renewed in the priestly office, in the opportunity that My apostles have to relive My Passion and to love it,  to love it more deeply every day, and without superficiality.

You must feel the Passion of your Master and Lord, offered in each new Eucharist, in each new Communion, because if the world does not cling to this, how will it survive? How will it remain in the Peace of the Lord in the face of so many conflicts and diseases?

Now, you must not only avail yourselves of My Body and My Blood, you must be part of My Mystical Body. What are you waiting for?

Thus, among few companions in the world, I will strengthen My Mystical Body that will be nourished by My Eucharistic Body, by My Body of Light, so that the whole world does not stop seeing the Light, despite the darkness.

Within the inner worlds is where the Plan is carried out, it is where the great operations of your Master and Lord are carried out with each one of the souls of the surface of the Earth.

Priesthood is always exposed to being attacked and destroyed, because the priesthood power that I offer you is unbreakable, and the gates of hell fear that.

For this reason, even the last drop of My Being was poured out on the Cross, and even more, the Water and Blood of My Side gave life, healing and renewal for all.

Although My Wounds healed in the Resurrection, I need the signs of My Passion to be alive in priests and in believers, in those who profess faith, despite difficult times.

In the signs of My Wounds, you will find your liberation, in the power of My Blood you will find your redemption and justification before the Father of all your mistakes and sins committed since Adam and Eve.

Now, you must be this mystery that is revealed, transformed and redeemed, you must be the expression of this love, you must want to reach the higher spheres that I offer you at this planetary moment, because there is still much to be done.

Your rest will be in the priestly service, in the life that each one can give to My Sacraments. Because now that souls cannot receive It in person, My priests must be that sacramental sign that should be engraved in the inner worlds so that suffering and agonizing souls may be strengthened.

Aspire to achieve perfection in priestly service, because the world needs it, humanity needs it, and in this way My Return will be prepared.

May souls discover their true virtues, may they see with loving eyes what God has given them and may they not only immerse themselves in their impurities and imperfections because that is the place where My enemy wants them. If you say you are intelligent, why are you there?

May the strength of your love be not in the mind, but in the heart, in the deep feeling of loving, as I love you, of serving, as I serve you, of uniting, as I unite you with the Source of My Eternal Father.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Dear children,

Do not fear that I untie the deepest knots of your consciousness, rejoice because the end of your inner captivity is near.

Nothing will be able to oppose the liberation and redemption of your being. If I am here, and I am your Mother, you will live, above all, what God has thought of, with so much love.

If I can untie the knots of your consciousness, your being will find peace, you will come to see the main reason for being in Jesus and Jesus being in you.

Do not submit to yourself anymore. When the greatest pain or affliction emerges from your consciousness, it is a sign that a new step will be taken. Do not think to recede or stop, you are a part of a redemptive project thought of by Christ for the liberation and salvation of souls.

Believe, above yourself, that each stage is part of a purpose and that each learning is the possibility of taking great steps in love and patience.

Sustain yourself in Me and I will hold you in My arms; and everything that is bad will pass, because the love that can spring from you will dissolve the mirages, and the path of life will be illuminated by receiving the Grace of liberation from the knots of consciousness.

Strengthen yourself and walk, walk by My side. A good and sweet Mother will never abandon her children because the maternal purpose is that you one day be a part of the Kingdom of My Immaculate Heart. Trust.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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