Weekly Message received in the Commune of Castle Volturno, Campania, Italy, transmitted by Mary, Rose of Peace, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús


The spiritual Blood of My beloved Son shall still be poured out as a powerful spring upon humanity.

This precious Blood, which holds the luminous codes of the sorrowful Passion of Jesus, shall be that which will finish completely purifying all following believers, servers and the consecrated of Christ.

The Divine Blood of Jesus shall be poured out as a powerful Light in the world and, in that moment, all will be unleashed, everything will be defined, and the promise of His Second Return will be fulfilled.

For this reason, the precious spiritual Blood of My Son may be recognized and all of His sacrifice shall not have been in vain, in spite of the perversion in which present humanity is to be found.

When the powerful Blood of Jesus is once again poured out by the angels at the request of Christ, religions will know the true and only Face of Christ.

The moment will come when the blood of the martyrs of the end of times will also be recognized, and such a sacrifice or surrender shall no longer be experienced anywhere on Earth, for the powerful Blood of Jesus, in Its divine and spiritual state, will free all those who at some time felt like prisoners of themselves and of their human condition.

The Divine Blood of Christ, which will be offered in hundreds of chalices, shall grant those who persevere in Christ many wonders, revelations and miracles. And a new Earth will begin after everything has been purified and redeemed.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



My child,

Elevate your heart to your Father and Creator, Who, from Heaven, emits His Silence to the world, observing the inner steps His creatures decide to give in these times.

Contemplate the infinite Universe of God and, for a moment, let your thought return to its Origin, to the Creator Source from which all things come.

Contemplate with your heart the Infinite, which not only becomes visible in a starry night, but also in the depths of your inner world, where the Cosmos become small and life is mirrored because God mirrors Himself within you.

Today let your consciousness take one step further towards the Infinite, as towards the truth that is kept within your own being.

This is a definitive cycle for humanity as for all life and no creature, neither in Heaven nor on Earth, will be free from its spiritual and evolutionary definition.

The very Laws and currents that come from the Heart of God, preceding His Justice, will correct the paths and give impulse to the beings to a definitive decision, because the moment has come for there to be only one boat and all the self-summoned within it.

The definition of the spirit, of the consciousness and of the heart is spiritual, but also manifests itself in the physical life of every being, in their actions, in their decisions, in their thoughts.

Each being, My child, will be defined according to what they have built within themselves.


My dear children:

Know that through the fraternal union of this Work with international organisms that provide humanitarian services of health and equity, Fraternidade will be considered one of the most noteworthy hands in the service of healing pain through love.

That will come about, first of all, through the spiritual formation acquired in the last thirty years. Secondly, through the integration and the experience of the community life and the group life in its different phases of work. Thirdly, through the inner and intuitive capacity of spiritually understanding the reality of the planet and of its humanity, principles given by the Spiritual Hierarchy in these times.

These three characteristics, which through the years have formed the Fraternidade -International Humanitarian Federation, are the future standards that international organisms will need, in the end of these times, to establish new humanitarian and social foundations that may help in the rebalancing of humanity through love, service, and equality towards those most in need.

The mission of the Fraternidade is to represent, on the surface of the Earth, a cultural, social, environmental, and global model that helps humanity to become aware about the importance of reversing certain worldwide factors that lead to the self-destruction of the race itself.

Disinterested and true service will be the spirit of peace of the Fraternidade, and it will seek no benefits, but rather world collaborators who sincerely support the causes and the needs of the different human groups that experience wars, hunger, exile and homelessness generated by the different nations in conflict.

Through a universal alliance with international organisms, the Fraternidade will be able to acquire a way of discharging the social and philosophical values given by the Hierarchy, seeking to teach and to establish the archetype of a new humanity.

It will be the constant exercising of unconditional service on the part of each server that will build an opportunity for each people, culture and society of this planet, for finding a path of hope to reverse the global imbalance and inequality among the different races and nations.


The Four keys

First key: neutrality.

May your spirit, mind, and heart be pacified because the coming times will be incredible but challenging.

Cultivate in yourself the key of neutrality because you will need it very much so that the clashes, tests and challenges do not overcome you, but with a brave spirit, you can transcend, in silence and in prayer, everything that you will live.

The key of neutrality will make your mind an unbreakable fortress and will build in your heart an unmovable castle, because nothing similar to you can agitate or disturb you.

Neutrality will be the master key among all keys because it will make available the courage and inner strength to help yourself and others.

May neutrality enter into the essence of your being and neutralize all forms in order for the pacifying and unalterable spirit to always reign before everything that you will see of yourself and of the world.

May this key lead you to the goal and, at the same time, set you aside from any indifference; because neutrality is not indifference nor omission, but acceptance of changes, maturity of spirit and inner growth of consciousness.

May the key of neutrality align all of your being and may this alignment be reflected in feeling, thinking and acting; because in this way you will build a state of permanent elevation, capable of benefitting your brothers and sisters and, above all, the planet.

Second key: silence.

Love, above all things, the key of silence and this sacred key of silence will awaken in you; because silence itself will transform you, and there will be no mutism at all nor will it make you different from the others.

Silence will spontaneously connect you with the High and then your thought will rise.

The key of silence will internally end human noise and will contribute with the expansion of the inner senses, just as the capacity to perceive beyond appearances, the capacity to prevent events, the capacity to anticipate concrete results and, above all, it will awaken premeditation.


Dear children,

To be able to liberate you from the bonds of the human condition, there must exist in your hearts an adherence capable of transcending all the limits of terrestrial consciousness.

For this, dear children, the first step is to have faith and hope that this liberation will take place and will make of each moment an opportunity to evolve.

In this time, the souls present in the world will face their purification without even knowing it, but that heart that has as a premise a life of continuous prayer, will find the keys it needs to make of each experience, as well as of each test, an opportunity for transcending the abysses of consciousness.

The Universe will present each being with the moment of taking its definitive step toward the unknown and of being able to become disentangled from the bonds of the Earth.

For that moment you must be prepared in prayer, because in this way your hearts will be able to count on the help of the angels to walk firmly towards the final goal, which is to come together with My Son after all the experience of this school.

The Father, by means of His redeemed children, will write a new history that will later be told on the New Earth and in the new humanity as the events that have allowed the whole of this race to have an opportunity of living inner redemption.

I leave your paths clean, so that you can walk firmly in the transformation of consciousness as a continuous offering to the Creator.

I thank you for transcending yourselves a little more every day.

Who gives you the impulse to upliftment,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Beloved children, with celestial joy and bliss, I return to the world to see My Plan of love triumph in the hearts of humankind.

I know that terror, fear, and pain take over the hearts of many of My children who are subjected to wars and to conflicts, within and outside of themselves.

I know that many are struggling to establish Peace within themselves, and fear not being able to keep themselves in balance, so great is the chaos they live every day.

I know that humankind still separates all things and that their pride does not allow them to unite that which God inspired to be a path that would lead to His Heart, and not to the establishment of human will, such as are religions.

But I come to the world so that you may live what seems impossible to you, because, in truth, beloved children, everything I ask of you is within everyone’s reach, but you ignore the truth about yourselves and are still asleep to the life of the spirit, which is more than just dedicating some prayers to Me every day.

It is for this reason that I am here and that I travel through each nation of the Americas that must manifest the Plan of God in these times. I come to strengthen praying hearts so that they may be the pillars that will sustain the world when it cannot sustain itself on its own.

I come, beloved children, in order for you to discover that the joy and bliss of the spirit are not to be found in the things of the Earth and for you to learn to discern, in the events that will come, where the will of God is and where it is not, so that in this way you may know how to let yourselves be guided by this will, and not outside of it. In this way, you will be able to see the old world structures collapse without losing hope, spiritual joy, and faith, because you will know that these ashes will fertilize the soil of a new world and will strengthen hearts so that an unshakeable race sustained by love and by unity with God may arise on Earth, and no longer by the pleasures and by the material power that this world offers you, and for which you struggle day and night, even knowing that they will perish as dust at the end of all things.


My beloved children,

While the world agonizes and My adversary tries to write a different future for the Earth through the wounds set in the hearts and spirits of the children and youths that live through wars, My maternal Spirit of love tries to bring you into balance and into the reparation of the human heart.

Children, the deep wounds that are being spiritually stamped in the children and youths of today causes hatred and resentment, the eagerness to start new wars, and vengeance to grow in the hearts of My little ones, and extinguishes inside of them the fear of God, the possibility of loving, of finding peace, of expressing harmony, beauty, fraternity, purity, and compassion.

The youths and the children who suffer today due to wars, and who even actively participate in them — forced or led by the resentment in their hearts – are souls that have come to the world to render a service, to express a divine attribute, and to take to the Universe a learning of love and unity.

So that this Plan of the Creator is not lost and is not modified by the hands of the adversary, I call on you to balance, to generate unity, peace, harmony, and fraternity. I call on you to disseminate love, and the possibility of experiencing on Earth a healthy life that is full of God. I call on all the youth of the planet to collaborate in the redemption, not only of their own being, but also to be caretakers of the future of the whole of humanity; caretakers of the divine project whose manifestation will be their responsibility in the coming time.

My Children, the Youth Festival for Peace is not only a meeting of fun for youths, as are so many festivals that take place throughout the world. The Youth Festival for Peace is the seed of a new life that I am planting in the consciousness of those who must carry forward the Plans of the Most High; of those who must transcend themselves and all of the mundane influences and superficialities to express a divine archetype, based on love, on unity, and on fraternity.

Today I call all the youths of the world to unite in heart and in spirit with the Youth Festival for Peace, where they will express themselves through art, song, creativity, spirit, and will speak the language of the heart through the prayer that is found in all these things.


Dear Children,

Your prayers are like this dew that cleans and refreshes all the flowers. Your prayers are this flame that burns and purifies everything in the sublime fire of Creation. For this reason, seek the inner transformation every day so that the Father sees the result of this great conversion.

Dear children, following the footsteps of My Son, you will be able to reach the redemption of your lives, and they will be able to be the spiritual model for the New Earth.

Children of Mine, find the possibility of configuring your consciousnesses again in the inner change, so that promptly they receive from the whole universe the spring of the Divine Law, the unbreakable force that transforms you.

The Spirit of God will be blessing you this month of December, the Spirit of Grace and Mercy. Be like this, constant, in order to ascend on the stairway of love and humility, the stairway towards the Sacred Heart of My Son.

I thank you for answering My call!

I bless you. I Love you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


​​​​​​Let us pray, the world needs it.

Let us pray, because the Plan is precipitating.

Let us pray for unity to prevail.

Let us pray for the ones who are purifying themselves.

Let us pray for the ones who are being hypnotized.

Let us pray for the incredulous.

Let us pray for the selfish.

Let us pray for those who have failed.

Let us pray for those who deserve nothing.

Let us pray for the ones who have got lost.

Let us pray for the ones who commit injustices.

Let us pray for the ones who lie.

Let us pray for those who have no faith.

Let us pray for the ones who are forgotten.

Let us pray for the ones who are not loved.

Let us pray for the ones who do not have a house.

Let us pray for those who do not know where to go.

Let us pray for the ones who are living in calamity.

Let us pray for the ones who die unjustly.

Let us pray for the ones who are being crucified.

Let us pray for the ones who are living the war.

Let us pray for the innocent.

Let us pray for the ones who pay the price error.

Let us pray for the unfortunate.

Lets us pray for the idolaters and atheist.

Let us pray for the ones who are unworthy of peace.

Let us pray for the ones who reign in false power.

Let us pray for the ones who create nuclear bombs.

Let us pray for the ones who contaminate the oceans.

Let us pray for the ones who destroy life.

Let us pray for the ones who kill human gestation.

Let us pray for the women who abort.

Let us pray for the ones who are imprisoned.

Let us pray for the ones who live in the inner prison.

Let us pray for the ungrateful ones.

Let us pray for the ones who are destroying the planet.

Let us pray for the ones who violate the Laws of the Universe.

Let us pray for the ones who omit themselves.

Let us pray for the ones who instill fear.

Let us pray for the hard-hearted.

Let us pray for the ones who do not have love.

Let us pray for the ones who condemn themselves.

Let us pray for the ones who refuse to wake up.

Let us pray for the ones who do not persist.

Let us pray for all of them, day and night.

Let us pray without leaving behind the path of persistence and faith.


Dear children,

This coming Christmas, I wish for the spirit of reconciliation with God to be established in your hearts, so that the act of constant reconciliation with one another is not lost in the world, thus attracting the spirit of Peace.

This will help register, within your memories, a moment of reconciliation and forgiveness; this will allow you to never forget the essence of the love that can do all. Be patient with your own difficulties.  

In this coming Christmas, may souls live the birth of My Son as something truthful and deep. In this way, dear children, your hearts will become receptacles prepared to receive the same codes of light that in those times the Sacred Family received from all the angels of the universe when they gathered around the sacred birth of Jesus.

My children, as Your Mother and Protector of the spiritual life, I wish that each one of your essences start, from now on, preparing to be able to spiritually enter into the manger of Your Lord. For this, may your daily acts no longer be of conflict or disagreement, may your gestures and actions be permeated by the Love of God.

Remember, dear children, that in this month of December, the month of the Lord Jesus, the families will be the perfect motive for the work that is spiritual and of unity among beings.

The war is not over yet, and together we must make possible the prevalence of the values that make of the family of Earth a hoped for model of consecration and spiritual life.

For all this, the Sacred Hearts will work, in this month of December, for the realization of the project of the new family, which in essence and consciousness will repopulate the New Earth.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In prayer and preparation for the birthday of the King,

Who greets you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of peace


Never forget that I am the Great Mirror of the Mercy of God, which lovingly offers redemption to the world.  Never forget that I am Your Mother and that I incarnated in this world in order to remind you about the Purity of God; that I am by your side at all times, both in joy and in the tests. 

I am that Lady that suffered together with Jesus, and I am the same One that carries with you the Cross that God gave you.  I have come to the Kingdom of Aurora to let you know about healing of the soul and of the spirit.  I have come to this sacred ground to reveal the sacred precinct and the divine refuge to all the hearts.

If this is your house, why will you not come?  If your heart woke up in Aurora, why will you not call Her?  I need you to learn to redeem yourself in this sacred place.  Maybe your being does not find beauty and perfection here, but your consciousness will rejoice because it will see in the horizon the Light of redemption.

For this, encourage yourself to be transformed overnight.  Let My own Aurora show you the steps towards inner healing.  Do not depreciate this opportunity. You know that millions of souls neither know this nor have the Grace of receiving, like you do, the power of the healing love.

The planet suffers for so many condemnations and for so many tests and you must be this new divine cell in profound redemption.

You must not live for yourself anymore; rather, you must live for that which God wants, thus you will get to know the true and great Will in your life.  Walk with trust towards this great discovery.  A new awakening waits for you.  An ultimate call is being announced to the world.

Neither keep rancor towards your own self nor towards your brothers and sisters.  Rid yourself right away from the bonds that take you to constant error.  You must no longer be the same, you must be that which My Son expects.  You must no longer think like you think or work like you have worked until now.    You must be that which you have never lived.  You must reflect the true being that you have not yet awakened within you.

For this I do not come as Your Mother in order to awaken your mind because in this way you will never understand that which I say to you as long as your ideas act.  Thus, live like My Son taught you by means of His Passion.


Dear children,

The times of the great and struggled sacrifices have come to this world; this is part of the Divine Justice because the imbalance of the souls and the injustice of the hearts are greater than the harmony that is required.

Dear children, the souls that have not implored to God and neither have implored for His Kingdom for having remained in the superficiality of the material and illusory life will suffer and there will not be anything that may comfort them  because the message of Heaven has already been proclaimed, and few paid attention to the words of light of the Divine Messengers.

There will not be anyone who may reverse this; the blindness of humanity is great and sometimes you feel like being blind and deaf.  But the victory of the Kingdom of God will happen in all of the hearts that, by being obedient and consistent, will repopulate the New Earth.

This new cycle will demand, from the hearts that are distant from God, an extreme effort in order to remain in Peace; it will be different for a soul that truly prays and without awards because from it will spring the source of Peace.

For this, there is no time to lose with little things; many of you are being trained through My Heart for the end of the times.  Let us pray for those who do not want to listen to God, for the non-believers so that their hearts may open to the descent of the celestial Light.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who awakens you to the planetary reality,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children of Mine,

Only love will be the torch that will illuminate your paths in the moments of greatest tribulation.

Only love will win among yourselves and will prevail in your hearts when you truly confess your faults before the Redeemer.

Only love will reign in the new promised Earth when just someone in this world live in His name.

Love is not falsehood, it is not lie and neither appearance of loving nor of feeling loved.  The Love of God is something else and in order to find it, your hearts must humiliate themselves and surrender before the Love of the Redeemer.

It will be like this, children of Mine, that your lives on Earth will be healed and day by day this universal healing will impregnate your souls increasingly until there is no wound, sorrow or incomprehension.

Love, because if you do not love you will not be able to get to know your truth.   Be pure lovers of the love of God, allow this love to spring and spring again, to conquer you and transform you into what until now you have not accepted to be.

My children, I love you, that is why I am still here: loving you, blessing you, showing you the path of redemption.   When you live the true love, the Plan will be strengthened and it will be no longer necessary that any other soul abandon the path of My Son for just wanting to live their own love.

The Love of God will make you humble and you will always be able to recognize that in the simplicity of the Love of God everything will have its great victory.   Those who do not love, how will they achieve it?

Love, Love much and do not be afraid of loving because love comprehends, helps, heals and converts the cold heart.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who loves you in the Love of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My beloved children,

I want you to recognize My arrival to your lives and to know that you will never be alone again.

I will inhabit in each heart which opens the door of its interior to Me and in there I will reign as your Celestial Mother for all Eternity.

When each one of My children may be able to live My Love in their interior, this world will stop suffering and perishing by the deeds of the enemy.

Today I arrive to this Home of Mine, a favorite dwelling to Me.  Here I have found the love of the simple, of the dispossessed, of the imperfect ones and also of the pure of heart, of the strong of spirit, of the restless in the path of charity and of the donation to the neighbors.

Here I have sown the seed of the New Earth in the heart of My Beloved daughter Pama, so that she donated herself wholly and, through her hands and her heart, I could work and rescue the fragile souls, souls that have received the love of mother and father, which God had destined to His Creatures.

On this day I ask all that listen to My Voice to pray, so that this delicate and precious project of God be kept safe from the claws of the enemy, the one that tries to interfere in each one of the projects of My Son.

In this house, where with so much effort and love a hand is offered to the innocent who suffers, who perishes by the ignorance of others, in this sacred place, I have deposited My Light and Maternal Love.  My servers, you are the ones who must take care of and protect, with love, each consciousness that has arrived here to find a light for its soul.

I want to express to all, My gratitude, because I know how difficult it is for all of you, within this agonizing world, to create a space of true light and redemption, of love and evolution.

Today I ask you all to place into your hearts this project of love and redemption of Mine, where My Son aspires to arrive one day, so that all may know in the coming times, that once God signed with His finger of Love this hill, this place and these hearts, so that the seed of a New Earth, the seed of a new fraternal humanity, was gestated here.

Today I bless each one of these children, of these teenagers and of those warrior spirits who accompany them with so much love.  I pour My Graces over this place again and, in the name of the Creator, I leave My Banner of Peace, Love and Protection so that the enemy may not put its feet over here.


I Am the Sacred Star of the Sea, My Love is the bright star that lights the path of the seafarers.  My Star of the Sea lights the devotion of the hearts that were wounded and lifts the lost wayfarers again to the Kingdom of Peace.

In My ocean of Graces exists a place for all the souls, to drink of the Source of Mercy and of Healing.

I Am the Star of the Sea and My paths are in your paths to help you find again the greater commitment that you had with God.  The one who comes to Me will not be lost, will never feel alone and, even more so, will be able to unite their spirit to the Spirit of God.

The whole world has forgotten that the seas are part of the Creation of God and that in them He has deposited His Spirit of Peace and of Serenity.  From the beginning the Lord has commanded to the seas that they be mirrors that reflect the Kingdom of Peace, but many of the oceans now are places of destruction and of contamination.

I want and desire to awaken in you a greater consciousness and love for the elements and for all the Kingdoms of nature, they too are part of the Spirit of My Maternity.  And you, My dear children, through prayer will permit that your planet remain pure and alive for some more time, even though the damages caused to the Creation of God throughout the centuries are innumerable.

I ask you to place in your hearts the need to pray more and to help so that beloved blue planet, where I come from, may be a future dwelling for the children who will populate the New Earth.

My Divine Mercy and My Pity have always tried to change the course of the planetary events.

As Queen of Peace I give you not only the Peace your hearts need, but I also give you the reality that you are living in this world, a world that was donated out of love for you and about which you will have to testify before God the Most High.

For this, dear children, may your eyes be opened to be able to dispel the illusion that many live.  I come to announce Peace, but I also come to announce the Truth, this is what My Son has asked Me, and together, Mother and children, we will be able to intercede for this beloved planet.

I thank all for awakening to the Supreme Consciousness, Your Eternal Father and Creator!

I bless you always,

Mary, Queen and Lady of the Star of the Sea

Through the daily prayer of the Rosary every day more and more, souls will place themselves at the feet of the Lord. The souls will receive the balm of Mercy of My Son and in this way the most subtle faults will be forgiven by the Love of God.

Dear children, for this reason today I call you again to persevere in the purpose of prayer, so that your hearts may distance themselves from the tricks of the enemy. Maintain in your lives a rhythm compatible with a life of prayer. Create indispensible moments of prayer so that you souls may be present at every moment of your lives.

When I invite you to observe a rhythm of prayer, I am calling you to maintain a conscious inner and spiritual task at the end of this time. Your hearts and your lives must feel thirst for prayer and for the discovery of the divine mysteries that faith awakens in your hearts.

My children, for this, search for the fountain of your inner inspiration in Jesus and His Sacred Heart will show you the righteous Path to the redemption and reconciliation in each one of your lives.

It is important, dear children, for you to maintain constancy in prayer so that this will prepared you to face the times that will arrive upon this planet.

My dear children, today I call you to have as a premise this request of mine that will lead you to understand where the victorious essence of the Love and the Forgiveness can be found.

My children, as Divine Mother, I want more and more that all of My children be within the bead of salvation because I know that all should be living in the beauty and the light of the Love in Paradise.

You sincere prayer will create the New Earth of God.

I Thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Today I come to erase from your hearts all pain that could be there from the past, because the Eternal Grace of God allows me to do this, as Mediator between all souls.

Dear children, open today your hearts with joy, praise and chant to the Highest, receive in your hearts Jesus the Redeemer. Keep in your souls His merciful rays so that as little sheep, walk in trust to Eternity.

Dear children, today My Heart is joyful for the happiness and the purity that It sees in each one of my children from the New Earth. For this dear children, we will praise the Redeemer and show gratitude for Him because he has sent me to you to give you the peace and love of My Immaculate Heart. To all these children that represent millions of little souls in the world, today I give to you My special maternal blessing, as a luminious sign of the Holy Cross in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Dear children for this reason, that of the special meeting in the Community of the New Earth, I want to ask you again for much more prayer born from your hearts, as has yet been born so many times, and that each new prayer of the heart be directed especially for all the children in the world, for those that are lacking paternity and maternity.

My Spirit of the Immaculate Mother wants to embrace each one of them to alleviate their pain and their abandonment. For this dear children, it is important to consider to have in your life the prayer that repairs all the causes that are in need of peace and light.

With your eyes elevated to Heaven, My dear children, in this day I am thankful to you for the simple responses from your hearts to My Immaculate Heart.

That praised be Jesus, in all the children of the world!

Thank you for answering to My call for Rio de Janeiro.

In the Eternal Light of My Son.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity 

A sign of conversion is the experience of love. A sign of faith is to be daily in the Heart of My Son. A sign of hope is to pray with Me for Peace. A sign of bliss is that your lives will be as sources of Mercy of the Eternal Father.

Dear children: With joy I wait for you so that we may pray for peace. Praying with Me you will allow that the ray of Grace be life and salvation for the souls that are scattered throughout the world. Beloved children: for this time of change and removal I ask of you to bestow the faith of your hearts on the great love that My Son has for each one. For this dear children, the change in your hearts will permit the changes in the consciousness of humanity.

My children, I am in this way and for the souls, accompanying each one of My children in the steps of faith and of consecration that all must live. Dear children, for this I invite you today to take refuse in the Heart of My Son, because in Him you will find the response and the path of exit that many souls search for in this time of changes. The true change must happen in your hearts first, so that later it happens in the consciousness of all My children.

Little children, know that it is necessary that your hearts construct a new world through love and peace, that many children do not have nor live. For this I call you to spread the love of the Celestial Father over each place on Earth. Thus the Grace that many hearts are waiting for may be a truth in the life of all the souls.

Dear children: Cooperate with the presence of the fraternity that My Son irradiates for each soul. Know My children, that deep in all your hearts you are one with God.

Thank you once again for answering My call.

Celestial Light in your hearts,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children,

Accept with joy the return of My Son. Light up with prayer the light of your hearts and then you will be able to see the birth of the new world inside this world. Wait in silence for the return of My Son and gather your souls in the depths of His Most Holy Heart. Everyone is invited day by day to the supper with Him, so that your hearts may remember the divine alliance that once was made.

Today you are called to reconciliation with life; My Reign of Peace will bring you the Heavens, prayer, conversion and now the definitive union between souls and God. That’s why My little children, prayer will support you in the face of the changes that will happen in the world. Prayer will awaken the true path of faith that each one of My children must begin to go through. For this I am here among you and in your hearts to give you the Immaculate Love of My Heart.

Dear children, praying we will prepare the heart for the new and we will open the doors so that the Angels can assist the world with their love. Revere the Creator, let us take communion with Him through the merciful presence of My Son.

I guide you.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


In this cycle,  chaos does not want to govern the nations; chaos desires to remain in the heart and in the mind of the people that agree with conflict and power; because, through souls taken by chaos, the plan of My adversary is carried forward, and as it knows that it has little time left, it will try to awaken and generate the greatest possible destruction within peoples and in nations. 

For this reason, the true battle is within everyone, in the duality that must be transcended and overcome in this time so that the soul may triumph.

This cycle is one of many spiritual confrontations and that which is at stake is the next humanity.

If current humanity managed to overcome indifference through the strength and the power of love, the New Earth would already be in the process of being born within hearts.

But now the intelligence that the Holy Spirit provides must be used in order to overcome the attacks and challenges of these times. You will build that intelligence with prayer and with all that you nurture in your inner world.

There will be days of glory, but there will also be nights of battles, and in these moments, My Love will be there to help you, when you allow Me to.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.