Sunday, November 13 of 2016

Daily messages

Beloved children, with celestial joy and bliss, I return to the world to see My Plan of love triumph in the hearts of humankind.

I know that terror, fear, and pain take over the hearts of many of My children who are subjected to wars and to conflicts, within and outside of themselves.

I know that many are struggling to establish Peace within themselves, and fear not being able to keep themselves in balance, so great is the chaos they live every day.

I know that humankind still separates all things and that their pride does not allow them to unite that which God inspired to be a path that would lead to His Heart, and not to the establishment of human will, such as are religions.

But I come to the world so that you may live what seems impossible to you, because, in truth, beloved children, everything I ask of you is within everyone’s reach, but you ignore the truth about yourselves and are still asleep to the life of the spirit, which is more than just dedicating some prayers to Me every day.

It is for this reason that I am here and that I travel through each nation of the Americas that must manifest the Plan of God in these times. I come to strengthen praying hearts so that they may be the pillars that will sustain the world when it cannot sustain itself on its own.

I come, beloved children, in order for you to discover that the joy and bliss of the spirit are not to be found in the things of the Earth and for you to learn to discern, in the events that will come, where the will of God is and where it is not, so that in this way you may know how to let yourselves be guided by this will, and not outside of it. In this way, you will be able to see the old world structures collapse without losing hope, spiritual joy, and faith, because you will know that these ashes will fertilize the soil of a new world and will strengthen hearts so that an unshakeable race sustained by love and by unity with God may arise on Earth, and no longer by the pleasures and by the material power that this world offers you, and for which you struggle day and night, even knowing that they will perish as dust at the end of all things.

I come to consecrate the Americas, children, so that you may learn again how to understand life and its values. I come so that you may recover the sacred that exists in your families. May you understand that a group of souls gathered together by God must fulfill a mission of expressing love and the capacity to understand others and uniting with them, beyond their shortcomings, miseries, and imperfections.

Family life creates conditions for you to awaken the true love, for example, of a mother for her child; that love which transcends the barriers of egotism and of the human condition and that you must learn to extend to the whole of humanity.

But if you degrade family life and bring to your homes the indifference and the sparse love that is experienced in this world, you are missing the opportunity that God has given you of awakening a pure and true love. Because of this, My children, it is so important that you know how to love and respect your families and that you also know how to extend this bond of love to all souls in this world.

Gradually, with My love and My celestial motherhood, I lead you to the universal family, which is what must be manifested on an Earth consecrated by God.

My children, may My presence among you not be the only thing that brings the impulse to transform and consecrate this world, but may each one, according to their perseverance and their faith, also be an engine that transforms and purifies the Earth, so that the Plan of God may be fulfilled.

Today I leave you My love and My peace, so that you may have the faith and the courage to transform your lives, and with them, the life of this world.

I bless you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace