Wednesday, December 31 of 2014

Monthly messages

In the history of humanity, will be written each detail of the days on which the Queen of Heaven extended Her reign over the world, and by means of Her infinite Love, conquered the hearts of Her children one by one; awakened them to their true celestial origin and guided them to the fulfillment of the Plans of God for each one of His creatures.

On the 31st of December of all the years of this world, the Love of God will descend once more over the world and over the consciousnesses of the creatures.  It will awaken the codes deposited by the Mother of Heaven, those which remained latent in the depth of many beings.

My children, in all these years that I have been among your little souls, the light of the Universe expanded itself, not only in your lives, but over all souls of the world, delivering to each one of them, the opportunity of being once participants of the Plans of the Lord and being able to become aware of their mission and the mission which this planet must accomplish before the whole universe.

My beloved, now that My Heart begins to retire to the depth of your beings, I want the world to understand the true motive of My Presence here on this Earth, which is not only to deliver a time of greater peace to humanity.  The peace that the world will live will be the result of the conversion and awakening of souls.

I have not come to the world only to teach you how to pray, but prayer is the basic principle that opened the doors of the inner universe of your beings, so that in this time you could express the truth of your consciousnesses.

All this time, as in all centuries that My Presence permeated the world, I have been preparing the hearts and making them faithful to God, so that in the final times they would not have fear of understanding a superior truth, which is far beyond from what humanity comprehends as superior life.

I want those who feel ready, to take a new step in consciousness and allow the true awakening to be a reality for their lives.

Time has come to forget the past and release all the roots that bonds you with the mistakes made by your own selves and by others, so that you may untie the knots that do not allow you to get out from this purely material reality, reality which is so far from what you truly are and from what you must truly manifest.

​Each 31st day of December will open a new cycle to humanity, through the impulses that My Immaculate Heart will send you.

You will discover year after year what really happened with your lives and with the planetary life while I was here in this world.

You will discover who I really Am and the greatness of the moments in which I gathered you around My universal mantle of light.

You will discover that in My words there were truths that you could have never comprehended, until you opened the heart and the consciousness to do so.

You will discover that you believed to already know what I dealt with in the world, because some already had a little bit more of knowledge about the superior life, but that only the living of the superior principles and of everything learned would allow you to be true knowers of My words and the words of the Divine Messengers.

You will discover that I Am more than the presence of the Virgin Mary of Nazareth and that, despite having been the same, you will comprehend that God was in Me, as in His Son, and with a different mission, He expressed Himself in His Servant.

You will discover that this world is sacred to the eyes of God and that the whole universe awaits the life thought by the Creator, that today is so distant from the human reality, to be manifested here.

You will discover that the seeds have grown and borne fruits, and then you will comprehend what you are, where you come from, what you must manifest and to where you will return when the time comes.

I love you and ask you that despite of yourselves you persist and put all the love in the fulfillment of what I tell you, because God speaks in the Word of His Servant and reveals His Will to the world.

Completely surrender yourselves to the Divine Will and allow the Mother of the World to gestate the Trinity in your consciousnesses.

I bless you.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity