Wednesday, August 8 of 2018

Monthly messages

My child,

Elevate your heart to your Father and Creator, Who, from Heaven, emits His Silence to the world, observing the inner steps that His creatures decide to give in these times.

Contemplate the infinite Universe of God and, for a moment, let your thought return to its Origin, to the Creator Source from which all things come.

Contemplate with your heart the Infinite, which not only becomes visible in a starry night, but also in the depths of your inner world, where the Cosmos becomes small and life is mirrored because God mirrors Himself within you.

Today let your consciousness take one step further towards the Infinite, as towards the truth that is kept within your own being.

This is a definitive cycle for humanity, as for all life, and no creature, neither in Heaven nor on Earth, will be free from its spiritual and evolutionary definition.

The very Laws and currents that come from the Heart of God, preceding His Justice, will correct the paths and give impulse to the beings toward a definitive decision, because the moment has come for there to be only one boat, and all the self-summoned within it.

The definition of the spirit, of the consciousness and of the heart is spiritual, but it also manifests in the physical life of every being, in their actions, in their decisions, in their thoughts.

Each being, My child, will be defined according to what they have built within themselves.

If you have built a path of effort and constant surrender, albeit imperfect, the Laws and Rays that come from God will help you to establish your feet and your heart in the path of your surrender without hesitatation.

But if your heart sowed uncertainty, and again and again you preferred to surrender to temptations rather than to overcome them, then, My child, the Law and the Rays of God will put you definitively in the place that you chose to be by your free will, expressed in your actions, in your thoughts and within your heart.

The most intimate space of your heart will come to light and you will be transparent not only before God but also before humanity, because the cycle of definition precedes the cycle of revelation and, after souls have been defined, everything will be revealed to them.

I know that many will cry late for their ignorance, and they will cry out for Mercy only in the time of Justice, because pride had blinded their eyes to the Grace of God.

But today, I come to your encounter to teach you to elevate your heart toward the Heights and place your consciousness in the Divine Purpose so that the definitions of your brothers and sisters do not frighten you, nor the cry of those who will later repent. 

My Heart does not come to the world to judge souls, but to warn them, to deliver them all that they need to overcome the obstacles particular to these times.

I come for the self-summoned and I come for each of My children, for all who know how to hear Me.

My Voice does not pronounce to a few.

My Voice echoes throughout the world for everyone, because it represents the Grace of God that descends to the world for all His children.

Therefore, My child, listen to the voice of your Heavenly Mother in your heart and seek God. Choose the definition that places your spirit in the search for salvation.

Look very deep within your interior and be sincere with yourself; let your thoughts and heart reach the Celestial Spheres and understand that a greater Plan is drawn through your life and life in this world.

Render the superficialities to which you incline your heart and ask the Father with a clamor for the Grace of definitive awakening; because the awakening is gradual, and every step of your heart reveals a new awakening that becomes necessary, until you return with everything that you are, to the Heart of God.

Do not fear these times, do not fear loneliness, do not fear for your companions on the path, do not fear the darkness of the world, but be, My child, a light within that darkness.

Keep your heart in God, keep in you the love of His Purpose, and in the future you may be an assistance to those who today you see are lost in this world.

These are times of definition, times of surrender, and I know that you have already heard this throughout your spiritual walk. But now, My child, you will see before you the fulfillment of the Prophecies, which not only spoke about the end of the old humanity, but also, and above all; about the revelation of a new humankind, a new life, a New Earth.

Place your heart in this Purpose; make of yourself a seed of the new; a beginning of the new in this cycle that ends.

I leave you My blessing and My peace.

Thank you, My child, for listening to My call of peace!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity