Dear children,

The final battle of these times will be arduous so that love may vanquish indifference.

In this battle, your souls and hearts will be fighting so that, through the power of daily prayer, the world may receive the last opportunity it needs in order to be able to take the step that it has not yet taken.

In this battle, everything will be permitted, because souls will have to learn to choose, and your free will, will be at stake, because that which you will experience will depend upon what you choose. This is the current reality.

While humanity is still paralyzed by the pandemic, may souls take the opportunity to reconsider and bring toward their consciousnesses the true meaning of being present, within this humanity.

May the reason for this moment of world inflection be to repair and rebuild spiritually what humanity has destroyed through its ideas and actions. In this way, the Universe will look at you with other eyes, and more Divine Mercy will descend, to convert this moment into an opportunity of healing and redemption.

My children, the school of prayer is the fundamental basis of this moment because, through it, you will learn to be more concentrated and aligned with the Divine Purpose, and this will have repercussions throughout the whole world, so that more fraternal and fair actions may take place upon the planet.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



Whoever fears the transition of times, in reality, fears himself and humanity. He fears because he does not know what is inside of him and inside of all men and women in the world.

In reality, the Apocalypse, children, is a consequence of the choices of each being, of the path that each one has decided to follow. The Apocalypse, although experienced throughout the whole world, will be supported and sustained according to the inner world of each one.

Understand, then, that you should not fear the times, the movement of nature or descending the Laws, but rather, children, you need to get to know yourselves, transform yourselves, adhere to the Plan of God and let yourselves be healed; you must surrender and not resist before the Love of the Father, allow your consciousnesses to mature, according to the divine principles.

Deepen into the spiritual synthesis that, as humanity, you must experience; let the wisdom of ancient times unite to the love that you can reach today, and make this a new step towards a new stage for your consciousness. 

Seek transformation in small things, in the love for your neighbor, in understanding, in patience, in non-judgment, in compassion, in abnegated service, because it is in the day to day life where you will transform your heart.

Embrace the opportunities that God gives you to serve and to love, because it is through them that you will shape your beings according to the Divine Will. Be attentive with yourselves and with everything, and pray with your heart, with consciousness, with spirit and truth.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Song: Mercy, Christ Jesus.

Our Father, in Aramaic (repeated three times).

May the Holy Spirit reside in your minds and hearts, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I come down from Heaven to be in this meeting in order to tell the world that in this cycle everything is allowed. My Father has thus decided it. Humanity needs to grow within in order to be able to express what it came to do in this world.

I need you to be here with Me, in vigil, because in this vigil you will always find peace and you will have the wisdom for knowing how to make good decisions.

The planet is like a fragile crystal that is at the point of breaking, just like all that is within it.

But you, through merciful prayer and through your faith, have learned to strengthen yourselves, and that strength must not be lukewarm, but rather it must be firm, based on what you believe and live, based on what you practice and offer as a service to the world, as well as to your brothers and sisters.

For this reason, everything is allowed so that humanity may learn what it has not yet learned. This does not mean that you continue to suffer, because you are still governed by a basic law, which is free will. In that choice that humanity makes lies condemnation, damnation and darkness.

But today I invite you to position yourselves above this law and unite with My Divine Knowledge, with My Word, so that, through love and truth, you may learn to decide wisely and with discernment, without having to be touched by the action of this law.

I know that not all of you will manage to do so, because you are still in the moment of overcoming duality. Until I return, that will not happen, and hearts will have to experience what they need to experience in order to be formed as true servers, as long as you decide to follow the path that I offer not only you but also to the whole world, to all peoples and all religions, because I am not only the Christ of the Christians, I am the Master and Lord of all souls.

In souls there is no religion, no doctrine; there is faith, trust and unity in the Eternal Father; it is there where I am. And thus I seek to always be in your hearts and lives so that you may reflect the gifts that I have been giving you for some quite time.

My treasures, that are inner, deep and non-material, will never be lost. When souls do not live the talents that I give them, I gather the gifts and the virtues from the hearts that do not fulfill My Purpose, and that does not mean that I abandon them.

In solitude and silence, I stop to observe you, up to the point where you learn to take steps, just as I taught you from the Garden of Gethsemane up to the Cross.

In each instant of your lives, redemption can be experienced.

At each step of your lives, there lies the opportunity for freedom, when you are under the Law of Love and Truth.

This world suffers and it is in pain and sorrow, not only in consciousness, but also in soul, because the planet is part of everything, and you are part of that great consciousness of the planet, which is ill and needs healing.

In maintaining your faith and your trust in Me, the bridges will always exist through which I will be able to descend in order to help you and assist you, even though you do not feel Me, do not perceive Me, even though I am in silence.

For this reason, this is a definitive moment, in which the planet is facing an unpredictable event, facing an uncertain destiny, without knowing how it will continue during the times to come.

But you, who have grown in the love of My Words and My Wisdom, must not focus your minds upon what will happen, but rather on what is happening. In that will be the lesson that you need in order to grow, learn, and once again be able to overcome the obstacles and the tests in the infinite trust that My Heart offers you.

Perhaps what I tell you today, companions, you may have heard at other moments, through other Words that I have already spoken. But know that, in everything I tell you today, there is the answer that each being needs, according to their school and their moment of purification.

Do not believe that I do not see what is happening to you, what you feel inwardly, what is happening in your minds, what your souls are living, what your spirits aspire toward in order to find the truth.

This is why the Hierarchy, in one attunement and vibration, unites at this moment, under My consensus and authority, to bring to the whole world the last impulses it needs so that humanity may awaken their consciousness even more and perceive that it is not under the Law and that it must return to it.

In this way, the times and the moments of uncertainty, of suffering, of pandemics and of insecurity will end. Because, in this way, you will be open to receive Me at that great moment of My Return, which is not far away, each day it is closer, and you must keep this in mind because I will not alert the world, nor will I alert you. I will arrive in the most needful and urgent moment, even though everything may appear calm.

In that moment, I will be able to return to correct this world, as it has never been corrected. 

And thus, the judgment of Love will come, and all will become aware of it; it will not matter whether you believe or do not believe, that you know or do not know anything. All will be equal in the Gaze of the Father.

I will never bring you a punishment, through Love, I will bring you the Truth that will set you free, forever.

And you will be what I need, what I have so waited for, what I have so longed for over the last more than 2000 years, because if I am here today, it is because My Father asked it of Me and He showed it to Me clearly in the Garden of Gethsemane, before delivering Me to the Cross.

I still have Chalices full of Mercy so that souls may drink of them.

The love that I have placed in each of the Chalices is so much that they overflow with the power of the Light of My Blood.

These Chalices, while not drunk nor considered by souls, pour out the Codes of My Passion and of My pain for the world.

This is the sacrifice that I want you to be able to live with Me; something that goes beyond you and your consciousnesses, your knowledge or your intentions.

The Chalices of sacrifice will be what will save the world and grant a spiritual and special reprieve for a large part of humanity, through the consecrated, priestly and missionary lives.

Thus, the more difficult the moment is, the harder the tests are, and the more painful it is for you to know the truth as it is.

This is the time and the great opportunity of giving all for all, as I did for you without thinking for a second of retreating or desisting. Because I knew, companions, what would come after. There was no human pain, feeling or thought that got in the way of Me carrying out My task for the world, just as today I carry out this task for you and with you.

My last Words are being written in the Book of God, and you must be a part of that story, which is being written through My Work.

In this Marathon of Divine Mercy, let us cry out for divine discernment, for universal wisdom, so that everyone may make good decisions in this crucial time in which prayer and service will be the shield that will protect you and the impulse that will unconditionally carry you by My side.

Today I do not come to see your errors, your traumas or your deserts, because I already know them.

I come to give value and power to each Code of Light, of Love and of the Word that I have placed in your hearts, because I believe that you will practice them and take responsibility for that, knowing that I have need of mirrors on Earth, of servers and missionaries on the surface, to heal the pain through the Love that I gave you and which you will always be able to give, without fear.

Dare to love, more than I love you.

Dare to surrender, more than I surrendered.

No one has yet surpassed Me in Love, and I hope that will be accomplished someday.

Today, from the world, I take the suffering that it experiences so that it may be healed and liberated, transmuted and sublimated, and so that, in this Marathon, My disciples, friends and companions may renew their inner vows with Me.

In this month of June, the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, may souls remember that in My Heart there is a place for each one, a place that waits to be occupied by you.

I thank you for praying with Me, for praying for the world, so that the Project of Your Redeemer may be accomplished in humanity. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


A soul that believed in God, in His infinite Existence, could not understand the mysteries of a prayer, and it questioned the Lord, saying:  "Lord, I know that You exist and that You are the God of life and of eternity; but I know there are laws that move this life and that free will exists, which gives us the freedom to be in it. As it is this way, Lord, I do not understand the mystery of prayer and I cannot manage to believe that a Rosary or a simple dialogue with You could transform the laws of the Earth."

As the Lord felt the sincerity of its questions, He responded, saying:  "Little soul, in truth, what you really ignore is not the power of prayer, you ignore My Power and My Love for you. You ignore your ability to unite with Me and the authority that I give you when you pray in My Name, because you are a dear and beloved child. And just like a child who asks for things from their father and receive what they need from him, in this same way, I, Who can do all things, also give My children what they need.

However, the mystery of prayer is still very profound, because I do not expect you to ask Me for just what you need to remain in the world as souls of the world. What I expect is that you ask for that which makes of this world a part of My Kingdom. And when you yield to Me and open your hearts, I grant you forgiveness, I reveal the Love hidden within your essences, and I give you the authority to transform laws and life, as do the angels and the archangels by recreating My Creation.

It is not only the mystery of prayer that is unknown to you, little soul, but the mystery of your own life and the mystery of My Love are still unknown to you. For this reason, even though you do not understand, pray and surrender your lack of understanding at My Feet, at the foot of My Altar, for when I find an open heart in you, I will allow you to not only understand, but to know and experience all these things."

Through this dialogue with God, children, may your souls be inspired to pray and to cry out each day for the transformation of the world.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Just as humankind was created from an Essential Principle of God, the planets were also. With different missions to express and different levels of life and of participation in the transformation and evolution of the Divine Creation, planets are also parts of the Consciousness of God, fruits of His Breath and of His Word, bearers of His spiritual presence.

Understood from an evolutionary standpoint, Creation, children, is formed by different parts of the Divine Consciousness which, when multiplied, recreates and renews through the learning and experiences lived by the beings.

The feeling of individuality and of independence which some beings experience is fruit of the unconsciousness of their true essence. The Creator granted His creatures the possibility of learning through free will and, throughout their evolution, He only observes and accompanies them, according to their choices, according to the permission they offer to God for Him to act in their lives and guide them. In spite of being present in the vital essence of His children, the Creator remains silent within them.

To think on the science of Creation is like thinking of the human composition: all they are, from the spirit to their cells, are living parts of one being; however, if the consciousness does not enter into dialogue with its different nuclei, each one of them may act in an independent way and sometimes even their cells create their own life within the body, manifesting illnesses, oftentimes incurable. These cells do not cease to be part of the body because they are cancerous, for being ill, but they act as if they were not; as if they could live in disharmony with the whole, which is the consciousness of the being.

In the same way, children, it happens in greater proportions with the Divine Creation. You do not fail to be a part of God for believing to have your own life and for not being aware of the Mystical Body which you are part of.

In the same way, the planets are like the organs of God, galaxies and universes are His systems and you are those particles, almost invisible within the whole, which could be called atoms and which, in spite of being so small, hold infinite mysteries within themselves.

An atom of your bodies can change your lives completely. In the same way, you can transform Creation.

To be aware of unity means to approach God and to collaborate for His Celestial Body to be in harmony. To sow peace in a nation means to sow the healing of a life system which depends on each being in order to evolve and to return to the unity with the Heavenly Father.

I tell you all these things in such way for you to understand the design of Creation; for you to understand yourselves within It, as well as It within each of you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monthly Messages

My children,

May the Light of My Heart illuminate the path of redemption for Europe and for the world.

Europe needs to recognize, in this time, the Light of God and His Mercy and, more than that, understand its history in order to redeem it and embrace the Divine Will for its future and thus, live it.

Just as the sun rises every day, for all beings of the Earth, also do the Graces of God descend from the Heavens upon all of His creatures, and His Mercy is poured out upon human beings and on the Kingdoms of Nature, granting them forgiveness, healing and redemption so that they may attain peace.

In Europe, very ancient errors were lived and a great illusion was instituted through the suffering endured in the hearts. Many closed themselves to God and to His Grace for not perceiving that the divine presence is beyond the actions carried out by the free will of humans.

But the Creator, who never gives up on His children, repeatedly sends His Faithful Servant to this world and, through simple hearts, seeks to awaken beings to piety and to forgiveness.

With this I want to tell you, My children, that Europe must be the testimony of the Divine Mercy; a testimony that when beings bow their head in humility to serve and receive the Grace of God, it is possible to transform even the most ingrained human conditions.

We are in a time of miracles, but miracles of redemption, of healing and of Mercy; miracles of conversion, not conversion to a religion, but the conversion of the human condition.

Europe must speak to the world and to the Universe through the transformation of its history. Just as on Earth, many were the errors lived in the Cosmos, and the healing and the love that you awaken here will be the balm to redeem and transform the roots of the mistakes of human beings in the hearts of the angels who have fallen by their ignorance.

Do you understand, My children, how important the redemption of Europe is for God?

May the hearts open for this miracle of redemption, and may all of My children accompany with faith each one of the steps of God. There is nothing that cannot be redeemed; there is no hardened heart that cannot open before Divine Mercy.

To those who have awakened, I ask: be vehicles of the Love and of the Grace of God through the purity of your hearts, understanding that your beings are instruments of the Father for the planetary redemption.

Thus, may the roots of perversion and of human indifference be torn out of the Earth by the true “yes” of the hearts that love God and that recognize, in the Blood shed by My Son, Jesus, the door to their redemption.

Today, My children, I bless you and leave you My Peace so that you may learn to take it to this world, and thus proclaim the redemption of the Earth.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


With the book of your own lives in your hands, write with awareness, each new page, each chapter, each story.

With consciousness, build your own destiny and the destiny of this humanity, not in the sense of controlling your own existence, but rather in the sense of giving God permission, through your behavior, your actions, so that He may guide your steps and His Laws may govern your lives.

To write in the book of your own existence is to know that in all things the Universe respects human free-will, and even though the Lord, your Father, has the authority to transform all things with a single breath, He waits in silence for the definition of the steps of His children.

Thus, today I tell you that you must write in the book of your own life, conscious of each decision, of each definition, action, and thought, because everything that you emanate and manifest opens the way for certain Laws to act in your lives.

Life is creation and vibration. The Universe and the Cosmos move based on living Laws and Rays, which come from the Thought of God, to give life to the Universes and the dimensions.

In this time, be more aware of the Whole, of Life, of your fellow being, and in all that you may do, know that you are attracting a new chapter, a new experience to your stories and to the story of Creation.

It is time to begin to build the new life, and that begins with you being aware that the builders of this Work are you yourselves. 

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


When the last rays of the sun begin to withdraw, quiet your heart and fill it with hope. Remember the colors of the day, their brilliance, their warmth, so that the dark night may be a moment of retreat and of inner deepening for you, rather than of fear or hopelessness.

Recognize that within you there will always be the door that takes you to God, and that it does not matter where you may be, it does not matter what happens in this world, communication with God will always be possible for you, because He lives in your heart, His Fount of Life is found by going through the doorway of your chest.

Thus, today simply appreciate the moments of quiet, of silence, of prayer and of upliftment, for in you they will build that bridge to God. It is these moments that will awaken and make the presence of the Celestial Father known within you. So face each opportunity of prayer as if it were the only one, and never fail to be entirely in what you do.

From one moment to the next, the sun will withdraw, and the night will seek from you the fortitude that you built within yourself. It will be three long, dark nights, as if they were eternal. They will be enough to define the hearts of humankind and redirect their paths according to their choices, according to what they built within themselves.

Therefore, pray and appreciate the moments of peace. They will be essential for you and for this world.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The water from the rain comes to purify the Earth. The storm and its lightning bolts come to demagnetize the planet from non-luminous currents.

All the elements prepare to cleanse Brazil from what it has built, as a people, through its free will.

The warnings were given, but few, in truth, listened.

The elements of Nature are about to give birth to their powerful currents of purification; this will help to detoxify human consciousness and will also help to relieve the other Kingdoms of Nature.

The time for correction has come. The hour to place everything in its correct balance has come.

The humankind of surface has valued little what God has given them.

The transgressions have been many and now, the planet itself, as a great element of fire and water, will purify itself so that, some day, free from influences, it may be able to flourish again and bring from the Universe that which belongs to the life of all beings.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My child,

Elevate your heart to your Father and Creator, Who, from Heaven, emits His Silence to the world, observing the inner steps that His creatures decide to give in these times.

Contemplate the infinite Universe of God and, for a moment, let your thought return to its Origin, to the Creator Source from which all things come.

Contemplate with your heart the Infinite, which not only becomes visible in a starry night, but also in the depths of your inner world, where the Cosmos becomes small and life is mirrored because God mirrors Himself within you.

Today let your consciousness take one step further towards the Infinite, as towards the truth that is kept within your own being.

This is a definitive cycle for humanity, as for all life, and no creature, neither in Heaven nor on Earth, will be free from its spiritual and evolutionary definition.

The very Laws and currents that come from the Heart of God, preceding His Justice, will correct the paths and give impulse to the beings toward a definitive decision, because the moment has come for there to be only one boat, and all the self-summoned within it.

The definition of the spirit, of the consciousness and of the heart is spiritual, but it also manifests in the physical life of every being, in their actions, in their decisions, in their thoughts.

Each being, My child, will be defined according to what they have built within themselves.

If you have built a path of effort and constant surrender, albeit imperfect, the Laws and Rays that come from God will help you to establish your feet and your heart in the path of your surrender without hesitatation.

But if your heart sowed uncertainty, and again and again you preferred to surrender to temptations rather than to overcome them, then, My child, the Law and the Rays of God will put you definitively in the place that you chose to be by your free will, expressed in your actions, in your thoughts and within your heart.

The most intimate space of your heart will come to light and you will be transparent not only before God but also before humanity, because the cycle of definition precedes the cycle of revelation and, after souls have been defined, everything will be revealed to them.

I know that many will cry late for their ignorance, and they will cry out for Mercy only in the time of Justice, because pride had blinded their eyes to the Grace of God.

But today, I come to your encounter to teach you to elevate your heart toward the Heights and place your consciousness in the Divine Purpose so that the definitions of your brothers and sisters do not frighten you, nor the cry of those who will later repent. 

My Heart does not come to the world to judge souls, but to warn them, to deliver them all that they need to overcome the obstacles particular to these times.

I come for the self-summoned and I come for each of My children, for all who know how to hear Me.

My Voice does not pronounce to a few.

My Voice echoes throughout the world for everyone, because it represents the Grace of God that descends to the world for all His children.

Therefore, My child, listen to the voice of your Heavenly Mother in your heart and seek God. Choose the definition that places your spirit in the search for salvation.

Look very deep within your interior and be sincere with yourself; let your thoughts and heart reach the Celestial Spheres and understand that a greater Plan is drawn through your life and life in this world.

Render the superficialities to which you incline your heart and ask the Father with a clamor for the Grace of definitive awakening; because the awakening is gradual, and every step of your heart reveals a new awakening that becomes necessary, until you return with everything that you are, to the Heart of God.

Do not fear these times, do not fear loneliness, do not fear for your companions on the path, do not fear the darkness of the world, but be, My child, a light within that darkness.

Keep your heart in God, keep in you the love of His Purpose, and in the future you may be an assistance to those who today you see are lost in this world.

These are times of definition, times of surrender, and I know that you have already heard this throughout your spiritual walk. But now, My child, you will see before you the fulfillment of the Prophecies, which not only spoke about the end of the old humanity, but also, and above all; about the revelation of a new humankind, a new life, a New Earth.

Place your heart in this Purpose; make of yourself a seed of the new; a beginning of the new in this cycle that ends.

I leave you My blessing and My peace.

Thank you, My child, for listening to My call of peace!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Go and seek the Heart of God beyond the human miseries.

The errors are a way of recognising your own imperfection and seek, beyond the superficialities, that which is real, which is true.

God, child, offers you to learn through the knowledge of His Grace, awakening in your heart a profound faith in your Father and Lord Who, from the beginning of His Creation, until today, finds ways of demonstrating His Love to His children.

But it is also possible to know God through tiredness, through the constant errors, through the miseries that overflow the human condition without an apparent solution.

There the heart seeks a hope, something that is more real than its miserable condition, something that dissolves, with its truth, the illusion and the mirage of the labyrinth of vanities.

There is when the heart halts and thinks: God.

There is when the consciousness, that knows the occult meaning of life, finds a space, between the distractions of the personality, so that it descends over the being a drop of Grace, and this drop starts to transform everything it touches.

A drop of God satiates the thirst of the souls and gives them back life, but a river of the Divine Presence turns them into His instruments, living sources in a world that has thirst for Truth and that dies for not seeing the source before their eyes.

He who was thirsty and was satiated can no longer see the thirst before his eyes and do nothing, because he knows the emptiness and the illusion, and this makes him despair.

But know, child, that everything has its time and freewill gave men the election of knowing God through love or clamouring for Him in the deepest of the one own miseries.

Know, however, that the Gaze of your Father is always attentive on His children, it does not halt and it does not get distracted. A simple movement is enough for Him to respond with a river of Graces to those who deserve Justice, because the Creator of the world is the God of Mercy and His Heart is renovated and it rejoices in the awakening of each human heart.

Choose, today, to surrender to knowing the Love of God and hold on to it by the power of His Grace or continue to descend deep in the abysses and to clamour to God consumed by your miseries.

The Father will never choose for you. He will only wait for your gaze to meet His, for your hands to reach out for His, for your heart to transcend time, tiredness, distraction, vanity and ignorance and, in a sincere prayer, return to the Father.

Go toward God.

Your father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


To all believers and devotees of the whole world,

Miraculously, with no science that can understand it or method that explains it, the Holy Mother of God and Mother of the Earth will be with Her beloved children in the United States, after the One Source, the action of all the Graces and all the Wonders, has sent the Holy Archangel Metatron, Father of the Divine Fire, to the Earth to paralyze a point of chaos that was generated by the hands of My adversary.

This material, mental and spiritual paralysis is temporary, because free will was modified so that a Greater Law could act in the name of a Greater and Infinite Love. Also, the inner request, made by a certain number of souls to the Holy Mother of God, granted the intervention of a possible change of all that had been foreseen in the nation of the United States.

The prayerful offering of some consciousnesses, through the Law of Free Will, generated a positive effect which allowed everything that was highly contrary to lose the power of action over many things. The Celestial and Angelic Hierarchy, under the command of the Archangel Metatron, deflected those interferences from the field of conflict, and in this way, the storm passed, and the sky is clean.

A certain number of angels, out of love and service to the Father and at His sacred request, will be safeguarding this last stage because, if not, it could never happen again under a certain planetary and universal conjuncture.

This means, My children, that the Virgin of the Most Holy Rosary, Who today exposes Her Immaculate Heart, transplanted certain codes into the hearts of those who will need them to be able to move forward on this next mission in the United States.

This means that those souls that momentarily received the luminous codes of Mary, will represent a part of Her Divine and Celestial Consciousness on the planet, in order to carry forward that which was foreseen to take place in the next days, without there being any danger.

In any case, much prayer will be needed so that the task of the Divine Messengers is carried out effectively. Thus, with the help of many inner beings that belong to this Work, a great celestial dome opened to transfer this mission under certain celestial principles. One of them will be the complete silence of the missionaries, because an act of silence is capable of modifying an event when that silence is real, austere and humble. It was an inner request some souls made in the last hours.

I ask all My children that you expand this inner adherence to all of this sacred task so that the souls that must awaken, can awaken.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you, now and always,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Not to want your own will, and to love the Divine Will

This race in the beginning was designed by God to obey and follow a single Purpose. But since My adversary, in antiquity, awakened the temptation and free will in the humankind of the surface, the original Project was distorted, straying from the path of the Divine Will.

It was there that duality, free choice and disobedience to all higher Laws that would rule humanity in times to come until it would be a sacred humanity, entered into the primitive consciousness of humanity.

From the moment Adam and Eve were tempted in Eden to decide on their own life and thus deviate from the Hand of the Creator, what we call self-will entered into the essence of the human being.

This will, devoid of spiritual principles and impregnated with codes of corruptibility, was the action that diverted the new humanity from the path; in the beginning of everything, the first race was the wise Project of a new humanity for the surface.

From the moment the first Adam decided to survive on the planet transgressing the natural Laws, Eve on the other hand awakened the first signs of capital sins.

My adversary achieved what he wanted so much: to make this an inert humanity without self-consciousness.

After so many eras gone by, the culminating moment arrived where, in the first stage, the decadence of humanity would come to an end, and it would be through the apparition of Christ in the world, as the Firstborn Son of God, incarnated to rescue the essence of this thought human project.

Later on, when Christ was present, the whole race, which was already in the abyss of its perdition, was diverted from its own hell through the Passion of Jesus.

The coming of the Messiah of Israel was delicately prepared by the Creator Fathers, by the Holy Archangels. Each one brought and bore in the most pure womb of the Virgin Mother the light cells of transubstantiation and redemption, higher Laws that later on allowed to liberate humanity from evil.

Since Adam and Eve activated in themselves their own will, the human spiritual genetics were spontaneously affected until today by this energy of earthly power of appropriation and domination of all things.

Only those consciousnesses that throughout the ages managed to open themselves to find Christ within have been challenged to renounce and banish this old human code that has been deviating millions of souls from the Purpose until today.

Self-will is the consequence of not accepting in a true way the Love of God, being the consciousness impregnated by its own ideas and concepts, those that are opposed to the Divine Thought.

Although Christ gave life and died for all also with the purpose of deactivating the old corrupt code of self-will, after all the events and facts that Master Jesus gestated in the consciousness of those who listened to Him, meanwhile the other part of humanity strengthened the precarious link with self-will; it was like a ten-horned beast recreated by all involutionary actions of the human race.

The human will has always been honored and appreciated by the majority, this is one of the reasons why in these definitive times, consciousnesses that are committed to the Plan are not able to take their steps when affirming their own will: a chain that ties them to an endless hell.

Those holy consciousnesses that were able to overcome their own will, did it through three factors: first, working every day renouncing themselves, second, searching for the emptiness of themselves and third, serving unconditionally, taking into account that even living all these experiences, there is self-will based on arrogance and pride. 

When the disciple of Christ disposes themselves to transcend the states that corrupt the love in humanity, they must have in mind that they will face within themselves their own beasts, which will try to make them give up all efforts. 

Some consciousnesses on the surface of the planet, as is the case of those who opted for a consecrated life, have the spiritual mission of dispelling from their consciousnesses all these energies that condemn the evolutionary life of a soul, and they also have the mission to do it for humanity, imitating Christ.

In these times humanity must define the path it will follow, this will be before the expected Judgment that will happen on this beloved planet.

Christ was and is an extraordinary example of life and truth for all those who accept to return to the previous moment of the Plan in which Adam committed the so-called original sin; a sin from which all creatures are born with the code of self-will and free will.

To be able to change this frequency, the determination and effort that are stimulated by prayer will allow disarming the opposite impulses that bring self-will. 

To live the Divine Will means to want nothing for oneself and everything for others. To live the Divine Will means to follow step by step what one is asked for, avoiding failure many times.

But we know that humanity of today does not want to follow in obedience and adherence to what the higher Universes are emitting; this leads to an increase of spiritual perdition of the consciousnesses, it leads to submerging oneself in all possible deceptions, it leads to missing the path one has come to walk.

Therefore, God sends His Messenger again to warn you all and the whole world that they are still living their own will and this will not deter the planetary suffering, but rather it is increasing it gradually. 

I invite you, children, to do the exercise of cutting the chain of self-will, thus you will have the inner strength to be able to Christify your lives and prepare for the glorious coming of Christ to the world. 

Be intelligent and do not allow self-will to distance you forever from the path of your redemption.

Times announce great changes for everybody. 

I thank you for losing your self-will and for being born to the Eternal Will of God!

Who impels you to inner purification, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

When souls cannot manage to fulfill the purpose they have come to carry out on this plane, this situation is shared among those who, through effort, are able to comply with the other part of the spiritual Purpose of God. Thus, it is so that the scale is imbalanced, because, in truth, every soul must fulfill what they have come to do.

But, dear children, consciousnesses cannot for very long take on the part that another consciousness has failed to meet, because every being has a capacity to cope with their commitment to the Plan. This reality is a chain in constant imbalance and there are consciousnesses that at this time cope with the tasks of others only for love of the Project of God.

Imagine, My children, how many consciousnesses in the world distracted by the innovation and the cunning of My enemy stop fulfilling the service that in reality they came to give. Thus the planetary consciousness counts on very few and true servers to alleviate the current crisis of humanity. Souls will be surprised when they see all that they have failed to do, sometimes by free will, leading the project of the race to a constant decline.

The Celestial Universe works at this time with consciousnesses that truly have a good heart and no longer yearn for anything for themselves. It is in this way, My children, that the realization of the human project is framed within a template of few possibilities, given the great indifference of the human race.

For this reason, everyone is called to permanent and daily prayer so that in this final stretch, the majority can reach the goal of crossing the portal to salvation before all the Doors of Heaven are closed and the complete purification of humanity begins to take place, because at that point there will be no more time.

Dare to leave the point upon which you have placed yourselves, and take on purification and service to the Plan while serving God with complete love and sacrifice. Remember that the life of ease and comfort in the world will be the first thing to be purified by the presence of the crisis of hunger experienced by many, many souls.

As the Mother of Divine Justice, I am trying to bring you to another state of consciousness where changes that have not been seen so far can occur.

I thank you for understanding Me and for participating!

Who prays for all,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The time for change and the change of times

Just like the sun rises on the horizon, so will be the sign of the change of times, and the change will come abruptly from overnight.

Inexplicable situations will happen with the planet, with the Kingdoms of Nature, and with humanity.

The planetary consciousness will experience a last apex of illumination and of wisdom, which will help before the last and great cycle of purification begins.

The change of times will be seen not only on the planet, but also in this local Universe, formed by this part of the solar system to which you belong.

It will be a change of the entire race, which by universal Laws will be swept into a great change in consciousness. This change will bring about unexpected effects, and only those who have lived through prayer will be able to understand it and nothing will torment them.

The change of times is something that has been foreseen by the Father from the beginning, from the moment in which Adam and Eve experienced original sin. From that point on humanity was led to experience free will, which has always placed it in intense experiences and in extreme situations.

This change of the times is also generated as from the place where current humanity is, and above all, by the indifference it has expressed through every feeling, thought, and action.

The hypnotism which I have spoken to you about, dear children, is the fundamental root of this state of indifference which places the world at a level of deep spiritual precariousness.

All warnings have already been issued, but the incessant deafness of the consciousnesses puts pressure on the time of the Universe to move forward with a great planetary shift.

The Universe has a principle of Hierarchy, as well as the Laws having this. When that principle is interfered with on any plane for any cause, the Laws come together to correct and cause to flow that which the Universe considers disordered.

The change of times will require an inner definition from everyone, but I see how the creatures of the Earth feel they must abandon their lives to experience a change, and although some consciousnesses need to take that step, the majority moves away from the Purpose so as to not confront their own definition when faced with the Plan.

This change of the times is not personal or human, it encompasses the arena of the cosmos and the purpose of the human races.

The change of times reaches the planet to correct the deviations and the evils of humanity, but those who pray, the devotees, and those faithful to the Plan will be able to help in this cycle through the support of what is about to fall upon humanity: a decisive change.

All beings who pray on the planet must learn to co-exist with the change of times, because as everything is purified within or outside consciousnesses, the need to remain in prayer and vigil will be greater.

There will be no continent, nation, structure, or religion free from the change of the times. Unbelievable things will be seen in different sectors of humanity, as well as in the consciousnesses that so far have kept their own actions secret.

Nobody will be able to escape the change of times because that change is universal and is part of the Apocalypse.

The change that will come will make clear what is good and also what is not good. Everything will be purified, corrected, and resettled in their proper place within the material Universe.

The whole planet and the race are still in time, before that great and profound change of the times, to correct their material life, their inner world, and their consciousness through the great flow of prayer.

This change of times will bring humanity into a new stage and vibration after everything has been purified.

Those who try to resist the change of times in their own life, environment, or existence will suffer, because they will be going against the flow of the universal Laws.

Those who are willing, striving to change, and become peaceful, will be able to follow the change of times.

Remember, My children, that this change originated at the moment humanity believed itself to be self-accomplished before the universe.

All of this is part of a lesson in humility.

Blessings to all My children of Argentina!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Universe

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